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Thinking about Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania experience. These Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Hey, Asquith, leave students for God, Kelsey Year. So they only talk to you guys about how to pick over. Roommate up Bloomsburg. So, students, you're accepted. You're committed, you're coming, and you're suddenly felt your housing application and your dining application everything. So here's how Dok Huskies won for its getting on your computer to check out my housing, this application, you to fill out, going to Google and search my housing self service, Bloomsburg University. I Google searches a lot, so it already comes up for me on this is the link of what it looks like. Housing webs up. Women don't use you're gonna wanna click on that. And it'll have you walking with your full husky email password. Mine is memorized to my computer. So this is the screen. You should have showing up for you. Okay, Huskies ones here on the screen. You're gonna want to go to the room selection dropped on arrow and go to roommate slash sweetmeats. Since it is not spring, I cannot plan housing for next fall of 2020. So I'm just gonna show you my current housing agreement with my roommate for 2019. So here it is. it says I'm not eligible to submit a request because it's not time for me to plan for next year yet. So it's just showing me my current already assigned roommate. But if you were searching for me, there will be a search bar where you can plug in that person's email on them. Their name would show up like this. Once you've requested each other, then you would be roommate Group fully matched. Okay, so I could and did a type in my remains email, and then it matched us. And then we picked our apartment on upper campus. So this is the way that you would do that when requesting the person that you would like to live with. You would type their husky email in here and requests and accept each other from both ends. But this is just kind of what it looks like. And then once you are getting ready to start the semester about two weeks prior and the home page, you will come up to the screen that gives you your room assignment. So mine is my apartment on the upper canvas. A two bedroom apartment gives us our mailbox number, and then tells me my rooming and which number bedroom we are. So that is really helpful that it shows you that ensures you that your housing plan went through. It is confirmed before the semester starts, and that's where it's all out. So the important thing about this choosing roommates and how to do it on the housing self service application online is that you came here, roomie in tons of different ways. There's a Facebook page that during Husky decision days, Open House is a lot of times for soon to have been accepted in the mail that receives something that says, Join our Facebook page. This is where you can post a little blurb and some pictures about yourself and say, Hey, this is what I'm interested in is the type of person I am. My habits bullet blow. What? I'm like interesting hobbies, stuff you like to dio. If you're introvert extrovert type, you can kind of many people and see if you guys would get along tape thing. Let's see if you would like to be roommates, so you cannot meet them all feast. We're gonna request each other, as I showed you previously in the video and then they were roommates or someone you went to high school with. And you're both coming here to Bloomsburg. You guys can room together, request each other online so you do not get placed with a random or you can go on with the rain. A mermaid. It's a great way to meet different people, new people, and it's kind of exciting. It's kind of pretty cool. Not gonna lie. And then there's other options. Meeting them at House Key, Decision Day at Open House and saying, Wow, this person is awesome. I would love to live with them. That isn't option. There's all kinds of way for you to meet the people who were gonna be a Bloom's work with you for your very first year. But the way I show you step by step on my housing is how you would request each other to Hey, Huskies, lead students for God. Kelsey here. So I'm gonna talk about something that's really important to all students Army, because you know food, right? So the nice thing is, we have a really easy system, the operate expression once you get here and get comfortable with it. But I'm gonna explain a little bit about how little works, what the terms mean. So the first thing is, we have meal swipes so students could have between 5 10 14 and 19 mill swipes a week, or they can block out there. Planning for the semester have 75 1 75 or 2 75 meals twice for the semester. Each of these amount of meals life comes with a stunning amount of flex dollars. So when you go to an establishment on campus and go to purchase food, you can swipe and use a meal slight. But say what you bought is too expensive to be covered by just that meal slips, So then you need extra money to pay for it. That's where the flax dollars come into play. And then we also have a system called Husky Gold, which not only pays 1 50 to Wash. 1 50 to drive for laundry on campus. It also could be used as a deputy credit card at any food establishment on campus or at the university stores. Well, students often use that to buy their books by materials or by closing the overseas store. Obviously there laundry. And then sometimes they have a stating out of money in there for their food plan. If they were gonna flex the end of semester. So how did they run out of Flex? Let's talk about it. So here's a scenario. You go into Husky loud and say, I get a sandwich and a soda and my total comes out to be $6. When I go to the cash register, the cashier is gonna ask me if I would like to use me on Flex and I'm going to say yes because I want to use my meal plan. So first he's gonna swipe to take off my meal sleight, which is the equivalent of $5.55. So obviously about meal sleep isn't gonna cover the whole $6 my sandwiches soda costs, so she's got to swipe again to take 45 cents out of my flex dollars to cover my meal for that time frame. So from there you're like, Well, okay, the flax pays for whatever meals, what doesn't cover here and there? What if you run out of flex? Flex dollars can actually be fulfilled each semester with your meals, which is everything you come. It comes with 200 to $250 in flex, and if it's more meals, trips a week, it's sometimes $300 in plex. So so you run out towards the end of the semester. You may be able to go on one and refill your flex dollars with a credit card, but keep in mind on which semester is flex dollars. Run and roll over from fall to spring, but not spring to fall. Someone, someone, time comes, your flex is gone. Whatever you do not use, it's my freshman. First semester I had $40 left in flex, so the next semester I started with $290 a flex. So then I had to use that $290 a flex or it disappears. Oftentimes, that accumulated flexing his letter and students will do anything with is donated either to the local police work, food covered or it has accumulated into scholarship funds through the university. So does give him back to the students in the community. But one thing's the students will often do is if they can't charge up and use all their flanks of the end of the semester because they have some left and don't want to go to waste. You can buy things like Mother's Days, but Mother's Day baskets. There's packages of food, candy, eateries, things like that. You could buy the Husky Lounge, but so so you don't want a refill that flex and then have a student not use it, and it goes away and goes the waist or whatever. At the end of that spring semester, we have a system called Husky Goal, so not only pays for that laundry and everything, but it also could be used in replace of flex dollars towards the end of the semester when your student runs out. So then when they go meal places an establishment and they want to use their meal swipes. But the harmony flag still say, Can I use meals and husky gold, please, because you're husky gold sees with you indefinitely as long as you're here. Bloomsburg. So then that look, money season. Your account doesn't go away after the semester's over. The student can then use that for laundry and so on the next semester, and you want to worry about it disappearing like the flex does. So I hope that all makes sense and makes me a plan like a little easier as you huskies suit and transition into your life is a student here and waken go. And it's not very far just over here There's a place we can go where you feel at ease with worries Wait, everyone. So it's about 9 30 and I'm on campus right now. I'm going to admissions to talk to T. K about a really cool social media project we're doing. Wait that way. You were never sounds. That sounds like a good way. Wait. So remember CJ here on campus, which stands for Community Government Association, which is kind of like your student government in high school. So right now I'm on the fourth floor of care in the CJ office and I'm doing my office hours. I'm off to Spanish class. Hey, guys. So now I'm off to go talk to my Spanish advisor about studying abroad in Spain this summer. Hey, guys. So I'm headed off my physics class now about my test back. So that goes well. So I'm headed in Centennial to go talk to my research advisor about a super exciting research project I'm working on. All right, so I'm just my business casual now, as you can see, um, I'm ready to go back on campus to go to my c g A meeting. I'm super excited. I get to relax, do some homework and I'm ready to do it all again tomorrow. Don't be afraid of a large lecture hall. It's just a room. Everyone is there for the same reason. Toe Learn. If you engage in your lectures by asking questions, participating in discussions introducing yourself to your classmates and your faculty member, you'll find that you forget all about the size of the room. Office hours are an excellent opportunity for you to interact with your faculty members one on one. You can ask questions about coarse material. You can ask for advice. You could even use office hours to introduce yourself to your faculty members and get to know them better. I always encourage students to take advantage of office hours if you haven't heard this yet. College is not like high school. You need to develop new study techniques that fit and work for your learning style. All of the faculty members here wants you to succeed, and we have a wide variety of resource is to help you do that. Time management is key to success. In college. You have to really learn howto budget your time wisely, and the classic formula is that for every hour you are in class, you should be spending three hours outside of class. Studying successful students are those who are willing to make that time commitment to truly master their course material. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Faculty are here and they're happy to help you. But we can't do that unless we know you need help. Don't be shy. Don't be afraid. Don't be embarrassed. Utilize. All of the resource is that we have here to help you succeed. Hey, Huskies, leave students right cozy here one of the most important things as a part of your college experiences getting involved on campus, inside and outside of the classroom. So Europe cleanser we have over 250 registered clubs and organizations are campus. So I want to make the spinning of the street. You got time to get involved and kind of see what we have. Do you have a way to contact these people so you can get involved during your time here? So a little background story about me I am actually thes social club vice president here on campus. And the way that I got involved is because obviously the clubs for my major but my professors actually like, said something in class and all registered students who were coming in is a pretty social work major or a current social major. Get email from the club president beginning of each semester telling them, Hey, come get involved. Come check out our meeting, come volunteer and do things with us. And so that was kind of how I found now. But in case you weren't receiving those e mails or undeclared and have other things you want to get involved in. Our center major Husky sink is a great resource to go to. So here the steps on how to do that. So step one for Syria want to is either go to the university Web page under the Eight Easy Index and find Husky Sink. Or you could just type Husky sink into Google and is the first link that comes up under blue Mudo GTO. But from there, what is important is you can easily, just long it as a student with your email and password, like your logging on the boat not quit. It'll send you to when you click signing in the top right hand corner, Husky Sinks Web page and then, from there on your screen will kind of look like this Here at the bottom. It is showing me the clubs and things that I'm involved in through Husky Sink. And then from there, you can actually search organizations and events, and things happen on campus a convertible into your and get involved. But one the most important things is for students looking to get involved at the top. It will bring you to a home page, but you want to collect organizations From there, it has a through Z of all the kinds of clubs and organizations that 250 plus I was talking about. They're all the same on this Web site. You can see what they're all about. Each of these registered clubs and orders have a little paragraph underneath it, so I'm just gonna click active Minds at Bloomsburg University. It's one of our clubs, says Active Minds is the leading nonprofit organization that empower students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help seeking. And then it goes on with more about what their club does and the details and when they need. But most importantly is when you click on these clubs not only tell you this information, but it tells you the adviser tells you the president's the students involved, and it gives you contact information so you can return to his people and say, Hey, I'm interested in joining your club so we have tons of clubs and orders that are on this website. Some of them are all by categories. You can actually search by category. Gronkowski stink. I just clicked on the 1st 1 that popped up. But there's academics, campus living clubs, sports, communications, creative and performing arts, cultural and ethnic diversity, department slash university clubs and org's Faith, a religion based Greek life, health and wellness leadership. And that's only half way through the alphabet. It goes the whole way down, busy with categories, and then that's not even including each individual club underneath each of those. So it is really important that when you do find a club you're interested in and say, I really like you enjoy that contact The email that is provided for you on Husky Sink gets under the people. Ask them when their first meeting is, and if you don't like it, try different club. But if you go to the meeting, you absolutely love it. Keep going. Staying will follow them or husky sinks. You could be loaned hearing with the events and things, and that is the best way to get involved. I always highly recommend it. I've made a lot of friends, but my major, I have something to build up my resume with, and it's always going to get to know people in all different years. Throughout the experience of being not even just my major, but also you could meet all kinds of people. All kinds of experiences were late and build off that support system. Just like a lot of other things we have on campus clubs. And org's are a lot of what students do outside the classroom, and I always recommend that to everyone, so always check out Husky sink. Hey, Huskies lead students were God Kelsey here. So I'm gonna talk about Sameer housing options here. Bloomsburg, we offer four years of on campus housing toe all of our students. So on upper campus, we have three apartment complexes. Plus, students can choose to live in any of our seven residence halls or sold sweet style apartments. But in the meantime, I am going to show you one of the options on upper campus. I live in Montgomery Place apartments with one brew me. Montgomery places two bedroom apartments. We also have just cause law and Mount Olympus as well with Maur numbers of roommates. But today we're gonna check out my two person apartment. Wait, no, I don't think so. is my very first day with God. I bought it. Shake it like so what a lobbying man I make you want. Wait. how you ask easily Incidents where? God, Kelsey. Here today I'm gonna talk a little bit about the shuttle service that our university has for us. It's a nice form of transportation provided to all over students. And it's really nice for like, rainy days like this when you don't want to walk everywhere. We have this shuttle. Take us there. So the important thing to know is we have a shuttle takes youto honeysuckle apartments off campus across Lake Street, and we also help woman take you downtown. I posted a Maurin depth scheduled that explains all that at the end of this video, but I'm gonna talk mainly about the campus and Wal Mart shuttle we have. So we will want more shuttle that runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 6 to 9. That takes two. That's the Walmart. The costume is that you don't have to spend your own gas money to go drive the Walmart. You can go get your groceries on a university shuttle, come back and go to wherever you live on or off campus, and you just got your groceries without having to pay for. Your guys were just super nice because I mean, our warrant's close, but the university takes you there, which is awesome and safe. But we also have the upper campus and lower campus shuttle that runs continuously every 10 to 15 minutes all day long, starting at 7 a.m. and running until midnight. Students their classes moves the time. The day starts at 8 a.m. and it is an end so late for some students. So our shuttle service is constantly running. So for soon you don't know what we do have. An upper and lower campus. Lower campus is our academic buildings, our residence halls and a lot of our dying facilities. But when you have the upper campus, you have our sports and apartment complexes. And then we have Monty's Restaurant as well. So a lot of athletes or residents live in upper campus are constantly going from the academic blood Thio upper campus to practice two games to get food and Monty's to their apartment where they love it had to go back and forth from class, so there's really something will have to walk uphill or walk in bad weather conditions when the shuttle will just take us there and it runs every 10 to 15 minutes. So super nice about the room for that shuttle bus is it picks you up behind the Harvey Interest Library. That is where you want to get on the shuttle buses. Has the campus magnet on the side? I always say, Pay attention to the man you because there's the Walmart Honeysuckle Down, down just always pays engine what's on the side of the bus when you get on it and it's so from the library, it'll take you over like street through the red light. You don't go up the hill to upper campus. There are bus stops at Montgomery Police Departments. As the bus continues up the hill. It'll stop ads Nelson Fieldhouse and Monty's Restaurant from there. Oh, continue up around the hill to just calls off apartments. That is where it is really important for freshman students who park and blue law. That is where you want to get off the world past the first, like big apartment complex attached to the Justcause Love community building. It all breaks down over the embankment, and there's blue loss. That's the stuff that those students will want to get off at. But the bus continues around and it comes back. Teoh, right behind the soccer field, football field and tennis courts. There's a stop there. It continues down the road a little bit, thio by the softball field. There's orange lot, which is for a lot of our commuters, which is really nice, said that Stop is there because it takes these commuters from their car and this parking lot down the class, which I think is awesome in there and continues right past the baseball field done over the embankment to Mount Olympus Apartments, which is our third and final apartment complex on upper campus. From there, it continues back down the hill, past Montgomery Place apartments and back to the back side of the library. So how awesome is that that in just 10 to 15 sometimes 20 minutes, depending on traffic with the red light that it's getting students to and from class? Normally, when classes like during the day, we have 2 to 3 shuttles running because, obviously, like there's a lot of residents who live on upper campus, that's the cool thing about Bloomsburg. We offer on campus housing all four years that students are here, so you can live in these really nice apartments. Don't worry about rain. It's all including your tuition. Just goto upper campus. But if you want to see what a Montgomery place apartment looks like, I live in one and have posted a video about that so you can check that out and see why I love the shuttle service so much because it gets me to from class. I'm back as promised. Here's part two. So as far as the rest of my high school vice goes, it's definitely more than just like the academic side of things. It's also like high school, like you live at home with Mom and Dad added, like Mom's like, Hey, like, how's this class going? Like, you know, like constantly checking in? Um, they're making sure you're eating dinner. You get lunch at school, like in your schedule type thing. That's not how it is a college at college. You're like you have your scheduled classes and everything. But when you play me Len throughout the day, like no one's gonna remind you to say, Hey, you need to go to the dining hall. Need to goto Husky Lounge and you go to the Screen Commons. You need to go eat lunch. No one's there to remind you that that's on you. So you don't remember to eat and take care of yourself seeming with eating dinner, whether you're cooking in an apartment anywhere owner off campus or you're in a residence hall and Mayko microwaveable food there, or go to somewhere on campus to E, you need to remember to do that. Secure yourself and same thing with showering and personal hygiene. Just taking care of yourself, making sure that you're keeping your space clean yourself clean so that you're not getting sick because everybody's like sharing germs. And college is a lot more people, a lot more interaction. It's not just like a small knit little community like within your high school, so students tend to get sick a lot easier if it's really important, like you're taking care of yourself, eating right, getting good amount of sleep, too. That's definitely the second big thing is moments that aren't there. Welcome to your bedroom it like 10 30 11 o'clock at night and say, Hey, you make sure you get to bed in the next half hour. Shut your phone off. Make sure you set your alarm and get up out There isn't any more. It's up to you to get out of bed in the morning and go to class. It's up to you to make sure you get your homework done early enough in the evening, eat dinner and get yourself to bed. It's so that you're well rested for the next day. I know that's a big thing with me, especially this semester. I have class from 8 a.m. to noon. That's four hour straight, right out of the gates of waking up in the morning. And then I work afterwards and admissions the tour guide in doing things through system media such as these videos I could make for a really long days for me. So getting my rest before those days is very important that I go to bed early. There's no staying up late. A sleeping in is getting up getting things done. But I need a skin like get sleep and take care of myself and make sure I'm gonna have the energy to get through that day type thing. And that's the biggest difference between high school college. Mom and Dad are here to remind you anymore. Community students always That's a different story. But for students living on campus is your first time, like staying away from your parents kind of experience with being an athlete and traveling to play sports, and my parents weren't always along, but, um, just being without family, you need to remember to take care of yourself and do what you gotta dio one of my advices was keeping a planner that due time management, do your homework in, like, keep up with your classes everything. It's the same thing with reminding yourself t e and to sleep. Some of our tour guides like we're so busy we set timers are phone remind ourselves like Go get lunch, remind ourselves to goto bed. Remind ourselves like that We have the next hour to do homework like we do what we gotta do to make sure that we're not only seeking our current of ourselves, but doing what we need to do as students of this university, the Hebrew GPS out to get good grades and do our own private students. So that's really like the biggest piece and why I want to make a separate video because it's just really, really important, especially for incoming students that you get in the groove, right? A way of making sure you're taking care of yourself because the mission and reason why you're here at Bloomsburg is because of you, because of your future, because of your degree and everything. So it's most important that you're seeing care of yourself so you can get the most out of your experience Hi, guys. My name's Jen. I'm according with the missions, and I'm making this video to talk to you guys about what it's like to be a speech pathology major. So here, Bloomsburg speech pathology falls under our communication sciences and disorders, so that includes both speech pathology and audiology. Basically, as an under grad student in this major, you take both speech path classes and audiology classes. And then after you finish your under God years, you go onto either your masters or your phD in either speech, pathology or audiology. Okay, so I know that when you come to college, choosing a major could be super difficult. But my best advice, the students, is to choose something that you're passionate about because you choose something that you're really interested in. You're never gonna have to work a day in your life. So coming to college, I was super interested in there unaccounted to communicate with others, learning about language and improve my interpersonal skills and speech Pathology really helped me do all of that. I also have a passion for helping others, and that's basically what I do for the rest of my life. As a speech pathologist, so I'm really excited for what the future holds, and I hope that you guys confined your passionate blooms break as well. So I'm sure that over incoming freshmen are super carries about what kind of classes you're gonna have to take as a CSD major. And just to give you some examples of stuff that you might take. Intern audiology is a big one that's required. That's gonna be a lot of anatomy, but I promise you guys can get through it. We also have our anatomy classes for the structures of the throat in the mouth and everything that helps speech happen. We also have required math class that you have to take as well as some of your genital classes. So as an under grad student in communication sciences and disorders, I'm a part of Michela. Initial stands for the National Students for Speech Language Hearing Association. So basically as a part of this organization where you go out into the community and interact with those who have communication disorders, and we also have opportunities for academic and career development for the future on, this is a really awesome organization to be a part of, because basically it's a building block to your professional career as a speech language pathologist or as an audiologist. Okay, so one important thing that Oliver, incoming speech language pathologist, an audiologist students should know is that in order to be a professional audiologist, you have to attend doctor at school in order to obtain your clinical doctor. It's this means after your undergrad years, you're going to have to attend AA four year program to get your clinical doctorate. For all of our speech language pathologist students, you're going to have to go to at least two more years of schools. Get your master's degree or you could go for your phD if you want to do that as well. So just so you know, your schooling does not stop after your undergrad years. You do have to continue on the graduate school, but Bloomsburg has a lot of awesome opportunities, and resource is