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So what would be advice that you would give to a prospective student Whose company Cal Poly, for me? It would be. You gotta work your butt off to keep going here. Me personally. And I know a lot of other people here just kind of coasted through high school. It was pretty easy. Like you were just naturally smart. You didn't study for anything, and boom, you got into a cop, all right? And other people worked the butt off a gun in here too. However, everyone here needs to work their butt off. I don't know anyone that's just coasting in there, Major. Everyone's working hard learning their stuff. Yeah, we all got a tough wake up slap when our quarter winter quarter was like, Oh, crap. The training wheels are off. We all figured out how to get into a rhythm. How to do well here. You just try to think of the best way that you know how to study. Use that in your first quarter and then learn from your first quarter. Learn from your first quarter. What went wrong? What did you do best? How did you learn the best? What was the best place, you found that you could do homework at those kind of things like you have to build off them because college is so different from high school like nothing is going to be the same except for just a few things. And you really have to work hard to get to college. It's not anything like high school. So one of the most popular places to get food on campus is called campus market. It's also where you could get groceries if you live in service in the apartments and pcv. They have really good burgers, and they have breakfast burritos in the morning, but it only goes to thirty stuff breakfast burrito during the day, but they don't have a landing thirty. But, yeah, we just got, uh, murderous. That's what they're called. Both burgers, mrs fire friendly get breakfast slash lunch together on tuesdays. Camp rock is awesome. It also has a starbucks. Bush is really good because it's open early in the morning so you could come by at starbucks. You have a really good selection of meats, to which are all cal poly, and they've completely chocolate and they cal poly vegetables and things that all the act people grow. So yeah, it's really cool. Like so with Dexter, we are surrounded by buildings. Over here are too big engineering buildings where most of the engineering majors have their classes. Over here is the liberal arts building. It holds our art gallery as well. Most of the art classrooms over here, that giant, it's like cement looking. Building is our architecture building very much our archy majors live there and breathe there. Honestly, that major's way too attentive. And then all the way over there is my building. The education building as well as the business building is on the other side of it. Um, these are the two food trucks of today's Starbucks and the central coaster. Like I was telling you about, um, all around the other side of that tree is the library. Um, I will show you that in the different video, but this is the quad. Um, a lot of our events are held here. We have this thing every year for the freedom. Our free speech wall does cost some controversy, but that is held here every year. Way also have cultural clubs, um, events that I've put on every single year, usually on Dexter lot as it's our biggest Juan on campus. Like I said, it's the biggest lecture hall, Yes. Yeah. So I thought since Courtney actually has classes in here since she's a business major, we could ask her how it is to have classes in here. So corny, How is it learning in this kind of an environment? It's definitely interesting. It depends on the professor for sure. The class size being big is actually not that big of an issue. If you pay attention and you take your notes, um, it's pretty good. Sometimes we'll get that random oddball professor who's actually gonna assign you seats in here and call on you to answer questions like my Nikon professor. Um, super great on DH. Sometimes you get professors that just do their thing, and they chew. Oh, and the screen is awesome. It's huge for big videos for examples presentations. And it's really not as bad as you would think. Good to know Looks pretty cool in here. Like your mug. Thanks. So this is what a Sarah Vista kitchen Looks like. You get a stove and oven and a fridge. Nothing much of dishes my friends were doing. Kim, Jack, you get a big closet for all of your food stuff, and you get the other closet over here and then you get a full length couch. Two little love seats that big TV doesn't come with the room. I'm sorry. Um, and then we're gonna go contract. Connor lives in a single because we're both resident advisors. So that's not a usual thing In service. You really would have a bunk bed in here. But this is usually the dimensions of a double ninety six feet. Just getting up so pretty much these dimensions. You got a window? Usually there'll be two of these big wardrobes in the room and then a bunk bed. There won't be any tables or chairs because in double rooms they have study rooms. Emotional leave. Connor here. Bathroom. It was right here. See? Was a gun on. Then this you get a bathtub and a shower, but in the other bathroom on the left side of the apartment, you'll just get a shower, get toilet, obviously. Nice little fling. Well, third states, and there's actually that's it. Come here. Well, people actually don't find out until it there's a folly, but yeah, this is a service apartment. This is Aubrey, but just also single, but yeah. building a cocoon itch. There's the other dorms around us way have a volleyball court, basketball court and then lounge chairs. These are super fun. Little grills are over there. You can barbecue and make food out here if you ever want to do that. And just behind this building, there's a giant long that everybody likes to hang out at just like the ones in smell. And you've got a really nice. So this is this one of the study nooks. Each floor of the building has two. We also call them the sooner if you're cool and they have these really cool, nice white boards. And anybody could use a study office booth like Little Pod. Kind of. They have clear away the distractions, and then they have salads and these chairs there, like in the kitchen and stuff Tio. And they're so ugly. Everyone is constantly rolling around on them. It's actually every story has a giant TV. There's times of TV's on every floor that never get used, but they're there and they work. If you have something to Teo, this is the ball gender restaurant. So this is something unique to the new door. The bathrooms are all gender. Everybody on the floor of shares. So here we have all the sinks. Everybody loves brushing their teeth together. Yeah, they're super like right. Yours? Yes. You know about this beautiful nearer. You're sure you don't have to? All right. Yes, that just because you don't have to The shot was pretty like individual changing area as well as the curtain to cover where you shower. So issues are No, no, Very nice. Especially when you have to go. Four flights of stairs, bags, trash. And so this is the kitchen in the kitchen on the first floor. Super nice kitchen. You got actual giant branch here. You want it? Wait a minute, friend. Plus a freeze provided the toaster. Great. Here. Also, a lot of pots stop. People bring their own stuff too. Whether Biggs, Then there's rooms to study in a box. With these, we have four friars free free Wei, have We're in our graveyard now, and it's a hike that's pretty close to, Sir, this is a really call insight. You could just walk into the horses, and these are all like buildings and structures that the engineering and architecture should instead. And they left them here. And now you can just walk up and go and check them out. And it's a pretty cool right talk a couple more structures up there, but this is what it looks like here. People handed over here. Really fun up here on. I love hiking over here. So this is the Kennedy Library. The Kennedy Library really have one library here on campus, and this one has five floors. They go from least quietest, the quietest. The fifth and fourth floor are always carry their pretty much You could hear a pin drop. Therefore, like grad students and students were setting for finals. I once last year went to get a book, and I was wearing foot flops. I got someone. Death stares from so many people on the first floor. You have the computer lab and the twenty four hour area. I lived in the twenty four hour area last year. I stayed until like, maybe one two in the morning, and it's also really cool. Is that you're if you're scared to walk back to your dorm, they have a security van here at Cal Poly. Or you can stay outside of the library and they pick up at certain times. And they'll take you all the way back to your dorm. If you're staying here until, like one or two o'clock in the morning, and then on the second floor, we have Julian's Cafe, which is cafe that stays open until the main part of the library closes, so not the twenty four hour area. But the main portion of the library stays open until that closes, and they offer Lottie's hot chocolate anything pretty much you could imagine this year. They now self sushi, and they do pastries and bagels, all sorts of breakfast stuff, so that's really cool. And then we also have the tech resource is here. So we have the computer resource and pretty much any tech that you need. You can rent out computers you can rent out video cameras, uh, sound recorders, things like that from the library. And you can also, uh, have the English Writing Resource Center is here so you can go and get Student Pierre writing help with. They can read your essays or your research papers, and they'll go through it and check in. And Grandma are spelling mistakes. So that is a really What's up, everybody? I'm Sam. I'm a first year agricultural communications major from Reno, Nevada, and I'm so excited to be showing you everything. Cal Poly and the City of San Luis Obispo has to offer for an amazing college experience. I'm gonna be filling you in on everything you need to know to see if this college is right for you. So on that note, let's get this tour So Baker or the Science and Math Building is definitely one of my favorite places on campus. It is an absolutely beautiful building that was just created probably just a few years ago. So it's brand spanking new with all the latest research abilities, and the professors have full range of what pretty much they could do in each classroom. The building is really interesting in the fact that, like because Cal Poly is mostly on a hill, the building starts from Floor one and then increases. But when you go in these double doors right down here, you'll be on floor two and then it goes up from there where it looks like that before one. But it's not because hills, but it's an amazing building will show you around real quick. I'll show you my old classroom where I had my physical science class. I'm a little studies major, so we pretty much learned the basics of all science order to teach children. And it's really cool, classroom, super awesome technology in there. And then I will try to look into something chemistry, classrooms, can. Majors can't go with them, but I'm going to try for you for science. So, yeah, this is the outside of Baker. Super Beautiful In each floor has their own little lounge area outside. They have cushions and couches where you can go study. There's outlets outside. It's really super awesome. So let me take you in.