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What's a If that's so you want O k cool, great joy. But whether the institution you really don't know there's only so much you can learn from orientations and presentations about the school, there's some things that you really don't know and experience until you get you. So today I'm gonna talk about 10 things that they don't tell you about. Naked man in orientation, Not in the pamphlets. You know, just think that you're gonna come across that you're not gonna expect first things first. They don't tell you how treacherous. Crazy, bipolar Greensboro. Whether one I'd like you to check the weather, rain won't even be in the forecast. It will pour down raining out of nowhere. It could be sunny and clear, and you will have thunder just crashed through the sky. I don't understand. You see, lightning nowhere. What do you mean, a writing forecast. So please, when you make sure you have a number away should already have an umbrella. But make sure you have a number of rain boots. Invest in them because, Blake, you'll never know when it's gonna put on rating. And when it does, you don't want to step into a massive pool of water because in the rain, like 85,000 gallons of this guy out of nowhere. So prepare yourself. Always prepare for every single season in one day, cause grief for weather is like that. Also, when you first move on canned fish, step those first couple of weeks. You know when it's still summer time, you have to want the class. It gets up to about 99. So prepare yourself the sidewalks love nobody. Anybody who goes anti currently can tell you this. Okay, the sidewalks and he has a lot of hills and dips, and so the sidewalks may seem to appear flat, but when you're walking, you won't know that there's a dip or crevice. And so you fall over if you frequent. If you frequently where sluts, crocks, ducks or anything of that nature that does not have a lot of good, super good grip one, it's just know that these sidewalks don't love anybody. Be careful with your flex because it will disappear on you. And I know you may be thinking like Oh, I can budget Oh, you know, 3 50 a semester. It ain't all that bad. Let me tell you when the food trucks come at least once a month that you could use flex. There's a Domino's off campus that takes flicks off the restaurants and spots on Kip. Is that takes like she's just gonna be thinking about how you have to pay money to get the stuff that you miss back home. You could just use your flex. And next thing you know, it's got 3 50 for a couple of months For like, 45 months. There's not a lot. So budget yourself, think about and don't flex out every single day, three times Bacon's gonna be gone in a month. I guarantee you won't last a geo. And if you don't last clergy ho, which, if Lex, you're going to be that Check the shuttle up consistently in the morning. I'm talking about when you wake up while you're getting ready, and while you're getting ready to walk out the door, why say this is because it's been many a time where I've walked out my door and going to my close? The shuttle stop waiting for the show to come and see that instead of the usual to Abby shuttles, sometimes three Aggie shuttles running it all will be one, and it's already all the way across Kansas. And you have to decide if you went away the 30 minutes with a shovel to get there or walk into class. And depending on how far your classes, you may not have a choice. So please check. Download Bishop Shell Abdullo dubbed maps set up for anti and check it consistently. Especially, like always check it out the day if you plan on, like taking the shuttle. But like in the mornings in the mornings for your first class, when you are dependent upon making you to class on time by that shuttle check, it's because I'm telling you it's going to be a time when you wake up and no shovels, no matter what time the doors open to any events, no matter what's on the line, will always start in at least an hour before this is for off. Campus events. One campus events, any event party pep rally, any any explosion, anything like that. Please make sure that you prepare accordingly. During welcome week. I wanted to go to a party with my friends and we were told that you know parties don't really jump until 12. Don't show up. 11 12 When the doors open at 10 we pulled up at like 11 15 and the line was already wrapped around several buildings, several buildings, several. You plan on going to the event and not waiting in life for a long time. Just prepare accordingly. Don't come when Door's open. Come before I know you don't think it's too early to be leaving like that is for me not just go because that lie I'm telling especially like during Ji ho, you're gonna want to come at least at least bare minimum an hour before door starts. Because I'm telling you, if you don't, somebody else will. If you plan to participate in partake in fried chicken Friday at the CAF, please allow yourself at least an hour, maybe two of CAFTA, because the lives and the calf on fried chicken Friday go from wall. So what? Like what? You walked in the line for the blood for the fried chicken, which you have to, you know, at the slight mint and meet you at the front desk. So if you want it in participating frantic fry, you have to get there early or you're gonna have to wait in line like everybody else. And you can complain. You cry. Get mad that line to get any shorter stuff prepared toe, Wait A very long time to participate in French. Friday I have no patience. And so I spent a whole semester on campus and have never participated in France and writing never for Anderson's on Never so the last thing I want to talk about. They do talk about the importance of it at orientation, but I just feel like I need to stress a little bit. Maur from my prior experience is how important this one thing is. Your Aggie one car, your student I D card is your key to your life. Once you get on campus, you cannot do anything. Camp is related without your view. One card You cannot get into your dorm buildings. You cannot go into the tap. If you are planning on going to the library late at night like after 10 you can't get into library. Can't get into the gym. You can't go to any campus events. Was that your Aggie? One car during welcome with the sweepers It's like when we first moved in the slippers. My dorm Barbie Hall would not like operated that they didn't have. The swiper is going in. So, like the doors were just you could just walk in and they weren't like for like, the 1st 2 days, this wipers were laid down or something. So I didn't see the need in me taking my I V one car everywhere. And so I decided what? I was going to go to the little the party they were having on campus. It was like a little welcoming party. It was a silent party in the gym and I was going up. I get there. The line has already left already started. I wasn't pizza line and it was going like from where Corbett ibs all the way, like past where the dome is like going toe towards the villages. It was that long, So I got in line. I got about halfway Souder line. Well, there were people who were working even walking up online. You know, putting out a P s say that if you don't have your anyone car, you need to go get it because you can't get in without it. You can't get into anything campus related without your car. You can't do anything. Can't touch anyone. Cars, Not games, not nothing. So I had to walk all the way back across campus to get my anyone card. And by the time I got my door, I don't want to leave back outside. Don't be me. It's being of anyone cars. It's kind of like, you know, Segway into my next topic. If you're not already on Twitter joined Twitter. Now Aunty is very like Twitter active campus. We used Twitter for everything. If you want to know about absolutely anything that is going on, I 80 or 80 related or in the Greensburg surrounding areas, just check the end cap hashtag on Twitter or just searching and cat on Twitter. I promise you any and everything and see related will pop right there and the events that are going on. And if you lose any, if you lose anything, there are so many good Samaritans that we have is Maggie's too many a time that you have checked the anti hash tag and USC lost keys in front of the villages. DEA, me to get your keys has been capped. Lost everyone at such place. Do you want me to get in a cab? You know, I've seen people find Wallace phones, ID's credit cards, anything keys that have been lost, that people try retired. So if you lose anything, check the cat hashtag on Twitter, it's there. And any events that is going on in campus or any any, anything regarding campus will be on the hashtag Very twitter involved Can't. So if you're not already have, it's winter. Please make one, because it will keep you in the loop holes, all campus activities. And once you put that you goto and cat in your bio girl, your father work. I'm gonna go up because that's what I do. So if you think that just the spots that you went to on your tour all the only spot you need to know how to get around campus you got a big storm coming like and he doesn't seem that big when you're one champions and you're walking around campus all day when you're just getting toe, learn the campus and know what's what the tour gives you about. A good I want to say 50% off campus that you wanna will need to learn how to get around. I felt like my poor wasn't that in debts of all the places I need to go, Like, I don't even know where the academic wanted was. What? Buildings were contained in that report until I needed to find my classes. So take the time during welcome week. I know during welcome with that. They have people who help point you out around campus. Maura, help you find your classes and just take you to places where you might not have seen on the tours. You can learn how to get around campus. And if you don't do that, you're gonna be lost. So either Google maps some walking directions or use those use those resources you have during welcome because I guarantee your tour is not gonna be in depth enough for you to learn how to get around campus. And that's just faxed. The final thing is the mail center. Everyone loves to complain about the line in the Milson, but the gag is the fact of the matter is that laugh of the mouse. It will never be short unless you are going early in the morning. Like nine o'clock when it first opened. Or miraculously, it's just a slow day in the mill center. If you have to go pick up a package, it's going to take a while. So make sure you have ample time because there's gonna be many times you're walking to the mouth center and you're gonna see a lot like 2030 people getting overtime. Here it is. So please, please just know it's never going to be shorter. So prepare yourself and brace yourself. So those are my 10. I could really go on and make us a couple of videos like this talking about more tens, but But I'm just leave it at just right here. Don't forget to follow me on my social media's. And don't forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so you can be notified about every time I upload and post on here like a comet share. once. It does so today as a continuation of the So you wanna be and catch 23 Siri's I've been doing here on this channel, I'm going to talk all about Aggie face with. That means we're gonna be talking about all the things you experience here on a day to day. That's what life is like here at what you expect. Dorms are like all that further. D'oh! Just get right to personal talk about dorms. There are 16 different residence halls here on campus. So you're going to be living in a residence hall taking and the door will be one of 16 when the campus we have Aki Sweet Tea and F and Private Hall. Harry All Cooper Hall and the villages are four separate residence halls all in one village campus, and they are named. Each building isn't any afternoon of cream. Four. Blair became McNeil and Bridget Hall Soft camp. You have Curtis Hall, which is a all female, traditional style door holiday home, which is another story tomorrow, and Morrison calls, which are all traditional, all female. Normally there is Barbie Hall, which is the sweet Falco and Lisa can't. It's the first thing. I want to talk about his dorm available. Certain dorm on campus will not be easily accessible to apply for as a freshman student. I mean by that is some storms are reserved for students who participated in the community who were part of the honest program. Students who are student athletes, things of that nature. Both of the Aggie sweet residences pride, huh? And the villages, Those three different areas of residence halls are gonna be more difficult for you to register and get your first go around because those type of students have priority. So if you are not involved in honest program one, lnc or firstly, getting getting involved in college, wait. And these dorms are tested that these kind of dorms are typically larger than your average freshman. You know, your average regular freshman dorm, and they're more modern and up to date. So if that's something you're interested in, definitely check out the requirements to be involved in these kinds of activities and you'll be able to stay in those specific residences. The rest of doors air typically gonna be done, that you're gonna be staying. And if you're not involved in any of those you know, after mentioned programs, I currently stay in Barbie, which is basically the only sweet stall door we can stay on campus. That is for just freshmen who are not in, you know, the honest program or and it will see or student athlete. Barbie Hall will be in that option for you if you stay in a traditional style door. If if you don't know what they're in. The traditional style. Dorms are the hall style where you share a room with your roommate and we share back there with your floor. You like your home and sweet dreams. One. There are most rooms in one suite, and we share a bathroom with the people whose sweet the perks of living in a traditional style during, although you do have to share back to your home hall, the traditional style doors on kids typically have larger rooms in Barbie Hall. Maybe because he has a sink in the room like there's an individual sinking each individual rooms and suites and hostile drums don't have that because of the things in the bathroom or in the hall. With the absence of the sink, there's more space in the room. So that's one big magician I do like not what it's all about, Barbara, because that's the door that I know the most about and has the most information on because I lived there. Bobby Hall. First thing for a lot of people Have, you know, a lot to say about living in a Barbie hall, managing people that don't leave a barley hops it. It was like a prison. I don't want to stay. Yeah, Barbie, always one of the older, but I can't visit. Yeah, the architecture could be compared to that of a criminal institution, but aside from men, all the prison jokes, it's really not that that place is actually coming. Enjoy staying Barbie, mainly because I wanted a sweet style. Residents did not want to stay in a place where I had to share a bathroom with the entire haul. Me because I'm a person who really loves her privacy. So privacy is a really, really big thing to me. So I I really would rather I would much rather be in an environment where I have a back in that compartment and share with people I live with rather than the entire home with, you know, girl, like lots of girls in Barbie home. There are the way the Switzer said up there are four brooks to once week, so every individual sweets for rooms and they will be labeled a, B, C and D. There is six floors Barbie Hall. So there are six floors of sweet. I believe it is like the biggest dorm one campus. Like I feel like we have the most as a dorm on campus. So there are lots of lots of your period. Typically, it's gonna be fresh with me. You get to be around other freshman, you know, your peers, people, you're gonna see your pre break classes and stuff like that. You're Jennette, regardless of with Major. So that's one thing I do like. I'm surrounded by people who are all of my same age group, like they're truly my peers. So that's what I do. Like one criticism. I do have a Barbie halt. There are two elevators in a bold move. Increasingly, that's one of my kind of That's one of my grabs about Big Bobby Hall. I still second floor, so going up to my room is not an issue because you know, elevated taking so long I take the stairs, but just a P s A. The elevator doesn't go very slow. Take heed to this information, especially on moving day, because a lot of people, especially people's 1/5 and sixth floor like you should have seen the line of people holding bags and luggage and totes and off that on all waiting for the waiting for the elevator just to go to their rooms. Like when I moved in. I think the second force would have one flight of stairs, got everything in. I was all moved in and out in less than an hour, honestly. But the line this waiting for the elevator come back down from the sixth floor. Excruciating, excruciating. So just take another thing that I that I don't like about staying in the hall is how small the doors are going to definitely on the small side. But they compensates for that with, you know, having like large closets in large story space. So you have totes and the plastic Sheldon. Dude, it's like stuff like that. You can easily put that you know, in your closet and walking away because it has a little flat where you can attach a padlock and lock your stuff securely. And it has, you know, really tall closets and cabinets. I do like that. There is a lot of storage space, so there's less. It should mean that there is less in the open area, allowing you to utilize what space you do have. Your Barbie also has a computer lab in there where it's free to plant. You will definitely catching there all the time because you don't have a prayer in my room because I don't want to buy. So having a resource like that readily available 24 7 in my residence hall is perfect to this. Something that don't have the wedding, that you always know that it's any different. I could go downstairs in print, no problem. So I do like a Barbie doll. When you live in Barbie, Who's Your daddy? Wants to sweat building. You slept there wants to get into the inside part where the army does is. That's why I've been one more time to allow yourself into the building where you know you can't go and access the door, gets your door, and they give you keys. You get two sets of keys when you will. Then what is to keep your sweet wanted to keep? You were. These are about the same cheese. So I know that some people thought that the keys were given two. There were two copies of the same team and ended up giving their parents or somebody like that this copy of the keys. They always have one with somebody they trust losing. However, you're really hurting yourself because those are not the same kings. One key to get into your suite. One key to get into your all in all of our hellos as a good place to stay and there is a cleaning service is that you come to clean your bathroom, even noticed. Sweet stall door, I believe, like once or twice a week cleaning back. Make sure stock with living in camps is not bad. The rules are not stripped. The only thing is, you know after 12 o'clock was when visitation and so you have visitation until 12 a.m. That's when you know, Does this have to leave? You sign in front desk and it's really no issue. They don't give me any problems as long as you signed your guests in, it should be, you know, no issue. And as long as you're adhering to the, you know, list of approved, it not approved Adams to have in your dorm room, like, as long as you have anything in your room that you don't have any distance and you keep your room clean and your children, you really have no problems living on campus. That's from my experience, because I just I know what to bring not to bring. And I have no issues. I really have had no issues when it comes to like Ari's or anything of that nature they're gonna find, you know, it's really chilly. Little lung cancer is. And when you live on campus, you're like surround. You're like in the mix of everything that's happening on campus because you move off because you're kind of like out the loose with campus events. So you live on campus. You get, you know, really experience everything that goes on campus and really just get to develop strong connection with people you meet on campus and get to see the whole time. So I particularly really like living on food and dining plans and cheating on campus. So there are several different plans for you to choose from. But as it is freshly, you're only allowed to choose three of those. And it is the real plan. A Plan B. No plan you Bill Clinton A. Has 19 swipes a week. Those wives help you get into the castle on campus dining halls or the cabs. You know it is, you know, self serve left a star. You sweat being as much as you want to leave those type of 1900 dollars with the flex, which can be used as the one campus you know, restaurants that don't takes lives, we have food. Trucks that come to camp is that you could also use flex with instead of cash. And there is a Domino's off campus that does delivery and takes, you know and takes flex. So those are places that you can use that So it's essentially having meal dollars prepaid in your meal plan that you have to worry about. So having real planet gives you 100 and 50 flex doctor with a plan. Do you get unlimited swipes intothe you go to the cab as many times as you want every single day and again you get dollars reflects and no Plan B, which allows you to give 14 flags in the capital and three What? The Flex. My personal opinion is to select the milk plan I have, which is the meal plan. That is, when it comes to the cab, the dining hall food can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it's no one beyond food on a college campus, everyone the same food. You have a home. But, you know, with the dining hall, some of things, there can be a good sum of things I don't care for. So the Catholics is not the first thing I turned to. I want you. I want to go eat, like if that makes any sense. Another thing is, I'm in the morning. I know this is about happy to have, but I don't keep records in the morning. That's a hard one meal a day that I know. So there's no need to excessive swipes when I'm eating them many times a day, and we accidentally $100 is not enough when it comes to flex. So I, you know, personally suggest getting no Plan B, which has $3 for squeaks, and that's like rolls over. Its investors always start over places. Take flex on campus campus. We had a sit in the Callousness Delhi, and then we have to. McAllister's grabbing goes, which is essentially like a I kind of like a convenience store that sells McAllister sandwiches and, like other snacks and granola bars, Starbucks drinks and things of that nature. And it can be found in Craig Hall and McNair Hall. Those are all the house classes, and I know Chris Paul is the business hall because I am a student. So I actually had a planet that was right beside the McAllister's ground goes. I would stop there in the morning before class. Did you pick me ups before I go to class? We have an 18 91 bistro Einstein bagels, Chick fil A Aggie Wing, and we have a connection with just kind of like, you know, Subway on campus. All these places except flex alongside Tash has paid so flex. And don't worry about using you actually got in your pocket. You can. And before there are locally owned from Chuck's that comes at least once a month to campus, and they also take flexes along alongside cash to accommodate for the college student population, but every time. What's up, you guys? Is this for those of you who don't know? I am a current student at the Illustrious Marquis on Anti State University, and I want to take the time today to talk about my whole application says experience and getting into the university, because I know that there's a lot of currents years out there and a lot of perspective. Maggie's not a curious as to how others got in and how they measure up. What I give you insightful tips one toe how my application process went. This video isn't collaboration with my girl. My fellow Aggie Khalid gave her This was a challenge started by her called So you want to be in Kathleen Three Challenge. I'm gonna put all her social media's and below. I'm gonna make them all down below and her channels. It's gonna be a siri's of videos talking about, you know, the whole anti experience, and I'm gonna be doing your daily. The weakest one was hurt in a couple of breathable Agnese. So make sure you could be on the lookout for a vessel without, for how I became a Catch 22. So I'm a current inside resident or Carolina, So I am an in state student. I applied during mid October during the Ark Ilana Free Application Week, which is a week during mid October. I remember the exact date where a number of in state schools were freaks applied to, and, you know, there was no application fee. So I took it upon myself to apply anti. During that time, I applied on the anti admissions website admissions dot com. I just apply straight to the school. There was no essay required for the application, like I didn't have to write an essay, and I feel like I believe you still don't have to write an essay for the application. However, you know what that being said with there being no essay, you really need to take time to show how well rounded up a student you are. You're actually curricular, so you could show that you measure up as a student like you show that you're more than just your because I feel like essays, the other tedious long in their specific and that is stressful. I feel like they give you an opportunity to show the admissions board that you are worthy of being in this institution because you are a cut above the rest. So with that being said, I made sure to list all of my extracurriculars cause I was super involved in high school. I was a part of muscle with a team. I did volleyball. I was a student ambassador. I was on SG a homecoming committee. I was executive council on my look off about program, which I was a member of four years. So on and so forth Sign made a short list all of those things on my application because I wanted to show that I was like, super duper. So make sure that if you are involved like, make sure that you're putting, you know, your volunteer work, anything that you've done outside of school that you're passionate about, but it don't graze on my S a. T. I had a 3.8 waiting g p a 3.2 unweighted any 12 90 s a t score on the new and current model of the teeth. So that's the last act that would be number parte application process is honestly a really easy to me. I can't speak for others, but for me I found it really easy because there was no essay, so I sent him. I sit on my transcript using CFN Sita or give your in state students of Ercolano you can you see FNC? It is a mature transcript Elektronik Lee. It's really easy Nielsen it right to the school. Be careful, though. And be sure to check in on your student portal that the student has received your transcript because sometimes see, fnc doesn't always I'm not gonna say it doesn't always work but there's always gonna be bugs with Elektronik Lee done anything, so just it's okay to follow up and it's very diligent to follow up. If this is a school you want to go to take the time to just fall over and make sure they received a transcript. If you're not in state student, you do have to have a student official fax over an official transcript. So after I did all that, it was real quick process. I sent it in and, you know, played the wedding game for about six weeks, which is the average like that's the average time for waiting for a response. I was so stressed the entire time because Aunty was always my topic. I got into a couple of this school. I got into other schools, but only school. I really wanted to go to this here, so I felt like I was hearing back everybody else except for the school. I really wanted to until the Faithful Day on December 8th, 2070 I received a notification to check the Aggie admissions portal because there have been a decision on my application. I was so nervous, I'm sweating and I opened my portal and I clicked the little drop down to see my decision. And there it waas my acceptance letter. And that is how I got admitted into anti and with my credentials with my application and how my scores were, I was invited to the Scholars Day, which, if you are invited to Scholars Day, please please go. I know you've gone toe, open house and other school events. Probably, you know, that's the regular thing is averaging to do. But I feel like scholars. They just gives you way more insight on the school. And it's an invitational like the school takes the top applicants out of the pool. Recent applicants and advice looms Scholars Day. So I feel like that's a very like, big thing. You should go. I Once the Scholars Day, I got a lot of information about my department and just maybe firm in my belief in my choice of going T would really just solidify it, a decision I was already made in my head. And on that same day, when I left Scholars Day, I received a notification in my email saying that because of my application credentials, I qualify for a scholarship within my department. I am a management measure with a concentration in business administration, So I am under the college of business in the economics and K. The best I was on campus Don't so with my credentials and with my scores, I qualify for a scholarship. Do my department. That was basically it. My mind was already made up after I wanted my first tour like before. I have like, so the application process wasn't really that hard for me for saying so. With that being said, I hope that this was enough information and inside on the application process. I would encourage you all to, even if you're just thinking about applying just a fly. You really have nothing to lose. Honestly, Dan and Aggie means like the world. To me, it's like a whole community of people that just want to see each other, like Excel and succeed. It's like, Ah, crazy family feeling on campus where you go walk up and talk to anybody and never have no men before that day at any point in your life. And it's like a soon as you need somebody new. It's like you see them appetite on campus. It's a crazy community community, a crazy family that I just love being a part of us. I hope this will help you and making a decision to apply to the best to be Isamu Nation again. Don't at me. So I'm gonna wrap this right here. Don't forget the lack comments. Share. Subscribe. Finding all my social Media's double. What is this today for my colleges? It calling to the very exciting new experience. But we're coming into college after year. Last year, As a high school student, you're not really expecting that you are going to experience in college and it's gonna be so completely passing Different for what you thought you knew about school. It's gonna hit you out of nowhere out of the blue. And I know you're thinking that you've heard all there is to be heard about college advice and college tips and stuff like that. And what you should know, what things would be different. High school, college. You may feel like you're I don't know what to expect. Certain things are going to really occur, and you're not gonna learn really quickly to do so as my continuation for these. So you want to be a challenge? I'm going to talk about some things at a high school very completely differently from things like high school. First, first things first. I'm gonna put this out there high school at AM and college idioms are too different entities. You may be thinking I'm used to getting up and clap and wanted to go to my seven boyfriend First preview class like that's the difference was so bad that I live alone. Can this day get up and go? What's the problem? Why idioms issue in college, you're not gonna be able to function mentally that early in the morning. I'm not a morning person, but even if you are mourning person like, it's completely difficult you're waking up in high school and going to high school. Classes are there early in the morning because the course, of course materials completely different was your experience in college just period. So if you want to take the risk and be bold and feel like you can function better in the morning, you're gonna be fine. Go right ahead. But let me just let you know that eight o'clock means eight o'clock. Second, they talk about the length of the class of majority of your classes, will enjoy a glass of this semester's worth 15 minute class, and that was long for I really don't see how well I know certain has a different from my high school had four one hour, 30 minute block classes every single day's glasses off every semester. I thought that our 30 minutes wasn't okay. A normal time to stand class. I don't see how I did that at all. More like being in college. Go into that 1 50 minute class what I needed so I could be prepared for the next 15 minute glasses. I really don't understand how to do that for, and I really don't understand how high schools do that. Now, I just Why, For my third thing on the same such a high school schedules for schedule, you pick what time you take your classes. This allows for, like, you know, schedule preferences. Like with that Indian situation. If you can stay with a EMS, please do. In college, you select exactly what time you're taking each class. That is all. I came to you and wouldn't want to take your class in high school. It was always you. You had a set schedule. You just got to choose which classes you were taking at one time. You're choosing what classes you're taking at what time? At what time? The day once. And it's different. Like you have more selection choices when it comes to when you're taking your classes. I mean, of course, classes do fill up fast, dependable and especially your freshman year taking Janet prerequisites than most other majors are taken to, Like, you're gonna be able to, like, get fight for this lost that you want sometimes. But he At the end of the day, you're still choosing what time when you're taking glasses is not just a set schedule of everybody's in class. The same time, Every leave this tired before they wanna talk about it. No one's telling you to go to class. No one will be there to tell you to go to class. And I know you re thinking that this is something you already know. This something you always hear. Yeah, he had a yacht, and nobody's gonna be on your back to tell you to go to class. You're right. You're absolutely right. So listen, like from experience this semester, I had a math class and my teacher didn't take attendance, which made it so that the temptations and that class is really strong. He doesn't take attendance mass, My least favorite subject. Anyway, I need a break between English and Bio. Why not? Just of the class today helped me back. Ready to go tomorrow, and that just repeats like a vicious cycle of like not going to class. I mean, I went to class still once a classic. It's not like I skipped it every single day. But what you don't learn is you feel like there's no losing because you're not being penalized for showing up. But you're penalizing yourself because you were nine times out of 10 the classes that you don't let not mandatory. Like for attendance, all the classes. You probably need to be the most attendance, because you will be So. Another thing about college is different. When I was in high school is you got a completely, utterly take care of yourself because nobody else is going to take care of which may be a problem. Some people more than others, you won't. You gotta make sure your life is in order to tell you you work clean your room was tell you to wash clothes. Nobody will tell you. Feed you make sure you give it Nobody's gonna run behind you to do the daily things that you need to be doing. So it may seem to feel like you have nobody that cares about you, and that's not what it is. It's just nobody's gonna be there to run. Cost. You understand how much we appreciate that so different from high school being at home, Being a college, I don't care how good you're the calf and should. College is I don't care how good it is. It would never be as good as food. I guarantee you food is just naturally designed to taste worse. Can I just feel it, No matter what is it will never taste is good as how it is that home. It could even be things that are not cook to prepare. It's just something that you usually eat on a regular that just does not even taste the same while you're on many college like I used to love honey and I won t eat only when I was, I can't guarantee I hated it. I was like, I don't I understand. It could be literally anything. It will not taste the same as having taste back home, and it will never taste that way, too. Is 11:59 p.m. 12 o'clock. Not 21 is 11 59 and that's 11 59 every day. No exceptions that even homecoming. I'm putting that out. Some teachers, some professors, won't cut you some leeway. Cutting him slack are not as strict as one their deadlines but a lot of, um, don't bet and I don't care what anybody says. There's no more. There's no more pain for filling our than being out somewhere and getting that notification reminding you about the work you forgot you had. That is now zero. It has killed a whole evening, a little extensions that effect leading its next days extensions, extra credits, test corrections and retakes our privileges. Privileges you should cherish and hold near and dear because it's exactly what they are. Privileges. The professors don't have to give it to you. And a lot of times they won't give it to you. No late work, extra credit. Retake. I had whatever whatever unless it was a super like serious, you know, get messages and l'm gonna take That's it. It's over. I could go on with stuff like this. Not like this. Cutters are here like comment, share and describes channel. If you like this video identification updates for whenever I post, which is never be looking