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So these air food options along Georgia and this is Papa Lease, and it's a sandwich shop in. They selves different sandwiches and soups. This is Food Corner. I've never had it, but I've heard. Okay, pings. Howdy. Here's the grill in this city making restaurant along Georgia, and it's really good. I recommend it. There is McDonald's, just like any other McDonald's. There is subway. It's pretty cool, and Tripoli is always a go to along Georgia. So definitely go by there. This's a next calf, and this was sold from Thursday. It's the best way to Goto and eggs honestly, and this is the family and what is called punch out. And this was during first Friday when we have a party and he wants together Sorry. As you could see, I really tore up my food. I'm full. But you still drink my lemonade, but no. Hello, Monitor. You could be, but it's a really announcement. Daniel, what's going on? You know, some other things that may have, like, special. Uh, but I don't see stuff, So yeah, that's how we keep updated and Twitter Student Council inside. I'm gonna show you guys a little As far as places to eat her own campus. In my opinion, they're not that extensive. We have food along Georgia Avenue. We have food choices in Blackburn, such as the calf. New Vegan is so food made begin style. So you know, following those principals and then we have a thing called punch out and they have different foods such as pasta, pizza and playing St Index French fries, all of that. We also have one other caf in an example soon and eggs. And it's not my favorite place to be, so I just usually cook inside my dorm when I can, or goto Blackburn and punch out use a slight. So based on whichever male plan you receive or you you choose, you have a certain amount of swipes throughout the day and those who used to eat at the CAF, the different cafeterias that we have here. And, um, you also have dining dollars, which you can use at the different smaller shops around, depending on who takes dining dollars. And you can also use them at our sea stores, where you can, where they have different supplies, that she'll probably need our food items that you would like to choose from.