Loyola University New Orleans Campus

I haven't even moved yet. And I'm sweating so much she is packed to the brim and my mom's car. You know, they're beginning every movement book. I'm going to be looking like freaking met. I'm just hanging clothes right now. They send Cassidy to fall in love with you. It felt like watch. Then one night you found me in my army shoot car and you told me a little fashion in smooth. You said fusion was the broken heart. I just I just I love you know that I'm a district doughnuts with my mom and dad. Wheat. Um, on the way home, I have, like, way too much coffee in the past couple days, I did go a day without coffee, though a couple days ago, which was nice, but like I've been waking up early, I say the past is like yesterday and today I just had, like, two coffees, which is you just think I don't want to dio by considering I've been getting up like today, like seven something and yesterday got up early, and it's just kind of how it's gonna be, you know, And I have a lot of other things to do when I get home. So I mean, he excuses and I don't need to, but was, like, not the best move in vlog I like It was just it wasn't as chaotic last year. Last year was like everyone moving into the dorms like it was just me moving in, which is like in my hall, which was really early, some other girls. But whatever is mainly me and that was really nice, very helpful home working on register to me, it's like Oh, right, like beautiful like film because the CD eyes and saying This is the beautiful Victoria and amazing This girl is just doing cut like she's here. People say, Oh, you are So it's the back its opposite And like him living room again this morning. I was like, I'm just waking up. He's way need to talk to your accomplices. They need to lock the doors. You should get a little little outfit of the day after the night. Groovy, girl. Trey. As they hide my YouTube channel. This is my time to go stuff done today, So you're probably You're probably side. He's the one people. You're good. Yeah, horn people over there What? Where you going? E I love That was pretty creepy. Sorry. I feel like that's okay for fairy. Uh whoa. What would you say, Thio? Haley's fans were watching from this. I would say that I drove her home yesterday and I smile little Whoa, wait. Already. Day after. Can I assume it? Okay, full frame.