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Hey, guys. So today I'm gonna be showing you around. Um, this is gonna be my what we call the old part of campus. There is Westlands behind us and then a right here to my left. This is our G t. If you watch my dormer and video, you know that I live, like, right there. And you can see my tour of my dorm room and all those other things on. I also then explain kind of the format of our duty. Okay, This right here, this little shed, Um, this is actually what we call the teahouse. When Sarah and William Lawrence lived here, they actually used it as a a little summer patio that they could sit on a read books. And now we have students use it for tea and coffee, Um, and just a cute little place to read. It's really nice and cozy in there. It's really packed, though, so I'm not gonna be able to get it. But mark my words if you're ever here, go inside. It's like the cute assed little Allison Wonderland bookstore You've ever been doing your tire life. So moving on, you have all of the old dorm room buildings. So that includes McCracken, Dudley Lawrence Tits, Worth. I know, and oh, Silas. So of course, brain from its roots. So I'm gonna film this one first. It's right behind me. All of them kind of had the same field. They look relatively similar. And then this one down the hill, that is, Oh, Silas. This one right here is Dudley Lawrence and, of course, originally named after Sarah and really insist son Dudley. All of them, I'm pretty certain, consists of singles and some doubles with either I think shared bathrooms. Where is it? Like two rooms will share a bathroom or I think some of them have communal hall the atoms as well. There also are some offices letter in there for professors and some classroom. So This right here is Rising Concert Hall. Our bookstore is also in here and this is part of the performing arts center, which you see entrance that is right over there and show you a bit of the theaters on DH. The things that we have inside. For those of you who are interested in the performing arts, the inside of rising er there's the pub over there, just across the way. Of course, our book store's right down the stairs and then right at the top of the stairs are rising or a concert hall. It's a little dark right now, and I cannot seem to find the light switch. This's, of course, another space that the school uses for lectures and guest speakers, also for theatrical events and basically and the other things that go on here showcases for the music program. It's beautiful space. Okay, you guys. So, um, it's a little bit hard to see me that in the basement of the P A C in the bottom of rising GER concert hall in what we call the film viewing room. It's a little difficult to see because of the lights, but it looks like somebody is setting up for some type of show or event or something like that. And now we're going to be going into one of the buildings where I spend a lot of time, the performing arts center or what we call the P a C. Other angles too big, open windows and doors. Okay, so right when you walk in and this is what the lobby looks, I'm So this section of the performing arts center is specifically for the dance program. A man in here is one of our dances. Theaters. We'll see if I could take you guys in there. But this is where we have all of our postings and videos and stuff. I'm gonna try to take you into one of our theaters. This is the Canon Theater. I want to see if you know what I'm here. So this is the canon theater. It's empty right now, but it's a little dark, so I hope you can see everything. Has multiple levels, too. So we can move seats wherever we want, put them wherever and really make the set, whatever world we kind of want it. Yeah, It's a little little hard to see but beautiful, beautiful space weevil of our lights and stuff set up around here. Productions here in our music halls and stuff. Now the cannon is on ly one of the many theaters that we have in the program. Take you guys to the right, Okay? And I remind that one there are people getting ready for a show in the right theater right now. Like I said, Pride and Prejudice is probably going to be put on there. But I'm going to try to take you into the dance theater is what it looks like walking in. Hands this big, big open space for performances. Also a second level up there over lights in the cat walk. And then, of course, different rooms are connected to this room. Different rehearsal spaces are connected. Teo. I have seen many different dance performances put on there, and they're always gorgeous. They're always beautiful, always a good choice going down into the scary basement. This's where I had my acting class last year on. There's also some more spaces that we also use for independent companies as smaller theatre spaces. Okay, people, we're definitely in there, but it's gonna show you the door and show you what they looked like. Here's the entrance to the call it downstage here. That's also one of our independent Cos I should have known that it would have been a little tricky to film in here just because spaces are constantly in use. Got a little lucky with Cannon? Better for sure, that just shows you how involve the theater program this year. It is a really big theater program for a small school, but still gorgeous. The current amazing shows Amazing Professor's So here I am, walking on yet another steep hill to the building where I think I have spent the least amount of time other on campus. And that is the gym. I think I've probably count on one hand the amount of times that I've been inside the gym. Um, one of those times was to watch the two thousand sixteen presidential election. And another time I sat outside to do lines for a show I was in, so definitely don't have that much experience with Jim. But I'm gonna try and take you on a tour, but anyway, that was by far the most time I've ever spent in the gym, very out of my element. Sara, what is a Division three school, and that means that politics isn't super prioritized. I would say we have a bunch of amazing athletes who are very talented, but it's not really something. The whole school really gets together to go to games. We don't have a football team way, don't have anything big like that. We don't have any big stadiums, Serena's or anything that another larger school might have. So it's not totally out of the question to do athletics. Sound learns. We have lots of different teams, but it's not something that I would say might be as big of a deal. A larger school. We might not be a big school, but we're still the Sarah Lawrence Griffins. And now I'm going to show you in the next video some of our amazing athletes and some of the teams that we have that you So Barbara Walters is probably one of Caroline's is most famous alumni, and she donated a bunch of money to make us a new student center. So that is what is being built over here. I'm still not one hundred percent sure what's going to go in it. I think we're gonna have food in there. We're gonna have a place for people to help work on papers. But that's gonna becoming spring. I think of two thousand eighteen, so that's something to look forward to. It's beginning to look a lot like. Everywhere you go, take a look at the five and ten. It's a lesson once again, with candy canes and silver lanes aglow, it's beginning to look a lot like Smooth is in every store. So here I am, sitting up on top of the Yoko Ono. It's not actually cold Yoko Ono. It has another name. That's its official title, but no one actually calls it that. I don't even know what the real name is. So in warmer months, a lot of students like to sit up here. They like to eat. They like to hear now, but as it's a little chilly snow everywhere. There aren't that many people upon here today, but it's one of my favorite spots on campus because it is just a really nice spot, especially when it's in the summer and it's actually kind of cool outside. Hey, guys. So we're now in the Campbell SportsCenter, Which has are, um, basketball court, swimming pool, filter center, among other things. So I'm gonna show you guys around. Is our pool. It's mostly used by the members of the swim team. But you can use it. They have opened Swim ours Where there's a lifeguard on duty recon. Go swimming. Um, anytime. This is our little, like studio room. You could take gym classes in there. Um, a lot of members of the community, Bronxville, which is around our school, will take classes there. Yeah. Racquetball, Not trackable. Sorry. Squash courts. I don't spend a lot of five in the Finnish winter to be always guys. This is our fitness center SportsCenter, and we can't go in right now. But that, and also downstairs, is our basketball court. Here we go for our games. Basketball is probably the biggest bore on campus that people go to. But, um, people, those that the people going against it sports doesn't like a big part of Sarah Lawrence cultures. So if you're big sports person, I wouldn't say Sarah Lawrence is the place for you. But it's definitely an option if if you're if you want to do sports in college, it's definitely here for So I just got off work, and I'm heading to Bates or remain cafeteria to go grab a salad before I have to go to French conversation. So fun. Fact, If you take a language here at Sarah Lawrence, you have two D'oh, a conversation piece and the group conference. So the conversation about Weekly without three students and a uh, native speaker and you spend about an hour speaking in that language to get practice of using that second, third, fourth, fifth, six language that you're learning. So I really speak English, and I can read and write and Spanish and understand it, but I don't really speak it that well, and I'm currently learning French. This is the North blonde. That's my favorite place to hang out and do my high. Um, with my friends. If it's a nice day, people will come out here. It's right next to the tea house, which is our and no tea house on campus. They have coffee and tea and big goods over there is two of our dorm buildings. And yeah, that's where we like to do our homework on the wall when it's nice. Well, don't go together. There's a reason the watch. Yeah, so no. Wait. No. William. Yeah. No. No way. Wait. Crime. Can you introduce yourself until you tell me why you chose their lines? My name is Lindsay. I'm a first year. It's our Lawrence. I chose our Lawrence because I was unsure of what I wanted to study. So it was kind of like a place that I could come to you to figure that out. Um, what is the student body like here? It's small, but within, like, the small community we have, like a lot of talented people. A lot of people who are really no interested in certain things. Intellectual, Um, what's your major, or do you have a major? And what's the academic climate like? Um, I don't have a major, actually, at sort of learned we don't have majors, but I'm taking mostly biology classes with a little bit of psychology. I'm on the pre health job. And what's the academic climate like? Um, it's intense at times. We're definitely, like, a really academically rigorous institution, but I think it's driven by student work and students manage their own time, so it really depends on the time of the year. And what's your favorite or and least favorite part of the school fair? Part of the school is probably the classes on DH. The least favorite part, I guess. I'd like to be another scene in an off book, Mrs Godden in the shade. He does it knows where we've been. It is on the loose is gone. Initiate mom. I. Stand up in this year. We would be walled below the store in our little hideaway beneath the waves. Resting on on the sea. Okay, So what I'm going to be showing you right now is need away and all of the dorm rooms that air on mead way. So, uh, if you ever googled the address to Sarah Lawrence College, it will tell you that were located at one meet Wei Yonkers slash Bronxville. New York is kind of on the border. So when the original school was established, Sarah and William Lawrence did live here at this estate before they turned it into the institution. It is today. And the location of the address is, of course, one meat away. But Midway is actually the road behind the school on DH. You can see these like columns right here. We're part of the original fence that find the back of the campus. Of course, now this is no longer the end of campus. And Alice is these air he just in a kind of memorial. But now this entire road and all of these houses, our dorm rooms, they were all originally family homes, and the college bought all of them and turned them into dorm rooms. Some of the dorm rooms are special co ops with different specialties, and then some of them are just storm rooms. So right after that, we had the first house. This is Schmidt. Um, this is just a regular dorm room building. Very beautiful. Uh, so this house right here that, you see is Warren Green. Now, Lorne Greene is one of those special ones that I was talking about because it is, um, what I call our sustainability dorm room. It is a co op that you have to apply toe livin, but it specifically for people who want to find some sort of community in taking care of the environment. So things like gardening and recycling and composting, thes air, all things that Warren Green does. Two of my best friends actually live in war in green. So later in these in these videos, you guys will get to see their dorm rooms and what they look like and what it's like living in a house on me away on. They also have cute little decorations up right now. Fall time. They put out their little decorations when they have some little ghost. That right there is the war in Green garden. I kid you not. They have their own garden and five days out of the week. They make community meals with the vegetables from the garden. It's beautiful, It's pure. It's homey. It's just adorable. Okay, So leaving the Warren Greenhouse and going further down, made away as you can see. So, like I said, this is the back of the school, so behind me at all, if you can really see it at all. But these are other doorman buildings as part of the old campus, this is it's worth right here. US is another dorm building on need way. This is Morris. Um, that one is Perkins. And then behind these trees down the hill, little bit hard to see his man cell and Brebner. And Midway goes all the way down this road all the way to the end of the campus. And it's just a really nice place to live on campus. If you enjoy kind of having your own space, a comfy house like community but also your super super close to main campus and all the classroom finally made to tell the road a little bit more. This is a man so another with acute dorm building and not one word. There is Brebner this big building right here is Bates. That's our dining hall. Our main dining hall. Faculty dining club's faces offices, student affairs, career services, a blue room, you name it. There's a bunch of stuff in here. S so you guys introduce yourselves and tell me why you chose to come to Sarah Lawrence. My name is Lila. I chose to come to Sarah. I chose to come to Sarah Lawrence because of the theater program and being close to home. My name's Michaela. I chose a candle. Say, Lawrence What? It was very much like my high school and the sons, that it was a small community, so kind. Everyone was very late. Describe the student body here. The student body is very small, but everyone is very nice and always watches out for each other, which is really good. They're creative, creative kids. It's a nice environment driving. Um, what are your majors or concentrations on? Described the academic climate. Well, I'm majoring in theatre literature and art history, uh, going like psychology, moving towards the heart of teaching graduate program. She'll be cool. And what's the academic climate like? Would you say, um, I find the class is like, challenging and a really good way, but also very interesting and very engaging. So even though the classes are hard and complicated, it's very interesting what you're studying, and it's very personalized to your schedule. And like what you're interested in, so should never really struggle very self driven to. You have to be very like, responsible and like a top. It's very much catered to like what you want me to think that what you're here for and what's your favorite and least favorite part of Sarah Wars and why? I think my favorite part is the amazing people, because once you find a good group of people surround yourself, it's very great and makes the school so much. I mentioned about my least favorite part is that it is hard to find your niche that school at this school. But once you do find that Mitch, it's like, I'm currently walking to the library for a study session, but we're going to pass if you really called building something to show you them. I literally lived in this building last year. However, this year I'm not setting art, so I no longer have swipe access to the building. I just finished study group and then in the library we have a classroom, and I just did the equation on the board nine doing some stats, eating a salad and I'm going to show you guys the library. I can't really talk because obviously they cast Be quiet outside of the room. So I just wanted to talk about it. But the library is and explain it so essentially like we have one library on campus, it's three floors. This is the main floor. There's a cafe within the library, which is really awesome when you need, like pulling all nighter and grab a coffee and what else? So Sarah warrants were a super research heavy school. So our library is phenomenal because I could build an appointment with my research librarian, librarian, use all of our resources to really, really, really get all the information that I need to be successful to soothe. Hey, guys. So this is going to be my Westlands video? Iceland's is the big building. That kind of signifies Sarah Lawrence College. So it's right here. Oh. This is actually the backside of, uh, Westlands. Because, of course, behind me is all of the old parts of campus and our duty. And, of course, all the old door rooms that I talked about in other videos. Um, so, to give you a little bit of background on West Linds, Sarah Lawrence and William Lawrence actually lived here in the house before Sarah Lawrence unfortunately died, and William Lawrence decided to dedicate the school in her honor. From that point on, Westlands became a place for classrooms. Admission there even some dorm rooms in the top of West Linds. And there's this this very gorgeous building. I'll take you inside right now. Hey, here is West linens. I were beautiful. Admissions building. There's the administration's have. That's where all the interviews and stuff go on. Here's a song, actually. This right here Is it a little bit dark right now? But I think this is one of my classrooms. I'm society is the president here is really waiting for class. But this is show you guys that it's helped lay person more offices. There's the building. It's gorgeous staircase. Let's hear some more offices. And who's Sarah Lawrence? Gorgeous scientists believe literally. And then, of course, is who Liam Lawrence in his fortress. And then, of course, more offices. Beautiful design. And then up these stairs is more actual buildings. And that there was this beautiful old architectural building. No. Which, of course, now we use for And missions classes. Two hours. Sometimes if you fight us there, Lawrence, they will ask you to do an interview. Do you play to Sarah Lawrence? They will sometimes ask you to do interview for it. So that's also held here out the doors. Just the front of the building. Because look. There's some events going on right now. I'm not sure what it's for, but looks like a good time. Have a course, just the mean part of Hello s o Sarah Lawrence is a suburban campus actually weaken you Look at it a little bit. Um, this is our main quad, the North Lawn. Um, is my friend Sophie. Hi, Eyes S O is the suburban campus. So we do have a Knack Chul campus that you can walk around on. We're about a forty five minute train ride away from New York City on It's a small school. Don't say anything about this. Well, it's a small school, which is really great because you see the same faces around campus over and over again. It's great which no man. And I get it. I think it is is sometimes a little hard tto to not be able to escape all of the people, but at the same time, it's it's such a close community, and you get to know people so well, which makes like making connections really easy on DH. Really personal. Yeah, I really like to like, you see, people are on campus and you kind of know what their thing as in like what they're interested in, especially like people who are in like theater, like writing or like the different arts here. You definitely kind of know who does what, which is really right. Um, we are a four season campus right now is really not well. It's very nice. Out is a beautiful sunny day here at Sarah Lawrence College. We have? Yeah, we have all four seasons. I think the winters could be a little rough because, I mean, the winter is like, anywhere can be rough for a lot of people. Um, bye. It's really nice having thie amount of, like, outdoor space that we have on campus. Especially when it's nice out because we all like this without side. Um okay, so can you introduce yourself and explain why you chose Sarah Lawrence? I've been Alan. I'm a first year. I chose Sarah Lawrence because it's very close to the city, but it's not directly in it, so you get the more college experience with. Describe the student body here. We were fairly look like small, close knit population here, but it's easy to make friends, so that's good. What's your major? Or concentration? Well, our school doesn't have majors, but I do have a concentration in creative writing. Can you describe the academic climate? Um, I don't think it's too vigorous. If you don't like writing, then I feel like that would be a turnoff. But if you're really good at writing and you don't mind grating, that's good because we don't really have tests. What's your favorite and least favorite part of Sarah Lawrence and why? I feel like my favorite is also my least favorite. Even though it's a small campus, which I like it can be, I kind of it kind of has a lack and diversity, but it's okay. When it comes to actual classrooms at Sarah Lawrence, you never really know what you're going to get. I've had classes in lecture halls. I've had classes in what looked like big movie theaters. I've had classes and actual little classroom looking things. I've had classes on stages and in black box theaters. Honestly, you're going to go have anything anywhere. Traditionally, seminars are between twelve to fifteen people, and then lectures are Captain around sixty. So if you're looking for small class sizes, you're definitely going to get that at Sarah Lawrence. It's great. In my opinion, you get to have a really good relationship with your professor, and you feel like they really get to know you over the course of the semester or the year that your in their class. So now I'm going to show you some of the venues on campus and places where I've had It's not going to a favorite spot on campus. Love me little courtyard right outside the science building. And when the weather is nice, people sit out here and they do their homework. They do some readings that over there, that building where their offices and stuff and some conferences are here to be a better way of Bates. Andan that little window right there eyes actually one of our other lecture halls, which I want to take you guys into. But there's a class going on. You can't see it. But I can actually see one of my friends sitting in class right now, taking notes in her statistics class. I'm going to take you into our science center. I have a lot of classes here. I've had psychology classes here, economics classes here, econometrics here, my statistics class last year, and they have a lot of meetings and stuff in here in a lot of interviews and conferences. And all of our Latin stuff are here, of course, well and no. The whole time. I'm gonna try to go into this classroom and you take it too, Okay? Never mind. I tried to go into that classroom when there was a class in there. No, I'm gonna take a tour there. Lawrence. You will definitely see that classroom. That's where I had my boy. Yes. Classroom. This is the second floor science under. We have a lot of biology. Or just like state, like a storage place for that. These are actually offices, others. Yeah, please. Here's one. So this is what a standard Sarah Lawrence classroom looks like. Lights just turned on, which is perfect. The majority of classes here, Sarah Lawrence, Our seminars, of course, we have lectures, and then we have our arts classes and other types of labs and social sciences and sciences as well. But most of time you'll be in a seminar type setting. Out of the classes are seminars, which usually maxes out at about twelve students. So it's really your professor in eleven other students s. So of course, the classrooms don't really have a classroom feel. It's usually just like one big round table with either chalk boards or whiteboards, depending on what building you're in. But it's this round table set up specifically so that your class, however long it is. Usually classes go from an hour and a half, too. I've seen classes go to two and a half hours. It really just depends and you'll be here. Just talking, which I think is honestly one of the best things at Sarah Lawrence has to offer. Because the classroom experience here, it's unlike any other you will ever get. I'm not even kidding you one hundred percent stand. The Princeton Review. Um, and when it says that Sarah Lawrence has the number one best college classroom experience, they're not lying. I walk out of these classrooms and my seminars and my lectures, feeling like I just had the most mind blowing conversations with someone who is an absolute expert in their field. Absolutely amazing professors and amazing other students who have amazing ideas. And I'm always just completely blown away and excited to keep working, which is something that I think a lot of students don't necessarily have. So Sarah Lawrence really allows you to have passion and This is the performing arts Center, also known as the Casey. Um, this is where all of the performing arts classes performances take place. Thank you. Right now I'm going to my music theater class. Uh, this is what the main lobby looks like. Not for me. And I will bring you to the can't. I can't. Okay? They're busy in there, so I don't want trouble. But that is where my class is gonna be. Think quick. About ten minutes. Hey, guys, at this member, meet Lindsay, we're standing on the south lawn. Um, that building right there is Wes Linds, which is like, Army administrative Building. I could really hear the construction over here. Really hear it everywhere and give us this mess her. But, uh, it'll be done by next year. Yeah, those are, like, second main quad, where we hang out when it's nice how people come out like with So moving along from West Linds and whatever event is going on behind me looks like fun. This looks like my mom. We're kind of move over, Teo, the crack in other part of, uh, the old campus and is one of the older Torme's. Here it is. There's the entrance. Blue storm rooms just alongside here. So right now I'm going to try to take you guys into the McCracken dance studio. This is where they have the ballet classes. Other classes is well, rehearsal spaces. I have my ballet class in here. I'm going to see if I can get in. Hopefully I can is a gorgeous open space, so Okay, you guys, This is the McCracken dance studio, this big, gorgeous, open space with these huge windows for natural light, like big, beautiful mirror. It's just it's like incredible space to work in our dance program here is amazing, but if you're interested, you will most likely have a class So now i am sitting outside, rising her rising. There is an interesting building. I've had a couple classes in there. I had stage combat in there. Now my acting for the camera classes in there have a couple of little spaces that again kind of doubles classrooms, but they're also performance spaces. So they have a really lovely big hall. They use anything from music performances. Um, it's a really nice building. Also, very importantly, the bookstores in here. So you need books for class. That's all in there. And now i'm going to give you a closer look. You could be cool. For walking in the highball, which is the arts building and a monkey, and for Griffin Capital, meaning you don't get to see the inside Remer flipflops. He got, so it's kind of gray outside looks pretty gross. I'm gonna try and give you a tour, Bronxville before airports with rain. So let's begin. So right over there is the Bronx will train station and with the Bronx Zoo train station, Sarah Loans will actually shuttle you after five on weekdays, too, from the train station and then all day on weekends. If you want to go into the city where your getting back from the city, that's where you want to go. Although side no. If you live in hell house, it's probably faster just to walk to and from The fleet would train station. So I'm passing this in Joseph's Catholic Church. Which fun fact JFK used to live in Bronx. So when he was very young and that's where he went to church and school and up ahead is the Acme Grocery store. So if you want to think small and maybe you don't want to go to something big, like stopping shop, you could always come here and it's really nice. It's kind of within walking distance. It's kind of far, but I would recommend is going to sound. But it's here's an option. If you need it, then you hit the Bronxville High Street, which has everything on it. The post office, the CVS, a bunch of restaurants and stores. And my favorite spot slaved the grind Slave to the ground. Is this really cute little coffee shop that's always packed in Sarah Lawrence students. It's a great place to hang out with friends. Do some work, and they make really good drinks and muffins there, too. Around the corner from Slave to the Grind is the Bronxville Diner and this really cute movie theater and only shows about three films at a time. But it's super cute, and you definitely want to go check it out if you want to be in Bronx, So they're currently in a cross country race about to run a city. Trapped that film. I can't. Go back. It's gonna be six came about with point five miles. So we just finished our six K. And then we are waiting for the voice of sites. We could go cheer them on, so it's very sunny anybody. But I was always and there. Okay, so this is going to be my library video. I'm going to show you what it looks like. I'm a little bit inside. I'm going to show you the library cafe and kind of what that I can. So this is the library from the outside. What you see? Sign keeper, little bikes there on the architecture. Really cute. And then over here, you can't see it. But over behind these bushes is the little outside area. Well, that construction over there is for the brand new Barbas. But this little game right here is the outside court for a cab. Oh, yeah. Thing about the library. I'm whispering after atleast hidden gems all over the library. Others. Amazing Little corner with all of our chi Since this is like, beautiful, quiet room and M bugging people something but you looking for Very You go through the library. He will see there's, like, beautiful germs everywhere. I'm looking for talking a little, but to show you some more hidden gems in our library. But now I'm in the basement right outside our Sarah Lawrence. I teach our services. I'm one things that people don't really know. If students don't really is that the corpses are incorrigibly helpful on my laptop. I had a time of random. Last minute, um, explosion woke up and my laptop it has completely stopped working. Mom and I took it toe that morning and they fixed it by my one P M. Class, and it was absolutely amazing. This holy free, they help me out. They fixed it. It's incredibly helpful, so resourceful, so make sure you check them out of quarters. What happened? Jenner Holmes. I'm one really cool thing. That's our lines in the library. This space, the system is you can see these shows are just much together and all these books hidden in between it. And then, of course, you can move them and open up the different hallways and stuff. Not only this is save a space. To the library. I'm not gonna be able to talk in there, so well, tell you now, this is a library. It's a very popular spot. First our students and it's now open to my flowers because we're getting into the last one. So hello from university rooms. You're sitting here from it, actually. So our library has three force. I just took you through the first. And now on the second floor, Um, a lot of books. It's a library. Well, um, now that it's conference season is what we call it. Which was basically the final three weeks for people to finish their end of the term papers on the library's open twenty four hours a day. Just really nice. Um Yeah, confab. Hi. So this is one of our classrooms. It's also it's in the library. It's used for lecture classrooms. It's also used for presentations. Concerned. It's why poured a projector and a TV? It's called the pillow room. Uh, it's called that because it used to be a room filled with filled with pillows. Now it's not, But, yes, even take a class here. And you can also come in here to study if Hey guys. So right now I'm here with one of my good friends. Be who is an R A. Who is also a Nikon and theater student like me who is also one of my best rhymes who also lives in tweed. Just so many things for guiding a stage manager. It's fine. Oh, wow. What is it? Okay, you It's cold, but I still have ice coffee. It's fine. No, it's caramel. Oh, gonna take you guys inside to show you my house and then also show you my dorm room. Hello. No. I'm just making posters for wrestling. Come on. So this is tree. It's one of our single family house style dorms on campus. This is actually an old Tudor house, that the college of fires. We're pretty sure that this used to be the Sun Room because I have sixteen windows and it's actually the smallest room in the house. So there are a lot of bigger options, and this is still a really nicely sized room. I think it's fun. I decorated it with my with my tapestries and my Halloween decorations and everything, so it It's currently a really ugly day in New York. So I am walking to work at what's Linds, which is the original home of our founders, Sarah Lawrence. And and this is where I work as a tour guide for Sarah Lawrence, and Tina will see, so come on. So this is our original building when Sarah went to start Sound good. And this is the North Juan and the pub, which is our eatery is right there. We'll go there later. So right now we're inside West Linds. This is where I work. Believing Westlund for my one hour free It's a beautiful day Sarah Lawrence College. So I'm gonna walk it's. This is North. This is our G team and that little corner you'll see it is the teahouse. It's not open yet. Or is it open? I don't We might go after lunch. It's really it's like a lo cafe and it all the money goes towards soon Hey, guys. I'm currently in my school sports and Jim I'm currently stretching. At six k. We just Our girls are just doing your stretches, making sure my muscles to sort. So going to show you the track, the gym Oops. And it's just a very small Jim. There's not a lot for me to show you so so says. Basketball court and the tracks ground's it, and then we're gonna look at the weight room, Um, can you introduce yourself and explain why I'm Marion Roten? Andi, I chose Sarah Lawrence because it seemed well. It is much more flexible with people who have, like, undecided Major. So if you have interest in a broad, like spectrum of like studies, you probably can, like, take a class on each one and then see how you like it. Um, there's no like declaring of majors, so it's much more like simple. I feel like that. Um, so, yeah, that's kind of what I was looking for. He described the student body. It's an interesting group of kids. That is what I'd say you. I mean, I would say it's a pretty, like, diverse campus. At least in like expressions of like, identity and such. It's a very creative campus. Two. Very creative. Um, what's your major or what's your concentration? So I actually focusing on education, so that's The goal is to eventually teach secondary education, but they don't actually have a purpose. So I Grey will be taking different education programs like classes next mustard. And what would you say the academic climate is like? Um, it's very it can be intense, I found, because it is like there aren't tests and quizzes and such. So you're doing, which is kind of, you know, perk and like, you know, something hard to like get used to your writing, a lot of papers and your reading lot. No, but as for like when you're working with teachers, they're very understanding about, you know, inflexible with, like, scheduling. If you do happen, Teo, you know, eyes up and you have a late paper. It's not really I don't think going to kill you. What's your favorite and least favorite part of Sarah Lawrence? And why? My favorite part of Sarah Lawrence thus far has been like the seminar class structure. So where you are sitting and instead of like having somebody talk at you, you are part of the conversation, so everybody's kind of sharing their own knowledge. I find that it helps me retain more. My least favorite aspect of Sarah Lawrence is probably how unstructured it can be. A times. Yeah, you have to be a pretty, like, determined and organized person, I would say for it to be a very successful school. Yeah, great. Thank you. Hey, guys, this is another classroom. This is in the performing arts building, but it's used for all different kinds of classes. Looks like this. Yeah, so at Sarah Lawrence, there's not really a typical class like there's No, there's no lecture hall like, I think we have one lecture hall. But there's no like, typical looking class, which is kind of what's cool about Sarah Lawrence is you can end up in really any space for your class. Some classrooms are in the living room of a dorm, building some classroom. Some classrooms are in black box theaters. Some classes are in. We have a film viewing room where you could take a class. So my point is that a certain viruses really no average looking classroom, which I really like. Even those Sarah Lawrence is a very small school. It really only takes about twenty five minutes to walk from one end of campus to the other. There are several different dorm buildings that I marked here with stars to start. We're going to look at the building, which you would most likely be living as a freshman, which is hell house. Hell House is a pretty basic apartment building. It has singles, doubles and triples, and most freshman end up living here. It's also the biggest housing place on campus, and I lived there, too. My freshman year, I lived on the sixth floor in a triple the West. Please, anyway. So Hill House is set up in different suite, so they'll be anywhere between four and six people in any combination of rooms, all sharing a bathroom and a kitchen. And then downstairs, you have a laundry room and a little store where you can get food on your meal plan. Now we're on our way to our second location, which is Salone, um, woods. I love the Slow Woods House is. It's a great location. You're close to the gym, you're close to the rest of campus, and everyone who lives here gets their own room. There are eleven different houses and their eight people living in each house. There are two floors, and there's a bathroom on each floor, and then you will share one kitchen. Next up is Andrew's court, which in my opinion, is the best place to live on campus. There are twelve houses with six or seven people, all living in single rooms. You share two bathrooms and one kitchen. But unlike almost everywhere else, you get air conditioning. Which means that a lot of the time these houses end up going to upperclassman. So sorry, freshmen Next to Andrew's court, we have Andrew's House, which is a mix of doubles and singles sharing a few bathrooms in one kitchen. It's also in a really good spot on campus. Just over the lawn from Andrews Court, you get Tau Westlands. Now Westlands is the central building on campus. A lot of offices are located in here, so just a few students live inside Westlands, and it's all quiet housing. On the right side of Westerns is McCracken, one of the old dorms. It's a three story building, and on the first floor is a dance studio, a study space, a meeting room and some offices. And then on the top two floors, there are doubles and singles that connect with a bathroom across member cracking in the other old dorms, we have what we call the new dorms. This is Rothschild, Garrison and Taylor and Tailor. Each floor shares a community bathroom, and the building shares a kitchen in Rothschild or six air condition apartments and therefore six single rooms that has a kitchen, a living room in a small dining area and then in Garrison, which is in the middle of the three buildings. Each floor shares a community bathroom and the building shares a kitchen. Next up we have the old dorms Dudley Lawrence, Tits, Worth and, oh, Silas. Each of these buildings is set up in a very similar way, with doubles and singles connected by a bathroom on the bottom floor, Deadly Lawrence and Tits worth. They're also faculty offices, conference rooms and in tits worth a lecture hall behind the old dorms or the Midway houses. Brebner, Mansell, Perkins, Warren Green, Mars and Schmidt all of these houses of very similar. It's doubles and singles sharing a couple of bathrooms and one kitchen. However, Warren Green is a little bit different because it's the sustainable house on campus. So there's a cute little garden outside and solar panels on the roof. So that's about it for the dorms on campus. Next time, I'll take you into some of the rooms of my friends to show you around what living in these buildings is actually like. All right, mama. A library to do some work before i have cost at two. Thirty. So i'm going to answer some questions. Um, so i'm test i'm a first year and i chose to come to sarah lawrence mainly for the type of education what i'm hearing. So it's a very big writing school i find, and you've got a lot of personal attention from professors, so it's a lot less about tests and memorizing, depending on the class and more so about, like, discussions on writing, which i was very interested in. I also came here because you are really allowed, like, right from the get go right? As a first year, too, like, pick your classes. You've like there's no requirements like, you don't have to take any janet's freshman. You have to take, like, a certain number of classes throughout your four years. But as a first year, i was able tio basically choose wherever i wanted to do, which was a big appeal for me. Um, the student body is very eclectic. I like it. I think it took me a little while to find a group of people that i really clicked with. Um but everyone here is just really passionate. It's very passionate community. It's very small. You will see everyone all the time, which i think is a pro and con. Um, my soul, my major. We don't really have majors at sarah lawrence, but we have concentrations. So you everyone graduates with same degree, a liberal arts degree. But you can kind of choose what you want to spend your time on, what you want to take. Once we call those concentrations, try and cross the street. My concentration, um, is by trying to die. On the road is film, music and theater. That's right. Now. Um, yeah, and that academic climate, like i was saying before, it's it's it's a really non competitive campus when it comes to academics, which is very different from my high school and something that i really value about sarah lawrence is that everyone here is kind of here for their own education. Like, people are, really it's it's very much the salvadorans. Academic climate is very much what you make of it. You can work really hard and kind of come away from here with something really valuable. Um or you cans like off is easy. You slack off here because of how personalized the education is and how non test basis. But for the most part, people are here because they want to like better themselves. I'm sorry. It's really loud right here. We have construction. We're getting a new building up next fall. I'm trying todo all right. And finally, um, my favorite part about sarah lawrence is the professors one hundred percent way have amazing professors who are there for the students? One hundred percent. We have a dawning system. I'm sorry. It's really loud. We have a dawning system where basically every student gets a mentor like an adviser for all four years. I'm there also a teacher for one of your classes. And that's i really, really like that. My least favorite part is probably right now this construction. But general, probably seeing people all the time, like really not being able tio not see people that you Everyone my name is does. I'm from Wellesley, Massachusetts. I go to Sarah Lawrence College. I'm gonna be doing your tour. We don't have majors at Sarah Lawrence College, but I'm mainly focusing on music, theater and film. I saw you flash That's it. Meet. Say you wanted so much morning, Gadgil gonna say shirt. Change me? Well, yeah. Come on. So now I'm walking along the outside of a cold, and it's mostly visual arts. But it's also filled and any kind of article that there is painting, sculpture and the first film. If you should get in costume screenwriting, that's all there. It's also where you can check out equipment if you're making a student film. Hey, guys. So this is going to be my Health and Wellness Center video? I have an appointment for two O'clock in our Wellness room, which is another hidden gem of Sarah Lawrence that students don't really use that often, and I definitely should be on the wellness room. At the health on the center is a room that you Khun book for thirty minutes, and it has a massage chair, light therapy and what they call mindfulness mindfulness readings. But really, it's different recordings and tapes for meditation and relaxation, and it's just really, really helpful, especially during the Colder Seasons. Seasonal depression is also known as seasonal affective disorder, which, ironically, the abbreviation for that. It's sad, um, happens when, of course, you didn't transfer into a place a different environment where it's just not a sunny. It's not was warm outside. It's much colder, or they just haven't been around son for very long. They've had been lying out in the sun. So take you guys in there. I have an appointment. In about fifteen minutes, I'll show you the inside of hell. The Wellness Center. I'll tell you a little bit more about the services they offer there, but specifically, I'm going to let you see the wellness room. Okay, So this is the Health and Wellness Center. I know that it looks basically just like a family home. That's because originally wass and then college bought it to turn into this building. Here. Thank you. Here. Check it. Okay, So I have my beautiful nature sounds going. I'm about to turn on my son land sitting massage chair and spend thirty minutes just relaxing, taking off the stress and really taking a mental health. Okay, so I just came out of my thirty minute session in the wellness room. I feel completely relaxed. It was really nice to just take that time to meditate and clear my head of all of the responsibilities and stresses that I have two d'Oh. It's super important, regardless of what college you go to. Always make sure you're keeping your mental health and check and taking that time for yourself whether that's meditating. Or maybe, um, whatever it is that you need to do massage chairs like therapy, whatever, but taking that time to really check in with yourself, check in with how you're feeling, Because if you have a mental breakdown college, which for me, it seems rather inevitable, um it's just it's good to take care of yourself and take care of your mind. Some other things that I didn't get to mention about, you know, the one the center is that they also offer. Besides having just actual doctors on campus and at our disposal. They also have a gynecology free HIV testing flu shots. Um Oh, my gosh, The list goes on and on, and I really cannot think of it right now, but I'll put it in the list down below, Um really, the services that the centre has to offer our endless so parents, don't you worry. Three Oh. Okay, So this is one of my best friends. Antonia. You know her already, But who you haven't met is for a cute little kitten. Sage. Um, Sage is Antonio's emotional support animal. And she's going to be telling you guys a little bit about what that process was like getting her registered as an ESA animal through Sarah Lawrence And what it was like bringing her to Sarah Lawrence from San Francisco, which is where and Tony is originally from and how life has been as a student. Uh, now that she has this cat. So that's when you can tell us a little bit about those things. Yeah. I had to bribe together up here in this sage since I was a senior in high school. So I already was kind of. She was already informally. Yes, but in order to have me here on campus, I had to get fill up some forms with my doctor, which was pretty easy. I just explained, like how she helps me in, like, the process, like what she does on DH. Then I registered with disabilities here. The person in charge of disabilities is Polly world man. And she was really helpful. Kind of telling me what to do the whole time, giving me instructions. I'm not. We flew from serious isto. I was able to get her, like, a free to get because she's registered with JetBlue and she just went in a little carrier underneath my feet on It was pretty good. Like it was scary for sure. Got here. It was okay. I'm sorry. Well, and she's been adjusting really well. She is actually acting a lot nicer than she usually doesn't. Everyone in my house loves having her around, and,