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Thinking about SUNY College at Geneseo and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting SUNY College at Geneseo in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet SUNY College at Geneseo’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to SUNY College at Geneseo, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the SUNY College at Geneseo experience. These SUNY College at Geneseo video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So we're here in Frasier Hall to show you a typical Genesee. Oh, classroom. As you can see, we have some plush office chairs and said of the wooden brick board, ones that are attached to desks like you see in high school? No. At each table station, one person sits in each one. There's an outlet that even plug in your computer, your calculator, whatever you need. We have some air conditioners for the summers and fans, you know, to keep things comfortable. Actually took calculus one in here last semester. Thiss costume is pretty typical of Genesee. Oh, there's kind of some different styles have noticed. If you go to different halls, you'll see depending on the classes that are typically in there, like history or math or English sent. Classrooms are equipped for different things thesame. The buildings were older, so some of the classrooms are kind of like in an older style. Wells was an old high school, so there's some kind of high school style classes in there. Some classes still have chalkboards, but this one has a white board and most have white boards and are pretty equipped for technology. And that kind of thing. So we're on the third floor of the ISI, which is the integrated science Center. You'll find a lot of your own teachers for bio Ken physics scientists, etcetera on. There's some really cool stuff about this building. So first of all the view from the third floor, I liken so pretty. This's the college green on which we're out on earlier, and depending on the weather, you will see a ton of people hanging out their super fun. There's this It's dealio thing, which is kind of like the half ball thing. If you see a picture that you know what CSC Over here we have the periodic table that actually spans bang it. Better look at it. It shows it goes down like all three floors and the entire periodic table. Supercool downstairs is a swinging pendulum, which kind of represents the physics department in the hallway on the election hall. To new in there is like the stages of embryonic development, and there's like some rocks on another part of the building just to represent the different sciences and stuff. It's very cutting edge building, I think, and it's super cool. They just sit up here. There's like benches right here overlooking the view. Right? Do homework. Even if you're not a science major, it's super cool. Hang out here. So we are in Bailey Hall, which is where a lot of the social sciences classes are no good, pretty. There's a lot of glass in this building. I really like it that building, right? Right. It's like super modern. Okay, so we're going up the stairs, so we're gonna show you the second floor. There's kind of like, Oh, you can, like, see down it there's like a balcony. Culio. Yeah, So there's a work space down there and like there's booths on both floors, which are like super great, see if you can see them. Right there. You can see them. You can work in them. They're kind of like a really cute like place Toe work. If you don't feel like going to the library again, come again The buildings and hit the classics in here. I mean, I have, like, whiteboards on all the walls and stuff. So you can like, coming here seeking here, right out, everything you've to study. A lot of club meetings are held in here and stuff. And the desk, sir. Like these new swivel dust that are, like, really like, new. And this building, like, when I came here, certainly impressed Okay, so we knew the workout Center Genesee. Oh, there's a field Bolton board in here is the room where you have weightlifting and kind of more trouble treadmills and, like machines like, I don't know any of them. Use them sometimes. But like, you know what quads. Different stuff mostly waits until those free weights to get free weights. And in this room is the cardio room, which catch me there more often. There's ellipticals. There's a guy running is probably Why are you recording me? And there's like rowing machines. There's a little bit of floor space. Yeah, and also at Genesee. Oh, you can take classes like spin classes or hit high intensity training and like different stuff in different rooms. And there's different schedules that will be like posted telling you like where and when to do that. I'm a different instructors. Stuff also so been pretty late. Everything's looking pretty light on days in this door. Kind of depends. It's the luck of the draw if you get it. But I think this student is petitioning to have it open later. More often, there's water, bottle fillers and locker rooms, and actually, it's actually pretty nice, Jim. There's like there's a lot of different stuff you could dio and use. I really can't do it already off. Yeah, I would say so too. And the membership process is super easy. If you live on campus, you are paying for it anyway. So you just come and you fill out a form it takes literally ten seconds. Put in your fingerprint and you're all set to go. So we're here in the college Union. Big place have taken, especially this girl standing on pilot bananas. Um, there's a bunch of flags. I think Is this all the places that they had students from or go? Teo, I think I think that's what these are for. And they're all lining the ceiling here. And in here we have our ballroom. There's a lot of events that are held there are Health Council were both on Hell council. We held in the vent called Jingle Ball on their way got some DJs to come and we held the ball we danced on. These chairs are actually crazy. Like what? If you come here, you need to sit in them and lean back This people in them right now. But are you like, spin like a top? Like if you look at the bottoms, really. On Thursday, cab events that a pretty frigging Angie cab is Jenna Seo Campus activities board. You conjoined that when you come here, if you want to be involved, programming and that kind of thing upstairs in the Union, there is a lot of study space, and there's costumes or meetings are held and that kind of thing. And downstairs there's a yoga room which I will show you and has a Starbucks there start. Oh yeah, there's Starbucks right over here. Also downstairs is the mail room, where you get your all your campus mail packages and otherwise. And there's the fusion, which is right. Fusion's dining hall. There's a lot of like, Yeah, like star fry burritos, breakables, that kind of stuff. And there's a corner pocket over there. You can hang out. There's pool tables. There's ping pong. There's like this weird ice hockey game. Lots of fun, lots of fun, lots going on union Oh, in the bookstore is over here, that little gated up thing because it's after hours where you pick up So we came up to main street. Appear is the famous bear statue at jenna seo. If you google jenna seo, you will never really see this guy. Um, it was dedicated to a student some time ago, and you can look that up, kind of furthermore, in detailed story, um, over here we have and, uh, we had and cookies sub shop where you can get like, subs cookies. It's a really cute, like half a kind of place. There's a music store in a bookstore down. They're both super cute indie looking. You get schoolbooks, you need. I had a lab manual for last semester that you could only get there, and then you can buy like, ukulele. Is this really cool? Quirky guy at the shop? Um, over here, over here by kristen said way have the riviera, which is a theater that, like showcase, is kind of old movies like a cheap price. And they'll do, like showcases of, like, dances in different school sponsored helios there on the street on the side of main street, we have, like, a souvenir shop where you can get different, like, like notebooks. Uh, cute little gift shop stuff like that. And then over here on the street, um, you know, on the street, we have ah, place called mama mia's, which is, like super famous on campus. You can use meal plan there on certain days and you get pizza and breadsticks, etcetera, etcetera. So it's a really exciting i wouldn't say bustling. Maybe when there's like, orientation or stuff, it's a bit busier, but it's a really calm, cute mainstreet with different shops in different places to check out, hang out. Hi. So we're here with my friend Ryan, so Ryan would hear you. I'm a junior psych and music Double Major. Yeah. Where you from? New York City. Awesome. Also, can you tell us about your great day experience and also tell us a little bit about what great days So great day is a day where all students can participate. It's a research day where you take the entire year to do research. On that day, you should basically show off done throughout the course of a year. And I did research on violin making in the eighteenth century Naples. Very exciting stuff in great day. I think it stands for Jenna CEOs. Recognition of excellence, Art and art. Yes. No achievement. Touch you. Achievement and talent. I mean, theres are too clearly. Um so, yeah, you also live in Stupid Hall with us. So And you're moving off campus next year. So can you tell me a little bit about that decision? So I decided to involve campus with couple with two friends of mine moving off campus, I think is liberating in some ways. But at the same time, it's It's a little challenging, right? Because you have to do everything for yourself. Overall, I think it's a good decision. It's going to be a good decision. It's gonna be a good thanks, Ryan. So we're here in Books invites, which is the cafe in the library. You can kind of see the bites on the sign over there. It's actually work here is actually work here. So here's Caroline and Jenna, who I work with and you can get like breakfast sandwiches here and different raps and subs. You can get bagels you could get like fruit love Can't see, but there's the bagel station and stuff. Catch me behind there on Wednesdays and there's, uh, bottles over here and candies and etcetera, etcetera. Lot of your typical stuff. Get coffee here. Um, you can get t um, what else you get? Yogurt, milk. It's kind of like a little like Library Cafe. Most colleges have them, and it's run through cast, which is campus on delivery services, which is the company which handles like most of our dining So we're going to go into Cristina's room here, her door tags, door tags or what? Ari's put on your doors so they know whose room it is. We're in Steuben with on the second floor, and here she is. So this is the bed. You can kind of raise it and lower as you want. You can get higher lower, depending on like the kind of bed in the building that you're in. And she a string lights up, which are not a fire hazard like Christmas lights, they'll tell you like exactly what you need to put up what's like a fire hazard. One is him and stuff. It comes with a dresser. Kristen has a fridge, and this is the desk. It's pretty spacious. Stubbins rooms are pretty big. This is over. There's Kristen side, and this is her roommate side. Come on over here. We have the kind of area between, like, her desk in her closet. The cause. It's actually pretty spacious. I feel like there's some like shelves up there for storage. There's her shoes and such Quite the vast collection. You get one light and what else you get? Where's your nightstand? Oh, Yeah, You get, like, a nightstand thing in a rocky chair. So that's the front of it comes with. You can decorate it however you want. And yeah. Do you like it here? Way. So we're walking toe, which is kind of my my home, azan, English and Spanish, double major. I'll expand on that once we get there, and we're going to talk a little bit about the residential set up on campus and how we have a Southside essential village in North Side side. Yeah, so we live in Central campus, even though we're freshmen because an integrated place for both freshmen and upperclassman. So like people next to us, are sophomores and juniors and Wei don't have seniors who have seen your IRAs and then on South Side, which, actually, you can kind of almost see from where we are. So like right beyond there, which is the admissions building. If you walk a bit further, you'll see South Side and all of the freshman living buildings. And it's about a fifteen minute walk to campus, depending how fast you walking due to ten you twenty. And I don't want people that live over there. There's freshmen suites over there because you can live in sweet as a freshman. You can also live in quarter. It's kind of your choice to live in corridor if you live in Central campus is a freshman, you're going to be in a corridor, and it's kind of like its own community. There's like, very different forms over there. It really is. It really is its own community. That's like something that it kind of like advertises to. It's like the freshman living experience and how you get housing as a freshman is you felon application. You can come in either as a with a roommate that you have in mind. Or you can come in and kind of selective random roommate. We both the ground remains not remains booth right next to each other. Andi, I think I say the rent roommate thing worked out. Yeah, actually worked out pretty well. They ask you to come to you.