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Yeah, back crack out of you did. I'm back in a better road. So much better, so much better. So, look, this is a situation where I had every intention on locating my first day back at school. Right. But, um, school got counts because of the snow. So I got my Maybe, you cool boy. You remember him from the He's sexy chocolate. Wow, that is my roommate is my main road. I want to go. Let's go. Adventuring. His campus is so beautiful right now. Like for real for Oh, it looks like a winter wonderland. And I am so here for So yeah, I was I had to take a break for you two Got too stressful just to do you to school in life. So I was, like, Way back in Better, so much better late. Get in my way. Careful. You rolling. Winning you I feel like I'm giving a tour The campus radio and this corner We have our technology building and over here we have the field where we frolic and we play No Franklin Looking good, right? Like to sign, Like catch me like that Today's the day that you lose the biggest suite. I think it's sweet. So we're currently on the way to the cab just to be disappointed. I'm pretty sure every HBCU has, like, I'm pretty sure every HBCU has terrible fool, but he'll actually see you have some good fool. Leave it in the comments. I should go. I'm not gonna transfer more off the best, have you? Uh huh. Good. So Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. I don't know. A a a a sign. You think you're cool? Are you proud of yourself? You probably don't say. It was good. It was good. Put yourself. Put yourself old. Are you happy this morning? You got balls. Okay, It's your move. Move. How long did you wait A lot for that one. Went in, like 30 minutes. 11. It's got one thinking. Okay. I feel like you're exactly the way he is drunk. He said he would rather have sauces making egg. And she's making a cheese because they're so much better on this question. Would you rather have a sausage, egg and cheese missing? Or bacon? Egg and cheese Biscuit. Thank you. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Would you rather have a bacon egg and cheese biscuit or something? That 10 to 15 minutes. Would you rather have a bacon, egg and cheese? Biscuit or sausage? Egg and cheese Biscuit. Okay. Whoa. Thank you. You. Only you only educated one in the group with that story. Will not tell. You are waiting three years just to get this. Me and Jane was happening. Theo, would you rather have a bacon, egg and cheese? Biscuit boy sauces. Thank you. You're educated, Sultanate continues a bacon, egg and cheese. Thank you. Thank you. You, don't you? You want to know? Oh, no, I don't think you know. But you said I follow your twitter out. It's crazy. You can follow me on Twitter Depressed 40. Will do. Oh, yo, yo, yo, yo, hey! Oh, hey! Oh, no, I'm not I'm not. I'm not clear. You cleave, do Cleo, You cool. You go, boy. You you take me. Oh, I still hate the cool. So we currently on the way to Spelman College? Because it's like me when I go this moment. Banquet smells amazing. So change the place. You can't go to spell because you know smooth Be careful. You rolling with you thistles like really being a freshman like you ever want to know what fresh air is like in college? Is walking in the freezing cold just a little No. Oh, no. It is walking in the freezing cold just to get some fool. Because your cafeteria is what, uh, clothes. Welcome to see you Go, Bridget. Frank, You're so living women crazy, Nick. A shady, Just immature money. Change your money. Changing money. Make your vision. Who were they taken? Column? Christopher with your name on the way. Like you, Rick Ross. They're gonna be fake. They're gonna rip your fucking they noticed. 1st 1 jump getting crisscrossed if you got the gun. Better not miss. If you do got problems, I want Look, Mama way put up. So Pappas had us pull up ahead. The doors close. And so now we are here hungry, but we walk it right, and then the man from church and scream out the window. Come on, we open. That is nothing but the Lord. Won't he do it? Rob, about the whole bowl? Hoshi boasted across the street. Good. Oh, this 12. I don't I don't I don't know. Police. No, no, no, thank you. churches for saving the day. But the church is for actually feed Les Broca's Popeye's trip it way back. This win is less ridiculous. Raise. I can't. I cannot. Christie crab great is a hoppy. Oh, always So we finally make it back to Morehouse. She saw fallen run. She gonna pull me down with no e. I guess it's just family game night. Just playing or types of games. Do you think the way you're gonna take over? I don't lose? No, I'm not ready way. Don't lose both. I'm really here for this. You know, they're really here. Thinks is far different. Just different. Doing so there has taken us just a big old, like, just going. It's always just you want to come in, you have to go where I'm here for I am. You know he is. Oh, look at your face. It's a family really way. I know exactly what you look like right now. Tell me he'll look like a hormone monster. I got no one, Meteo. Ow! Ow! Ow! Much doing. Yeah, this is what way, Way? Absolutely. Let's get it going with no brakes, no brakes. We don't stop. I e below the ground. Yeah, Yeah. Get out your wallet. they were a little going away with my mom, you know, making a pit stop, you advertising. I'm not advertising, not go get me free chicken. But you know it is what it is. Yes, of course. Don't nobody want to see my excess weight. He's a political raises a log. What do you expect? I'm gonna call herself while we go into the way on the way to do some dorm hall shopping, you know, got to buy some stuff for the foot. The dorm. You know, it's really for you to be videotaping and driving it. This is like being on Snapchat and all of that stuff. I try to explain it. I can't tell when we get to the door. The wormhole got to say, Yeah, Mom, that cool, Luke. Everybody figure how medically notices. Sarah. Those what? Soreness. Money's never going. What a day, Mom. Look at all looking about Lord following Luis. I know it was falling off the boat. Just, you know, finish my day shopping with I don't spend your money. I'm looking at you looking being a blessing a man. Can't you from the soldiers up? There's no mix. This don't make it. I love it. I love it. Oh, yes, I do. What can we are not this mind you know about May not come with you? Just Oh, wow. Yeah, on we're doing Whoa! Yeah, General. Bye. Car pop to draw. No! Oh, my God. You won't feel me till everybody said Wait. 8 30 8 30 In the morning on the way to Morehouse College, I finally got fly out of just this busy, ridiculous thing I like having. So I'm already Soto. It was like, tired, but all the people who would've case it's from the show. Y'all Would it look like? Listen, he's getting shit way in my room. Guys, I'm here. I'm good. All right. I'm probably going to get somewhere in the video, but yes, we're in my room right now. Might as well give you a tool which popular. I mean, you saw what I bought, but you have to see how we piece that join together because you know, we are here. Creativity really be a little. They create sure creativity creatively. That's it. You like my bed also Glad right for you. Notice like a 20 extra large. And I wouldn't be late. Ridiculous. If I were to fail. So that's my trash can. I went over and you know, we fancy So we just do like that. I like that. Yeah, I got my little lamb that we but fruits, I have a fruit cheese, baby. He's going to erode the store with a rodeo. Funny things. So I brought my TV and I left my x box. What do you see? My reflects A ll buy for fractional hats over it. Over. You know, you know, but shot out to the Holy Grow. The police. They made me while I'm talking about if you don't rip your set What you doing, big fella? Late in cages. Peep. The winner is No, she came. You just a little little keep your sleep will usually usually. So we lied. I go straight to the shooter. This is my closet closet? Yeah. You know him soon speaks you better. You you So you better you better boy. It is, boy, that way we got the young scholars set up. You don't know that. We're you know, saying from editor videos is that way. If I'm a hotline, bling is that way. You know I got my move. We've got my little more house brick or whatever, because you don't. I'm here. This is light light. Fact history. Whatever lesson Morehouse, you know, they give, like, 8% of the class of brick I gotta break is completely random looking guy. So, you know, it's got Morehouse College on the front. I found it in a year on the back. And like I say, I only 8% of the class gets a break. I feel hella special. All right, get it right. Get it right. Do you know how to set out? Here is a movement Has tak year just man over here trying to eat a port with a spoon? What about doing what is you guys broke up? Come, come to my room. You know, guys, next day's i'ma Hold your black man. But I got you. Let me Let me bless you, bro. Let me Let me Let me Let me bless you, bro. You didn't. This pork chop, right? This could ended segregation wife's wishes mix lo wei missile building on my Hey, Sigmund. Like a crack out of you dudes. A man. Shamy. We're gonna go Schlepp is big way. Win it like that game Get Let me get Cto. Yes, Wait, It's a lot. Wait. Waiting for the job call. Oh, you see? You think Yes. What's your door? Hello. I think about it that way. Is that what you wanted? Yeah, but it, like, really funny changed majors. And now you can hear with the Lakers. It is a blow. You wanna say it was good? It was a social media, me e But I got the Oh, so I'm currently on my way. Oh, God, Be careful. You running? Ah, good. I don't like him. Like, really, I go tell me. Oh, God, you're good. Was good. Was good. I just got out of help. Now we're headed to the computer science class, and I'm not about to be. If God is good when you do it Oh, sit down. Meeting with my man moves in the World Cup. Moves in the word. Uh huh. Guys who work? Yes, sir. Talk that, Jay. Can we can we can We can Yeah. So I got my packages. E v. They got here grilling calls it a game. Smokes trackable. Found the listen. No lie. What? You got to see what you got. Go ahead, Freshman. This is where the mud matches the magic. That's the worst R a. I am so glad he's leaving these random Hey, don't hate account. He like he just like to live with freshmen. Changing your major is such a process like Let's really I have been dealing with this all day. I'm actually going to come back tomorrow. I wanted this is to be done. I just wanted my major to be changed, But Morehouse had other plans. You can't really do that. But tonight, you know, go fade a little. A little basketball game. We feel it's another day of me trying to change way. Had it, Vogel was this freshman orientation. It's a It's a graduation report because I promise you I will be Hello, the life when they catch me. Yeah, it is not for license. Catch me like them. Just wait. Oh, always floor. Say something. Something. Nobody. Nobody was looking to gain your way from Alabama. 1st 1 to jump, getting crisscrossed if you got the gun. Better not miss. If you do, we got problems. I watched snakes because they watch here taking my place, not share pilots, policies, policies. What you riding with your mama? Chris? Watch out. Demolish it. Stand in your way. Yeah, we're going to have a conversation way having opposition. I am basically It's like it's like Honey No, because he's gonna be okay trying to make a couple tees. But I ain't got time for Nicholas wearing double d walking around claiming that, baby G, I'll get my name posted on your TV screen. MPV be my city. Go No with me. But then you people got like, What is full of this cost? Look at that. Look at him, Luke. Be Toby's. Oh, that's why I only have to tell me how they go together. Tell me how this is a new I need Cal That's costing money. Go, Argo! Hey, it's a calculus with road brought Everybody are the light is where is it going on? What are you talking about? Where's the Where's our money going? Like what? I could show you exactly what money they want to know what money goes. He want to know what is more house money. Go Changing your major is a whole act. Conquers like I just love economics building and I still have more work to do. Be careful. You rolling with you people even drunk about their ways in No, you're facing me, man One trick. You tell me why. This is like my third day trying to get my major, but it is officially changed. Now, I'm just working on getting my double, because why not get two degrees? So business Cal is not real Calculus, Mom. Business, business, character. There's nothing but free capitalists. And maybe you got a Oh, no, You're gonna get holo frantic. And Wednesday, she's a relevant. But his friendship with Ron Weasley is definitely the best part of the camp. Late way. Have front Wednesday. Never do that way. Wait, Luke agrees, Agrees, Acted different individuals today. You know that they fly you. Yeah. Yeah, I got no time with a party. You make you do a double take. So you realize this is not you realize you realize she's not ugly. She just don't care. I think they don't hear you too. Quite frankly, I have absolutely no idea house in this video, but, um, my major is changed. I'm actually I'm a economics means it on the way between becoming a double music because I was like, Why not get two degrees? Because I can't. Do you not know who I am? So, Yeah, I'm economics major and a double major with marketing debt way because I'm marketable. Let's make sure you leave a, like, calmer. The mucus said I was all you could You could, uh, you could You could turn a bill that way you, but note my road. So I hope you enjoy this video. Make sure we get to like and I know when a lively 50 lights I like done. It's a good number. Make sure you make sure you tell Morehouse waiting to Spellman 22 Clark Atlanta 20 to, like make sure you follow my period. I'm gonna give you all a real taste of what it's like in a C. I hope you all enjoy hell. Forget his camel cameras Me, Kim Marquel. So, uh, what about It's in minutes about taking out, not confident about it. But however, whenever I took a test and I'm not ready for you know what I like to do, I dress up. So I always feel great if you're trying to deprive, trying to slide, which for like, if that's how you finish this bright outside after a day of l's I'm about I'm always longer brother. I'm always lording that spending time with you Relax. You ain't gotta be shy when, like, sign nothing like you thinking that I'm so different Can I get your nine digit? How'd you like your drag you home? Don't be mad. Don't be market better. It's okay. Lets us, you know It's no way to throw better. This is fraud on some peach cobbler My last class of the day. Wait, You know I had to professional that Well, let's get writing. Hold on. Let me get you in focus. Let me get you. Roy, You broke me talk. That's ok. I know it's a blade J coming. Funding for what? We're lit place. Do a little work, but can't you gotta justified that camp? So we're dressed today man. You look good, my boy. Good. Try some slut. So after a long day of felons tests, who funded for taking the hot day about Goto hump? Not that explain we're humping brother was helped to these freshmen to these freshmen, hump is an activity not just any active. It's a fun night activity where usually right there turn the camera like that, using that be like a little d j B like vendors who struck some food trucks. You know, it's just it's just everyone. Everyone. Whoa! Not mid terms of five or like a breaker song because we are about our education. Just running. Yeah, they play music for a couple hours. Just go. All of this company is making me Eric telescopes. They want quality buses on better than after. Don't touch my spirits. Lobo's neck if you destroy and I'm down my city way just made it official year City let *** are selling. I ain't met nobody big discussion about this and that other than being an internist in which you've done why you stuck a bennett way really starting to get it. We let fly with a little fresh way. Get your wife to kill you. I need all my money. I need that A front When this came up running, you wouldn't catch a girl from the jungle. I don't need no love Life of fun Just like very fun. Yeah, very Come on. When I step on my camp everyone told me it's the titles The money second So I'm living left I could fix up with the hatchet is tragic But I know what I mean I'm a kid Are these *** my title Like little brown One need that ring You could take your but cannot connect the death. See the kids from the Southside with killers in the keys. That's the reason Lot of taking over the scene in the side really came up with this paper coming. Opiates got my weight up Funny things and then it is could be made up. Funny thing is your home stepping my name up? You're looking at a tenant on into a fresh like you was just making for money for closing for me. Put you one, bro. I'm over the people. I go to school with other people. I cannot move in this suit. Feet Lacey Right up with your village is tight, man. Theo you go from? I don't know his library. If I could check, I won't need a If you're trying to do back and lead the way you want a ring But you keep changing your attention when you address me. See light damage that way they got fangs. You don't know me. But you know my name. She don't know me, but she won't be strange making place. You want to be gay. So I got the moves like I'm sorry, but be careful. I go blind. It's about to get dangerous. Watch for the past. We catch a body or body leaving and check out the chicks Always coming for your neck. Nobody's safe and a drink. No need to get to a I need I need that. Okay, baby. Smooth day. It's our founding day. Shadow to Packard Hump is over. And now we're on the way with Omer You feel me? Gang, gang, gang and a whole lot of gang Spellman user from Los Angeles, California sociology majors and I doubled mining studies on the pre law track. Our confidence is you're going to see so much more. His Lord's not just with a little bit moves for now. We're on the way back there like a crack at it in the dark so I could lay my head in. Hey, go to sleep today, Jade on the Lord on Hi, Xena. Zippy, Zippy The record. It's this altro or whatever, but I would be remiss if I didn't shout out my subscriber who's just loving backers like tea checkers. Oh, let me move little little things when I received, like, literally I was lost for words Big shout out to this disc, Robert, like this pack is literally, like made Monday. You want to make that a thing? We could make this a day since Cameron packages not like a youtuber. That's my address right here. But no, Like rough. You enjoy the morning. If you enjoy this vlog, you're you know it's going on like it. Comment. You subscribe. You share it, you make me famous. It's gonna be a great I can taste the 1,000,000