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So right ahead of me. We have caught live in action. People that are participating in the humans versus on these game happens that are twice a semester, twice every year. Um, you can start out as a human or zombie, and you have to be cyclical around and try to tag, but they're humans if you're a zombie and vice versa so They're with the green bananas over there and finish. You could throw a snowball and then get So right now I am having into Student life Center and Cyril Insider is home to many different places. Places where clubs meet to the Red Army is the bakery called artist Thanos, which has a delicious that's happening coffee and first big goods every single day. Also the photo store where you can get off your photo equipment and this little store called bites, just kind of like the grocery s store. There's a ton of places on campus to fuel up if you need to get anything to eat. So I had stopped right in the middle of the quarter mile where to the right of me is the Hall, Andrew Student Life Centre. And to the left to me is the August center, the August centre. It's a centre for all the health senator and the mental health centre. If you ever need anything to go on there, it's really convenient. Super close to the dorms and to the right of me is colleges. Soon my center, which holds numerous things, such the gym practice rooms and, um, a pool with even a lazy river. So if you like to be, it's Jim, then So right now I'm heading towards the pipe. Boss called the pike odd because of the giant metal sculpture of the Pi sign in the middle of the quad. So the pipeline is surrounded by many academic buildings, such as the College of Health Sciences Technology. That's where I work, and also the Vignali Center for Design Studies. So something that's kind of really interesting about it is the connection between technology and stem students and also art students. So I myself, I'm actually in art students studying photography in visual media. But I am receptionist in the college health kind since and technology would have a lot of friends who are stem majors. I think that something's really unique about the school as having combines both of those elements to make things that are really, truly amazing. Um, there is no typical Artie student because there's just so many things classes and majors that are offered at Hey, guys. So you can actually see behind me. Right now, students are painting the rock off the Carter Mile. So this rock actually changes, like every other day, according to one's happening on campus, because students will come down and paint whatever they want on it. So it's usually like in promotion of club or a button or something. But I thought it was a really cool thing to catch and just kind of show you So I just got out of my a T m lecture that took place and Ginette, which is the building that a lot of the art meters are housed in. So I'm heading over now to this college of liberal arts building. It's pretty close, not too far of a walk. It's like one minute away. So I'm actually going to be having my communication class in there. The liberal arts building is home to a lot of like, different majors that have to deal with all kinds of things for political science, history, uh, communication, public relations. Everything like that is in the liberal arts building. You can see it is that building in front So right now I am in the liberal arts building. I have a communication class appear. So I figured I would just show you guys quickly around before class starts. I'm on the third floor right now, so we're gonna walk down the stairway so you can see everybody's waiting to go to class. So the liberal arts building is home to a lot of the liberal arts, majors philosophy, political science. Everything. There's the dean's office behind me. I'm a department of English. No matter what Major you are here. You're probably going to have a least one class in the liberal arts hall by the time you graduate. Bulletin board through me. Lots of Baltimore, it's all over campus. Oh, showcasing think that's coming over. So we're underneath The majority of rough classes are going here. The tunnels in the ground floor. I don't hear. They also have a lot of music practice rooms. There's behind me. He kind of hear piano so people can rent those out a cappella groups musical groups to Worsen. So we also have the university writing program tone here. That's US vending machines. Urals. Your classes going? I'm gonna get some water vending machines. You pretty much just use your ID card. When you put it on the thing, you're punching it whatever you want. Uh, you just use your debit that you have preloaded bonnets, but they also take credit cards So I am in a building which is referred to as Booth, which is where a lot of the design students are located. So here I'm actually at the School of American Arts and Crafts. And you can see that there are projects from industrial design students displayed on the wall. This is a two D design drawing classroom. And these air work rooms to design and industrial design Nyman design students can use to work on projects. You may have also noticed that there are lockers, and that is because students can actually rent out lockers, and they can keep a locker for the entirety of the whole year so that they can store their supplies without having to run back and forth to the dorm and everything like. So write to me there is double your salary, which is a gallery that is used to display a lot of kinds of exhibits. Right now, there is the page thesis exhibitions exhibit going on, so there's some really cool art we can walk through. So this is an example of one of the many galleries that we have on camp this as artists, we love to display our artwork, so there are lots of opportunities for your work to be shown and displayed, and everybody can come see it that that gallery is just one of the many examples. So you know, you're out on the breezeway, which connects Connect and Booth. This is called the breezeway because it is so funny because the structure dad wins. And if you hear the construction of me, that is because that is a magic center which is being built right now, which is gonna be a very important building for a lot of the game design students. So I am exiting from the Connect building, which is home to a lot of majors in the school of Image orphan sciences. And I am. I'm going into this kind of quiet area here where a lot of people hang out and it's really nice when the weather's nice out to the left of me. There's actually like a little Japanese garden and quite fun. You could sit up. It's just a really peaceful spot. In case you ever want some time to yourself. Academy is the liberal arts building, which is home to a lot of the liberal arts based major. It's right there, and to the left of me is the Eastman Building, which is home to a lot of offices. Office of the president is there, and a lot of classes that you have a lecture. Reese classes will be in this building dedicated to Georgie Hello, everyone. So you get kind of behind the scenes, literally sneak peek at the players production of Heather's that is going on this weekend. So if you're wondering why I'm wearing these crazy lashes, it's because I'm playing Heather McNamara in the show. So right now people are saying extra weight to help paint the set. Right? And what else do we have to do? Right? We'll have to do. I think that's about it for now. Just creates tomorrow. So you know for that. So you can see everybody. Most of the actors have gone home, but I'm so here, and they are getting the whitest of the white stage. Look at that. Hi, everyone. Way work hard. Artie players is a totally student run organization. So this entire production was student run, right? Yep, that's right. Costumes, production, all the house stuff. All the advertising from beginning, and it's all us. Yeah, So a lot of clubs are here soon. Run. I mean, there are a lot of ones that are, like, academically involved, but I like to put this whole production on. We just have our advisor. But she didn't really do anything for us except for oversee everything, so yeah, super awesome. Wish you could come see Heather's, but I'm telling you it's good that you could just believe me when I So. Currently I'm walking down a stairway in the College of Imaging Arts and Sciences in the Guiness Building. You can see behind me there is work on the walls. They love to put a pork, any kind of student work or anything like that to kind of show whatever he's doing. In addition, here is a giant bulletin board right when you come out stairs, so all over there are promotions for different activities, clubs, everything like that. They love to really broadcast what's going on on campus, so you can always find something to do. There's truly no better weather to introduce you guys to the brick city than the snow. Hello, My new Mr Ship Pickle hops. I'm a first year at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I'm studying visual media under the College of Image of Arts and Sciences, and I'm gonna be your tour guide for today. Right now, I'm standing in the Dessler Johnson quad, which isn't which is given in memory of our last president. And this is a place all the way on academic side of campus. By the time that we're done with this tour, you're going to know the difference between dorm side, academic side. And you're going to know everything that you pretty much need to know to be an arty students. We're going to show you all of the best places to get food, Some of the best places people like to hang out and places where you're gonna have to go for your classes. And hopefully we're going to catch a glimpse of student life as well. So I'm glad that you're joining me So right behind me is Thomas Golisano Institute of Sustainability. Sustainability is a really big deal, Artie. We believe that sustainability is key to the future, so there are a lot of majors that focus on that and a lot of buildings, and the entire campus really just revolves around being sustainable. This is actually the newest building on campus, so we're going to take a look inside all cool and stuff that's in there. So just as we believe in sustainability, we believe in sustainable life. And this is the living wall. So we're inside the Institute of Sustainability. What a cool orange class. Many flights of stairs actually on the roof is guarded. This here is actually an entire campus model of our so so everything that we've been walking on the sea. It's represented here in the So even though already does not have a football team. We have many other sports genes that are active and important on a part of this campus. So to the left, me, you can even see the soccer field and the bleachers and the truck where sports practices have games and to the right of me is the Gordon Fieldhouse Activity Center, which is where a lot of big activities air hosted. Sometimes we have concerts in there. They're trying events in there or people could just go there toe hangout, place in sports and have fun. So right now I am walking off of the breezeway and I'm going to be entering the infinite. The Infinity cod is a quad that's really at the center of academic side of campus. So a lot of buildings around the quad and Reasons called that because there is a sculpture that ship doctor in infinity symbol in the mirror in the middle of the quad. So to the right of me is in that building, which is where a lot of the art and students are house as well as the college of Engineering Gleason and the infinities culture itself. So a lot of people hang out with this squad, and when the summertime comes and or springtime and there's leaves on the trees, it's a really beautiful place. Just kind of sit down and relax and really be at the heart of Artie's academic side. So right now I'm walking away from dorm side and I'm about to be on what is called a quarter mile. The quarter mile is a giant stretch of a walkway that goes all the way from the dorm, said buildings to the academic side buildings. So many times, when you have a class early in the morning or any time you have a class in general, you have to walk on the court a mile to get where you need to go. So right now, I'm walking through one of the parking lots already. Uh, driving and parking is a really big deal for students to goto, Artie, because there are a lot of commuter students. Also, first year students are allowed to have their cars on campus. You just have to purchase a parking class online each semester and then you're good to go. So you might remember from the start of the tour, I was in the snow and being in Rochester, the weather can be a little bit dimensional, as in it changes pretty frequently. So right now it's actually seven degree, seventy degrees, and this is like one of the nicest days we've had his entire semester. So I thought that I should be kind of like show you guys how everybody just kind of out and enjoying the weather. Right now, there's like a lot of people sitting feel playing football over there, people skateboarding everywhere, just to prove that it does get sonny here. It all right. If you wait it out long enough, you will find that your reward comes in the form of sun. Eventually, even though there's like, really only two weeks of the semester life, it's kind of cool that we get to experience so many different kinds of seasons here. So yeah, lots of grass, lots of places to Hey, guys. So I just finished the last dress rehearsal before the performance of my school. Are these players production of feathers and I'm playing Heather McNamara. So below me, you can see all of the cast and crew of the show, so say Hi, everyone. It's yours. I'm going upstairs. It's fine. They don't hear me, but they're down there. Say hi to the people. This is everyone that seeing Hello, everyone. It's nighttime, Atari tete and I'm in Global Village, which is an area where a lot of people live and their shops places to eat and everyone's out and hanging out with these lights. So now we are in the bagman School of Health and Nutrition. If you don't know what Wegmans is, that's a shame. It's a grocery chain that started in Rochester, and it's super big up in upstate New York and the East Coast. I'm so weak ones actually funded this building, and it is home to several programs, such as the physician's assistant program, diagnostic medical photography program, Baber Whole Sciences. And it has the medicine. So so it is also a relatively new building. So we're gonna tickle but front some cool technologies that we have that. I can see there's just been wound. A lot of students come to hang out. Right now I am in the gin that building, and we are walking to Booth, which is where they cross over. So let Booth are home to a lot of the artistic majors, and class is here. And we are going to be heading to Webb Auditorium, which is where our AM lecture takes place. So you'll be able to see what a lecture hall kind of briefly looks like got put away, though, before my professor gets mad at me. But what? What about it? We'LL see you after class.