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So I just got off work, and I'm heading to Bates or remain cafeteria to go grab a salad before I have to go to French conversation. So fun. Fact, If you take a language here at Sarah Lawrence, you have two D'oh, a conversation piece and the group conference. So the conversation about Weekly without three students and a uh, native speaker and you spend about an hour speaking in that language to get practice of using that second, third, fourth, fifth, six language that you're learning. So I really speak English, and I can read and write and Spanish and understand it, but I don't really speak it that well, and I'm currently learning French. This is our main dining hall. The pub, which I already showed you, is our restaurant type food place, and this is like the main dining hall. Um A salad bar Superstar Challenge. Of allergy free soup, salad, Pizza, pasta. It's open for lunch and dinner all the weekdays, and then it's open for beads brunch, which is very popular at Sarah Lawrence and God. Waffles, pancakes, bacon, eggs, omelettes and that's open on the weekends and then it's closed for dinner on the guns No. Hey, guys. So this is going to be my video into the pub? The pub is one of our main food source is on campus. Besides fates Dining hall, it's one of leg are kind of like our to grab and go place. We have, like our grill, a sandwich shop, gluing free options. Kosher options there. Salads. There's like, basically, anything you can just grab and go. Um, it's good for busy days during class. I always get my coffee here in the morning. This a good place to go. One of our on him. There's all different kinds. It's mostly like burgers and fries. Not kind of. They open the open early other dining hall even earlier than our other dining hall and close at one a m every night. So is the hot spot late night food.