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Thinking about UC Berkeley and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting UC Berkeley in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet UC Berkeley’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to UC Berkeley, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the UC Berkeley experience. These UC Berkeley video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Okay, So what we did with our dorm is we kind of decked it out with some lights, As you can see, think they're technically not allowed because it's like a fire hazard. But they honestly make the rooms so much prettier because the room on Lee comes this like, bright, super like or be moon looking light thing. And it gets hard on your eyes, to be honest. So yeah, what we did is we brought in some string lights. It makes the room just feel a lot more like home. It's a lot of ambient lighting, which is really nice. It's much warmer. It just feels really cozy. So that's super nice. I love having that. What else? I highly, highly highly recommend bringing your own desk lamp like one of these, because at night it just gets really dark. And it's super nice to have this on a night just like shining at your workspace. Another thing that I have is my mug here. I love having my mug Whenever I'm studying, I loved have my drinks. I love tap my sax. I literally have an entire I have, like, an entire, like stash of snacks back here like those air snacks. I have a whole Lhasa choose. It's everything in here or snacks like I love it. I recommend packing like for sure, like a lot of my clothes do not fit in the closet. This might not be a problem for some people, but it's a little bit of a problem for us. We managed to keep the room pretty clean. My pro tip is if you're going to bring something or, like, buy something new, have a place in mind for because you don't want to buy something and not know where to put it. That's how let clutter starts, and it just becomes a mess. So that's how we keep our room clean. Oh, a shower Caddy is essential. Mine is pretty minus, pretty minimum. I'm a pretty minimalistic person. I just have like face wash, body wash all that stuff. Here's my recommendation. I recommend getting a life one of the shower caddies that you put over a hook because the thing is like you, I personally would never want to put my caddy on the ground like that just seems nasty to me because you don't know what's on the ground. I recommend getting one that fits over the shower hook. Um, you will need a laundry basket. You only laundry detergent. You will have to do your own laundry. We brought a little water filter, which is really nice. Um, whenever you want to drink water, you know, you have clean water right there. From what I've heard, Berkeley top water is actually really good. I've just never had it because we have the water filter. It's like, why not just use the water filter, you know, um and yeah, that's all I have. Good morning, everyone. So right now I am walking to my anthropology and I'm going to show you one of the lecture halls on campus. So when I'm talking to you right now is continent exam plant biology. This is actually one of the smile. This it only house is about two hundred students has the bigger one task like seven hundred students. So this is the lecture hall in genetics and plant biology. Has he conceded House is a good number of students, about two hundred, but it's actually one of the smaller ones on campus. And you can see student slowly fowling in for class today. Here is another lecture hall and campus. This's Wheeler Hall. It's got a large auditorium and also got some possums within it. And on the right side, you can see the Campania Lee Tower, which, wise right behind it. So here I am, walking into real at all a different angle because why not? And yeah, you can see. Well, Hall is pretty big. It's really nice and grand super pretty. Mike. What? To make sure we're not skipping over it in these cases. So now let's fight. All right. So, campus write this. As you see, we're very close. Have a Walgreens have a subway right there. Just a bunch of places. I walked around a little bit. Everyone's just getting out of Custer lunch. Right, We're coming up on a Bank of America. There's also a Wells Fargo create posted campus on the other side and in front of us fifty six and great wants to buy all your hear that everywhere every day. Bagel shop, noodle shop, Rahman shops everywhere. Now, if you continue right down that way. Down there, you have it. Yeah. Now there's games of Berkeley. You want cards and humanity is I suggest that's where you do it. Um, there's a peaceful place that Senor ease pizza. But I went to for the first time two days ago because they were giving out free user, so, so good, actually get something. This is what we call the Asian ghetto because there's a lot of Asian, too. No. There's a hotel right there. Have your parents come visit. You are ready. What? Donut is so good. Haider, come and check it out. Blue sky right there. There's a Taco Bell like that. A little bit further. Top dog, which is a place that culture always that and up on the corner. Right there. We're looking right now. Place is also artichoke pizza, which is super good. I love it. Recommends. So this is one of the main streets that we have If you want to grab a bite to eat. I said you can't really go wrong ending on here. Everything is super good. One of the things I love about Berkeley. You have so many unique, amazing food options. Everyone. It's Karen again. So right now I am heading down to downtown Berkeley to get some gelato with my roommates. And what I want to show yesterday is how easy public transportation is in Berkeley. So basically, as a birthday student, what you get is you get what's known as a Clipper card, and this allows you public transportation pretty much like through any agency in the Bay Area, which is really, really nice, and you get free bus rides through a C transit and buses right here. You. Hey, everyone. So we're now in downtown first week, and as you can see, there's a lot of city life. That says what is known in downtown. Hey, I'm right here. We have Bart's Kenshin. We have the participation where you can access even more public transportation. And, yeah, you can travel throughout the Bay Area. Today we're downtown. Ten year anniversary. That was what? Like everyone is. Hello. I'm here. This is Aaron Years. One of my remains. Friends from high school. We're friends. Yeah, yeah, yeah. George Berkeley. I also think we're same. Major. How hard beaks. Oh, Deeks is electrical engineering and computer science. So. Right fire. Really, Chris. Wait. Person. Yeah. Pretty. Six. What? Yeah, it's What way? What? Oh, it's three. You Bill Shins. True? Yes. You. There. Ready? You? Yes. Oh. You're so people pulling, will you get accepted into Berkeley here? Like a like a peek. And then every other christened me? Yeah. Computer science. Also, they won't former addresses. Wait. What? Oh! That is huge. If you saw my video lecture, actually, you just like the biggest auditorium on campus that doesn't everyone in the class later, it's for a class for the huge. Do you think that's like a downside? Of course. Is Yeah, because more people is just pretty sure they're doing its job. Get Yeah. Keys, great parties. Honest. This is my home they can get from students. They're probably over at this point. Most I just students. Yes, great. Don't for now. Incoming, fresh, rising, Seamus. Obviously, first, that's not to say that our experience, though any side, which I feel kind of it's related, but it's also not. It doesn't completely preparing for sixty. That's it. Don't do it if you don't have any prior experience, the biggest thing is just a practice you can know no. It is this once, once you got it. Wait Phew. Three. What's your name? Where. Like it now. I have something B? No. Which is no the state today. Yeah, four ccs. Right? You even if you just No two with is there? Stress is Hey, that's basically it. Sing it here. Yes, Anto study. It's it is not. For birds. A lot of especially wait. You really You really need to know concert? Work. You You're just don't, okay? For you. The last one just come to this. But this place is like Wait where there's no classes. And you're supposed to just let you some people take Really? No. Cool. Thank you. Yeah. Hi, everyone. My name is Karen. I gotta UC Berkeley, which, if you don't know, is in Berkeley, California It's in Northern California and fun fact. We are actually the very first UC campus. So if you're not familiar with the UC system, there are, I believe, ten. You see, scattered throughout the scattered throughout the state and Berkeley was the very first You see the open and we actually just celebrated our one hundred and fiftieth anniversary. But because we are the first ever, you seize it school, we get to call ourselves cow. No other school in the UC system gets the call themselves this a little bit about myself. I am originally from Southern California in a very suburban town called Rancho Cucamonga, if you know where that is. Yeah, go Inland Empire. And I am an ex major, which stands for electrical engineering and computer science, and I'm super excited to show you around UC Berkeley. You guys. It is good in their orientation way. Just got breakfast. Waited in that long. I don't think you can see it, but we just got four items. Way Got a code bagel, some eggs, some muffin. It's definitely like what you're gonna face in society. So make sure you're prepared for that. No way. Wait. Guys finished orientation. They ate lunch at unit three on DH. We're basically here. Just showing out before we get a tour at UC Berkeley campus. So during orientation, we just did an icebreaker. Introduce yourselves. Three ice breakers. There's a lot. Here's a recreational room. Basically, there's a piano decide. Uh, this is where we wait for the team. Dorm way Booth. What? So years they're down there, you got to check in This's the Cunningham all where I live of our units. You place I live in Cunningham. I'Ll show you guys around other places Way got the academic center on the bottom mailroom meeting rooms. Before you answer your room, you always have to scan your card. Andi, this is to allow, like not students. So you need to check in. Spot is down here. Yeah. Uh, there's also tally call. That's, uh, building next to ours and then water, huh? I think we're the only building that has a theme. The Asian Pacific theme, which is Consul called a path. You have a like you put your bike here, the key to lock your stuff in and then yeah, this is unit two. I'll give you guys a tour of the U. C. Berkeley campus right after this. Sadly, I'm not going to include that video, but I'll definitely close one when it's ready in the future. But here's something that's awesome. Okay, So this is a video of how grateful I am to you were doing a Sophie video. So just thank you for being my life. I love you, Mom. Working so far. All right, That's an NBA video. They're, like, common subscribe and peace. Yo, what's up, guys? We're really at Cal Topia. This's one of the biggest events birthdays hosting, so there's actually lots of booze around, and you basically can check out every single one of them. You have free prizes, uh, stuff, no. Wait. Yeah. Yo, What's up, guys? I'm on a boosted board on this is actually electrically powered on. One of the features of counsel was also safety booth. Way quite heavy. Three trials. You also just get Booth. Wait, so this is pretty heavy. You gotta watch out. But it's really transportation fees on pills, so you knows everything. So this is gonna be my second time doing pull ups for the Marines. Let's see how much I weigh. Wait well. Wearing front of ROTC ten. We're gonna see how much push ups you can do it, Max. Uh, is eighty five so far? Hopefully, I can beat that grand prize. Basically, just people doing push ups down there and they're just counting. Wait. All right, my guys, we're gonna do some push ups with me. How much you think you're doing? Thirty five, thirty five, thirty five. Right. Let's get it, then. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Get lower, man. Come on. Twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five, six, twenty seven, twenty eight twenty. Finished A push up contest. I won. Oh, three records. Uh, how much you got? What a surprise. Oh, I think eighty five was the speaker, so I was able to get this piece here, and I'm happy you guys attend Jet Challenge Coming description If you guys got more than one of three. Wait. Ah. Wait, wait. Wait, wait. You don't want Some guys were at sliver. Pizza weighs on DH. I got three slices of pizza plus one Coca Cola. So you got options. This is actually the first night we've eaten out at a restaurant in Berkeley. Way usually eat at roads Crossroads, but yeah, Here's my my guy friends. You introduce yourself. So Garba and, uh, I just called you a G man, but he has somewhere interests me. I want to be mostly millionaire. Get a Lambo. He wants to get on to your baby. You got a bamboo events, a door? I want to get an elemental Uh what are your goes on? Like eclairs? Yes. Well, you, Daniel, you saw Daniel yesterday. You went to the basket. Of course with me and Tim. Ana, You guys play the last game right now, is it? What way? Battle on your good bro. Yeah. All right, go ahead, boss. You guys ready? Set, go, go! Do you go? I got you to thank for Okay, Hella fast. Yeah. So there's a casino in the middle of birthday? Uh, it's in Straw Hall. So this is one of the events that we do in going very imitation. You guys just want to introduce you to People's Park. This is a legendary place where all the people from different countries come. Probably stay here even overnight since they don't have a place to stay. Uh, so, yeah, this is the design of it. Um, I wouldn't recommend going here at night because you don't know what happens. You know, it's probably unsafe in this district. I live in unit two, so it's really close to here, So Isa Museum, wait. Hello, everyone. It is Karen again, and it's a very exciting day because it is big game weekend. So I am spreading my Berkeley here today because this weekend we are playing, um, against our rival, which a Stanford University across the bay there located in Power Alto and no, not to bag on them. But we are the better school in the Bay area. Uh, I'm just getting, but Stanford is considered our biggest rival and we're playing against them this weekend. And it is a big deal here at directly like it's called the big game because, like, it's the most look towards a game. But the entire season. Um, our rivalry with Sanford goes years like I don't even know the whole history of Berkeley or Stanford or anything. But I know that our rivalry is strong. Um, the big game is like important because there's, like this tradition with the axe. It's like a literal acts, and the axe gets passed on to whoever wins the game that year. And guess what? Berkeley has lost every year for eight years. Um, so we don't have a very good track record against Stanford, but that's okay. Um every year, we still hype it up and we amp it up, Um, so leading up to the big game every week, we have, like the big game rally and like, we literally have this event that's like chopping the trees. So they're like, chop down a tree, I think, and there's like a bonfire. It's like a huge deal. Um, if you don't know the symbolic reference behind that is that Stanford's mascot is a tree, which is pretty lame in comparison to Berkeley's Golden Bear just saying so. A little bit of a disclaimer. I actually I'm not a football fan. No. Have I ever been late? Literally, like, even if I go, I don't even know what's going on, So it's pointless for me to go. But I do love my school. And, um, I ended up recruiting some of my friends to help me get some footage and some pictures from game day. Because, you know, I still think it's like a really cool and really big part of brick. We culture. Even if I personally hate football guys, it is a big game count, and as you can see,