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It's wonderful to see Oh, working nine Working 49 today, 8:30 p.m. In the morning. And I actually just talking to my friends about this yesterday. I think it was introduced yesterday that next semester I cannot do late night ships anymore, like for tonight is a necessary that late, but, like just in general, can't do night shifts like if taking so much of my energy right now, I'm pretty tired, but I have a full day. I can just you know, I mean, Skip today, but I am, like, exhausted. You don't seem so next, Mr already put in my availability until the only day shifts, which is perfect. Next, I have to physical classes and the rest of my classes online, so that means every single day. Just about what I said is completely free. However, Rebecca want spacious. It's not just because I cannot handle this whole waking up. Being exhausted. Missing classes like best is not good, so day shifts only. But yeah, that's what the day is that so far are about to eat out of class and wait equipment looking, camera equipment, looking today. Get so looks like they have some tours going on or something like that. But I just picked up my stuff. How about to go back to my dorm now? Um, I'm trying to bust back. You go back to my dorm and then get ready to leave for children. So, yes, I am back in my room. As you can see, I am going to be heading to impact with his Bible study at my first Really Soon may believe it like 11. 45 11 now. So I'm definitely on time, But I actually just got done watching or like, catching back up on okay, for I love the video. So you don't know where they are. Go check them out because the cost is really interesting, but it has caught up on that, and I'm probably gonna stay here and chill for the rest of the time, but also doing work for you then until I have to leave. I'm also contemplating if I wanna go to class and I need to stop doing this, but, I mean, at this point, it's the end of the semester light. There ain't enough to know someone be learning in these classes. So that's what I've been skipping every day because what's the point in going? It's how I feel. But I'm probably skip calculus because I asked you not to tell Michael feel like going, But I probably will go to accounting. So you guys will see that. And I will check back up when I'm leaving for just 35,000 years. 10,000 years? Yeah. I am proving that this crap is not I'm letting you know that it doesn't. Rebecca proved me. Rebecca proved command of God way. Yeah, this happens every Wednesday. So on Wednesdays, after Bible class, Sometimes I don't say anything to my pastor. Like, I just, you know, go go to class and then leave. But this particular Wednesday, I did have some information, some different things to talk to him about. So I thought it was gonna be like 30 minutes. I tell myself that every time it's just gonna take, like, 30 minutes. Boy is four o'clock right now. Class started at noon. We got out at one in. Now it's four o'clock. So deaf didn't take 30 minutes. I did just want to say, though, that I understand that some people who watch me may not go to church. You know, God, our spirituality, whatever may not be like your thing or whatever, but understand that coming to God and having a relationship with Christ is so important, and it is probably the best decision you'll ever make in your life. I know that my life in general just overall is so much better after coming to God and also specifically being in the right church with the right pastor. So that's just a little Nuggets thoughts you all like. I said, I understand. Maybe religion, or maybe faith isn't your thing. But if you really try God, if you really want better in your life, give God a chance, give fate a chance and I'm telling you it, you'll never be the same. That's all I got to say. I am now about to put my phone down so I could drive back to my dorm safely and thanks for coming to Ted talk. So I am now back in my dorm, as you can see. Like I said, I am not going to class. That's just a whole body. It is what it is. I'm not about to try and rush. There haven't eaten like I said. So let's just make myself something to eat. And I call it a night. I can't if I told you guys, but I did end up picking up two shifts at work, one out on Saturday and then one on Monday. However, we're gonna be shooting something at the church like like video shooting something at the church on Saturday. So I'm just gonna give the ship back up again, which is perfectly fine. It's not a big deal. It's not like I needed both of them anyway. But just kind of like, I guess, one of the extra shift. But I said, not a big deal. But as of right now, that basically sums up this work for the rest of the night. I'm just gonna eat, and then I have working 8 30 until 1 a.m. So there's really nothing else to show you. Guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, make sure to, like, common subscribe if you haven't done so already. Also make sure you check out my want to look book, which is gonna be linked if you check out the website. And also answer might give away. I'll be seeing you guys have long missed a six. This is obviously you guys have lovers Day six and until then, please remember to be kind to everyone piece. what is up, you guys? And welcome back to another vlog. I am like, so excited to finally be recording another video I flick has been so long since my last video is probably, like a couple months. Sorry for that, but I'm back and I'm better than ever. So let's go. Today's vlog is gonna be like a college day of my life, but it's not a typical currency on my life. Today is Tuesday, and it's a Tuesday before Thanksgiving and I go home tomorrow. So basically, today, I'm kind of running errands and stuff like that. And I know you guys gonna wonder like why I didn't go to class today or why I'm not in class is like about to be 11 o'clock. And I don't go to class because because I'm too cool for school. No, seriously, I don't go to class because most of them I just don't feel like it, which I do not recommend. Yeah, please go to class High school, middle school, college. Wherever you where you and life, please go to class. I just don't go to class and I don't recommend that. Okay. And I also need to pack today as well. Since I leave in the morning, I'm releasing a winter lookbook, which is gonna be out December 1st on both my YouTube and all my social media's like instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, all the different stuff. And you're gonna wanna watch and stay tuned because I also have a giveaway. Went to that lookbook. So makes you think for December 1st. But we are shooting and filming the pictures in the videos for it tomorrow. So I'm really excited about that. And I did check the weather for tomorrow. It's supposed to snow and stuff, but as long as it's not like a blizzard will be okay, If it's just like flurries, then we're good. So right now I'm in Buffalo. I go home to Rochester tomorrow, which is like, an hour away, and this is what it looks like a buffalo. You probably can't even see that. But it is snowing right now. Yeah, I was trying to act like it wasn't really code a year. Yeah, it is cold, and it's not even really snowing yet, so it's just gonna it's just gonna get worse yet because it's only November. No, his cold, But I'll make it. It's actually kind of pretty out here. If it was snowing more, it would be even prettier. Like if it was. You know what I mean? That that blankets? No. Let me show you. Jesus. Name warmer one gas tube. Yeah, I know nothing about flashes. I usually don't wear lashes when I don't makeup, but which won't be cute. So are you guys. So I just got a warmer. I got the stuff I needed to show you real quick. I just needed some some black stockings for one of the outfits. I got some sponges. These were the cheapest sponges, makeup sponges. There's like, I think, $2 0 my God. The things cheap. But I don't know where beauty. Normally, I would go to a beauty supply warehouse to get on my makeup stuff, but I don't know where one is. Ah, in Buffalo. So we had to just go with that and then lastly it as nails. Todo So they're silver, I think their cue. Honestly, I've never had silver nails, so I don't know how I actually don't like him, but I think they're cute, and I think they're festive, So I'm doing anyway. people ask me all the time Who does your nails? Where do you go to get your nails done on my girl? Do my nails myself. Because when you bawling on a budget, you ain't got money to be spending other people to do something you could do yourself. So now I must look, my eyebrows done. Um, they needed badly, as you guys can tell, since what they're looking like before. But to go get him done, I would take the camera in there, but I've never asked. I don't feel like asking them if I recording their shop and yeah, I don't feel like it. So I will show you guys what they look like once I'm out. Here's what they look like now I feel like some you're gonna say they don't even look that different, but they're just more tame if that makes sense. Like I need to get my eyebrows waxed all the time. And to me, I brought that in his butter because it leaves the thickness of her eyebrows and I will get my eyebrows wicks go out when Hannah eyebrows left. Okay, So threatening. Like it lines him up, but it leaves the thickness of your brow. So that way, when I do my makeup, when I'm filling him in, I don't really have to do too much work. I just have to, like, you know, get the line straight, get the concealer straight, and and I'm good to go. That's herself in the back of my car. But I'm gonna go. Plus, they had suckers. Thing is good. All my errands or done that, my eyebrows done. I'm heading back to school to finish out the rest of my day. Oh, I just forgot to get gas thinking I'm already back. And I'm not about to go out again just to go get guests. Especially since I really have to pee. Such as me tomorrow. I have to make sure I leave a little earlier to get gas. You guys my nails. But they're looking like I think these are Mac. You like I didn't think I was gonna like this much because they're so different. And I typically get, like, neutral colors, my nose. But these are cute. So after I did my nails, I was supposed to be in doing my homework. Um, what did not happen? Um, I ended up talking to a friend of mine who is trying to design a look for tomorrow's shoot. So she was kind of just looking at some different pieces that I hadn't yet pulled on. We're trying to decide another look on gonna feature her. So once again, stay tuned. But I kind of did just lose all that time to do homework. And now it's about to be 2 30 I have to go to work at four. So I need to kind of just, like, quickly eat some lunch, then maybe get a little homework done. I will. But other than that, that's what it's looking like. All right, Joe, not so so definitely didn't even touch the very good. You got some soup? Vegetable beef, barley castle, T gossamer crackers. I just figure chill until I have to own do really good work. Yeah. We're not say I was running out of work. I was wrong. Me? I am so tired. Okay. Hungry? How about to smash this food for their fries? A drink? Drink it a drink in a tropical cookie too. Also tired. Yeah, but I want to eat this food and then I need to pack toe leave tomorrow. But yeah, that's was right. I'm exhausted to say the least, but everything is finally done. Finally got all my bags packed. So here's what it's looking like. Way have my wardrobe for tomorrow's shoot. We've got the bag to still go with my parents and then all of my camera equipment. Here you go, on my camera equipment down there, and there's Tupperware in this bag because I had to take some some things, get leftovers and bring it back home in the door. Like obviously, now that everything is done, attorneys light. So because I'm about to sleep like there is no tomorrow, um, another thing that kind of sucks is that I have to be out of my dorm by mine by nine o'clock. That's when the dorm the residents Hall's closed. So I have to be out by nine, which means I need to be up kind of early to make sure I get ready in time and everything like that. Um, we're gonna get about, like, seven and then get ready and be on my way to Rochester. That's basically it for this blood. I'm sorry if it wasn't as eventful as you guys may have wanted it to be. I mean, I've logged my day and this is what I did in my day. So hopefully it's not too boring for you guys. Really? It was just a whole bunch of errands and stuff like that and then work on preparing for tomorrow. But tomorrow's vlog is gonna be really cool a sense we're filming in a village book and shooting the pictures and everything like that. So tomorrow we really dope. Um, if you guys enjoyed this video, then make sure you let common subscribe all that good stuff. Make sure you stay in school for my next video, which will be tomorrow. And in the meantime, please remember to be kind to So I'm here outside the room, which is like the eating area are connected to the other car complex, which is basically connected to all the court you'll be staying at. It has over idea of eating options or such as hobbies, which is a general American players that acidity, which is the most popular option. Uh, that's like, again another American place. It has a Mexican place gonna rock and roll. It has, even if he even has a couple of healthy options. So I'm just going to show you what the term looks from the inside. And another thing to keep in mind right now. It's one in the morning and you'll be able to see that even at one in the morning. Most places are open on DH. There's a long line under on many people. Assistant M E is in place to chill with your friends at any time off the day, hungry at two in the morning, you should get something to eat. And it's just very convenient from the complexes. So let's see, Beatrice evidence transfer. Hey, yeah. Run. System. No even no see. All right, guys. So right behind me right now is a court named Greiner on which probably is the best guard in terms of infrastructure and a manatee's on even in terms of rooms. And it's one of the gods which have air conditioning in that. And oh, so I've just loved the grinder with my roommates, as you can see, are here to get lunch on It's all of our probably the favorite places. Just hang out, chill and it's got the best place to get food as well, in my view. So let's see what gardeners like from inside. Hurry. Oh, my God. You. All right, so you know, and the place where I'm going to get through to the scar over bar. It's like a French players, but it doesn't really have a French food that has like a lot of variety, and I usually get my luncheon. Thenardier, lord of clams and diners got legs, Just amazing places, Teo said with their friends with amazing views. This as you can see behind me, you're sitting in a chair. Okay, so let's see what they have. There's some coffee. And yeah, that's pretty much it. All right. So now in this one day, I'm going to show you, give you good to it. Of the mainlining center card called C three cross Lord's Garden Centre. And it's a big buffet place where you can literally He does, Which is you want. It's amazing. It's nice food, so sex. All right, so I'm heading to soothe weekends. It's full at any point of the day on me. Dead. Rasta. Thanks. One. Just like this. Mine. What is one place and you'll be your recommended coming freshman, either. Definitely pistachios. It's not sure. All right. So here is not one shop dick, and I'm gonna ask him. Oh, boy wants his favorite places to eat on campus. Say something very usually Have your lunch, a gym, our student union. I have my lunch. Usually have to wait for having. Yeah, because like it's I live in any car driving Wilkinson. So it's much more convenient for food on now. What do you think? Most preferred place? Um, I'd say he's okay. And what do you think is the most popular off, you know, sitting for everyone in the area. In the atrium, I sale exceed three. But if you can, considering just the trio. Okay, I think it's sizzles because see, I working sizzles on. I think that it's the only place the only shop were like lines go to the last minute to the club. Takes on this older that way. Hot seat is the main dining sentence. According to the deal on that has that has, like, all positions. You can think of it like this.