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talk about freshman year, little bit. What one person advice would give anybody Don't do it. Uh, okay. Um, freshman year. Uh, everything okay? I think a piece of advice, Which for freshman year, Which kind of corny but yourself. Because that's the best way to find friends that you were going to be with close with. And also don't go out the night before you have something do I probably won't do it the second you say, I'll leave it for the morning. You've already been a defeat. That's that's right there. Perfect. What about you make for yourself? That's true. What did you do this year? That was for yourself. Um, I What's the park like? One on walks I did are just kept things. Yeah, I just made sure I was like 10. Ewing. Yeah, it's okay if you have no idea what you're gonna be doing because you'll figure it out like it's fine if you're 18 years old, 1920 years old. I have no idea. What? That's very true. Don't come. Give it time. I grace of advice. You would give telling and coming. Sure, you go spend a least a week in it. to win it. That's a good one. Cool. They're back. And better than ever with another brain. Still, this is probably gonna be my last. Most likely My last. Just did you talk to you guys like this while in college are like until summer. So this is a little crazy. They I'm gonna be talking about freshman year. I kind of want to do a video with all of my one last thing about my friends before we go about, like a collective video about freshman year. But I just want to throw out, throw up, throw out some words of advice, some some pieces of knowledge I've picked up from being in freshman year, being a freshman. Um, the thing has affected my life in ways that could really help you guys. So, um, I'm going to go off of my lovely list on my stinky and I'm not going any order from what's most important to like, what's not. I just was thinking about all the things and I'm just gonna spit them out. So I hope you guys enjoy the tribute. And what ton of you guys are either going into college next year? Or are going, like in the next couple of years or something. So I just hope this helps you in some way. So, yeah, if you know anyone who is going to college next year, field medicine in the video Because when I tell you all of these things are from, or the most truthful piece of advice pieces of my brain I am being so honest. I want everyone to know all these things who are, you know, people who are going to college. So yeah, all right, let's just let's get crew of mine actually together. I just figured this out. One is that your options should not be narrowed. And that goes along with I mean, this is there. You hear this from a lot of people, but you do not have to know what you want to be for the rest of your life as a freshman or even ever. You do not guys, it's It is brain boggling. Other word there's this quote that was part of my senior. It was my senior quote, and it was on my wall, and it's from It's Brian Scott Fitzgerald. Yes, um, and it's I say it all the harder what it's worth. It's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life, your product, and you find that you're not. I hope you have the strength to start over that is so important. And I live by that quote because I buy Aunt who I look up to every single day of my life. I just started going into nursing school and then she is now a Corvette, which is her main thing. But she always wanted to be in like she just is not afraid to stop what she's doing and pick up something because it's what her heart, what serves her, I guess, and what makes her feel happy, because that is what's most important to her. And it wasn't the most important to me, and I just think that it needs to be on the top. Three priorities of everyone was Andi. It's so easy to just feel you have to be narrowed in tow. One path when you do know it all, and you shouldn't in college should not be a place where you feel like you are. You are constrained in a box to one thing because That's not what it's. The college is about exploring what you like and you don't like. You have not been able. You have not been given all of these options and all of these different opportunities before in your life. You didn't get that in high school because you were required to take certain classes. But that's not the case here. And I think we're so used to just being told what we need to take that way, aren't used to letting ourselves like, like, explore and like, want to learn different things and see if you like them because we're afraid of failure. We're afraid that we're wasting our time or money, but even if you don't end up liking that, you're learning something. From that classic I took, uh, I took a sociology gender cloth is you're just to see if I wanted to do sociology. I don't think I d'oh, but when I tell you guys, this has been one of the most insightful classes I've taken. Not even because of like what I'm mourning, like yes that plays into it, but also the people in that class and the conversations and discussions we have. I am learning so much like my little He overheard someone saying that class we're talking about, like raising kids and not how to do it But like, um, like how? Figuring out a way that we aren't gender like gentrifying, I guess everything like pink and blue. How can we raise them and not putting gender on things? And I just don't know what we're talking about. But like so I just overheard someone say without even trying to have other people hear her. She was like, Punish the child, correct the child And that is I like I like Type two profiles like This is This is it is it is what everyone needs to know And it's so true. Like Don't put any way. But I'm just saying Then also philosophy. I came in college not even knowing what lost Iwas. Let me just say and my teacher made me love philosophy. I love Socrates. I love the Republic. It seriously twisted my brain like an hour. My life was just twisted into like, a different dimension, and it felt so. I, loving in the Kaufman brain, worked in different way that never worked for force. Like I'm just saying, No matter what class you take, you will always come out learning something about yourself. And that's the most important thing. I would think it also again. I always go back to me taking French like I came in here not taking one friend cloth taking French and then me most likely majoring in it or a double major in your mind or whatever. So I don't know. It's really something to think about something that you need to really like. Remind yourself of every day because it's easy to fall back in that shop being like Oh, no, no, no. I need to just go down this path. It's safe. It's what is gonna give me the book. That's what's gonna pay my bills. But I doubt that. But again, I also always go back to you. If you got past about it, you're not gonna put in the work and you meet a shit job. You don't get paid. And even if you do like I don't know guys, it just at the end of days, just unhappiness. So, you know, I'm just take that great, honestly, just goes back to that. It's to just be open to learn and to take classes you're interested in because it also, um, like part of it big. Really scary because you want to stick thio your major, and you want to stick to all of those classes and causes that would benefit that. But you should also just be taking some electors that actually interest you and stuff that maybe you've been trying to take since in high school. You've heard about that. Just seems like it would you would click well with that. I think it's just so important to have at least like a couple classes that are just not maybe aren't with your path put our stuff that really intrigue you and put you in a flow and make you feel alive because I mean a bit of the day. That's probably you should be majoring in what you should be studying the most. But you know, if you are right now on a path where early, you know, I'm just saying, like whenever you're going into school, rescheduling cloth is like it's very important to have some class that really, like brings you back home. Like if it's theater, if you're like a business major But you took theater throughout high school like to take a theater class because that's what made you happy. Then, you know, just making sure that you always have something that just put you back in a safe place. You're just makes you feel at most you're someone is so, so important. And it is to not be afraid to ask questions and to be curious and classes. I and most of my most if not all, of my classes sit front row. That's just like how I am. And I know that's not the case of people, and it doesn't have to be the case rule of people. If you don't want a different right, you don't have to, but I don't just hold me accountable to be off. You. Have a question. Ask it because I know it can be intimidating when you maybe have some older people in your class. But what I've learned is most the time I ask questions. All of those people all want the same thing, and it just it also shows, shows the teacher that you actually care, and you're and you're intrigued and all that kind of stuff unless you're not and that's different. If you're curious about something, ask and if you don't want nothing, classic, wait till after class and ask the professor or goes all these hours or something bi curious. Be open to learning more than just what's been given to you because that's so important. That's what that wasn't. Even the doors and what's gonna just get your money's worth is actually just learning and taking it in and like wanting to know more past what you passed the limits. So that's super important. I've just learned that. I mean, I remember the beginning of high school. I didn't really do it. And then lately, obviously, as I was very more secure, comfortable, stable with myself, I could you want stupid? It's not. It's a question. You're at least putting in the effort and not something. It's scary because it's like whatever. So what makes this feel stupid in high school brass in question, then we just don't want to ever ask again, because we're just afraid of that. But you need you have to the both sides. You have to throw all of that shit inside because that person has their own insecurities going on I'm just saying, like, this is not about them or anything. It's just that this is not about you at all. The question was not soup it its reflection and production of that person, though that college is a place for exploring and being the most curious you've ever been. This was probably one of my favorites, and it is to be kind of weird, but being open to so many new humans that you're about to encounter and meet and, like, live with and just they're gonna be in your life for a long time. I know what it's like to feel so safe in your little bubble in high school if you had one. Um, we're just like you have your people and you just like you don't you don't feel like you need to reach out that much or like you're just you haven't reached out in a minute. So you don't like because you've been so secure with, like, a second, but people but Jurgen getting thrown into it completely new environment, where you I kind of have to just plunge head in, you know? And if you're gonna do that with a closed mind and you're about to meet people with so many different opinions than you. So many different thoughts, the most opposite thoughts, opinions, ideas, whatever, but learning to accept those to take the men to think about them. That's the beauty of it, because you right there are learning so much in college. More than you'll probably ever learn is just knowing how to have conversations with people who you have not been forced to. And you are trained to think a different way and to even if you don't agree with them, to kind of see that person's coming from, try and understand that person and have an actual conversation with them and not just shut them down or they shut you down because that is what the maybe, if I can get out of the conversation that we were maybe having a disagreement about. But we came out of it with the understanding of each other's brains and thoughts and how we how we grew up to think that certain way, why we d'oh! I have succeeded in something love that so much because I'm just someone who does like to have a conversation with people we have just the opposite ideas about certain things. And so I just love learning how they are, the way they know why they think the way they think. And so but learning to do that is a beautiful trait, and it's something that's gonna get you far in life because you are earning the respect of someone that you never thought you could or in high school it just wasn't option, because maybe that's not what you were forced to do. And like you never really had that have that kind of conversation or whatever. But yeah, if you can, you don't know. You're just getting a lot out of that. Just saying my top things that I wanted to share don't want to throw so many things that you guys. And if I do a video with all my friends, which I know you guys love, I'll throw out some more. But I wanted to end this, obviously, with some funny quotes I've gathered. I don't really know what I started this, but Margaret or Olivia started. They had started in Notes page, where they where they this here funny stuff that people say whether they're intoxicated are plenty of years to write it down. It is so Bonnie and I started to do it, and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys. I'm not gonna say who said them, because that's just like, unnecessary. But I mean, in this on a very life of it. Funny note. But I hope you guys took something out this video. And I hope you guys believe me when I say that all of this is the truth, the honest truth stuff that really resonates with me and has really affected me. So yeah, I just I think about that. Um, if you have any other questions about any of this or any other questions leaving them alone, no wonder isn't answer them. But I hope this helped you get a broad, you know, said understanding of how to go in freshman year with him, with a better idea of how to, like, take it all in and how to deal with dodo drunk. I only feel feelings, not thoughts. Um, I'm making love to this PB and J um did I ask to buy us? Um, why is my tune in Toontown so thick? I think I'll feel better after you might be proof that the morning after I drink Malibu, I'm like I had the flu. I'm always working out my jaws because I'm always because I'm talking about one of my personal favorites. Everyone get gonorrhea, Hayley, you're gonna get it. Sooner or later, I'm gonna get bent over bythe as I was walking, it was nighttime. Um, I walked past a group of people and the two things I caught from those conversations back to back work. Yeah, I think, Yeah, I might have chlamydia. And then someone said, Yeah, don't pop like some just some good stuff. So, anyway, college is great, guys. You have all the power to make it Exactly how you want it to be. Everything just be a growing experience, a learning experience, all of it, because that's what it is. So I love you guys so incredibly much. Thank you so much for watching. I Absolutely No, I got us for this. Can you summarize the first semester in one word? Interesting education, Kris. Crazy roller coaster. Overwhelming is enlightening. Where? Go back to my channel if you're new. What's up, Haley? I have no idea how I'm gonna go out the studio. I have, like, a list on my computer like things I want to talk about. But after, like, an organization struck, shared this video kind of lacking that. And you're not mad about it? Because I feel like, you know, if I do ramble, it's completely okay. And it will probably be things that you know or were the rambling about, like, be around. Like what? The city is very much wanted to film a video, recapping our just summarizing my first semester here at college and to give my advice and just give tell you guys what I've learned from my experience so far, I've done a video like this was like, How's college going so far? But that was probably like September October. Um, and I, like, had just gotten out of like, like, I guess the more rougher weeks of my first semester. And so I feel like Now I've gotten a hold on my first semester in just that school in Genoa and just how I live here and how I am here. And I really want to talk about that. And I think I might I might even repeat some things that I said before. That just shows that it is very important. So I'm gonna kind of go off with my little sticky notes for friends. But if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask you below. Asking my team's instagram, I answered every single one of you guys. So we should do that and I'll get back to you guys directors with each little piece of advice I give you guys, it's gonna kind of be abroad under standing like what I'm going to say after that, somebody is about balance. A little college is balance. That's what ology balance. You have to learn balance in every aspect of your life. But as for friends and loneliness and being alone like all of those could go together, and that is a huge balancing factor. And that is a lot of one of the one that's really the one thing that most people going into college are afraid of is are they gonna make friends And you know, how are they gonna make friends? And I know that some people you know, when you're in college and you get here until exciting and then you get in this lonely slum where you're like, I feel so lonely and even when you're surrounding yourself with people, it could be so lonely. And then also, when you are alone by yourself, you just don't want to be. You want to be out. But then you're even lonelier whenever you're with people. Like what? What I what do I do it? You're just you're in the sunken. You just don't know how to get out of it. I think all of that comes with being patient with yourself and being compassionate with yourself and also trusting time in the process because I learned that the only way for me to truly connect with my friends here that I had made that were service level at the time was to open myself up completely and to be completely vulnerable with these people. That obviously also comes with time and like a mutual understanding, because obviously you don't want to open up to someone who's not gonna reciprocate that and just you're just gonna feel by yourself. But I think I know that opening up to people and becoming completely vulnerable in transparent with someone is what's going to create a strong friendship and what's gonna actually make you connect with people and feel loved and have a nice community here. And that is so important. And I know why. I even like, you know how to find friends in general could be an issue. But what I what I did was afraid and came to call the number one rule was I was going to be open to everything, absolutely everything I was holding back. I made a promise myself that and what I tell you guys, I did that full force. There was no going back. I literally just I dove in and I don't think that's going to lead to loneliness. And that's where you're not going to meet anyone which can suck so much. And so I I went to this huge like and even if you go to these things alone, you're still putting yourself out there. You know, I went the recruitment even though literally not until a month before I went to schooI. I was not gonna do recruitment at all. I was not thinking about it was an absolute no good for me. But I I was like, Why not? Why not at least just go through it? And then I ended up making my three best friends Margaret, Olivia, Bella And then I also went to like his club, this political club thing meeting just so many clubs that you could like get to know and all that. I want to have any club per se. But I did meet people through that, and I was just like, you know, you just at least know about the campus and what's going on and just you know how you can get involved in, like you can obviously find some that you may like. So I did that get people's numbers for my classes and I would actually reach out those people and be like, Hey, do you want to study for this? And they made so many friends like I have a whole group with Coco Ivy and all of them where I met through my classes and then I casting throughout who is now one of my very best friends, where I am inseparable from. She's a little bit like my other half, and so like I. And then if I have, like things like I do yoga almost every day. So I find people who like that and we go do that. And so it's just putting yourself out there and not being afraid to do that much goes in with my second, which is something that you guys heard so much. My last video and it is too well. It's pretty much your come present will kill you. But also did you? What scares you? Which I talk about my what just went 19 that in itself this year has already benefit in my life. I well, I find myself being so overwhelmed and stressed and like, so in my head, and I was like, Why? And it's fear. It's always here, always here and whatever, I I think OK, well, how do I stop the ceiling? How do I get out of somehow why? Whatever it's always, I always just have to get my conference and always just have to do what scares me and Once I do that, I feel 110% better than I did before. I am not lying to you guys. So by getting out of your comfort zone, and I know that's easier said than done for a lot of people. But if you can just get in that mindset and just keep practicing that you realize that how much more help budget better it feels after you do. It's Keisha after you do what after you get out of your comfort zone. So that is something that's been so big for me, not only in college my first semester, but this year in general. But, yeah, definitely my first semester, because I even though I've had an amazing experience so far with this school of oil and like with these people here who I love so deeply, so deeply, I had like, a rough part, I think, like a rough patch. And I think it was in October where I was so lonely and I felt so by myself, and I just was so disconnected and, you know, during those times it is, it's important to step back and not force yourself to do certain things to also not let yourself delve into this hole for too long that and you're, like in your room and you're cooped up all day. It is not ever gonna help you at all. I promise you, guys, finding balance within that is super important. And that's something that I think every person has to learn. As much as you could hear advice and watch the news about this, you're gonna go through it yourself, and then you're gonna tell your friends or whoever about this experience, you know, it's not something that you could just like. I mean, yes, you can taken advice, and you could you could remember that for whenever you're going through this stuff, but you're going to go through it, you know, and you're gonna come back to these cities and you're gonna You have to learn for yourself because we all think differently all different brains, well structured differently, and we're all very complex and the way we think, and so you cannot go off with other person what another person did and think that's how that's gonna work for you because I mean, yes, maybe some parts of it will. But you have you have to learn yourself. So I mean, I hope this city is gonna help you guys in general. But overall, I understand that this is a personal learning experience, and it should be. This is also important for growth. And and college is a growing period. That's what it is. You know, I understand how, like eye right now and still undecided. And I am taking I'm exploring classes, but I used to I get in these freak outs where I'm just like I don't know what I'm gonna do with my life, but I want to be its actress. And I'm also in YouTube, and I know I'm also I love I love psychology, sociology. I love all these things, and I'm just I get so overwhelmed when I stepped back, and I think I am in school for this reason. You know, I'm not in school too, just like you know what I mean. Like, I am learning what I love. This is what this is. I'm gonna use this to my advantage. I'm not just gonna stress over it. I'm gonna take it in the appreciative of this opportunity and, you know, explore what I can and, like all of this other son, learned when I can take in all that, I can just use this time tonight absolute advantage. And that's what I've been doing. And it seriously is not done me wrong so far, so getting trusting time in trusting the process is so incredibly important, something that I always like to go back to. Whatever I get in these funks, I don't keep in my head. I really I'll call literally all of my best friends, and I will cry on the phone or I'll cry with my mom and I'll just I'll talk about verbalized. I'll get it out in the air. So it's not just in my head and I'll listen to these people. But then also after I'll have I'll take self care, you know, I'll take care of myself. All right, Journal. Meditate. How do these things? Because I've learned over time that this is what helps me and I know it will help you guys. Um, I got the end of the day. I don't just get on my phone. I have little. We have stacks of journals and books are here that I go through it. I'm telling you I got through each never wanna be every night That's Donna Joe have to do these things to align myself again and put myself back in order and back in a state of content. Or else I will go to sleep and such a bad state of mind. And so just learning all these things and just making sure you're taking care of yourself and learning what helps you release this really hyper energy is so a port in something that you will again learn over time. And I just I'm blessed that I have found yoga and meditation helped me with them because they are so Oh, my amazing. You are going to change because whenever you step into college and you're here for a little minute, you realize that your whole life is already changed without you even wanting it, too. I mean, you have. I mean, unless you have it, you know, moved out of the house. But you are in a new living space. You were living with someone that you just met. Unless it's, you know, this is like, just like the normal, um, the norm. You're living somewhere new your limits. We've never met. You are You're having to adjust to a new place if you're moving out of state out of the city or just anything, you're having to adjust to the location around you to new people and seeing people every day and also having to adjust to living in the same place of where you go to school and having to find balance and realize how much you could you spend with your people and how much you spend by yourself and where you work. And, you know, you bring up that type of when you do work and play time and all that you were having to change so much in your life already that you cannot expect yourself personally to not change. That is not going to happen. You're gonna grow from these things and learn from these things and take it. Take less. I mean, take these lessons and you're gonna They're gonna tribute to your life. Whether you like that change, happen or not, is what's going to affect you. Um, if you are not willing to allow that change the happen you are just not gonna be happy. You're not gonna be content. But if you go with it and you let that take over you and think of it as a positive thing, then that's what's gonna bit of vehicular. And that's where you're gonna go places because you throughout your life you're gonna be changing. And if you're not keeping up with this and you're not being okay with it and what I think most people get confused about is when we change as people, which is always a good thing, because I'm sorry. I would not want to be who I was a year ago. Um then you people think that everything the people in your life change and that's when the problem comes. Let me just say one thing I invest runs the same people are best friends with back home. Alison may see Stevie Kate. Maddie does remind those air Still my people, you know what I mean. I have other people here do that. They're also my best friends. And so it's like you have those don't change. It is just adding onto my life. Little just like a flower on world sprouting. And these are just leaves coming off of us. You know what I mean? Like that's going to continue toe hat and then also with content, not No one said anything negative about it. But people I do notice you're like I missed these videos. But I also love this because if you're positive energy, positive friends and like that's why I love to see because I know my constant changing. I'm aware that I'm not doing the same thing as I did a month ago. But the thing about art and the thing about your craft is that it's going to change as you change as you grow. It's going to grow. And that is what's so important, so beautiful about art and like holding into what you love. Because you can see yourself developed as a human and see like your good times, bad times when you're most creative, when you're most in your slump and you can just see that right in front of you with your own art. And I think that's what's so important, because I was, you know, back in high school I was like freshmen software, maybe even a little bit. I'm falling, maybe even a little bit junior year. I but did videos I A was not proud of b Do not want to do at all and see Didn't see any See anyone also enjoying it Because I was passionate about it. I did not. I want to be posting. The videos are fell into because I wanted to do It was like when I was editing it so and that's how I felt all the time. And there was came a point where I was like If it's like, I'm gonna do what I love and if no one likes it, then so be it. This is for me. This job came in my life and honestly, when I added videos that I enjoy editing and I have fun with that is what makes me happy. I can I will not go to sleep. I will not eat drink. I will be so so concentrated on the city or this edit of certain clip. And that is what I thrive off of. That is this group I get into that I live off and I just love it so much. And I get so incredibly happy when I I know that you guys enjoy them. That's just it just makes it all the better. More better because I can keep creative videos and not get any audience and still be okay with it. But when people still benefit for my videos and still find joy in them, that's I can't even so this goes back to changing. So I told you this would be a ramble, but, um, yeah, I mean, it was kind of you, just like I wanted to talk about my first semester. But it also, I hope I just gave out some some things that you guys contentedly rebel video. But if you guys have any actual direct questions, we should leave them below. I will talk to you guys directly after your question. I'm thinking an end of the year, I'll do another video with friends, kind of giving more, answering more questions if you have a Q and A. So look out for that. But for now, I just wanted to give my thoughts out there. You guys, and do this video. I love you guys so credibly. Mudge and I live in the next video that is Hi, folks. Welcome back to another video if you're new. Hi, I'm Hayley. And I have this. This was just stuck in my hair. Um, I was out inside for, like, three. I was in a foam a different video today, but decided to save that video for another day this week and wanted to film this one, which is gonna be like of law, G type video. But I'm also including a segment of my hands and I answering some questions that you guys may have about college on. And we'll try to answer with what? Best experience? We have first semester freshman here, so Yeah, we leave Friday, Saturday for winter break, and we're having a go friend dinner tonight. That would be the best night to do this. To just sit down, answer any questions. You guys there may not have any other further questions after the change. Sleeping below? No. You sure to answer them directly? Heart Just they go hence. Oh, I just go ahead. You know, like a tire and a double fisting baby. And we're barely making, but she's getting away with it, as usual. How are you talking about? Good. I've just been writing so many essays and fingers. E look good. She dies and a coffee. It's like a whole thing. It's gotta stay fueled. Don't Just Pringles, but sour cream. I mean, some nice taste test way. Nice chrome is the more just so we're on the same page. By the end of this week, I will be on my last two. I just got out the shower. I have my fake tan. I went shopping. I like, worked out and then I went shopping with little beauty. Get our ingredients and the rice is almost been cooking. And we need to just, like, cook up the rest of the stuff. We're gonna answer your questions, but I really wasn't planning planning on looking like, um But I don't want to sleep in my self Tan would probably be upset. Brilliant. Anyway, so that I would just do it now. Showered off before three love. Nice, amazing, beautiful work of art. Truly get that e bottom row. So, like, contract. So thank you. Oh, hi. We have a lot of questions to go through the house. Not all over this video. Michael. Michael, over here. Yeah, I think the test was over here. Number one. What's the way you say? Grounded. Slash Confident. Working on a way. I think I do. You know, rocks. Don't do it. Okay, Wrong. We have that. This nothing matters what you do. It's true, honey. Things matter. But life like no, you shouldn't care. Yeah, You tell yourself it. Yeah. Tonto. No. Yeah. And then you also just have to find your own personal. Yeah, that takes time. That was your story experience going so far. I know you were if you bought it first. Look, we're all with you. Yeah, just like all of us were just like, going through the week of life for people were just like, Is this, But also, like, we go to a small school? Yeah, I liked it, right. It wasn't gonna be like tradition like that. Like terrifying shit. No, no, no. I don't think any of us would really be into that. So, like, honestly, we love it. It's really looking. They're like like we were gonna hang out. Yeah. It's not like taking over our lives or anything. It's just, like, really fun thing to do. Yeah. Yeah. And one thing that I realized during recruitment. Waas I was like conversations that we had between conversations every night with different girls, different sororities. And they were like the least shallow conversations I made literally. One of my best friends is in a different sorority. And like it was a one. Like who I talked to Dr Recruitment. It's just like it's because he's like the whole process is good. Yeah. What's your go to dorm room? Male to mate? Oh, being honest, Robin, this made some rice, would it? I mean, it's like tools or it's possible, But in a rice case of pea butter Oh, only thing like we always got rice next bar is that you've been following. Hayley, you seen my bread works. Really? Who could possibly? Yeah, baguettes Sunday. Really? It wasn't hard to find a good group. I'm gonna be honest press. Absolutely. I don't think that's 30 minutes. Yeah, I don't weigh all met. We all met at orientation way. We're sitting there. This is not a lot. We talked about this incident like we're sitting there like everyone's really cool like friends. And now and now we're sisters. That happened. I felt like I was I can't understand what it feel like to be forcing yourself into a group of forcing people. And I don't like I was spending a month. Maybe not anyone ever. We had, like, a break in, like, a barrier. And I was feeling so like, I don't know if people back home, it's like it's comfortable and like, you're not used to be. Oh, don't just let time to sing. It's new. Everyone across the beauty of calling exactly one really knows anything. Yeah, we talked about this all the time, but we love each other best. Yeah, friend. Everyone's in the same position. I mean, obviously, like some people knew each other before they came here. But for the most part, Like if you think you're, like, imposing yourself like your yeah, I'll get along with her room right now. Yeah, this is This is my always Marguerite about Olivia. Yeah. I don't see so much. We get along its yet way along. This is that there is no b beauty and both of these times, Yeah, she with each other and not the vestments. It's a great way. Yeah, I got a lot of hard living so close to someone you know, like I think it's good honestly for you. Like I think it's better. Like, I feel like I've been true, true from you, like it's almost even better. It's like live with someone who's gonna like someone Hold me accountable for like, like just like a little like that. I like being a person and going to class doing your laundry that I It's like nice, like like when I was at home is like five older sisters. But I was like, the last one in the house and like when I was just left to my own devices like I didn't say I wasn't doing anything. Yeah, I just got a nice It's kind of nice, Like one people always do. Things was with and also people who like just no, what you're doing all the time. I like you personally and not everyone every something more like we're very open. Yeah, so So how did you meet your friends? It's different. Like Okay, so we all minute orientation and then they became roommates because they they both didn't have it coming orientation doing random. And then we're like, but that would be roommates. Oh, and then I you know, like it was like the first time, Like moving in on, like I realized, if they were right next. Yeah, sounds like a perfect Justin. But then I've also made friends with like, yeah, like through mutual friends. Like Like there's certain people that you'll have, like, be friends with the 1st 2 weeks of college and you'll meet people through them. And then those friends you were hanging out for the 1st 2 weeks you don't expect yes, like everyone. Yeah. And different majors like environment with no one to each other in my classes in the music industry program and everyone because everyone to collaborate like, just had a run on the good side, like everyone is friends. It worked out because I have the school friends Or else I gotta have all of these every single facet of friends. Yeah, I've got introduced my friends, so just just just like you guys. But it really goes, Yeah, you just can't think too much about it. Just let it. Yeah, yeah. This'll group because, like, where? The foremost lost people way. First way back two seconds. Chrissy The answer. It's a story worth and the letters. Yes. Yeah, yeah. Well, it's like this recruitment even just doing recruitment. Like even if you don't end up like joining one, like you meet so many people but also, like, you're probably gonna want to be in one after. Yeah, we're gonna meet so many awesome people. So, like, I think it's definitely worth way. Have a whole new group of friends. I really like older girls to like, not just freshmen that, like way have advice. Like there were so many times for people who are in my major, we're older, like I would be like, a task now Oh, I have a study like, you know, it's really it's really Yeah. How can I prepare for such a big change? I'm getting a playlist. You get ready to have. I think, honestly, the biggest thing for me, I'm sure for all you guys to senior year was just like realizing that 1st 1 most conflicts between friends don't matter at all in general. But right before you're about to go, you have to kind of realize that whatever you guys had kind of felt like, it probably doesn't matter anyway, and it's better to just leave everyone like with better just since everyone is just, you know, it's pretty much never matters. So why not be nice to people? But also front groups, senior year friend groups? Just kind of. I mean, they did for me the kind of dissolve a little bit here, people gonna hang out with everyone. And so it was so good, I believe, yeah, school just like having loved a lot of different, actually. And also it's like I feel like you if you come into college with the mindset that you kind of have no like, I don't know what you're doing. You don't know. That's what you're no also like you're saying he doesn't know that, like, you know what it's like. So how should I think about this every day? Like it's just so different, like, because it's not like, you know, with these people every single hour of the school day, every single day, like just like walking around like it's so friend groups are so different, social like hierarchies isn't like hang out with people that you like to hang out with, like no one knows. Like who's the cool group? Yeah, you know what I mean, like, it's not really like Like it's also okay to, like, have no idea what you're doing. I know we both moved literally, All the across college. I knew no one coming here like except until orientation, like no one coming here. And, like, I just like looking like we're going to see what happens. Like it's having an open mind, like you come in expectations. Also, I think one would advise that you're able to go to orientation before the first. That really was like, I wasn't necessarily not excited about coming. I always I mean, I wasn't that excited about coming to Loyola and then I can orientation lives couldn't get here. So just meeting some people, like seeing well, they actually gonna go to school with are older than you? Yeah, it's important. And I just really like we've had so many that sounds so cheesy. But like well, like apples had so many conversations about, like how we all feel like this is exactly where we're meant to be. And like, I think that's I know, like I know that that can happen for a while. People like I know you feel that way. But also like, if you don't feel that way like it's also okay like, Yeah, it's like you have a feeling it's not for you Not also is like a very normal thing. You know, you just got lucky. But yeah, I think we're really, really, really hard about social life. I don't know. I think it takes timeto like maybe a judge, like I also like you're the one that took a while for you and just like my first moved here like you're live on campus like this is your home. It's also your school. And so it's hard to like efforts to save my door. And I was like, I'm just out about the O on you just feel like it's something Minutes like realize that this is like all of one, you know, But I'm not sure. Oh, yeah, it's so here it is living with, like every every college has their own social scene in terms of leg, Loyal way have to land right next door. So it's like a boat. In some ways, they clash, like in other ways. It's like they're just many different aspects, like loyal. It's a lot of music. It's a lot of live shows. And then it's also like they're a bunch of bars like it's just like a different social scenes, like everything college you go to get your way. Or is the L. R Cafeteria catfish I've never got that booth cannot wait. Love it, and it is like worth putting up with a lot of it. To go here because you don't care about your facility is not that great. I love her so much. Other e I just love New Orleans. New Orleans is really It's a really cool place college town, his life outside. I know. And it's just like nice that were like, I personally am I being like uptown? They were not just like, a practical things, like I kind of wanted that school was, like, Perfect. What feels like home? One thing that I like absolutely. What, like a love? This boy's anything that you're passionate about. It could be the most wildest dream. Everyone is so supportive of its true stupid or anything. It's everything I found out that it hit me not to go with that. Everyone I've talked to you when I would ask, Is this your first choice? is nobody's like once you get like, I feel like other schools, like people are like at least my front like e e like everyone. Okay, well, big, aggressive. And they're not like putting so much pressure on themselves and have this certain experience because things out scratch it. It's true. It's true. That was my 1st 1 I would have liked more pressure on yourself. Yeah, also released us three and a little bit. We all went to schools with, like where everyone kind of looked and acted the same. And I love my school so much. I love people there and I like my missions teacher. It's so important to expose yourself. It's still important in the kind of world we live in today. And so it's so fun to be around just so people would be surrounded by just before living very different find similar is between like anybody, any person you talk to two questions. How do you stay healthy and I I have a wonderful meal every single day. Don't do that. Files with dress wait weeks. I mean, Jim, uh, you know, working out. You know, thay I think I was like, dude stays actually, like everywhere you walk everywhere. That's actually been a huge thing. Is that you so much walking by? She has a one way thing. You have the opportunity to take your car. College. I've personally recommended. Yeah, if you have a car that really generous with me Oh, thank you, but it makes you think so much easier. And it's like if you could kind of give up that part like other pull right and not to worry about your friend's friend. And the last question was like, What's your one piece of advice for? Incoming? Fresh. Just like one for a little bit. So don't start smoking, sells, used the jewels or use It's very yeah, Like you said, you were a singer. Just honestly, be nice to everyone. And don't be afraid of talking to people. Oh, this is my advice. We can talk about this a little bit, but in high school again, burgers like things and people were about. They talk about fingers here. You have to understand that little doesn't matter, like people are so interesting living every person this so I'm just so true has a story. It's so full of a lot of people with a lot of people remember about their mental health and they're like family, and it might just be where we are. But I feel like it's wrong. Yeah, I agree. But also, honestly, I don't know. State schools not to be like like there's more of it. Yes, it is harder to find your little way school. I feel yeah, loyal isn't like the typical college experience in terms of like, people think like, sensible like like fat lectures like every closet on this story. And it's really fun to get another stories is take the time to get those stories evil way. Really? So thank you guys for tuning into this segment. Phone back later. Have any other questions? Way should've sit down with them all together. Wait. that all you can go money? No, What I want it is for 20. And I've just said goodbye to my parents. My brother way have been here since, like, 9 30 like, Oh, well, I know we kind of took a break to get so I need a park somewhere. That's David. Dobel was moving me in like he moved Olivia friggin Jada. And that would make this whole process less stressful. Well, my roommate is out. I thought I'd show you my door. Mrs Wth e door. Unlike, so frantic right now. But I have a little trash bin and I have another one over there but, like, recycle trash, whatever. So my towels and like, her towels, this is the closet. I added this mirror here and then ask him storage up there. I have, like, extra sheets, my yoga mat on like a pot and pan of my tray. I don't know. We're still working with that. Just kind of wanted to get everything out of the boxes. And them I have, like, all my caddy stuff. This is like going to buy ingredients in here and have a ton of mason jars. I might bring some home ever go back next weekend, but my rice cooker upper room. I've kind of already showed you everything we've got. Um, cleaning stuff, shoes. My mom and dad Count me this. So I need to look in that. But all my clothes and jeans, I decided to hang my jeans. I needed to organize this. A swell, but towels over there. Okay, well, actually, let's just make this easier for both of us. Yeah, Towels, toiletries don't need any way close. Who's all that stuff are down there and then my micro fridge. So I have some bread in a burrito in there, and then some other stuff. I'm trying to get my peer toe work. I don't even know. It's like, I don't know how to deal fist, but my microwave This has fruit. Veg e some for veggies, cutting board t these until I get my reusable K cup. Like my curate towels? Um, yeah. I don't know. I'm just leave a little glance over these. Have my crystals. I might come out my display. Um, I just don't know. Like how I'm gonna do it yet. Bunch of just, like stuff this my mom got me yesterday, so I had my eye on and know so little moving out thing. It's so cute. And I really fell in love with it. And it's just look at that. Um, yeah. Anyway, so all of that. And then, uh, I Polaroids, I'm gonna change him out every now on them. I, like, have different ones on each side. And then my human meta fire random stuff. Uh, my makeup isn't here, and then this is school stuff. As of now and then, like random storage, I need to hang some of the stuff up. So lights and leaves then of all my pantry food kind of stuff in there so much cleaning my swifter, that's gonna be like when my leftovers and stuff going ashore put him dirty clothes and it's back. I'm gonna, like, recruit, recruit it, bring it back and forth from here to my house, and I need to bring him home. And well, I mean, I have a bag, but like, that's gonna be like like for next week when I keep things at home. So and then, my beautiful, I think about it with the lights up there, but has to bed and I don't really want to show her space. I don't really know what she wants, but waiting, which is great. But I have no idea how I'm gonna fill my audition. Hopefully, God will figure it out. I'm, like, so tired, but kind of shake back. People gotta shake back. All right, Go meet up with friends. It's Franny. Everybody, a beautiful woman. Wow. Do I drink out of that e? Like, have? Let's see. No, she is good. I think it has before. Does it taste like some 30? Go. I forgot all my hanging clothes. So you wait. Closing up like, yeah. Meaning I close. Really? Sure. With Ray's blown out? The same thing. This is not a tape recorder saying that he did it. What? Assistant? Looking at different. That way. That way. All right. Okay. Okay. Here we go. That should be Oh, no. What's the matter? What? Speak up. It was nothing. Nothing at all. Hey, everyone, welcome back to my channel. If your new What's up? I'm Haley. I did not want to make this video all about me. I do not want it to be an update on my life and what's been going on because I am. I'm tired of talking about my life. It just to be completely honest with you guys. I know I love vlogs, and I love filming my vlog and editing them. And you guys really seem to like them, which makes it so incredibly happy. But also, my channel is not just gonna be flogs, and I never intended it to be that way. Although I love logs and I love that I could make them kind of more individualistic by making, like, a week without coffee, that kind of thing. So, um, and I could maybe have a theme with them, like a week of mindfulness, all that kind of stuff. So I understand that it's not just, you know, a college make in my life, but it also, and my head kind of feels like that. So I definitely want to, you know, have a balance with my channel. And so what I wanted to do was yes. Talk about more college things. But in a way that is different from other college tip video. Obviously have not graduated. Called you. I am a first semester freshman, so ah, lot more growing A lot more learning eyes to be done. But what I learned so far, and from what I've gone through so far, I feel like I have a good a handful of tips and just things to say about the whole situation. I don't think this really targets a specific type of college. My universe, the university goes who is very small, very liberal, a good, loyal university. And so it's very different from FCC schools and just the big old, you know, state schools very different. But I feel like what I'm saying can apply to everybody. So I hope this helps you out. I'm gonna dive right into it just cause I have a couple of tips that I don't really know how long that elaborate on them. But I'm still excited to finally sharing something like this, you guys, because it's been a while and I definitely want to help you guys in every aspect of your life, pretty much This video is how and I live together in college. You guys know I know I'm in school. I'm in a sorority. I do YouTube. There's homework, social life, but the film and acting like the audition, then callbacks I go to. I was just in Atlanta Tuesday for a callback. All that saying healthy with, like, cooking and exercising. All of these things are really what kind of just my life, how I keep it together. I don't want this to be a video of, like how I say organized, because I feel like that could be a whole separate video. This is more. I don't know just how I keep my mind, how to keep myself mentally healthy are saying that came to my mind. I was honestly welcome to class. And I felt about this because I do this. I'm not one to procrastinate. I mean, maybe I'll do it every now and then, but it's not to the extreme words like completely last minute. And if it is, I definitely learned from that situation, and I will, you know, change how like, for example, I didn't realize how intense and vigorous my Buddhism test would be so started studying for two days before, and that was a no go. That cannot happen again. So instead of just to give us an example, my next visit test is in like three weeks, and I just started studying for yesterday. So just to like, give you guys like an understanding of how I go about that. What I do I do if I am procrastinating is I am a productive procrastinator, and I feel like that just really says it all for me. If I'm not like if I'm avoiding ah, homework assignment or studying, I'll be editing or I'll be working out or I'll be don't know, I'll be doing something else. That also is something I need to get done for the day. And it's also like, productive and useful for my life and something that I actually also need to get done. That maybe just no event, but being a productive procrastinator can really change your life. I mean, I don't I don't know for sure, but I feel like even in high school, so you know, you you're days taking away. A bunch of it is taken away from, you know, being in school? No. Like, if you're avoiding homework at, like 5 p.m. Seven PM, you could be doing something else. You know, whatever else you do as like, I don't want to say hobby, but like all systems that needs to get done, you know? So I feel like this. Condemn it, apply to everybody. Definitely just being mindful of when you're procrastinating on what you're doing. So you know, if you find yourself watching a show are just like seeing what you're doing and maybe just tracking that out for a week and see, Look what you do in your spirit the time that you're procrastinating and maybe make some minor changes on what you can do to make that more productive. Second tip. I cannot even tell you guys how many times I've given this out like a piece of advice, because it's just gotten so repetitive and redundant now. But planning handing, please You guys like especially in college, you have so many things going on of clubs. You have organizations, you have school, you have sports, baby. You know you have things going on that you need to keep track of, and if you're not planning that I don't know how people don't point. Like I genuinely don't know how people could just stick that in their head and be like, Okay, okay. That is not how I roll. That is not how I'll ever be able to roll just because my planner is what keeps me on task on target. If yours new to planning just simple things, writing down your homework wouldn't test or do when you have meetings, all that kind of stuff. And then, you know, I should progress. Maybe getting a little bit more. You know, when you should study like, certain things each day, that kind of thing, just to help you out. It's just it's so important. And what I've been doing, I would say recently, I guess for like, maybe since, like, the second semester of senior year, I started kind of pointing up like, I'll plan out my weak but really good night before I get a little sticky note and I'll write down like to exactly specifics on when to do the things that I need to do That way I have been ordered because whatever I like before that I was just so chaotic. I had so many things I needed to get done. But I don't know which one do first and you know, we're gonna prioritize and all that kind of stuff. But once I started writing it out, as you know, like this, this this it helps me. And now all the time. Do I go by that? But it definitely just like a good guideline. If I am so like out of the world, just over, well, that makes it The next tip is learning to breathe. And what is a brief correctly is so important, especially if you have text test anxiety or just anxiety. In general, according to breathe properly is so important, so important, because anxiety comes from not getting enough breath and obviously being anxious for what's to come in the future, which hasn't even come yet. And so if you're you know, if you just notice you're breathing whenever you are anxious and you're probably not getting a full length of air, a breath or whatever like you know, for your lung capacity to be mindful of, I just noticed whenever you are getting anxious, how your breathing, Because once you take a full breath in a full exhale. You don't know how much that does for you and how the wonders of that it is insane. Before tests, I take 3 to 5 long, long, lengthy inhales and exhales, and it just helps me so so much because it's getting oxygen to my brain, which is, you know, one of your anxious. You're not getting oxygen to your brain. Breath is so magical, and we take advantage of the breath. So just learning to take a full breath like not even like whatever you feel like you're full just taking a little bit more of a gulp and then hold for a couple seconds in them like just try it out, You guys, I'm telling you, wonders my next tip, which is something I need. Thio, I guess, get a little bit more experience that before I can give you guys a full rundown of how important it is, but to be alone and be okay with it, that is something that I am learning a lot about. High school, You know, it was much easier for me to like I could get like I I listen to Daniel Carolyn's podcast with Brooke Nishio and she said something about how I could go. Like, you know, I go a day without, you know, after school with just being, you know, our weekends, just like being alone, getting stuff done and being fully okay with it. Like I am just so okay with being by myself. A lot of me. Not often, but sometimes I would get, you know, a little bit like I need to be with people. And I would notice that. And I would just I would do that would fulfill that because, you know, we need people connection. But since being in college has been a little bit difficult because, you know, if you're not living off campus, your school and your living, you know, area, they're together, they mess. So you just like you always need to be with people, even in a room with your roommate. You know, you're still not fully alone. And so I'm faithful enough to have my own car on campus. So one of our do drag places, I'm alone. But like even then, I feel not. It's almost like a form of foam. Oh, even though nothing is going on, I'm just always like you know, it's like a fear of like people hanging out without you, or it's like, you know, you could be going to, like, study with this person, But you're just out doing this alone like it's that kind of thing. And it's something that I'm trying to like change because I like, you know, you lose that self inflict control in that yourself. I guess in general, whenever you feel like you need to be with you because you start relying on their validation of you and all this stuff, So once you just learn to be okay with being alone, you will feel so much better because you need that time to recharge anyway. So whatever you are with people, you're you're full capacity. You're feeling so good, you can give them your time and then your ear in your mind and all that. You're not constantly thinking about yourself and like, you know, it's all this is all the stuff. So just learning to be with okay, what okay with it. But again, something I'm also still learning from. So I cannot give you guys a full like piece of advice when I'm not even too sure how to do it quite yet, Which is, you know, a little. I don't know. I was a little iffy about touching on this, but I feel like it's important because it is something that we all need to know because it's something like most college students. This is how it is. You know, you just get so you just need to be somewhere all the time, and you just forget that it's okay to be alone. You know, it's that's thought you need that. So just a tip, you know, tip of invite. My next little I don't even know if this is like a piece of advice, but it could be, um and this is also something I need to get more experience on. But it is okay to be in a funk. You guys, we're all gonna get in a funk. I sweat, like in college. I Miss Kim branched off from a bunch of things being confused about what you actually want to study or, you know, the thing with being alone are just not feeling like you picked the right college. All of this stuff you can get in a funk and, like sometimes and get the fuck out of nowhere and you don't even know where stemmed from, you know, But it is okay to be in a funk I like. I've gotten, I think one or two funks being in college so far. And the one thing that I keep doing or keep I need to learn not to do it. Not I feel like I need to be again surrounded by people when these things happen. Because, yes, when you're in a funk, you don't want to be alone. The whole time is that song, and I hope it all so definitely reach out. You know, don't just keep yourself in your dorm because that's not gonna help it all. But also don't spend 100% of your time with people, because that also was not gonna help. Because you're not gonna have time to reflect and trying to, you know, figure things out for yourself. And so I think it's just so important to find that balance, something that I like you're gonna have to learn because it's different for everyone. Look, I would love for toe, you know, have a certain way to work for everybody so we could know how to get out of a funk. But it's just different for everyone. I know people who can go in like a month long Fung's or a day or a week. You know, it's just different and you have to figure it out for yourself. But pretty much what I'm saying is be mindful about your funds, be conscious about them and, you know, realize that everybody gets them. And it's not something that you need to stress about or thing that it's never gonna go away, because it is. It's just you're gonna have to find your own way, Thio Get out of it. And this is also something that once I get enough experience, maybe like after the first year are just a bunch of other people for my college or just with my friends. We can kind of touch on on how we each deal with these things. But I just wanted to put that out there for you guys like it is okay to get a phone in. My last piece of advice is to ground yourself in college. This is something that's gonna take a while, and it's I mean, of course, like this is these all take with experience. Learning to ground yourself is so important at the, you know, and I feel like this is also something that you're gonna have to learn how to do it yourself. For me, it's journaling. It's doing stretching and like some yoga in the morning, it's taking some deep, mindful breakfast breath in the morning at night, just turning on my little infuser, just really making sure that I'm having that time by myself, to ground myself in the present and not drift off because I tend to really think about the future a lot, just about it. So just making sure you're getting that time in the present for at least some of your day is so important because it is. I mean, it's easy to, you know, to dwell on the past or, you know, the anxious about the future. But if you have that time during the day, you can lengthen it with each day. It'll get a lot easier to notice the present moment a lot more so that's just a really important advice I would give out any of those are my little tips advice? Yep, or how I just keep my life together in college so far and just an update on what I've learned so far that I want to share with you guys. So I hope these were helpful. I've actually so proud of these just because I feel like I haven't I didn't look at any other videos or didn't I didn't get any like inspiration or, you know, tweak someone else's advice. These air definitely genuine from what I've gone through so far. So I hope he's helped you. Um, let me know if they did. Should subscribe. If your new I've gotta have you part of this fear. I love you guys so, so much. See it in my next video. Hello, everybody. Welcome back Or to my channel, If your new What's up? Hey, I'm so excited for this video. Not just for the video itself, but because I am using my ring light for the first time. Guys, I got this in. I have this for Christmas, and I'm just not using this. It is Yeah, it's very delayed big, monumental moment for me. I'm so excited. No more crazy light changes. Its great also just really excited in general because I've been wanting to film this city for a while, but for my high school experience, it is so Ah, good. While now I've been wanting to film this, and I've just been, I guess, generating some things to talk about in this video since then. So I'm so excited. I'm just gonna shut up with the whole intro crab, and we're gonna get right into it. So I'm doing my whole college application experience, the whole thing, the whole meat from okay all the way from the beginning of senior year with applying visiting Tillich. Now where I'm going, which took me such a long time to figure it out such a long time. I'm gonna do my absolute best to make sure the city wasn't too long. So I'm going to jump right into it. I made a list of things I would like to touch on with you guys and hopefully get across and just but invested. You guys will have more of an insight of my experience with this whole thing because it's different for everybody, obviously, just because of like where you apply and visit and all that stuff. Take this with great assault and yeah, I hope you guys enjoy and find this somewhat helpful. So I'm gonna start off with where I applied. I hope I got every place because I may have done more just because the application was free. And like a lot of times I would get mean When you're a senior, you're gonna get so many e mails from college is just your application is free. Just do it all this kind of stuff. So it is very tempting just to apply. And so I did do that with, like, two schools. But the thing is, is the application may be free, but sending your energized test scores who it is not free. So, um, and if you're someone like me who's super score is bigger than just like a composites. Like one composite score. You're sending multiple ones, and that's, like $14 each, so it gets expensive. So we're just gonna go through this list. This is no order boredom. Tulane Loyola in New Orleans. And why you Syracuse U G A L s u and I think I want to say there's another one, but that just goes to show that I really didn't care about it. So we're just gonna stick to those. That's why I applied those schools. I didn't apply to any West Coast schools. I was originally gonna apply to some, um, some UC schools. But I found that I really didn't want to be there because for a lot of different reasons, Like what? My whole experience. It was very crazy because at first, of course, I wanted to go to college and I was like, I don't know, I just I wanted to do it. But then I was like, Wait a minute. I have the opportunity of going to Georgia with my acting coach and getting signed there and maybe taking a gap year against semester and working on my film acting because the industry's in Atlanta right now. And so it would have been nice for me to just spend some time there focusing on that. I literally had it all set up. I had a roommate said I could room with and have an apartment with and just maybe get a little restaurant job and then, you know, do the thing that actors d'oh! And so that's what I was actually planning to do. And my pairs were on board. They weren't against it. Then I found a better option where I could apply to a school in Georgia and then also do that. So I applied to you g et for multiple reasons. It was for that, but also because I get a lot of where I applied from YouTubers. It's just cause that's how I figured out about colleges. I don't know. I don't know how other people doing against you. Just you guess you like look up your major and all that. But I had no idea what I wanted to. D'oh! So like, I just went off youtuber Sounds like Oh, Margot Lee, Syracuse. Oh, um Danielle. Caroline, you d a So I just applaud you g et because it's it had a bunch of majors and the location was really nice. And it was our way from Atlanta. So if I needed to go open audition or whatever, it's right there. So it just seemed very reasonable. I guess. So I applied there. I just still, I just wanted to good college. So I applied to schools and, yeah, and by the way, I still have an agent in Louisiana. I have one in New Orleans. It's just commuting there for a lot of things, so I still have one. But again, the industry is in Atlanta, so it would be much nicer to be there. That's just where applied. Why applied? I applied a lot of New York schools as well, Which first was like That was the bank that was That was the dream. Guys, I really wanted to be into you. I started visiting, which is the second thing I wanted to talk about. I visited schools which really helped me diff like figure out what kind of school and wanted to go to, um and this is something that I think is very important for and coming, junior seniors. I guess I'd already seen El Issue because I gear up Spice like That's our state school in. I went up to New York in October with my friend Hannah and my family and I visited. And why you, Syracuse, King's College and Fordham? All four of those and I first visited. I think it was boredom, and I loved. I love the location. I guess it was kind of was away from Manhattan. It was just It was nice. It was like, not where the hustle and bustle was, but it wasn't too far. So I like the location, for sure or not. What I'm really didn't catch my I guess I didn't feel right there and do a full on tort itself, like a guided tour. And so I really didn't get like enough inside to really know. But I just didn't get that pool. I guess so. I really didn't I didn't put my heart on that one too much on. And then I visited King's College, which I got that one from Michelle Reed, and we're just going to skip over that just because that's a very religious Christian based school. I had no idea what I was getting into. It is in the middle of the financial district on, By the way, I had e mailed all these youtubers as well. I'm Alex, Margot Lee and Michelle Riddell answered me, which is really, really sweet of them, and they gave me a little bit of inside on their life there. And so I already had some beforehand. But I don't know. I I'm just not I am not Christian based, like if I'm very open to religions and so I'm not set on that. And so when I went in there, that's exactly what that would. They were very set on just Christianity and like, it's beautiful it. I love what they're doing there and like how it's set up. It's very they set you up for definitely the work world, you know. So that's amazing. That's what you want to do. But I know that I am. There's more to me than that. Like, it's very, um I don't know. So yeah, that did not work out for me. I visited. And why you? Which was a dream, Of course. Um I don't know. And why you It's beautiful. It's great. It's amazing, So I loved it. I love the location with school. The major's the miners whole thing. I mean, they were open. I mean, it's that's great. That's a lone little community. So that was a dream in itself. But it's very costly and I'm just gonna gettinto all about anyway Later. And then I flew Thio Syracuse, which is like a four hour train ride from the city, that I actually could really see myself there except for things that really play in tow. Mental health. I think they're one. It is very secluded and again I am to the acting film acting as well, so that plays a role into everything. So, like it's very secluded from the city. It's just it's a very college town and so there's not a lot of opportunities for me. If I if I did book a rule or something and you'd be the next day, it's not very convenient. Could live so far, you know, and But they did have a lot of great majors and miners. It was it was great, actually. I mean, I love what they have there and what they offer and like their faculty, are so sweet. The people there are so nice and yeah, and it's great. I mean, it's such a cute town, but it's just that wasn't what I was looking for, I guess. And so I think the trip. I mean, it was a great trip in general, but I didn't feel settled anywhere. And I went and visited loyal New Orleans. I want to like the open house, I think. Yeah, and that was beautiful. Oil is so nice. I just I originally wanted to get out of the state, not just the city, but this day I wanted to be away. But as things started clicking in my head, it just things were starting to make more sense to me where I could stay in state but not here. And I could still do everything I want to do. And then later on, maybe even two years from now I can move or whatever. So I just wanted to take it a little bit of time. You need to figure out if you like big schools versus small schools, like a religion based or, you know, whatever. Like, as he see you're not or the weather even taken the weather because Syracuse is very quiet. My mood really is affected by the weather. If it's gloomy all like I remember last summer it was just raining every single day. I was in a rut the whole summer, You guys, it was not good. And so I need somebody I need. I need that really does play. Ah, lot your mental health. And then I won't succeed in my classes and I won't feel great. So definitely just take all of these things into account. I just found that I definitely don't like huge schools. I don't want to go to a huge university life, u G a. Or like Ellis you because those schools I don't get a one on one with my teacher from the lecture classes are humongous. I feel lost a lot of the time. Like it l issue. It's you could seriously, well, 30 minutes to your class. And that's just and saying there's a lot of benefits to going to big universities. Of course there are, but for me personally, I know that's not what I need and what I want. When I started applying, I started applying early action for schools that I had already visited. So, like and why you all the ones in New York and then also loyal? Uh, I think I did to Linda's. Well, I think I did. Early action for all of them, actually didn't even apply to King's. Call it to the other ones I did. And like for Fordham and to line those two were free applications. And so I apply. But I didn't send my scores in. I knew it was happening. Actually, I got differed from both and then I just got, like, rejected because obviously, as you can already tell Foreman, tooling didn't happen to and I hadn't even visited. It wasn't one that I wanted to even look at. I hate a CT. Let's just stop that fairground right now. I hate it. I will never in my life take it again. Pretty sure took it nine times. Developed anxiety like some bad testing anxiety from the CT. Just because I already talked about my high school video, I set standards. I mean, Eunice, wash the video talks out of her a long time, but please do not go crazy about your statistics scores. Okay? Standardized tests are not set up for everyone. Okay? Like it's not. The system is rigged. It's messed up. Hate it. So don't only focus on that. I mean, obviously focused on your grades. I graduated with a 3.8 something. So I really went hard on my essays because those are what really defined me and what I could really like pinpoint things that making me stand out. And I really made him personal for each school. So if you visit a school, make sure you include that in your essay, make sure you include Maybe some programs wantto look into our like and make sure you actually research. And you don't just say, Oh, I would love to do this program where I'd love to study under this major. And then I included YouTube in my U. G. A s set for one of them. I think I'd like three essays and for the common app. I did that because some schools they didn't take the common app, so that was like you J and all that for the ones that did that as they was very personal. And I think one of them was like, hi group of like a personal struggle or something like that. I actually don't remember, But it was something like that. And so I went hard in that one. So for your essays, make sure you get honestly all of your English teachers to revise it for you to review it. Just make sure you get all the comments that you can, because that's super important. Of course, like if you think you should keep something in there that someone says you should take out, keep it in there because I did that. But if you know for, like, grammar and all that other stuff, make sure you get that pass for what I wanted to study again. I always wanted to keep film acting outside of college, but I wanted to keep that in my life like That's like something's actually good career goal of mine. And so I have so many ideas, and I seriously did not know what I I still don't know what I'm going to need. You tube. I want to film acting, and so I thought maybe business would be a good idea, but business is so broad, and I really wanted to get pointed into what I wanted to do so first about business. And then I was completely confused. I would go months like this is like between like, December and like, March. I like was I was like I don't know, Don't ask me, Don't even talk to me about it. So now I settled on marketing and minor and social media. Social media obviously, is a form of advertisement, and it goes well with what I'm doing here. But by all means, this will change. I'm most likely sure of it. I just think it's a good place to start because marketing my own brand here, um and then anything else I want to do. That's where I'm at right now. So let's talk about where I'm going to go through him. Like like if I got accepted to whatever. So Fordham obviously that was deferred, then rejected Two Lane. Same thing. I was sure I got accepted. And then OK, so that the schools that I really it came down to four. It was Loyola. And were you Syracuse N u T s o. I don't only remember when I got you J, but was the 1st 1 I heard bad know who's in like February actually, because I applied early action. I got my first email in and I got deferred and that really it hit hard, but not too hard because obviously I had hope because Danielle had also got differ. But she got accepted. So it was just It was I don't know, because that's like that was my safety net for like, pretty much my acting things. That that's where my acting coach was moving, and that's where I would be able to, like also get signed and do stuff. So that's where I was feeling a little hand. But I didn't let it get to me too much because I already went with that. Like, Are you went in with the mindset like, Okay, if I get deferred, this is how I'm gonna be. I was making sure because getting deferred Woods all high possibility because you g et they're very specific on who they wanted and only remember who had heard next truck. Oh, I think it was loyal, and I got into oil with it with a good scholarship, a really good scholarship, and so that was great to hear just because it was out of the city. But still here? It's in New Orleans. I haven't agent there, so it wouldn't have been bad. I love the city in general. And so it's just it would be a good transition from, like, not moving too far away, but like, you know, that good middle ground. So hurry up in there, which was amazing March. I heard back from you, G a I think it wa ce Yeah, and I got rejected. It hit home. It was like who? Because that's just again. That's where I was. Really? I had my heart on, but then I just felt like it was okay. Look, after I was getting rejected from the schools that I was, I was like, This is okay, was supposed to happen like I really was not supposed to be there for whatever reason. And I truly believe that, like, I really believe I'm gonna end up where I need to go. So it really didn't hurt me the way I thought it would. So that's great. And then I heard back from Syracuse actually about to go on stage. I was in my musical and we were literally about to open like the current was about to, And then we're all just sitting there and I got my email and I was like, Oh my God, I got into Syracuse And it was the greatest feeling, something they had, like 39% acceptance rate. Mind you, Syracuse has a lower acceptance rate that unusually eight and I got into Syracuse and not you J. So that goes to show you that statistics is not always what colleges are looking for. A matter of fact, it's not because they know him, make it a boatload of people who have above four Point O's with 35 a c. T scores. They see it also, Your essays are What, um, help you stick out folks and all my friends were hugging me, and it was It was just It felt so good to be surrounded by those people of that time, but and I got accepted into the school of business and pretty sure that I got a small, very small scholarship, and I didn't realize how expensive Syracuse was. I didn't decline that offer because of because of how much it was, but because again the area, the weather, all that kind of stuff played into clients here, cues. And then I heard back from you and I got rejected, and that was okay, too, only because it's very expensive and I did not want to go to a school where I wasn't. She's like 100. Sure of what I wanted to study, because I don't want to spend or invest all this money into education when I don't even know what I want to study. And of course, it's, you know, if you want to go on undecided and why you you do that? Because that's amazing. But it's again with the acting thing in New York is not for the film businesses. That's industry is that's where theater industry is. So if I wanted to also do that, that'd be great as well, Good and why you? But I don't And I don't exactly know what I want to d'oh. So I just feel like that. Be a better grad school of anything. So long story short. I'm going todo I want a little and New Orleans, which is a great feel, so good to know that I'm going somewhere where I can do everything I wanted to New Orleans. I'm always there you guys know that the agent is there. There's so many film things going on over there, and I'm constantly just for a whole, like time. I was doing this film. I was going back and forth like every other weekend. And so it'll be nice just to be there and I'll have to commute. School is a great size. It's a beautiful size. The location is amazing. There's so many festivals, they're vegans spots there. Then there will ever be here. Yeah, it's just it's amazing. It worked out so perfectly. I'm so excited to go there, and so that's where I'm attending. I know you guys were, like guessing and my videos like the comments, and I seriously wanted to wait. I was like, Just wait, just wait a little bit longer because I knew that this video, I would cover all of that. You guys have any further questions about the college application experience or about where I'm going and all this other stuff? Please leave all of these questions in the comments below, and I'll be sure to get back to you. Also subscribe loved heavy part of this channel here. I'm gonna be starting to do college videos soon, which I'm so excited about. Also, Just give us a like, if it helps you in any way, Maybe a little bit of insight on what the college application experiences. Yeah. Just remember that you're gonna end up where you need to just let time do its thing. Let the application experience be a journey for you and not something that you need to rush through because it's gonna happen whether you like it or not. You know what I mean? So just let it happen. Um, the Yeah, I love the guys so much. And I'll see you in the next three of my So I'm filling another week or what? I eat in a week. And, mrs an updated one. Very update. Kind of like to update on. I don't know. This is just gonna be a good week in my recovery. Uh, my eating disorder, if you need my channel and don't know what's going on in my head, I link my like video won't talk about it all below, but yeah, so I haven't done and updated, what, eight in a day or week or any of that. So I figured I'd do one of those this week. All right, folks, I just got back from class. I haven't 11th and I ended up working out before that. And I didn't meet you, Dr, which I kind of knew wasn't happen. But I just don't buy coffee. And here I am, taking soup for like, one. She just seems to be the easiest salesman helping stuff. Keep all of my like pantry underwent. Feeling this on butternut squash. She's a lot lighter and very soupy. I don't know. I guess I expected to be thick for some reason. And then I'm gonna take a piece of my red here. Here's a college lunch for you. Since you're all curious. There it is. Yummy. Yummy. My stupid bond is taking out. I don't have that. Laura Bar was feeling good. I was distracted while eating it, so it was fine. Uh, but sometimes after, But like those happens when it's so, I'm doing my friends homework, and this is what happened. I'm going to get back to French homework and actually think about French. Not this, because this is exhausting. I just thought I'd shed some light with you guys to keep it 100% real. Because if I did it, it would just look all how Joey like this whole things like show eveyone. It's in fact. Okay. Do you live? CIA did guys. I just got back from chapter ends always back from Seattle. And look what she brought back. Freaking chocolate. She knows how much I love chocolate. And I just love the way so much so hungry. So in time to heat up dinner actually left over from last night. I made a little dish feel. I agree it's important to have these brown rice noodles. This stuff, Jim also just going up there, huh? Isn't she divine last food I will consume today. This doctor, this isn't every next thing. I'm such a chocolate person. This one is by who? Um, it's insulting chocolate. I love their cashew butter One in there, Hazel? None. There were other men, but yeah, it's just You're so hard. So it sounds like two pieces of it. Yeah. Anyway, yeah. So I'm back from class, I It's Oh, my God. My body is a gay. I'm on my period. I don't know what to do. It was having on train drink some tea, huh? Oh, I just twisted to bread. It's like cream cheese thing, like a little piece. Something bigger and more. And you're gonna be there for, like, laundry. I just got back from the gym. I went in cells and friends, and now I am going to make dinner. It's 7 30 fish. Yeah, um, and I'm making sweet potato baked potato with probably many beans. Hey, I'm not sure maybe being still have some veggie. I'll have some cash. We're just gonna have, like, a random What? Old dish? Which is usually how it goes. Anyway. Listen, green. Um yeah, you Wow. I'm backed a shitty lighting? No, I'm about to cook dinner, which is a little something yesterday. I just It's fast and I'm going out tonight and I need time to like I need, like, anyway, So I'm gonna study while I eat. It's gonna be a whole thing. We're gonna finish making, like the bowl that doesn't need that cooking, you know? But I am not having this once Monday, which is what I had yesterday to finish it. So I have a pocket of different ones. Um, maybe some man, this brand, I don't know, but ding you little guys go. I ran out of memory and I had to run to study and why I couldn't actually finish the video, But I had some right cakes with shit and all. Quickly chop this up and finish it us and bruises on it. So it needs to be getting better. Like, I won't go up in a rush because I had to pick up, um, a c d. C from d g today and breaker on campus. So, like I was looking around and I'm not gonna eat breakfast. I'm having my I just want all the showgirl uh, no choice. A banana. Welcome. And I'm probably my lunch for class. I have a few of the simple mills and black pepper. Good free crackers, kidney beans and stand it. Oh, great stuff. All right, I'm gonna pack alone. It does not feel like a Friday night getting ready for semi final, but I'm gonna eat or working with some left over past. There goes college guys. That was crazy to think about. you know, I'm gonna make lunch down for that. I'm gonna comment today about something that, um I want to address these issues because I get heavily requested to do them, and I enjoy them. I did mention in my opening up video that these videos where he didn't smother these I've mentioned how the city is kind of are not helpful for people or with me with, you know, recovered from an eating disorder. And, um, I just want to say that I never intend for this video to be kind of a video where I'm saying this is what you should eat. This is what's healthy. This is clean. This is good. This is whatever this is. Honestly, um, I actually do a lot of these days for art that makes that doesn't make sense. But like whenever I didn't kind of mention the products are like the foods foods in the last day. It's kind of because I wanted to make that meeting more like a piece of art rather than like a helpful video. Little did I know that it would attract a lot of you guys, but so I'm wary about that now, but I also need to be aware about the fact that, um, I don't want the city to come off as you know, advocating what you should be eating, because that's not what I'm trying to do it all. If anything, I'm just trying to get you guys meal ideas and you know you can take it with a grain of salt. But I never if it's something if you guys find yourself comparing, your food's, too what I make after this, you shouldn't be washing my videos. And I know that since it weird that I'm saying that. But I just know what it's like to subconsciously do that. And I just noticed it like a week or two that I do. That's so like I get it to an extent. So, like, you know, I never made these that used to come off. What they may be coming off has that. I am so sorry. I'm sorry, but I'm having that. And then it's over. Let's get sandwich from Arizona through New Orleans, highly recommended. It's phenomenal hungry right now, but you know, in a bit I Will's mom letting go square bar for today and having this met chocolate chip alarm or No, I don't only square bars. Although I would like to know they're very great. It's just like, Hey, I'm just in to say this because I didn't mean for this to be in the city, because I I did this whole thing, like, two weeks ago, and I kinda already planned out, like a video idea for it. But it got here yesterday, so and it fits very well in the city of So I'm going to include it. I'm a little nervous to say what? Just because I need you guys to hear me out. Um So I need to ask you guys know me if you been washing while that I don't to partnership deals, whatever brand whatever with every thing I literally say Noto almost like 85. No living, 90 fi. But 95% of time I'm just say no and even get that many to start with. But like when I do get them. But this one I did say yes. You because off how much it aligns like the only time I'll accept it. Like I said, as if it like a lot of morals, like with the Channel and it just goes with my content, You know what I mean? And this one goes 110% Well, with it. So, uh, I'm sure you guys know the whole brand fresh. I think it is. Is it fresh? I don't want any ingredients and stuff. This isn't that, but this is some baskets, a similar kind of thing. But I love it so much because I am vegan and I got vegan meals to do, and I'm like, making all that kind of stuff. And so they cater to that, You know, the sherry impassive Terrian gluten free all of that stuff. So that's just so important. Because being a beginning college and also you guys were always wondering how I'm paying for my groceries. And, um obviously, when I get something like this in my M, sometimes on that struggle bus and need a little something. So anyway, yeah, that's I'm so excited because I may I got, like, a package deal where I'm gonna make it from my friends. Tonight's we're all gonna try it and stuff. So but, um yeah, and like, what I'm saying is this it is already cheap, as it is. But if you do use my code, get some bastard dot com slash hayley. You get 60% off your first purchase, which is as low as $28 say enough like a meal kit thing, so I would check it out. Look around, browse, See if you find anything that really tickles your fancy. I'm sure you will. There's so many options that changes like every week. And the food is just amazing. Like this is okay, I forgot. But it's amazing. It came this box. It has like a little little ice thing at the bottom. Yeah, it's really insane. And it just keeps little getting a whole thing of spinach. A whole pack like one. It's $4 at Whole Foods. I'm going away. Yeah, I don't know. I would check it out. The link will be down below, but it's amazing. I I'm so excited to try it out, and I'm sure we'll be amazing because I know like all the brands of music with campaign that they use, it's just yeah, so I won't be making that tonight. But I thought I imagine it now. The sun is still out, and all that. But, uh, yeah, I'm super. So I'm having this Hillary's veggie burger. I went twice. So hot sauce. Officially, he's this'd amazing comet. It's called Grandma's Hamas nominal. It's like red pepper eyes. So I'm making the meal. I realized that I ordered two different ones. I didn't Was that the tofu One is attempting with everyone tonight, so I'm making the rice. Currently, I don't have all of everything else on the ground. Really amazing. Like they just give you all this stuff. And then in this whole pamphlet, you go to the page that your meal is on TV, a reference like, Look at all that stuff. Think these meals just for this week. That's amazing. Yet anyway, so it's on page six. I got this one, too, but on page six, that's it, Um, black and today of occasion, rising green. So I'm actually gonna ask my own stuff, too, But yeah, I'm excited. Um, yeah, I just had two pieces of Fritos promise and cucumber, but it wasn't a square bar or Gambardella thing anyway. Yeah. You know, you talk about your mom, there's asked environmental take I don't know, see Tae a ultra mega e p a. D j was having tea Then I also take one begin t three breakfast to serve people. Amazing. See Hayley cooking up her rice under her bed. College only love very much make her very happy. So that means two. I don't know you guys, but she's over there making our bed. And she works really hard for you. I don't know. Look in this camera, but Okay. Ha! You Rahman chicken flavor like, Thank you guys. So much for watching. Um, I do, in fact, have teeth whitening teeth whiteners on my team. I wouldn't think you some basket for sponsoring this video on, but also, just check them out. Because though this is a sponsor video, you guys know that I and their specific on who I who I do deals with or who I like putting my videos. I don't Like I said, I I decline most, all of them. And so when I drink wine, I do find one that benefits. I think Don't you guys, that's like the main thing. And I'm not also aligns with my channel, my morals. That's what sticks out to me. So I would like to thank them. I really do. I would check them out there. An amazing brand, amazing company and just can serve everyone. And, you know I love you guys. I'll see you in the next video. Your sign is, like, a little lower. Uh huh. Here we go. Miscommunication.