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Zoe Pine

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Okay, so now I'm going to show you to the arts building. And the arts building is about halfway to the guys door and the rest of campus. So this used to be the state military school. Select the campuses, formerly sm, eh? And formerly Mary Baldwin, that is a Dutch starts building you tell, because their two dogs in front of it. That's the guy's dorm right there. And that's the pack where Jim and everything is No one ever goes there. I hardly ever go to pack because it's just so far away. Getting there is a workout, so we're not here to look at the back way. Looking down. Upset, you could tell their two dogs in front of the doors. They are Pam and Jam. They're painted every year by senior art students. They're sort of like a senior project, and they're only changed every day. Your winner. So they go straight through here, you're gonna end up with music home. And that's where all the music program so that other classrooms are. And that's really like a lot of, like arse lectures. If you go up the stairs like this, you art studio, where all the paintings and drawing classes are. How I can't go in there because but I can show you where the door is clear. Door. Very nice. There's also a lot. You keep going up the stairs. You know? No, Because there's only computers on campus. Yeah. Here. Stairs. You're here. Theater. Which is going to be. You can't go down there because there's currently setting. But that's where our future classes are. Everything that they actually have a pretty decent way. Okay, department, we do a whole bunch of plays every semester. And then starts building. I hope you guys had enjoyed my tour of the arts building. I actually have to run to my class, which is across campus, so wish me la. All right. So I just got out of my Russian history class. Go on ninety, forty on that midterm. And so now I'm heading to the science building, which is Pierce. That's so I just want to buy the library, which is right there. That concerns walking. That right there is the peg building. We actually have a program here on campus where students who are like sixteen eighteen can actually attend college if they are like so it's program for the exceptionally gifted Their door, Mr Is knew it was only built in two thousand, but they have a lot of curfew rules and stuff like that. So, like they have adults are So it's very interesting that to have that dynamic on campus because you'LL just be in your class and it turns out that person next to you who had their shit together with sixteen the whole time No, they're the fresh tube freshman norms. There's Woodson right there. A friend of your Spencer right there. I actually lived in Spencer. Both those two dorms are OK. They're not great, but they're not horrible. So you just gotta be careful helping which one you get. Come on, This is the science building in the auditorium. I'm gonna show you guys a science for first because my classes in the auditorium, my film classes in there. So I need to I wanna show you guys the science hall of Science before I go in. So, luckily, there's a grant. Get in one more successful buildings. He has an elevator on all four floors. So this former is the biology for they're lecture rooms. There's some blowfish. This is one of my favorite highlights. Just because there's so many fish make me happy. There's offices, classrooms. So there's also a green house on campus. People aren't normally allowed in the greenhouse. There's only a couple people around, as you can see by that. Before There's different professor off. Chris. There's a couch. Nice. It is actually a lab in here, so it's very much like your high school labs. However, you actually do science stuff from here, so there's like sinks himself. Club plants. I'LL show you the greenhouse outside the window. That's right. That's our greenhouse. And only the biology students got a little biology. Students can nearly go in there, so you have to be pretty careful not to get caught looking at some plants. We actually have some pretty cool science programs. Like the science stuff is pretty okay, Like I really encourage that. So we have a really big psychology program, really big biology program, but not his biggest like somebody ever. Ones like my business program. And so that's the science building. All right, let's edit out the part about you calling me a hole right now. Oh, God. So, Madeleine, what do you think about the dining hall? Since you, Madeline here is a computer, so she doesn't normally have to deal with a dining hall. She just does for lunch. But what do you think of it? You don't want my honest opinion? Yes, we d'Oh, No, you don't. Hey, Maddie, this isn't for the school. You could say whatever you want. Okay. Well, uh, the dining hall sucks. It's cheap, but it's five dollars, which is nice as a community, because I wanna be able to eat with my friends. I'd rather pay five dollars, able to eat with my friends and pack alone to be lonely every day. But the food options suck here on campus, the food is almost never good. A lot of the options are like food that people don't eat. Like if you compare us to other universities like JMU, they've got so many like frickin food options. I just want us to have one good food option. The cafe is good, but you could only eat so many sandwiches before you get sick. Of it. And remember what I said. There's a lot of stairs here. We mean it. There's a lot of stairs here. We've been going upstairs for aboutthe two minutes now, and we've just been trying not to die. So I am your voice. So you're going to show you what it's like. That is the dining hall, darling. It's also where the student store is the soon art galleries. Which may or may not have offensive art. Yeah, but that stiff fix that pretty quickly after we started complaining. No. This is so not how so. It's like a big conference room on campus. Clubs typically meet there. Hello. So you know there's that. There's also there's two can't the store. So if you want any Mary Baldwin merch, we do have a lovely score. A plus. Plus, she's mainly for exams, and now we're coming up on the dining hall. After you. Who is paying you to do? Can't this real? That's who. So what you do is cable to camera for a second. You don't feel like I should be trusting. You could kill me if you want. All right. So what you do is you take your I d, and you just It's too late. And I'm also swiping for her. Is that okay? That's fine. Fair enough. So you just swipe on your meal plan, and then you're good together, so come on up. I don't want to be trusted with it. There's more stairs because they're serious everywhere on campus. You don't know why there's so many stairs himself. Let's go. And so here's Hunt West. This is where we usually sit because they're big tables. Yes, we do. We're popular. No, we're not. Okay. There is only one of ourselves. That table here we give you. I'm gonna give you better show with food options in a minute. But here's what darning looks like. All right, so let's take a look into King. So King, a dorm is a relatively new dorm compared to rest of campus. So it's true the turn of the upperclassmen. Very, very nice storm. So when you walk through, you could tell because there are under isn't a lot of water damaged. There is a lot of things like that. All the rooms on this floor are sweets, So there's two people sharing a room. Which four people sharing a suite with their own bathroom? So here is mine. We have the little stuff I wrote on the board because we just got back from spring break swells when me and my roommates name. And when we come in, the door's unlocked because I live here. We each have our own closet, which is really nice. It has a good bit of storage info, has all my has all my stuff. It has my clothes. It has a mass, you know, the usual. We made it. Put a mere door Hye mi, and then go over here. That's my side of the room. So it's a little bit messy because I just got back from spring break yesterday, literally no one judges each other for the mess. Then we have my roommate side. Her name is Ashley. Bless her heart. That's not her. Sleeping on the bed. That's her. That's her girlfriend, Jane. She doesn't pay rent or anything. She just lives here. Say hi to the camera, Jade. Thank you. So So we have our own bathroom here. Film fund. So we have. The shower, a bathtub, a toilet that we have to clean the sink. We share the bathroom with another person who lives on the haul, her name, and she's really nice. So we have to keep it clean. They don't clean it for us. So we have to sort of, like, be nice to the people with the bathroom, so wait. Cover. It is different for freshman year for that. For freshman, you have a communal bathroom and you have a sink in the rooms that you could like washed up on some of the dorms. And then for freshmen, you have three or four dorms to choose from those air Spencer Woodson or College of All right. Freshman dorm actually sounds really terrifying. However, if you have your right roommate and you have your right, everything you'll actually turned out really well. So how you A lot of people think that they're freshmen roommates is that there is a random selection that you do a poll for. So, like you'LL be like, Do you like strong smells? Do you like people doing yadi yadi? Do you have any medical concerns? And so they put that into a pole and they matched you up, then put you in a room or you could find a roommate. Jade, how did you get a roommate like freshman year? I have found the tallest one to reach the cabinets. It's man. So my freshman year roommate was actually randomized. Her name was Heather. We worked out pretty well while we lived together. We just had drama after we moved. So some big tips is to try and get along with your roommate. But do not feel bad about having to leave. Ah, lot of freshmen have tto leave their roommates and have to find a new one. And that's completely normal. Literally. I've seen so much freshman drama about roommates this year, and it's like, Wow, you really have in trouble, huh? Then I'll some college dorm essentials I would suggest is you're going to need a fan because of non freshman dorms. Have air conditioning here. So you are going to want that fan for hot Virginia weather wouldn't like. So do yourself a solid Get yourself a fan. Also, get yourself some way of making coffee if you like coffee or tea, if you like tea. Don't bring a lot of books that you're going to read in your spare time. Unless you read a lot. There is a library on campus. However, the thing is, you're not gonna have time to read your in college. You don't have time to do anything except for cry and drink and hope for death. And I meet. I'm joking. Of course. However, I would suggest being careful about what you bring to college. You're not going to need to bring everything in the kitchen sink. Just bring stuff for your daily essentials. If homos faraway ups exists for a reason. Hey, guys, it's Zoe again. I'm just here to talk to you guys about where you go on campus tours. What do you see? What do you not see? What do you want to see? So I'm gonna show you guys around once I finished illegally jaywalking. So up there where those two little dogs are. If you'Ll remember the those dogs were also in front of our lovely arts building. That's the administration and admissions building. So that's where they take you on your first tour. So I'm gonna walk up to it. I'm not going to actually go inside because I made the mission to stay out of the Missions Quinn administration from my entire time here at Mary Baldwin. Because if you go in there is usually patching. So yeah, right up there. Those air Hammond jam, They've been here. They're actually, if we Mary Baldwin's hunting dogs. So in the rest of civil War, Mary Baldwin herself was the president of the Augusta Females Seminary, which is here and adopt. She actually used the dogs to chase away the Confederate soldiers trying to get into Mary Baldwin. Steal all the food. So, you know, that's pretty lit. Mary ball were good for you. Lock up the Confederacy. Sorry, I also can't walk, so you know that changes face right up ahead. That's the bell, and there's also all these little old me on yellow chairs. The thing about the bell, though, is that whenever class graduates or whenever a school year begins, the bell gets wrong. So you can't move the bell. You can't steal the veil. There's a nice pale and it has a school crest on the outside, so the administration building is right there. That's where your financial aid stuff and everything is. I used to go in there all the time because I was in president Society before got disbanded. So that's where I sign all my letters. And then it actually connects right? Tio academic. So if you choose to burn down academic, you also burned down administration two in one go. Well, I would say. No show you all my flow favorite places all on this campus. Those two are my favorite. Don't really get talked a lot about in tours just because you have already come in. I'm good and her academic again. But this time I'm gonna show you the bottle academic. So not a lot of classes. Meat here. Yes, because it's about American victors. It's mainly officers for professors England. Crossed meet here in the measure he inside of this elevator actually got trapped in here once. Terror, terror in this elevator, you don't want to be trapped in an elevator. It's okay. That's not good. So you sort of have to, like, deal with stuff on this campus and like, the elevator is one thing. But you know what college has been to be hard? I hate to say it like that, but it is. It's going to be hard. There's going to be a lot of class is that you think you're not gonna need thanks? Why would I need, like soon? So, like, why would I need to take nutrition? However, you need to know the important stuff of being alive. And one of those things is that very bald. And all these posters are always around. So the bills keep you today. What's happening on campus like, Do you want Teo, but or abuelita knowledge, Heart social work one. Will they learn? When will they learn it is not Ireland? Ireland is sure. I can't. It's one of my favorite things to do. I just switches around. One of my favorite things just to be able to enjoy is right This little courtyard right here. It's been around since very well when first opened, because these are all original buildings that they've just been running it every years. So on my fair thing to do is just sit at the tables and relax. But there's also one thing that they do hit on campus tours a lot. That's right. When you enter here, I'm gonna see if I could get inside admissions because it's right, King. This mirror. She has been here ever since it was first created. It was first youngest to something. The scary thing about it. Sometimes we'LL see Mary Baldwin's ghost in it, Spooky and up there is Pamela Fox's office. She's the president of the school, and the thing about it is that the lights are always on them. They're whatever president boxes, so that if you're having a problem here, always walked in the top two. President Fox back. So President Trump's also lives on campus. She has a house at the top of the hill, so wrong door. She always is open to listening to students in their problem, and she also always wants to help out. And so that's why it's really great. But she has that open office man. Hello, A place I like mentioning is Hunt Hill. I've already mentioned this before, but it's also a really important place for Mary Baldwin around a giant hill right there, right there. Yes, that hill. That's Hunt Hill. And when you start hearing Mary Baldwin, there's a convocation where you gather around the hill and you like candles. You sing the school song, and it's the night before classes start. It's sort of a freshman tradition because it is your beginning of your Mary Baldwin experience. And when you graduate, that's where graduation is. It's right there on that hill, right in front of library. So you walk around the hill of second time, it being your last time. When you graduate, it's just us. Little lovely ceremony. It's my saved. One of my favorite things. I really love ceremonies. I'm not sure about you, but that's it for now. I'm gonna head back to my room, will drop off this camera. I'm going to get dinner. Going to write a paper. I don't like writing papers. I'll assure you of that. It's easy once you get the hang of it. But I am gonna see you All right, So now I'm going to show you the rest of the dining hall. This is the West Side, and we do have, like, drinks and stuff like that. So we have, like, coke and Pepsi on this side. Well, is a salad bar and all the big table. However, if you go through here Oh, what? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What? So if you don't want to have any like food over there, which is normally good, there's a toaster, their cereal. Make sure you shake it and there's Chinese food, more drinks, compliments and me have a little they just repainted this building way. Don't know everything better before, but that's none of my business. I just live here. Then stand up right where All right. So I am actually having the class right now, So I'm going to do my best. Show you what? Our quads are here on Mary Baldwin campus. The thing is, we don't really have a lot of enclosed spaces. A lot of we don't have a big campus, but it's a lot of open space. So let me show you what I mean, as I walk to my history of Europe class that I'm taking for my film minor. Just so you know, there's gonna be a lot of and that's okay. Stairs are everywhere on this campus, so I'm gonna hope for the best. So King is right in the middle of everything, so heaven is also super windy here because we are on the side of a mountain. So be careful when you come up, you're going to want a scarf or something. You have short hair like you. You could if you have long hair. You don't want to bring a lot of ponytail holders force crunchies, anything like that. If you're God, where a lot of hair gel bring a lot of hair job. This is one of the freshman doors on a hilltop. Twenty four hour study period. I'LL show you what I mean very no. First. So this is what Mary Baldwin actually looks like. So there's a lot. It's a pretty campus. However, There's really a lot of open spaces thunder outside in Virginia. Oh, there's also a lot of stairs. Everyone's on stairs. He will never escape for the stairs. The stairs are never escaping your will. It's sort of like your will to live. I am so you're going to be on stares a lot. And there's not really a lot of there are places to hang out. So, for example, that giant hill right there for that person is that is Hunt Hill, So a lot of people will lay there. I was about to take a nap there a couple days ago because I could, and this is what we're coming up to right here. This is our academic building. We just call it academic because you know, it's academic, and there's a lot of stares as I mentioned before. So you're going to want to bring good walking shoes, unlike me, who were seals because I can come. So this's sort of one of our few wants. It's right by MK Lung, which is one of the original dorms. Look Lung is also known for having the ghost of Mary Baldwin herself in there. So that's something fun. You know? Gotta have your handy dandy ghosts. So we're going to be walking into a