Scripps College Dining & Food

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Hey, guys. So I'm at lunch right now, and I just wanted to highlight my favorite meal of all time at all of any dining hall every day of the week is Friday lunch. It's scripts. So they have fish tacos and sushi and today have craves, which are like, Amazing. And I love the Shah clothes. And I love sushi, and so does Holly. So we have a great lunch today, so yeah, very So I think the best part about dining here, the Five Seasons, that you have all of the dining hall. So choose from their seven at all of the colleges. So, like I'll eat different meals at different times. Like my friend from Pomona. He's having lunch at CMC, which is Claremont McKenna. That's one of the other colleges on DH. Yeah, recently. Every single day. You can check this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Teo, eat at any of the dining halls that you want to. And it's a great thing, isn't it? Holly? Yeah, Dining here is also my one of my favorite Every day they have, like all these deserts you can always count on, like having ice cream and soft serve and, jeez, basically like cakes and pastries and stuff. So I really like that about the dining halls and coffee and hot chocolate, especially like when it starts. I mean, when it's cold outside. So here we have the international station and basically they have like Boba for everybody today. And they have subs. Say hi, not a lead. What are you getting in line for? What you're eating? Oh, tofu. That's also what do Yu mind for port? OK, cool. So options for everybody.