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Thinking about Nebraska Wesleyan University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Nebraska Wesleyan University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Nebraska Wesleyan University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Nebraska Wesleyan University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Nebraska Wesleyan University experience. These Nebraska Wesleyan University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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So I love this student center. It is a great place to do homework or just hang out with friends and the food there. The student centers roll on campus is really for students to hang out down there and do homework with their friends. I'm going to like a hundred man. This's our on campus students newspaper Mrs where the offices If that's what it takes to make me smile, I'm going to like a hundred. I'm gonna run right up thiss summer sky interchanges If I gotta take a break, I I wanna run right up thiss him. Thank you. Hail. And maybe I'm just a little girl with great big plans. Go. I'm gonna learn to violate dance A little something about round lands. I'm gonna go take a chance. I'm gonna live a crazy dream. Impossible as it may say Doesn't matter what the future brains I'm gonna lay a crazy dream right here. My Maybe I'm just a little girl with great big Hey, they're so bright and early. I'm going to the pitch event at Nebraska Sa University and what that is. That is an event where students can talk about problems and present about problems on campus and then ways they can fix that. So I'm going to that now. I'll show you a little bit. But also are to me, which will increase our revenue of teen sales. Can you use also for all this stuff, like you can have local musicians coming and present it to you? You can have such a great community van just by having this stage can be easily set. My second idea actually was inspired by something very common in my home Rizzo, which is this outdoor work station. They can have up to nine people working out in the same time, and I start to fear of these stations that Greece space suit would just have an amazing space or countless eyes. The worries. The station will both social interaction. Maintenance costs are very low. Can't use all your own. Involvment. My first thought was getting involved in elementary school already have tides within our university. If we could get them involved and have them help create, are guarded and working at a benefit that this well, then a sense that it provides outdoor activities. It provides Hey, there. That was really interesting. A lot of students had great ideas, especially for the tailor Commons, which is a big green space between the weary athletic center and the library that that green spaces just very, very plain. There's never anything there. It's just grass. So people had really good idea. It is that is a really cool event on campus to show innovation and how people can come up with ideas for areas on campus already that we could just make better. So it was a really cool experience. So this is one of the racquetball courts in the weary center. People come and he can come in here and play racquetball or tennis. So we have lots of different facilities in this one facility. This's the field house, and this is where tennis, an indoor track practice. This is the cardio races where ellipticals are and such, but I don't want to. This is another view of the court. We're at the upper level of the basketball court. I insist. Yeah. This is what a typical classroom looks Hey there. I'm walking back from choir. I just had it today and I'm going to go to the cafe, which is below the cafeteria in the student center. And the cafe is a really great place to get late night food because it's open until eleven thirty p. M. Every day of the week and it opens at seven a. M. Monday through Friday and then seven p. M. Saturday and Sunday. So it's a really great place to get, like sandwiches and quick snacks and drinks, so I'm going to show you around. The Student cafe is great. Too much. It's much better than the dining hall. The dining hall food is not horrible. I just think that the cafe, since the food is cooked for, like individual people, not like in a mass amount of people. I think there's more focus put into that food. So it's very good, I recommend, even if you're just like If you're taking a tour on Westlands campus, definitely go try the cafe food. I recommend the caprese panini. That's my absolute favorite, but the cheese and the cheese case. It is also very good. Man that's name. She literally goes off the entire paragraphs describing in peach trees. Thanks, guys. Have a lovely day. Thank you. Hagan, so I'm not sure if I should share this. But one really equal bonus to making friends with the employees of the cafe is that sometimes you get free food. It's like I just walked up there and I was like, Oh, I'm filming a video for campus real dot com. And, um, I was like, I'm just going to record you guys doing something he was like, Do you want some free fries? And I was like, Sure, and they're really good fries. By the way. There, like one of the best fries have have. So it's just a plus. Like Just be nice to the employees, Definitely a park, okay? It is. I don't think you can. You know you know how it be. The theater building has impacted my college experience through all of the shows that I've performed there this past August, I was in Drowsy Shop from the musical. I was Janet Van de Graaff who is the lead, so that was really fun. That was my first lead in college, and it was just a really great experience. It made me love theater even more. And then I did Mamma Mia, which was fun. And then recently I was in Xanadu and I was amused, and that was just so much fun. So the theater building has really impacted. It has impacted my academic career, major league, because I didn't come in here wanting to Major in theater. I want to major in theater in high school, but then I was like, No, I'm not good enough. So I was like, Oh, business. I'll try business and I realized I did not like that. And I kept doing shows in college and just the theater. The feeder pulled me back in. I'm going back a hundred, man, I'm gonna waste alot If that's what it takes to make me smile, I'm going to like a hundred I'm gonna run right up thiss summer sky interchange if I gotta take a break I want to run right up this here. Right here, tailfin and maybe I'm just little girl. Great. Go, Teo. I'm gonna learn to violate dance a little something about amends. I'm gonna go take a chance. I'm gonna live a crazy dream. Awful as it may say, Doesn't matter what the future brains I'm gonna lay a crazy dream. Right here. Maybe I'm just a little girl with great big plans. I wantto weigh hand. Maybe I'll just wait a little grace. D'Oh. Don't. The music building has been really wonderful is well, I take jazz choir there as well as piano lessons, and I just loved jazz choir so much. Even though I'm not going to major in music, it's definitely It's definitely helpful for theater because it's a different type of music. I'm learning different types of music, which is really good for theatre. Also, the practice rooms and the music building have helped a lot with me practicing voice and by me analysts. And so the music building is. The art building has impacted my career at Wesley, and very much, too, because I took a video editing class there last spring and it was wonderful I loved it, reinforced my love for video editing and you add it in middle school and I loved it. So it just made me fall back in love with that. So those three buildings were are the most important buildings to me on campus. The workload for my major is is pretty heavy, especially if I'm in a show, then it's It's very difficult, but I always managed to get my work done. So for a theater major, we have lots of different majors. The musical theater major is around eighty credits, whereas my major theater arts major is around forty, so it's not as much work. But if I'm in it, if I'm in a show, it's definitely It's definitely harder because we're rehearsing five five to ten p. M. Sometimes longer, depending on what kind of rehearsal week it is. So being a theater major is definitely taxing, but it really prepares you for the real world and all the long rehearsals you'll have as a professional. So I like the classes and feeder are really fun. I'm taking a musical theater literature class right now, and I love it. We just were watching musicals and the discussing about them like themes in the musical. So I really loved that. And I'm also taking musical theater class, so we're learning songs that performing them in front of class and workshopping them, and then I'm also taking an acting class. So right now we're actually making puppets, which is really fun, and we're going to perform Shakespeare scenes so that it that is a lot of fun. It's very unique class, very unique acting experience. But the class in theatre a very their varied and so we have classes in technical thier as well as designs on costume instruction. So I learned to sew a button. I learned different sewing, different stitches, so that's a lot of fun. But then there are also performing classes. So we have lots of different classes in the major, and it's just it's really fun. I just want to learn all different aspects of feeders. So it's a great, great campus to learn all different, Lancelot shows and the best question University Way Sound Yeah, fall on my well, you see. The way. I So this is my first outfit for my use. Rock music, lyrics and erotica. And this is my costume One out of four. So I have four constant attention. Yeah, so we're about to start the show, so I don't know. Our love couldn't go wrong way dream And and now now they are gone. I will go way. So it is the end of the show, and this is my costume. Hang out my skates. It's a fine time. Hey, guys. So I'm going to be filming my room, but fun fact, I don't live in the dorms on campus. I am in a sorority, so I'm going to show you my sorority bedroom, and he's going to be a fun guest in the room. Thank you, Olivia. This is our room. So you four people in bedroom, Each person gets one closet, but since we only have three people in my room, we're sharing this extra closet here. But this is mine. So this is an example of the closet in our sorority. That's my piano, and then each girl gets a few drawers. Then here's another closet in the room. We have two closets in total. I'm going back. A hundred here. I'm gonna waste away. If that's what it takes to make May smile. This is my bed. I'm going to walk a hundred. My I'm gonna run right up thiss Summer Sky interchange. Hey, guys. So the freshmen housing options on campus are plain Zeman, Centennial Pioneer and Johnson Hall as well as Burt Hall. If there's like an overflow of students, but the first four are the halls that Freshman live. Its students of all the years can also live in those dorms, but primarily freshman living those. And in Centennial Hall, there are singles and doubles, so singles are for one person and doubles or for two. So this is Centennial Hall. This is one of the dorms at freshman, mostly living. I wanna run Rat Thiss. I want Yeah, here. And maybe I'm just little girl. Great thing. Go take a check. I learned to violate dance A little something about round lands. I'm gonna go take a chance. I'm gonna live a crazy dream. Impossible as it may say, It doesn't matter what the future brains I'm gonna lay a crazy dream. Right here. My Maybe I'm just a little girl with great big plans. I wantto help. Wait here in my hand, baby. A little break and then in the other, the other halls. They're just double rooms, and there are a few singles in the Johnson holes, but in the Johnson Hall. But they're usually for upperclassmen for students that aren't freshman. I stayed in Centennial Hall. I had a single freshman year and I loved it, even though it was small. I really liked living on my own. Um, I'm just a very independent person, so I did enjoy that. But I also do wish I lived in a double because it was kind of hard for me to make friends freshman year, and I feel like a double would have been good because I would have had at least one person that I would see all the time and I could hang out with. But I did love my single. I believe Centennial was awesome because there are pods in the door. Unlike the other dorms, which are just hallways, Centennial has pods with couches and chairs and a TV, and it's a really great place for students who might have a little more difficulty making friends. They can sit out there and talk to people in the P A's and just just meet people easier and get to know people easier. So I recommend Centennial Hall for freshman because it's a great place to make friends easily. And the people just all the people in Centennial are so cool and down to earth. I like that dorm, even though is it is not the best quality. But I believe the people, the people are the part of it that make it the best experience of sophomore year. Most sophomores live in the suites. The sweets have four people in it and two people the troops there, two bedrooms and two people in each room, and there is a kitchenette, so there is not a stove or a dishwasher. But there is a sink with a microwave and a fridge. And they also have a living room and that with two bathrooms, one bathroom on each end by the by each room junior year, most juniors. They can either live off campus and can't campus apartments or just off campus completely separate from Wesleyan. Or they will live in town. Houses, which are sort of are like the sweets but an upgrade from the sweets. So there are four bedrooms, one person each bedroom. So they get their own bedroom, which is great. And then there are two bathrooms, and girls and boys come both live in the town house, like one town house. You can have boys and girls. I know some people do. Two boys, two girls like separate ends of the girls get one bathroom was get another or it can be completely girls and boys. The town houses. They have a full kitchen, so they have a fridge, a microwave a stove, oven and a dishwasher and a sink. So it is definitely kind of like a small apartment or townhouse. And they also have a living room, so they're very. They're very nice, and then senior years. I know some seniors. They like to live off campus because it is cheaper than on campus housing. But I do know some seniors who live in the town houses, and I know one I think lives in a centennial single, so it's really nice they can. They can. They have a lot of choice of where they want to live. They also live on in on campus apartments. I know quite a few who live in there. Cem Dormer Essentials. Definitely a computer. A smart idea is Bring a shower caddy for the shower, since you can't leave your stuff in the showers there, like and Centennial, my pod had two showers in it. You don't want to leave your stuff in the shower because people might take your stuff. So have a little shower Caddy with shampoo conditioner body soap like that. Have a few towels. I think many French is a really good dorm room essential as well as a micro waves. You can cook your own food and then store in the fridge. I didn't have a microwave, and I wish I kind of did. It was just money wise. I couldn't afford one, but I recommend those just some little dorm of essentials that will make living there even Okay, So I'm walking Teo basketball game on campus in men's basketball game. And the cool thing is, is that all of Leslie and students get get free admission to sports events and future events. So it's a perk for going to esteem. And I'm going there with my my roommates, MacKenzie and Olivia Oh. Wait. Hello. So I don't party. I'm just never been interested in that, so I don't have any videos to show you of me going out. But we're going out to parties. But I do have a video of my roommates and I going to Hertz Doughnuts, which is a doughnut shop in Lincoln, Nebraska, and downtown. We're going to Hertz Donuts, which is a twenty four hour donut shop in downtown Lincoln. So it's in a big building called the Grand Manse, and the Donuts are like super elaborate, intricate and fancy and super sweet. So, yeah, it's actually open twenty five eight. I'm sorry, but it's super young, so what? Oops. That one. Or that. You both look so good. Yeah, we got dough. Yeah. What do we get? Olivia was yet? Yeah. Oh, God. Orio? Yeah. That German chocolate. Yeah, Love it. I got robbery st You will go to Rizzoli's for food on Mondays. They are three ninety nine pasta. I recommend, and as well as sometimes just going to the mall and walking around. So that's what we, my friend, my roommates and I do. Instead of going out, we don't party out of this party, so we have other ways of having fun.