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Thinking about University of Portland and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Portland in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Portland’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Portland, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Portland experience. These University of Portland video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So this building right here is where I have a lot of my classes. It's called France. We actually have a Christmas tree right now. Almost Christmas. Okay. And so this is the quad. It's really sunny today, which is not usual for November. And at the end of this building right here is the church where there's Mass every Sunday and over there St Mary's, where you have some clubs that I go to like fish, which is like a nondenominational Christian group. Um, this right here is another academic building that I'm going to go in, um, for another class, I This is my friend Bella and Bruce and Kris Belhadj is had class and France. So what passes? You would know you. I just got out of macro economics. We had a ways, and it it went well. It was great, isn't it? So pretty today it's beautiful. What's your favorite academic building on campus? I would have to say friends just because it's close to my dorm. I've most my classes there, so it's just hop away. Very nice. Okay, we're going to go check it out. Yeah. Let's go. This is Frank here my first. Used to have climate is on campus works. But two points. So I have also French here. Building is very important. Campus. We're gonna go. Oh, this is France. Bagels were left. People come to get their bagels in the morning. It's just on the lower floor of frame and we love We love their bagels. The best bagels on campus in the best coffee on campus. We love it. So I'm a upper floor. We have, um, some questions here. More costume. It's over here. So right now I'm on the back side of friends and you can see there's, like, grass around over There is my dorm. There's a statue right here. And then here's the building Hi, blogged. Welcome back, University of Portland. So today we're going to show you that that's not the West quad. It's the law. So this, my friend Dawson there, Chip, What's your favorite thing about living in shit? Probably community. The community. Yes, that right there is Kanna. That's all women's. It's very convenient because you live close to the bus, and over there over there is like the front of campus, and behind you you have like merlot field. And right there is the P house. So if you want to get a snack for, like, some nice computer, something you could just had right over there or get like, late night dining because I think the house is open to in the morning and then next to Cannes, there's Christie, which is all guys, and they're all like best friends there, I would say, just like Villa, but different Bill is like kind of messy and crazy and they're like calmer guys. But overall, pretty fun. We love East Quad, thank you. What's your name? Planes? Rachel Van. What's your major? My major is nursing. What? Like what's your course load like, um, it's not too bad right now. I definitely have time to do everything that I want while still doing all of my homework and studying. Hey, girls, but my roommate, Ellie. We're the bestest of friends who are across the hall from me, were in mailing. We love it. We love Bailey. We met on the Facebook page because I'm from Southern California and she's from Seattle. We both like the mouth ends and outdoors and watching that legs. And now we watch new girl together and it's super fun and it worked out really well, and we're basically what's one pro in what's called one con of this school? What's one thing you like about, like about this school? It's so easy to get to class. Oh, my God. I weight class right there. I wake up. That's the door right there also. Like the campus. It's pretty. They always have it so clean. And they're very, um, environmentally friendly. They work really hard to make sure that we leave a small footprint. And I really appreciate that. Come here, climb, tummy plan. And as nursing students, that's like the majority are like the most popular major here. So how is that? It's really nice because you have, like, a really big support system and a lot of people who know what they're doing already. And so there's a lot of people to reach out to. You make friends really quickly because you get to know all the other nursing students and just expand your friend group. What's your favorite food on campus? Oh, shoot the cookies That she's so good is they have the best cookies here and there. Always there case ideas. Those were really good at late nights. Yes. Okay. And tell me, what's your very classes semester? Surprisingly English. I really love my professor. All of my teachers here are really great, but my English professor definitely stands out to me. So I enjoy that class. I really like bio. It's like, literally the hardest class I've ever taken but it's super informative, and I love what I'm learning and I'm going to be answering some frequently asked questions about University of Portland. So how big is it? It's about four thousand five hundred undergrads, and I think it's a perfect size for this school. It's small, but not that small, that you know everybody, and you're always meeting new people and not to big where you feel like you're just a number in class. Yeah, about classes. They're really small. They're about, I think my biggest class has forty people in, and I love that because the teachers know my name, they know who I am, and I can talk to them after class and in their office hours, too, because all teachers have toe office hours. The academic culture people, you're really prioritize their school, so you'll find people at parties and stuff on the weekends. But during the week, everyone's working hard, and I just enjoy being in a climate where everyone else prioritises their education. So it makes me also wonder. Prioritize my education. Popular majors. Nursing is definitely a big one here. There's a lot of nursing students we even have, like a big, like fake hospital that was made in France. You can see it in my tour and defining features, we have the bluff. So up above our campus is up above and you can see the river and you can see the city at night and the lights And it's beautiful Greek life. We don't have Greek life here on campus sports culture. We're d one for a lot of for all our sports. We have soccer, which is our big one. We don't have football. Um, I think we were top like thirteen in the country. I think this year. Uh, so we're pretty good at soccer. We have volleyball, basketball, women's, rowing. We don't have a pool, we don't swim. I swim in high school. Why I'm putting that in. But people are very spirited, even though there is no football team, best clubs and organizations, I don't know. But there's like three hundred clubs, so you'll find what you're looking for, or you could just make your own. There's a lot of clubs out there. Art, music, theater. Yeah, that exists. There's plays. There's musicals on campus. Teo. I'm going to win tomorrow. It's free for students, so that would be exciting. Overall. Pretty good school. I love it. Hi. My name's Camille. I'm a freshman here at University of Portland. I'm originally from Westlake Village, California, which is kind of close to L. A and Malibu. I'm double majoring in psychology and sociology, and I have two minors, French and sustainability. Um, I love this school. I'm very excited to be showing you all around this week. We're going to go to a concert. I'm gonna show you the meal options. I won't take you to eat some cool nightlife stuff. Classes, school, the dorms. I'm going to talk about the hot housing options. We're gonna have some interviews with some of my friends who can see what it's like for different majors here on campus. I'm really excited to show you all. And I hope you really consider University of Hey, guys, it's clear. So I am a student here at the University of Portland. I am a sophomore social work major and theology Miter. I am from the hometown of Guam, a very, very small island in the Pacific. I'll be taking guys on tours around campuses. So studied, Yes, it's sixty degrees outside, and it was great. Why am I wearing a sweater? I don't know. I wasn't dressed for this, but I was thinking I was around campus show. Are you guys all the places you guys can eat? You guys can hang out with your friends and just everything. So stay tuned and stick Hey, future pilots back. We're here at the Merlot field today, and obviously there's no game. So there's nobody here because soccer season just ended and whatever sport is next is up and coming back. Handball basketball happens right here in the child center. Yes, and we did go, and we recently went to a valuable game and I won't include that video. It was really fun. We be Cal Poly, and that was a fun game to watch. And so this is the field. And usually when there's a soccer game, there's a ton of people here like the It's packed in the back. They always give out like three shirts. Yeah, and spirit. Where and villas Drum kind at always Union section. Really fun, best in the country. And that's what they say. And we love it. What's your favorite? Was your favorites? Word to watch here? Um, soccer. It's really cold, but you warm up when everyone's cheering and we have a lot of cheers and always like standing and chanting and Villa Drum Squad leads us all you love last. We love it. Hey, guys, so the score by two by two just lost the first set by Boyd. So yeah, we'll see. We'll see it's anyone's game right Hey, guys. So we're at the Commons right now with a goatee. We're having lunch. It is not love people right now. What if you So I got this. Hurry. It has red peppers, fried plantains. A little gross. You know, they really got the beacon through this week. How do you feel about the food here? Like on a scale of one to ten. I like it. In a okay, Well, there's two dining off man. There's a hose, which is over somewhere else, and that's like more burgers. And so that's Adam. It's like the rest. And then there's says, Do you like I like the Commons better? More. There's more variety. I'm a lot more options were like, get like vegetarians. We're all vegan. I'm saying Teo. Action. I got pasta. And when I got this is today we're locked in. Oh, I'm like interesting things. Like what you got Solid. Got amazing salad. I like at its nutritional used to it, but it has like a really good cook. Potatoes, beets, cucumbers. Roses grow, probably carrots. See, I think I put some black seat on there to spinach like salad bars. Really? Good. So they always have a sad bar sandwiches. A global ball on DH? Yeah. This fight. Five lakhs. He's right. You're sitting here, haven't you? Done We have Camille. Hi, everybody. Someone talk about the your point. So basically, at one point is one dollar right and you can pick plant one, two, three and four. I have no plans to have so many points of my suggestion would be to get me. And then you can always add more points if you want. But there's a lot of food here. There's a lot of like, always switching up the food in the comments, like every three days. So this is the rec center it two minutes from my dorm and I try to go every single day. I usually take a class hate class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Things you like to do with you run. Workouts and then we're on it, so it's a great way to go on it. How are you, like every time? I. Oh, it's fun. Yeah, we've done The abdominal nation. No, my roommates. I mean, there's like, Wait here. What other equipment? In there? Come on. Right, Sam, wait three back. Yeah, they're in or track to have a spare A classroom with Miers on bars. It is today, folks. It's cardio. Workout ran the mile. I went on the bike for twenty minutes. We're gonna have a staircase. I'm gonna do abs with these ladies. So will I. I ran. I use that stares climber which killed me. I'm going to die. And now I'm going to do some weights in this lovely room. And there are two more others just like it right over there. That's right, folks. You heard it here. Do we love the gym or what? On a scale of one to ten. How much you love the gym? Fifty five.