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What's up, you guys? So today my mom and I are going to go shopping for my apartment that I'm moving into for my second year of college. So our plan is to head over to Michael's. We're going to try and find some of those really pretty vines. I could go around and you're like that one or just something in my room. I don't know. I kind of wanna hang like a succulent and like a cool light bulb from the corner of my room, like next night bed. I'm wearing this really pretty necklace out of your Scott from H and M. I believe it had another little like one on it, and it just looked too, like I don't know too much. So I just went and cut it off with some, like metal clippers. Like I don't know. My dad had them in his office, and then I have on these shorts from Tillie's. All right, so I'm gonna show you guys along and let's head out, and then real quick, I have a few like posters I wanna put up this year in frame, so I'm gonna take these with us to Michael's. We did this little D I Y. Product. Today we hade this old patio furniture we're about to throw out. And then I realized I need a patio furniture for my apartment. Should we kind of threw this altogether? Spray painted it this morning. Didn't take much time at all. So cute they might have. Lycan s here. That Shane, I get all this was on sale. Having rules. If I want I want some sort of flower arrangement. Okay, They have these. I don't really like that. I wanted, like the more, like feel like leaves that are more like that. Yeah, they have these fine resisted buying. Yeah, I would like a single one. Right. The next step is to find picture frames that called the prince that I bought literally last year and haven't really used. There's no room for them. We have a really cool prints would make it to use last year. You guys probably saw this in my dorm when I ripped it off way are going to look for a circle pillow because that's a fact. So I found this pillow that I thought was the kind of dope because I wanted a circle one, This is Velvet, and then I realize it's 50 bucks. So no way. Laundry bin, which I need I wanted one that can, like, squish up in my closet, but still, like, be firm because my Lawson from target was really cheap in the polls. Always fell out. That's perfect. I'm Well, how are you? Quick log. Intermission. Blinding. Why? I don't like the golden hour. What the heck? All right, we're heading to target. This is horrible lighting. Oh, my God. All right, next door. So I've been looking for something like this to put in a little thin based in our bathroom or something. I haven't told Shay, so she's okay with that. If not, I'll return it. Um, and that I wanted this hair lightening spray because I want more blonde in my hair. I guess you could say Okay, so we got these two leaves that we're gonna put the bathroom hopefully. And then that laundry bag. We have two large frame 60. My twenties. This is one of our outdoor patio furniture's things. And then two smaller ones. So that's what you thought. Today we're gonna put all these really cool pictures and now I'm just so that when we move in Super easy Pai letter poster. But it's likely fit in this. Frames were gonna cut some of it. Oh, my God. That was really cute. Doubling my favorite. I bought it from a guy from last year, and we didn't use it because there was no room. So very This is just on my better now. But I think I'm gonna put this hot on the wall like that. Like this is, um, on my bed, obviously. But then I'll have that print and then that print, and then I'll have, like, another hole like wall on that side. Except they're probably make me make a shelf. Who? One of those or something? I'm not sure. Or maybe all do nothing. I'm not really 100% sure what I want to D'oh. So it's the next day and I'm gonna continue packing so much stuff today just because tomorrow is kind of crazy with appointments and stuff I need to get done. So today is going to be a major packing day, but I also need to film a video. I wanted to film something that was like things every freshman need to know about, like, sorority recruitment and freshman dorms and all that, Or it might make it completely directed towards cow Polly. So we will see. But I need to film that today. I'll give you guys a quick Oh t D It sure is one of my favorites I have right now, and it is from till use. And then these shorts are from a little boutique called Caged. They have it in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, and I think like the Bay Area. So if you ever are cage, they have good stuff there. So I love eating this, plus out of the bag from Primitives. I'm just making it right now. It takes about, like, +56 minutes. So we got one of these cool tech sports for our apartment, and I just kind of like the president. Inmates, welcome home on there are probably on exclamation point. Is this like appearing for you guys backwards? I just went ahead and packed up all my doctor stop hair stuff. Face masks in some random, like make it palates. Little need for, like, semi formals. So that's gonna be it for today's video. I don't really have much else that I'm gonna be shopping for until I get to school, which I'm doing in, like, a few days. So get ready for some new college videos. I'm gonna have a ton of time to film just because I'm not taking classes until mid September and make sure you guys comment any video ideas down below and get the studio thumbs up. I hope you guys love it so much, and I'll see you guys in my next video. So this right here is the historical downtown Fremont Theater. They don't really play movies here anymore, unless it's like a indie movie of that. Usually they have, like a church group that does their church. Uh, sessions here they have all sorts of throughout the year, but the coolest thing is is that this entire building lights up in neon during the nighttime, so it's much more beautiful than it is in the day. But it's a super awesome, cool old theater, and then right next to it is a restaurant. But I SARU is pretty non traditional Asian sushi restaurant. But the really cool thing about it is that last year and this year they have a special on Tuesdays for two dollar California rolls, and my friends and I used to come here all the time, our freshman year and get a really to dinner. You can pretty much eat as much as you want for under ten dollars. So yeah, definitely recommend ice to Hey, guys, it's Sami. Welcome back to my channel. I'm definitely gonna be getting into logging. Worth, So I figured I would do a week in my life at college. Sunday, November 25th. And I just came back from Thanksgiving break. So I got in last night at, like, two in the morning, and I woke up this morning pretty fruity, Did some together, is what I'm wearing. Me and Angela are gonna go get lunch off campus. There is literally no food options here. Open. Anjali is gonna drive us down to downtown slow, and I'm gonna treat her to lunch because she loved to drive me everywhere. Let's go get Anjali and ready. Look how pretty it is out here. So nice. We literally have the best one ever. I love it so much. We just got a lotta things were just some peas in downtown slow. So give her Come go to Just so I'm gonna do a quick little bark. Friday hole. All right, camera. All right. So the first thing I got was this tank top from Bernie Melville. I also got the sweater, and then I also got this really cool long sleeve shirt. It zips like all the way up or down gets a little bit cooler and stainless the best. So, um rather than like where I'm from, So I needed a bigger jacket. Nothing too big, obviously stowing. It's definitely really warm, and it's comfy. But that's all the clothing that I got. And I'm gonna show you guys the jury's. So I got these earrings from Brady Melville, this necklace from Francesco's. I think the deal was buy one, get 1 70% off. I also got these earrings from Francesca's and then this really cool bracelet with the moon on it. And then I'm wearing two of the other things that I got so good at this necklace from a cute little boutique where I'm from. And then I got the super cute bracelet from the same store as where I got this one from. Hey, we're gonna decorate for Christmas. Paige just got back. He was ready for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony. 12 three. Okay, we're making snowflakes and pages, and that is not a snow play. Fine versus yours, right? We're heading down to the lab for study and eat some good friend tries at Chick fil A. This is Sammy on an actual school day. We could just do me no fast on this. It's my nation and dancing. Wow. Wife is really hard for Sami on. And I'm trying to write my whole speech today, so just practice that that's going on beautiful. And the roomie is getting word rind e on. Wow. And that is a day in my life. So he made hot chocolate, and we told the girl not to drink it on her bed, you know, for always, always. And who told you that with that face mask really said I never spill is all right. We're going to initiation. We have white dresses on long dresses. Um, underneath our jack. We're I came in the time I got you did I just started the log, but we're back. She just did. Sleeping for Kappa. Today is Tuesday, November 27th. I think I had cost this morning from 9 to 12 and then I went to the library for about two hours, so it's a little bit past two right now, and I got a lot done, which is awesome. So I had two hours of calms this morning, and then I had an hour of journalism's that was like my class schedule this morning. Later today, I have an honors lecture for an hour and then a two hour e con lecture. So that's fun. I just cleaned up my room a little bit and practice my speech, and now I'm heading to the gym to dio Quick workout before my next class. So I'm gonna head over there right now. Cal Poly's rec center is really cool, and I just like I did a lot of cardio and abs in lakes and all that. But now I'm in here to practice for my dance. Final is Wednesday, and we're actually having some good weather. It's raining. It's only her second day of rain here in slow, so I'm excited about that. I had one class this morning and then I had dancer two hours and we're working on our final. I need to shower, get ready, practice my speech that is tomorrow. Not looking forward to that, but I am so it could be over. I have two other assignments I need to get done today, and then I'm going to volunteer, so that's kind of my day. Looks like don't mind me again. Always looking around. Just doing some work out in my room right now. Oh, emulating my I cannot help You Got it? I got the yoga mat on everything, Of course. Hey, guys, today is Thursday. I'm officially done with class, and, um, I just had my brig persuasive speech. I was pretty nervous, but, um, I think I prepared Well, I think the speech actually went pretty well, which is awesome. That was my last really big speech. I do have one more next week for finals. Today is a bit rainy. So I'm wearing this gray sweater from Brandy Melville. Um, and then this black jacket from Hollister. Some light, like they're, like, kind of distrust wash black jeans and then my rain boots from made Well. So that is the look for today. Going to volunteer at 12 today, and right now it's about 11. We got across a bit early, my friends is letting us borrow her car, which is awesome. So be a lot easier to get there. We've been spending so much money on uber's going everywhere around slow. Today is Friday. I just had class for two hours. It's new now, but I just went to packaging center to pick up my glossy A package I've been loving. They're exploiting toner. This is the toner that I've been using for the last few months. And it is so great. I used to have a bunch of small bumps on my forehead. I tried toner on. I love it. So if you have that kind of issue going on, I would definitely recommend this because I've tried so many different types of things. This one really works. Last night, I went to an exchange with, um, one of the fraternities here. So it was Christmas themed, and that is like what I did all night. I totally forgot to belong. I'm sorry. So you want to see any footage from that? But basically, I just wore, like, an ugly Christmas sweater and a skirt and, um, my room boots. All right. So I will see what I said. Whatever I end up doing later. Yeah, this is what I'm wearing. Um, tonight it's just a green little top black skirt, black booties. And then I had, like, star jewelry on so star necklace and star earrings. I'm super excited for tonight. Thank you so much for watching the city out of you guys love giving a thumbs up. But you know what you want to see in the future and I'll see you guys in the Hey, guys, it's me. Welcome back to my channel. Today's video is my long awaited dorm room home. I am super excited Show you guys what I got. So have you guys like this video? Everything that I bought for my dorm room is very practical. It all has a space that I know where it's going to go. Um, the only thing is the decorations. I'm not really sure where all of my decorations will be going. And if I'll need all of them, I bought basically everything you will need in your college dorm. So I hope you guys are ready for this video and let's go ahead and get started. So I guess we're kind of start with fun stuff. So finishing guys, my betting I put all of my vetting stuff in this. I'm just scooch back. I'm in writing stories about whatever me and my roommates have decided to go with. The all white theme was a little bit of neutral colors like that light pink color. But yeah, isn't always betting and has really cool tassels hanging off the lower end of it. The bedspread is from T. J. Maxx for sheets. I have these twin excel ones from Target their migra fiber. And I really liked how they were white, but they had the great startle none. I also bought a throw blanket. Then I also have my mattress cover. Then from Target, I got my fuzzy blanket. This is still in the wrapping just cause I want to protect it once I'm about sparing throw everything in the moving bins. But this is from Urban Outfitters is what the pill looks like. It's this nice light pain that my other one was from a target. And I really like this one. It's too textured, so it's really pretty. I got this pillow from Urban. I was waiting to this pillow, and it's supposed to come in two weeks. So you had a big issue with their backwater. It kept getting pushed back. Then. I also fought this extra pair of sheets, right, So moving on to the bath Stop. I got this shower caddy from Target. I heard that hanging ones. We're just so much better because you're not putting on the floor. I have a shampoo and conditioner body wash my cellar cleansing water to take off my makeup. We have some deodorant, of course. Toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash. Other than that, I have another huge band with just toiletries like Plus and all the random essentials. Now we'll show you guys my towels. I found these tales from home good. And I loved how unique they were. I got two of these towels and then I also got a bird in case I also bought some washcloths like face towels. And then I also got the Velcro like shower dress thing. I don't know what this is called, but instead of using a robe, you have this Velcro Think next I have these hangers. I bought these fingers because they are very thin and anon slept, so it's perfect for fitting many things into a closet. Now I'll show you guys some of my decorations for my door, so I'm not really sure what I'll be putting in my dorm room. But I figured I would just take it all with me and then figure out what looks best with my roommates, like the first thing that I thought was this hanging thing. I got this from over 21 for $10 so it was a very good deal So I have these tens, and I think they're really cool because we wanted to have a lot of gold, rose gold, all of that. So I'm gonna hang some local succulents from these. All right, guys, My favorite part of my room. They just take it out of this show you. But I got a circular gold near this is gonna make our room look super, super homey. Show you guys this rub. It's kind of hard for me to show just kinda long. It looks like this, and they have houses on the bottom. That carpet was from T. J. Maxx. I also bought another rug for our closet areas. Funny story. It's actually supposed to be this way, which I don't like that side of all for a dorm. It just does not match. So I flipped it over and saw that it looks really good. The next thing I got were these super cute boxes for storage, and the ones might look good sitting on my dresser or just underneath my bed. Also, we have a little life hack right here. This is actually not gonna be for my plants because I'm doing a fake plants because they're gonna die. So I got this for my beautiful understand off to walk to the bathroom. One of getting ready in the morning. We really wanted to incorporate a good amount of succulent. So I thought means hanging pots with speak succulence. With these super cute, you can actually put them up with command strips like this. Just hanging suction to the ceiling from a desk area. I wanted to get, like, a stapler. Scissors. Take all of that. The next thing I bought is this over the door hanging unit thing. I'm not really sure what it's called, but I got it from home. Goods from remain tonight. All right, Another big box. I was already packed away. I bought a long strand of Course board. I don't know. We'll use this or need it, but I figured I'd just pick it up in case I really wanted to personalize the dorm room. So I got some marble contact paper to put over the desks. I won't actually picked this up for me. It's too cute. It's American Urban Outfitters. I love the look of it and I love you jewellery and on the trailer, it there Yeah, I'm really excited about this. And it goes really well, our room. Then it also got this really cool pot from Urban Outfitters. I was thinking of putting a succulent in there and then hanging out with this Really cool Mac. Remain from the ceiling or something. All right, I put this sign where my bed is. I got it from Urban Outfitters. Another thing I just want to show you guys is this picture of this really cool moon strand thing that'll probably put underneath by probably also bonded that sides with us. We'll see how that looks. Once I put up my dorm tour, I also bought this really cool light. And then once I have, like the main light turned up in the room, I can still have a light to do some homework or just in general, I can have an extra light, which is a nice And then I also bought fairy lights for the room, and these were on sale at Michael's. My desk light isn't super cute, but it is practical for me. So it is one of these that go straight across. I get really annoyed with the ones that are like this because the light comes out sideways and it turns into a really big layer on the paper. So I got one that was just straight across. And then for a kitchen kind of household items, we've lost something towels. Then we have to use for our kitchen utensils and that a bunch of paper plates and bowls that I haven't put in yet. I figured this will probably to sit on top of our fridge or microwave, but I also bought a toaster so I could make a quick breakfast in my dorm room before some early morning classes going along with the kitchen items. I also bought two containers so I can put yogurt and granola or some fruit in one of these for class. And I also got a trashcan. This was $2 from Target. I'm super bad tell you has the things are from the toaster is wrong Target. These containers are from T. J. Maxx, but that's pretty universally anywhere. And then I have this awesome Brody back inside right into my fridge, and I like how you could just filled your water bottle with this right here. I got two of these big gray drawers from Target. Terrible. $10. So pretty good price. And I figured I would just put extra clothes in here inside my closet. You won't really be seeing these all, but they are really practical. So I got these bins from Baekje. I actually got four of these. I also bought these, which are super convenient on the side of the bad. We can put our chargers in it. If you kind of want to see what I'm talking about. It looks like that I also had to buy my own power surge because they don't have too many outlets in our room. So this one is from Amazon. I really like how it turned just so I can put my computer charger and my camera charger in all of my chargers on there at the same time without having to take up to out. What's that once, just because computer trainers are so big, The last thing that I thought was this awesome power ban Grimes are pretty warm. So I wanted to make sure we were comfortable and we had a good fan. So I think me my remains are all bringing a fan. So Hopefully, it won't be too hot in our room. It's one was from Costco. I believe if you are going to college, I hope you found this helpful. Or if you are just someone curious like I used to be it then I hope you guys like this video. Just remember, with everything you buy, you wanted to be practical. And you want to know exactly where it's going to go to a wonderful start to yours. We're going back to school. Could get a little bit stressful, but exciting. Make sure you guys stay calm and everything will end up turning out just fine. So I guess that is the end of this video. And I will see you guys in my next one Like your mug. Thanks. So this is what a Sarah Vista kitchen Looks like. You get a stove and oven and a fridge. Nothing much of dishes my friends were doing. Kim, Jack, you get a big closet for all of your food stuff, and you get the other closet over here and then you get a full length couch. Two little love seats that big TV doesn't come with the room. I'm sorry. Um, and then we're gonna go contract. Connor lives in a single because we're both resident advisors. So that's not a usual thing In service. You really would have a bunk bed in here. But this is usually the dimensions of a double ninety six feet. Just getting up so pretty much these dimensions. You got a window? Usually there'll be two of these big wardrobes in the room and then a bunk bed. There won't be any tables or chairs because in double rooms they have study rooms. Emotional leave. Connor here. Bathroom. It was right here. See? Was a gun on. Then this you get a bathtub and a shower, but in the other bathroom on the left side of the apartment, you'll just get a shower, get toilet, obviously. Nice little fling. Well, third states, and there's actually that's it. Come here. Well, people actually don't find out until it there's a folly, but yeah, this is a service apartment. This is Aubrey, but just also single, but yeah. Like so with Dexter, we are surrounded by buildings. Over here are too big engineering buildings where most of the engineering majors have their classes. Over here is the liberal arts building. It holds our art gallery as well. Most of the art classrooms over here, that giant, it's like cement looking. Building is our architecture building very much our archy majors live there and breathe there. Honestly, that major's way too attentive. And then all the way over there is my building. The education building as well as the business building is on the other side of it. Um, these are the two food trucks of today's Starbucks and the central coaster. Like I was telling you about, um, all around the other side of that tree is the library. Um, I will show you that in the different video, but this is the quad. Um, a lot of our events are held here. We have this thing every year for the freedom. Our free speech wall does cost some controversy, but that is held here every year. Way also have cultural clubs, um, events that I've put on every single year, usually on Dexter lot as it's our biggest Juan on campus. Like I said, it's the biggest lecture hall, Yes. Yeah. So I thought since Courtney actually has classes in here since she's a business major, we could ask her how it is to have classes in here. So corny, How is it learning in this kind of an environment? It's definitely interesting. It depends on the professor for sure. The class size being big is actually not that big of an issue. If you pay attention and you take your notes, um, it's pretty good. Sometimes we'll get that random oddball professor who's actually gonna assign you seats in here and call on you to answer questions like my Nikon professor. Um, super great on DH. Sometimes you get professors that just do their thing, and they chew. Oh, and the screen is awesome. It's huge for big videos for examples presentations. And it's really not as bad as you would think. Good to know Looks pretty cool in here. So what would be advice that you would give to a prospective student Whose company Cal Poly, for me? It would be. You gotta work your butt off to keep going here. Me personally. And I know a lot of other people here just kind of coasted through high school. It was pretty easy. Like you were just naturally smart. You didn't study for anything, and boom, you got into a cop, all right? And other people worked the butt off a gun in here too. However, everyone here needs to work their butt off. I don't know anyone that's just coasting in there, Major. Everyone's working hard learning their stuff. Yeah, we all got a tough wake up slap when our quarter winter quarter was like, Oh, crap. The training wheels are off. We all figured out how to get into a rhythm. How to do well here. You just try to think of the best way that you know how to study. Use that in your first quarter and then learn from your first quarter. Learn from your first quarter. What went wrong? What did you do best? How did you learn the best? What was the best place, you found that you could do homework at those kind of things like you have to build off them because college is so different from high school like nothing is going to be the same except for just a few things. And you really have to work hard to get to college. It's not anything like high school. So this is the Kennedy Library. The Kennedy Library really have one library here on campus, and this one has five floors. They go from least quietest, the quietest. The fifth and fourth floor are always carry their pretty much You could hear a pin drop. Therefore, like grad students and students were setting for finals. I once last year went to get a book, and I was wearing foot flops. I got someone. Death stares from so many people on the first floor. You have the computer lab and the twenty four hour area. I lived in the twenty four hour area last year. I stayed until like, maybe one two in the morning, and it's also really cool. Is that you're if you're scared to walk back to your dorm, they have a security van here at Cal Poly. Or you can stay outside of the library and they pick up at certain times. And they'll take you all the way back to your dorm. If you're staying here until, like one or two o'clock in the morning, and then on the second floor, we have Julian's Cafe, which is cafe that stays open until the main part of the library closes, so not the twenty four hour area. But the main portion of the library stays open until that closes, and they offer Lottie's hot chocolate anything pretty much you could imagine this year. They now self sushi, and they do pastries and bagels, all sorts of breakfast stuff, so that's really cool. And then we also have the tech resource is here. So we have the computer resource and pretty much any tech that you need. You can rent out computers you can rent out video cameras, uh, sound recorders, things like that from the library. And you can also, uh, have the English Writing Resource Center is here so you can go and get Student Pierre writing help with. They can read your essays or your research papers, and they'll go through it and check in. And Grandma are spelling mistakes. So that is a really So Baker or the Science and Math Building is definitely one of my favorite places on campus. It is an absolutely beautiful building that was just created probably just a few years ago. So it's brand spanking new with all the latest research abilities, and the professors have full range of what pretty much they could do in each classroom. The building is really interesting in the fact that, like because Cal Poly is mostly on a hill, the building starts from Floor one and then increases. But when you go in these double doors right down here, you'll be on floor two and then it goes up from there where it looks like that before one. But it's not because hills, but it's an amazing building will show you around real quick. I'll show you my old classroom where I had my physical science class. I'm a little studies major, so we pretty much learned the basics of all science order to teach children. And it's really cool, classroom, super awesome technology in there. And then I will try to look into something chemistry, classrooms, can. Majors can't go with them, but I'm going to try for you for science. So, yeah, this is the outside of Baker. Super Beautiful In each floor has their own little lounge area outside. They have cushions and couches where you can go study. There's outlets outside. It's really super awesome. So let me take you in.