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Thinking about Pace University-New York and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Pace University-New York in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Pace University-New York’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Pace University-New York, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Pace University-New York experience. These Pace University-New York video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hello, everyone. Um, bodies calling and I gotta pace university. And I'm gonna show you my door. Impeachment. I'm starting off. This is the closets that they provide us. Um, so you can pick a good amount of stuff. I got, like, a lot of fingers in there, so it's it's quality quality content here. Um, I'm stopping that. Got some curing cups because I have a cure right there. You can see which it's about the microwave and a fridge, and they give us I'll give you the macaroon. Yeah, I think so. Unless you're a freshman. And Murray, as I believe. But here's our TV. Here's my roommates closet. Um, here is my desk that is provided for us. I got some quality shelves here. A lot. I make up here. Some folk work down there. A nice chair, rock, so that's cool. This is also never made that. And then we also get these beds. They're twin size long. Nice tapestry. They got a bunch of pictures here and also a clothing rack that me and my roommate share the peace. Give us here. Pace did not give this to you. I mean to me, but it's very cheap target. And then over here, you can see this is our food pantry. Uh, I got this bed bath and beyond. Quick plug. Good prices. Their pace actually gives us a discount on a specific day. Just don't know what day it is. So, yeah, it's like the beginning semester. Um, got a nice view. See the bridges over here? I like both of them, which is really nice. What's this? What's this going on over here? There? And my vent. All right, Ben, you have full control over your heat and you're a sea, and it works when it wants a word. And then this is just my roommate side of her bed tapestry over here. She's in a sorority because paste does sororities, contrary to popular belief, um, pace also provide. So we get four. Drones are close, but most people end up bringing more because it's hard to figure. And then storms come off the bathroom, which is a lot nicer than Maria's. Where your share. So this did not come on pace, but it's really, really useful. Has to just buy it just like a shelf over your toilet. Um, and then the year you can open it has gone. Shopping in the sink will also provide a way. Thank God. Uh, got some towels here. Shot was prevented by these. Fortunately, this was not because there's nothing to put anything on, So yeah, you should definitely buy something but your shampoo conditioner on. Sorry to journey. But that's what happens when your student you don't have Out of things to do outside of class in Pace University, and one of them is going to the World Trade Center. This is my friend Connor. Connor and I are best friends since high school. We went to prom together, and we're going to take you around the World Trade Center and a typical day in our lives. So on Thursdays, at around five PM, Connor and I will go to the World Trade Center will go to this. Starbucks is pictured here, which is one of the many Starbucks is within the World Trade Center, and we'll describe a coffee and catch up on the weak. What's going on in our lives? Then we'll take her coffee to Brookfield Place, which is pictured here, and it is one of the malls within the World Trade Center. There's a bunch of stairs and seats and eateries, and outside there is an AMC Theatre, which a lot of pace kids take advantage of. And this is my friend Jonah. Jonah and I met in the pace cafeteria at school, and sometimes you'll join us on a Thursday to catch up with some coffee. And once we're done with our coffee, we'll go explore all the stores within the World Trade Center. The store's range from Forever. Twenty one Victoria Secret. Louis Vuitton Guruji Too Good diver. Any single store you could think of is probably within the World Trade Center, and that's why a lot of pace kids spend some time there because it's literally a five minute walk from Pace. And anything you could think of is within the World Trade Center. So it's super accessible and easy, and there's a lot going on. Sometimes during the week, there's movie showings, beer tastings, pop of events. And so it's a great place to hang out. Have some fun with your friends during So the main academic building apiece University is this building right here. This is one piece plaza, and most students have their core classes within this building. Some of the people students have classes in Beekman, which is this slowly tower over here and in the September building, which is a few streets down. But I am a Lubin student as a marketing major, and most of my classrooms and most of the Lubin activities are occurring in this building right here. Pace Plaza. As a sophomore, I've barely taken classes for my major, so I can't really describe my workload within the marketing major. But as a whole, like starting from my freshman and sophomore year, the workload has been pretty balanced. It's easy to put up with, and I'm learning a lot from it, and I'm not super super overwhelmed, and I love all my classes. I have a lot of accessibility to classes right now, because and a lot of flexibility, because I have not started to take classes from a jury. A is most leisure and heads and electives, so I'm kind of able to dabble with whatever I want right now until it starts getting a little more serious my junior into New Year when I have to start taking classes and more classes for my major and being serious about my major. But yeah. Oh, also right now being shown is Thie, Super New Lubin Floor, Leuven, Car of Peace University. And so, basically, when I was a freshman piece was under a lot and a lot of construction, and this is what they've been working on, and I'm super happy that I was able to see it. I thought that I wasn't going to see it before I graduated, but they finished it up. And it is beautiful and a awesome place to learn, especially as a business Lubin studio. So I get asked a lot how I got toe being Beekman because Pace offers Beekman, they offered. John St Maria's is just a freshman dorm. There's also Broadway, and Beekman is definitely the most popular one because it's the most knew. It has, like thirty three, thirty four floors on, so it's a really popular choice, and the process is really just You have to look over the semester, gain all these points by going to event so late, the more involved you are the earlier the time you get to choose where you live. So me and my roommate like you're very involved on campus, and that's how we got to choose. Beat me before other students did who were not as involved. Uh, either way, John Street. Probably. They're all really good dorms, Um, and they all at the end of day, a great place to live. But I do prefer Beacon in just because my room was probably a little bit bigger and I don't have to share bathrooms like I did in Maria's. But as a freshman, I did pick Maria is just because I want to make more friends rather were in Broadway. Um, you can definitely make friends, but it's more closed community because you're just in your room. You don't really hang out. Any lounge is which is someone beat me here. But now that upperclassman, I'm cool with that. But definitely the choice is yours and I Wait. So this room is definitely one of my favorite places on campus, and they don't really show it on the campus tour. But it's a super safe place for commuters and anyone that's looking to lounge owl. I think it's really fun area. And as you can see by Nate, still there's not a board game, which is pretty cool, because if you just want to de stress, you hang out with some friends. I think this is a really cool place to do it. Um, there's some outlets, which is always convenient, and the view is nice. There's one piece plaza. Yeah, so yeah, this building is, and especially this floor. This room are one of my favorites throughout the entire campus. This's the Sedaka Lounge in forty one Park Row. As you can see, it's the suit Development campus activities Monday through Thursday. Super cool place sometimes have to book out some of the rooms, especially this one, because a lot of clubs meet there, but nobody's there. It's really fun. Place to relax and play some games with your friends. It's awesome for commuters, and I totally recommend checking it out if you ever make your way Hey, guys. So in this video, I'm going to be telling you what restaurants you Khun Pra Jess food from using your flex dollars. So first off, I'm just going to say that my top three are definitely Jew. Pola Rose, Ella's and G R k soju. Pola is to pull if you don't know which police is basically just credos bulls salads just like Mexican food and Rosell's is a pizza place. It's across from the thirty three Beekman dorm building. Um, they have really good pizza. They have pasta, They have salad. Okay, So one of the best things about going to pace university is the nightlife because we are the world, which is a weird city, and there's no way we're gonna take you on a typical night. Today here on the Brooklyn Bridge and wait for dinner. And then we enter a Broadway lottery type thing where you pay for a ticket. You have no idea we're going to see and to wear doing. Going to see a beautiful Carol? Yeah. There's a lot of possibilities for entertainment in the city. Especially. You could go to clubs. Bars could go to a restaurant with live music dancing. This coffee shop like poetry nights like open mic night stuff, literally. Anything you could possibly think of to find. And the party scene at paces. Typically like a bar. If you're a peach, of course. Yeah. We don't have a course like house parties or anything like that because we are in the city, but yeah, you wanna chill night? So I'm sorry I didn't give you a party scene that you were looking for, like, a club or a bar, but that's totally not my scene. Um, and I'm not of age, and I don't have a fake I d. So I can't really give you much info on that. But I know that is totally what some kids do at night, if that's what you're into. But I prefer more chill night like this spending my night and Dumbo, Brooklyn at one of my favorite spots with a beautiful overview of this city. And you could see the Freedom Tower, which shows you how close is the pace? Typically, I'll get some dinner here with some friends or family, and I'll just spend the night here. I like to have relax nights in comparison to some crazy ones because school weeks crazy enough So right below the exits. Time is the entrance to the cafeteria, and these are some seats that are available in the cafeteria on right. When you walk in, there's a bunch of phase salads, pasta salad's, fruits and veggies. I'm walking kind of fast in this video, so it's hard to see but their snacks all over like fluff. Ah, chips, water. Here's an entire array of drinks, and if you turn to the left is the Starbucks. It's closed off on this side because it's early in the morning, but typically it is open and accessible with your meal swipes. Pictured Here is one of my favorite sections that put it in slow, mo because I was walking kind of fast as well, but not fully stuck. But it's the cold food, and there's never a line for it. And there's some awesome sushi in here that I love so much. So, yeah, this is my favorite section for sure. And right over here are all the hot food buffets that everyone loved their sushi. There's like a twit like type of thing. There's a possible bar, but to be quite honest, my favorite places Teo are totally off campus. This is one of my favorite pizza place. His name Rose Ella's. This is Chipotle A. That you can use your meal swipes at, um, delicious and it's right by peace, and this is my absolute favorite place off campus to eat and its chick fillet. It is one of the on ly two plays downtown, and it is one of the biggest chick Fil A's in New York City. It has five floors, and it is awesome. And this is me grabbing my chick fil A and taking it to school in the morning because Chick fil A is the best. So there are two floors of library in one pace plaza, and this is the second floor, which is where most of the action takes place. And there are a bunch of these dust, as you can see throughout the library, and I'm going to show you one of them right now. This is one of my favorite things about the library super secluded, and you can get a lot of work done there, and a lot of them are in quiet areas. You have to be quiet in that area, as said and labeled, and there's a little shelf. But whatever you need up there, and if you pick the right one, there's a great view on. There's a lot of outlets and charging space, which is super nice because my laptop and phone are always dying. As I said previously. Uh, and there's a lot of leg room and the chairs rock back and forth, which is pretty nice and calm. And then there are lots and lots of books throughout piece. I just gave a little pan over of a bunch of them. Um, you can check out so many books, you get a library card when you are a freshman and your freshman tour, so that's pretty cool. And this is Nate, my friend, just being extremely silly. So this area of the library always get pretty rowdy. There's a bunch of lounging seats over here. A lot of people do group meetings or club meetings in this area because the couches make it super accessible and comfortable on those charging stations at his table. And this is the group work center, which is also pretty awesome. I have never used it before, but I've heard it's super sick. There's a screen to project whatever you need and the school seats for large groups to accommodate them. But, yeah, this is the gist of the library. There are fax machines and printers down shares for This is a typical classroom at Pace University in Maria's Tower, one piece plaza. So these were the seats looked like constant side is typically no more than thirty five people and about one teacher and sometimes the T A, which is a teaching assistant. And they're very intimate classes, which I like a lot about pace because you have a really strong connection with your teachers, and there's a lot of accessibility to them. They have open office hours, almost every single day. And yeah, okay, so this is what a typical lecture hall at Pace looks like. Uh, sizing is about one hundred one hundred fifty people, and I had a macro economics course in this class, so I really liked Lecture Hall's a little bit bigger and less intimate. But I also like the intimate setting, so it's give or take. But my favorite part about the lecture halls are these outlets at every seat because my phone is always dying and it's very convenient.