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2020 University of Miami Dorm Tours and Info

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What percent of freshman live on campus?

According to our research, 95.0% of freshman live on campus at University of Miami?

What type of housing does University of Miami provide?

The below table outlines the different housing options available at University of Miami, and how what percent of students are estimated to live in each type of housing.

Available Percent living in Accomodation
Co-ed Dorms true 32.0
Women's Dorms true -
Men's Dorms true -
Sorority Housing true -
Fraternity Housing true -
Single-student Apartaments true 19.0
Married Student Apartaments true -
Special Houses for Disable Students true 1.0
Special Houses for International Students true -
Cooperative Houses true -
Other Housing Type true 48.0

What are the dorms like at University of Miami?

You’ll have to watch the CampusReel videos to see for sure. However, University of Miami dorms are similar to most college housing options. Most on-campus residence halls include singles, double, and suites. Floor plans vary from residence hall to residence hall. CampusReel hosts dorm tours of University of Miami, and every one is different. As you’ll see, every dorm room is decorated in a unique and fun way - students are creative with their setups to make University of Miami feel like home!

What are the dimensions of University of Miami dorm rooms?

The University of Miami dorms dimension depend on the residence hall. This information is usually contained in one of the dorm room tours of University of Miami on CampusReel. Supposedly the average dorm room size in the U.S. is around 130 square feet, and University of Miami likely has dorms bigger and smaller than this.

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Everyone. This is Abby and Molly, and they're gonna be giving us a tour. Their dorm room. So everyone so happy. I'm a this undeclared major fresh mint. I'm Ali Omar, Major. Perfect. They have, like, a super cute room with little carpet and yeah, Okay. So show us around. Okay. So basically, Molly and I both have aren't matching. What is it? Yeah, so it's kind of I mean, it's optionally to have this, but we really like it because it, like, hide our clothes and the doors. What do you think about like, the spacing, Like clothing casing? Actually, we have a lot of space just because I've organized all my sure T shirts and stuff, like, actually, I got it bed bath beyond. And they're like, she'll rocks, and I'm phoning racks and everything, like and then I have, like, another been right here. So then, basically, everything that's not in my closet will just be like in these drawers, and I have a ton of clothes. And Molly does Teo and we actually have felt like it's superb. Then we hard, like both of us have little bends. Teo also just really builder. Calculate every like pencils. Pens like anything like that goes in there, actually, a kind of organizer. Beds, like, are coloring the same. You don't actually have you remain mine. I would just, like, obsessed. Yeah. So we look like a rose gold situation going. We are friends right here. You can put your fridge over there like you can really put anything anywhere. This is just kind of how we organized it. So we had a little bit of space between our bed since everything. So thank you. Yeah, but it's actually yeah. And what do you guys like, like about living in the dorms? And I've no way dislike living right next to all her friends and that Jan is right outside, which was close to the other horns. That's right. So you have to be like, no yah. So overall experience. You like it? We love it. Especially if you like. Yeah. Yeah. How did you guys meet? So I posted in, like, the Facebook group. You'll really be. If once you're accepted, you're gonna be put in a Facebook group for University Miami. Class of twenty eight? Yes. And I posted a time Abby from Delaware and my shoes in business school. There wasn't any other girls on a post it. So then I you waited a week and we didn't know what it was like. She could be, like, crazy, like Leslie. She's like we're living together next year. All right, Well, thank you for showing us around. You guys have a beautiful door. It's pretty chill day. I'm going to work, so I'll be working all day. I'm just wearing this T shirt I have from Zara on, and then I'm wearing these leggings that my mom bought me, and I'm wearing my golds Newmont platforms. So, yeah, it's a black and gold. Any day I put on some, like I make up and eyebrows because I'm I think we're going out. Laters. Are you going to put on makeup? Now is a little bit later, so we should get a polity. Decorations. He looks crazy. So I just got to work. Um, what I usually do when they get in is I check her social media sites and check to see way Have any messages? I can answer them s. So I'm gonna go do that. And then later on, you're gonna do something filming, um, for some social media things for you to actually. So it's exciting. Not my get in the schools, but yeah, I'm excited. Hey, guys. So I just got back to the room. Sorry. Didn't pull logs that much because I was at work all day. Army had a lot of fun. We're filming for the YouTube channel today. Um, and we watch over the footage before he left, and it looks really great. So I'm excited to edit that, Um, right now, I'm gonna go try to Eddie at my video. That's supposed to go up to J even old. Like already. I'm so put it up because it's what, this $7 bag of chips we just went to a little snow social. Kind of was like, came tonight. Life. I don't know there, but they do things. They have, like a bunch of food and activities in free stuff. Yeah, only for students. You better get in. We're ready. No. Hey, guys. So we're leaving. You can't even see us, but we're leaving the front, you know, going back home. Yeah. I'm so hungry. I'm so hungry. Do you think What United's open? No. What do you do after a frat party? Other than cart wheels, huh? Exactly. Exactly. I can't. I can't. Hey, guys. So currently I'm like, eating a burrito to present burrito. It's actually tasting really delicious, so that's really cool. But I just want to show you guys like what a frat party is really like. So you kind of get there, you have to sign in. But Shawn's little crazy. I didn't, um, video any with that part. And then it's like a whole lot of blood. As you guys can see, a lot of e d. M misplayed a lot of crazy music. A lot of crazy people. Um, that's a lot of fun when you're with, like, a good group of people. So I would say for going out to a party, Not sure about it. Go with, Like, good from, um we had a lot of tripe. You know, normally, I'm not a big fan of properties are, but I am rushing next muster, Um so, like, literally next month, Um, I'm really excited about that artist because I really do like the whole idea of us already, but not my roommates. And outside hanging of some friends, my feet are like super dirty, which is grows on. That's what happens when you go to a frat party. If he gets super dirty. Were sneakers that you don't care about was wearing saying those players, like, felt like wearing like heeled sandals tonight. Um, but normally wear sneakers I don't care about and I suggest that you have food in your room afterwards, although at you we have late night dining on most nights. It's from like, nine until two. From Thursday through Saturday and then on sat on Sundays. I think it's from nine. How much of it starts at nine. But it ends at midnight. You ended up getting back after two start to eat in the room, but luckily, I had some, like, frozen veggie burritos. Freezer. So those air getting me through the night. But I hope you guys enjoyed watching miss a lot. If you did, Be sure to, like, calm down low and subscribe for more content. Um, do you have any questions about you at all? Asked me down below. I love you guys. Thank you so much for watching. Hey, guys, Welcome back to my channel. My name is Jade of this your first time here and if not, welcome back. So I'm finally doing a room tour. I'm a freshman at the University of Miami by living during the regular freshmen residential halls. So I'll just be showing you guys my room today. I've filmed this so many times, but every time I'm, like, so messy in it And, like, honestly, in my room, like, is not the cleanest, but we're just gonna go through it, okay, my friends, because this is the real life classroom. So let's get on with this video. So starting out in the hallway, this is my room. Open door. We have these little card readers, so use your king card to get into your room on the back of our door. We have a long mirror, and it doesn't fit properly under a door. So it's literally been crooked the entire year, which is irritating. But I mean, it gets the job done and clearly see me and my worry. Ladies, let's move on. And then over here way, just put up a little a little white board. We put our emergency guide, which, like comes on the back of the door. Move it over here because otherwise our mirror wouldn't fit. I have that. And then just some, like housing stuff. This is like part of my roommate agreement, just from a wall to remind us this is our thermostat. All of the rooms come equipped with air conditioning, at least in the main freshman dorms, which are Stanford and Hecht. So, yeah, I don't know how well it works. Honestly, I think it works like fine, but I don't know that it really works when you change it. I think that just like a joke, candidates on both sides there closet. So that's my roommate's closet, so I won't get into it. But my and literally looks the same. So here we have, like my clothing literally. I don't know why it's so messy. Like honestly, like fairly organized. I loved the stuff that I hang up here, one big coat for when I, like, go back to New York. I have a suitcase here of some boxes, for when I move out sums it blocks a keep. I keep my likes prefer thing back there in the drying rack a metal duster. And then up here, there's a show which actually lined a lot of my shelves with contact paper just to be like sanitary. And I have these, like, clear boxes with myself. Sorry, I'm gonna have, like, cleaning supplies in there. Um, over here. Have one of these, like hanging shells, but via live very much so full of soft. Sorry that you could see that. And then I have one of these shoe shelves under here. I put off my shoes. They don't really all fit, so they're kind of stuffed in there, and it is on both sides of the room. There's, like a desk and a dresser. So that's my roommate side again. Not gonna go into it, but have So first, we have a dresser and four drawers, Um, say, like, get bigger as you go down. So I looked up my pants in their tops, uh, underwear and stuff, and then here is a locked drawer. So if you have anything that you want to, like, keep on lock, you can put it in there. I keep, like, important documents in there and stuff like that. Um, here is where I do my makeup. So I have my whole life makeup show nothing out this from bed bath and beyond if you want to know where a lot of the things are from I did a dorm hall with, like, all of these things and then I have just, like so many products. It's a mess. You got to tower Axe. So just work with my towel. Get this, like, little mirror light right there, Which is like this, which is here for that so you can turned off on and needed. I have a little makeup mirror that I honestly don't use. I thought it was really important, but it's really not my roommate. Wake up earlier than I do. Um and then I just, like, have this little been thing that air for inside the drawers. But I have to extra so just put, like, perfume and knickknacks, and they're here. Have my phone of some, like, other stuff that's not normally there. Let me get my desk. So you have the shelves here? I put contact paper on the back of them, deserve this really ugly green color. So my roommate did the same. She's like this really nice marbles. I got this really nice, like kitchen tile, but it's a nice girl like different color. I don't know. It's not lovely green. So there I keep my swimsuits. I have a little photo grid. My friends, uh, some other random stuff there have some books and my Polaroid. It's like, kind of cluttered, honestly, have a lot of stuff. I have one of those little the light boxes. It's from Target it. Honestly, the light doesn't work super well, so Target No doesn't know about that. But, um, have other stuff here over here. More random stuff. The current and water bottle of musings and, like for breeze over here, keep like sunglasses and other knickknacks. Have a script for my acting class. Down here you have three more jurors. This one's huge just stuff. Everything I don't need in there. That's when I have some like medicine. And like other supplies they use on daily, and this one, I have, like my agenda on look, stickers and stuff here like a throw all just like put literally everything in here like batteries, a sewing kit like what I'm really need and then under here because I have so many products. I have another bin where I keep all of my hair products and, like extra beauty products. And then, like my blow dryer straightener, curling iron in the box on the camera came ran another trash can. I don't use under there. Yeah, and then this is my destiny. Or I put a little rug from my kia on it. Just make because, like, it's morally this ugly green color. So I just want to cover that up. Yeah, and then it gets with magic happens. So shows you may have remained locked in our beds because one tough space underneath. We're definitely not locking them next year because these air, like, kind of shaky. Honestly, like obviously, we're still alive. They're still up, so they're stable enough, but like, it's kind of shaking. Thanks. So this is my bed. I just have the spending from I honestly don't remember where and then I have this little like photo wall of my friends from high school. I had this boyfriend pillow. I have this little pet that I've had forever, because my best one, Katherine gave it to me side to bring much college. His name's cheese which is really ironic because I don't eat dairy. Um, yeah, that's going on there. I have one of these, like, really helpful things that hang off of your bed. It's like an organizer. I just have, like, a book in there. This is why I put my phone at night. This is like, why? It's mostly helpful because I like to keep my phone close to me. So I put it there night, like I use it for the alarm and then I just charge it through there and then we come to underneath my bed. So we just got a food Thanh from Target about this little pillow man. We make out that I think from Target as well. Maybe outlets up here. We have these late for my kia. I thought your election my mom's idea to put them up here, Lee. So put them on. And it looks like pretty cozy. Even here in here. I have some of my posters. Um, if you guys didn't know, we've only seen this in the back of my videos were keeping laptop Sometimes this is just random staff. This I have to yoga mats. Not one, but two because I'm extra like that of my tripod, My ring light. This is where I keep my little shower caddy and my shower flip flops way of this rug that I got anything from home goods that if you go to the other side, you can see our little kitchen, that area you can call it that. I just took out the trash. That's what there's there. But I got this little thing from from Target. So you're curious care. I have a bunch of, like, coffees and teas up there. Here. I keep some like utensils and plates and mugs. Uh, of course, Tabasco because you need hot glass and then underneath here have some, like bottles of mason jars, more utensils on. Then we get to this little six your thing that my roommate got. So those three are hers, and then these through your mind. I just keep react. But we share the paper towel. That's that. I just washed a few of my bottles. That's where they're sitting there, down here, have some random suffers and, like oatmeal and then voil. Here I have four different types of nut butter. I'm not obsessed or get about theirs for the home of some banana chips. It's like popcorn back there, Some really great stuff. And then we have our fridge in our microwave funds job. Yeah, lit, lit, lit, like out This little clip in Paris because I show you way ever for average. It really isn't that exciting. It's just a little fridge. His little freezer area up here. This is my space. That's my roommate space. We share this one. These air, all of mine. Got my son, Raja, my outsider vinegar like What's new? We have this Britta that we kind of share, but it's been roommates, and I don't really use it. So yeah, and then that's what I like the way I was over on. Oh, this is a draw. Names, caricature. That way got made for us one day. There was this, just like caricature artists on campus, and it's like me. I think you feel like my child in this world with no one and then here way ever window, and we just put these curtains on it so that it would look pretty. You look much better. It's actually my mom's. I need to get these cretins and it's so much nicer with her ends. It looks like an actual like home, because if you just see it, you just have these hurricane shutters so you can close them if you want to take a nap. The light has never bothered me from taking an absolute like it gets completely dark in here. It's creeping honestly, Sometimes they'll be like cleaning the hurricane shutters and I'll come in and then it's just like dark. It's kind of scary. Well, guys, that's it for my dorm tours or hope this video is helpful and Lee questions. I believe you have any questions about the dorms and other stuff. Also, if you want to do the bathrooms actually did a little. It's in, like one of my first wogs about like a day in the life of University of Miami. I did actually film holder with bathroom so you can check that If you like this video, be sure to give it a like down below. Leave a comment double O and subscribe for more content. Thank you so much for watching I love you later What's up, everyone? So we are about to go get a dorm tour and we're right by the dorms. Outside is a field on the band usually practices here and a ton of like clubs. Sports practice. Here. Look the bands to start playing. Maybe I'll show you guys if I get a little closer. But, um, yeah, basically a lot of clubs through sports here. And it's right in front of the freshmen dorms, which is great. And freshman dorms. We have two towers, which is Hecht, or two buildings, which is Hecht in Stanford. And then both buildings have two towers in it and whereabouts go to Stanford and then go to the Walsh Towers. So about show you a dormitory. Hope you guys are excited. I'm about to relive a ton of memories. I haven't been in there since freshman year, so yeah, wish me luck. All right. Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. So? So high eyes looking back channels on My name's Jana. Um, if it's your first time here, Welcome. If you're coming back, Welcome back. Be sure to subscribe on your belt. Post certifications just advise you everything. Be sure the thumbs up this video. Few enjoy any point of this video because it just helps other people see it. So, yeah, I have a dorm hole, and I like you. See how much stuff is currently in this room with me? Like I'm so much often I'm really worried that I bought too much stuff, but, I mean, like, we'll see tomorrow. I guess I'm not going to be too long. I'm gonna get into it. It's my college dorm call. I'm going to the University of Miami, and I'm moving in literally. Tomorrow. I'm in a hotel room partly and yeah, that's the deal. Stop, Dr. I didn't do the thing where you can go to bed, Doc. Beyond like, like scandal your things like a registry. And then they have all the things box at a different store at the store closest to your college campus, and then you pick it up there? So I did that. And I ended up picking up, like, barely any stuff because I had already, like, gone toe warmer and Target and TJ Max first saying I got was much shower caddy. And I'm, like, really obsessed with the shower caddy because I wanted the like one that comes out. So I'm really happy that I did get this. Yeah. This is really simple to shower caddy for 7 99 So that was this lamp and I bought two limbs. Well, actually, about three. I'm only keeping thio. I'm returning another one. I got one dressed like this, but it was great. And then what? Ben, back me on this all the gold one was like, I need this one. So it's white and gold. It looks like that. I'm sorry. I'm like, right under the light. So that's where the light is Terrible, but yes, it looks like that hand It was 14.9. Yeah, I got that picked up two balls to go along with it because you can't forget the balls. One of the shower off things. I didn't really want to get one of these, but I have got a robe yet, so I needed some things. But on when I come out of the shower. So I just got one of these. It just has, like, the gray chevron pin. I wish it was like a plain color, but they were all printed staying. I have these here in lavender sachets. T keep away mold. So these were 7 99 from bed, bath and body works. Um, this was 14 99. So got this. Cooper me before you go toilets, right? This stuff is, like, really important. So this one's a little when they took your handbag, and this one is gonna be in my shower. Caddy Sport. Yes. Very large bag with a bunch of stuff from T. J. Maxx. So we're just gonna get to it. First thing I have is this blow drying her. I just need to buy a blow dryer, because I was using arms before course home your shared one. So I got this Revlon icon, Ionic ceramic 18 75 watt drier. And it was 1999 and I figured, Why not? Then I also got this yoga mat. This kind of a crazy print I left mine at home, but I didn't say it was an ICO yoga mats. I was like, Oh, that's cool. And also is a strap on it. So that's really what sold me. So this will be great for yoga. And when I do it in my room has been doing working out a lot of farmers with their diffuser because I love these. Hopefully, Kelemen rate is okay with it, but this is just so I really smell like gross. Um, so this one is It was on sale for $16 the pure, essential works of brand. And it also turns like all these different colors, which is kind of cool to go. I got these plant life, natural body hair, essential oils. We have a bunch of different ones in here. Fun stuff like that. I love essential oils. I'm obsessed. Centralism yoga. I know this was like whatever. So these were something. I have to get a little plants because I want a little fake. Um, succulent. This one is just a little wooden one. Uh, and it is. It was 3 99 but I also got some scotch tape because it wasn't and accidents and chip clips get a great deal from Jenna. So I got these towels, which are beautiful and so comfy, and their Clark have any towels. And it's a six piece towel set for 1999 which, like towels themselves, are so expensive. So this is really great little set. And these are all the talent of any need feel like myself. There's, like two big ones, two medium sized ones and to watch plus, which is literally perfect. Oh, I got it. So for Americans tend to get our soup from there, or we use this other friend. So I got this CEO essentials soothing shower gel, just lavender and a low. It's made with botanical extracts in pure, sensual oils. So this was 999 But I also got this umbrella because obviously moved to Miami and it's Florida and you always in number. I have one that fits with Jinky. So this is a nautical one, um, as a really nice grip. So, yeah, this one was 7 99 It's Navy and white green umbrella. I've actually never bothered. I've always gotten them from home. I never bought one that was really special for me. I got this closet organizer. Um, this one. It was 5 90 million, which is the best deal I've seen. Where it and it's cream and black. It's not really my thing, by the way, is white and gray like literally everyone else's, Um, but it's not, but it's in my closet for okay. The next thing I got with it's a big gray rug. I think I'm gonna put it in a life time. Um so, so soft. I don't know. I throw my face whatever accent Rod. And it's 99. I also. So I got is gray soft micro fiber fiber sheets at from Maine stays. It's a fitted sheet, a flat sheet and one pillowcase, which I didn't, but I guess it is a twin Twin Excel. So that kind of makes sense. Yeah, I don't actually is a flat sheet, but just this life's like great color. I got this little, you know, uh, steal class because I thought it would be good for carrying like hot liquids. I do have my hydra flask look water, but I I could put my talk in here. So this was 7 99 without this container to organize things in my drawers. So this was 9 99? Um, yeah, it's a little bare ground container. It's kind of like bingo. I also got this, which is a to trade jewelry set. You can see here like you could put your jewelry and your joy. I did want them. Tang that I'm like said this would probably be better because I do have a lot of costume jewelry and they were, like, turn really quickly there, out in the heat. So this was 14 and I also got a can slash bottle. It's kind of heavy. I got these 50 set of felt velvet hangers for 1999 and they have gold hooks, which I think I think it's so easy. Let's also it was the sweet Watcher scale is actually from target. Um, this was 24 99. I don't do the price for that. So much of gloves. Oh, I have another thing about that. No, I got it. Deluxe three drawer catatonic organizer Satin. It's 1999 and it looks like this and it's really making some noise in there. It was these little white cotton fresh since things were putting inside of your George. Make your clothes stay nice and fresh. How about this little blue? Far Because I like showering with these and this is one of nine this was for I also used drawer organizers like these feel like my underwears and draws. Um, I think it's nice. Keep organizing these kind of things. This was fortunate. A little mongering wash bag for 49 way have air conditioning. But just in case anything happens, I don't have this plan that I can clip either my desk or in my bed. And this was 9 99 Next thing from T. J. Maxx. I got two pillows. These are just the Sealy's temper pedic pillows. It's really boring. ISS this accent. The school has a little texture. It's gray, which goes with the theme. And I thought it was really nice, nice and comfy. And this was 9 99 to 1 word. Actually, I was not expecting a little forward, but also from teacher Mexico out this little Chirac for 9 99 So, yeah, I personally put my shoes on a rack instead of like, putting them in like containers or something, cause that's just before it have issues I like, see everything that I have. His other wasn't using was this arm circle Well, boo pillow. It's like this nice little great color. I think this is around 1999. Like everything else, that's not the shower shoes, which are 49 9 16 99 she thought was a little steep for shower shoes. But I just got the black ones because they're, like, a little extra. You think I needed the bright colors? I want to go. I think that's look. Captain gets its life absolute trash can just opened like that. Stainless steel Really nice. And it was my night. I got this little step stool, which is a little Googie. It's like the only one I could find. And it was 9 99 What was the only one that the other ones in the price I just didn't little things like out there. I've got this, Cotton Boyle. No, I'm swab organizer from Are they got here on? Just like when I straighten my hair living here? I also got this paring knife so it has a little cover on it. Just perfect this in case I need to get anything. But I also got these pink grapefruit base with your cleaning supplies. Other things I'm gonna need for no leaving. But I'm just not showing that this would be thistles. My mattress pad. And it's super cushioning. I got Amanda Zone for kind of expensive, but I will link that down below with price and everything, because I don't remember it. I also want to turn it. I got this jersey sheet set. This is 20. Um, yeah, I don't like that kind of girl. Tell no or 11. You were thinking of wrapping up? I got this safe rest mattress protector from amazon dot a leading light box from Target, which I'm so excited about. So this was 1999 15. I know, because, like, on sale for dollars, then my comforter, my do bays in a box. I've been leaving in that box, but I will link down below the comforter and you weigh that I got I got my delay from walmart for 34. 90 lines up like that. And it's just like two last things on hold for guest is my makeup mirrors are at this reflect classic. Connor here on? Yeah, and I got that one. I ordered this off. Amazon had got this wall organizer from target. Um, yeah, I'm excited about this since one of these cute little great organizer's. So I might put this, like, help by my bad pictures on it. So, yeah, that few more things that, like I was in the car and all around, But you will see those in the dorm tour that will definitely happen. So if he has enjoyed watching this video, please give it a thumb's up, calm it down below and subscribe for more contents. Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed our guys. Hi, guys. So, 3 32 I think we're leaving out here around 44 30. Um, I am all ready to go. Just a little make up. We are getting really, really late, so I don't really need it. I'm wearing my glasses. Just clothing. It looked really nice. I need to make my bed because it's I should probably do that before ending. Um, my brush. My bag. This is the beginning of my moving to college. Why? I have been waiting so long to this woman. Robin, I'm so excited. I can't leave the day today. Kind of a no mood, but yeah, that's what's happening today. So thank you for waiting. Miami and I'm literally here. That's 12. 24 in the hotel room. It's been quite the night playing. Took five. Why? I thought only got 20 minutes late, so we got in around 10. 30 and we'll show you all the stuff I have. So I have This duffel bag is mine. That's duffel bag is mine on, then. That's my carry on. These are two of my boxes. Um, else This is a huge creek. I have genuinely no idea what this is This is also my stuff. That's that. And hopefully see you tomorrow because it's tonight. But I do wanna get early start in the morning so that I can get hold this up that I need. So see you guys, guys. So we're no warmer now. Dorm job. I'm sure you have a capsule apart. So I decided to get Carrie kids. It's cheaper on even already working. Oh, my God. Yes, when we went to two storms Wal Mart and T. J. Maxx and see what we have One big bag of stuff. 234 Big guys stuff. This stuff is Well, yeah, so All right, guys. So I'm about to show you something. You're just late. This is all the stuff that I Yeah. So this is all the stuff I know, And then I have two duffel bags and two boxes. Yeah, it's It's, um it's exciting. I don't even know what say, Honestly, I don't have anything to say for myself, So that's what's happening. But we're done with all the shopping for today. I did show you how many a ridiculous amount of bags that I have It's actually gonna trust. Well, I just did the most, like, frazzled the dorm hole of life. Like hold the source are out of order. But I am happy that I actually did do it, cause I thought I wouldn't get to do one. But I will definitely have it up for you guys. Um and of course, we'll be doing a tour. Well, so stay tuned for that. And so excited for all these videos because I've just been, like, anticipating this moment for so long, so yeah, just like this leading makes me look literally disgusting. What? That is how it's coming. Guys. We're actually going out to dinner on my scholarship begun. We met this other family, this mom in the sun and the he also received the scholarship. So our moms have stayed in contact and how we're gonna go. I'll go out to dinner with his family and my family and yeah, that's the deal. So I'm wearing this little dress from, uh, like Like I wish I could tell you, I don't know. My grandmother bought it for me, but I really love this dress. It's just the most company of my own. And I also have this little necklace that my friend Petey got me that I love. I really I think this is, like, my first time wearing it out because I, like, I don't wanna wear it could so nice, but I think I will start wearing it more. Got misuse your sandals on Because, like, what? Other sandals way where? I have another pair of sandals. They're just in my boxes, so I'll start wearing them tomorrow. My Alex Nani bracelets that were both gifts from Fendt. Better actually both gifts from people Name Ashley. And I really appreciate them and love them like stereo my polish stuff. And I have to organize that when we come back from dinner. And I really hope tomorrow's not too stressful. And I think I have so much stuff, but I also think I like stuff that I need, so I don't know. Okay. Good morning, guys. So officially moving day camp? Yeah. We're gonna start packing the car. This is moving day foot. He was wearing what clothes? Because I wanna be comfortable. This is from hmm visits from anyone. I deserve this. Yeah. All right. So a little party. Hey, guys, I thought I would update the logs since I really have it in a while. We got into the room and everything's in here and we've been on backing. So I give you a little sneak peek. Always someone and you talk a tour, you can't see everything. Mud bed is up. It's like the only thing that's done. Um, this is my roommate side. She's on her way here. This is our TV. It's very small. Uh, that's TV, and we have I live this to get there. So we're now hanging my clothes and, yeah, it's it's a trip. You're now eating lunch and breakfast. That 1 43 the first food of the day. She Jack. Yes, there's one right outside of campus. So and this is how the rooms looking. Now it's one box left. I have to put my stuff away. Another storage heart thing. But yeah, So what's going on? All right, so this is how it's looking. It's like a little cleaner than before, but still a mess because I'm missing some storage. And my roommates here is his cow. This is all your stuff, So, yeah, it's kind of a mess. I don't know. We'll figure it out. My Mom's getting some sword right now, but I have dinner and a little bit, so I kind of have to get ready for that. So has enjoyed watching. It's like we did. We should have, like leaving, like, please, or just like you like interactive video gives. It helped other people and coming down below, let me know what you want to go to. Four are going to and what great you're going to apparently. And you guys have some video coming up. This is the first of many already filled two more, So I'm not the best way to talk about roommates and, you know, freshmen dorms and all that stuff is to bring my freshman roommate because we're both sophomores. But we're living together again this year with three other girls in Red Road, which is kind of a more sophomore apartment building complex. But how did we find each other? So we found two. They're over Facebook. Yeah, leave. She messaged me after I posted a bunch of like pictures and just told everyone about myself, like my favorite things. To do what? My major is just like basic things for people to get to know you. And she messaged me, You know, you're cool. Yeah, basically. So you you get put into like kind of university. Miami twenty for us was twenty twenty one Facebook group, and everyone posts about, like, five pictures. They'll say, You know, I like to work out, like to go out, but I also like Tio. My academics are important. Everyone says that, but I saw her and usually pretty. And I wanted someone I could go out with. So that was I'm so so bad. But like, that was applause, and then it honestly send up that we I never felt like I had to kill You once know we were good Roommate? Yeah, I mean, hands. Why were you with Taylor? No. Yeah, you're in close quarters. I mean, I could look over and see, breathe. Yeah. And if she was sleeping her shoes away, there's no, you know, personal space, You get close quick. And then also, what would you just say for, you know, like our dorm environment? What it's like? Yeah. Like our friends. You know, down the hall, all the doors are about their dance parties like that. Communal bathrooms. They're not as bad as you think they are. They were actually kind of fun. Yeah, I mean, that sounds weird, but like you people on speaker, and then you just, like, kind of joke you should, like, Oh, I'm out of shampoo like someone, like, throw you something. Yeah, like I've seen friction, and especially was mostly you become like friends, little people in your floor. Whether your friends, like good friends are not good friends, you're usually just like, you know, Civil s O. It was honestly, like, a good experience I would never regret. Like living the dorms first. Now are where I think more lucky than others. But our floors. The hole was very, very close. Like it was almost having thirty sisters. Everyone's door was always open. You just walked in. If someone was crying, every was in their home. Everyone knew everything. I did everything. But also the best part is that means you have thirty closets. And like you could put in your groupie like, who has a black skirt who has, like, white shoes, size ten. And like you had, like, three girls, like I got I never wore my own clothes. You never know. You never know, but yes. Oh, this is my freshman, Mabry. We're still living todo this year. We'll see what next year I might kill her. I know, but yeah. So this is just Hecht residential college. I'm kind of to show you an overview, so that's just the lobby. You know, you have to swipe in, so it's super secure. You have to swipe in, Not on ly when you go in at certain times at night. But you have to swipe into your actual residential college tower. And then this is she's just show me to her room. This is a basic college, you know, dorm at the University of Miami you share with two people. You're very close to you. Each have a closet. You each have a desk. You each have standing drawers and drawers in your desk. And shelving their room isn't as decorated as most people's. But since I am a sophomore, I can't show you my room. And then also, she decided to lost her bed. But not everyone does. But it's a nice thing to put like a mini fridge, a TV. And then these Just the hurricane shutters that protect us when it gets really stormy. This is a communal bathroom. It's not as bad as everyone makes out to see. My actually loved my communal bathroom experience. We would just have dance parties and, you know, all sing dance together, and then on one side it's all showers. And then there's sinks. And then on that side, there's all toilets. And then on the same on the others opposite side. There's just Mears like before. And then here's just a study area that each floor has that freshman Khun study, and it's super helpful. And then this is just the mailboxes back down in the lobby kind of walking out. And then I'm gonna show you the laundry room. But how the laundry room works is it's all three and it's first come, first served basis. All right, he said. Toe, lastly, just kind of summarized the dorms. So they calm residential colleges because it kind of makes you feel like you're in a more adult world, and you really do have the power to leave incomes. You go, You don't have to stay there every night. You don't have to say there at all. Honestly, Or you could say that every night. Never, you know, miss a day. Basically, what happens? So there's four different freshman residential. You know, College is it's Hecht and Stanford. Which of the two main ones? But then you also have Mahoney Pearson. That's where some athletes, especially like freshmen athletes are. And then there's also I'm blanking on the name, and I won't be able to think of it. But there's one more freshmen dorms that are right next to the lake. But that's more than you know, like style differently. Those have two people in each room, and they share a bathroom, actually, so it's just four people per bathroom, and that could be if you don't like, you know. So you're not comfortable with lesbian or gay people, and you don't want them in your your showers which that's perfectly fine. If you do, if you don't whatever, but then that option is available for you. So you can go there and live where you might not be uncomfortable, I guess, in a communal bathroom, but I myself am not so. It was just fine for me to live in Hector. Also, there's substance free floors, if that's a big deal for you, and then lastly, just kind of a signing in and stuff. So you have you sign in every time between the hours of ten and six a. M. And basically, they just swipe your card, make sure that you live there and, you know, if activate screen, then you're fine. You also can pick up your mail at that same lobby. And that's super convenient cause your parents consent you care packages. You also receive male on male bulk mail boxes. And then visitors are allowed to come at any time. Basically, your roommate As long as you're roommates. Okay with it, There's no real rules on that. Just, you know, don't bring guys back all the time. Your roommate's not gonna like that s o Really Just, you know, you have to sign the visitor in. They have to have a valid idea to make sure like they are who they say they are on DH. That's more just to safe keeping for the rest of the students, which I appreciate. And then actually, to get into your own tower. So safer. McDonald. I lived on empty three. So I love to McDonald eleventh floor, not aunty. Dont eleven. So I lived in McDonald eleventh floor, and then they also in that same building they had, you know, the other residential college tower. So it was hex, but was just splitting the two towers. Um, so then after you go upstairs, you have, you know, your whole floor. And basically it's the bathroom is in the middle, and then you have a bunch of rooms all around it and an r a. So you're r is the one you know that Make sure you're on your roommate or getting along. You're not doing anything on the floor that you shouldn't be. You know, they walk around making sure everyone you know is happy with everything that can help you if you're super stressed out or you miss Holm there honestly, kind of just like a big sister brother that helps you on DH. Then I also have a study area on each floor, which is really convenient because if you don't want to walk all the way the library or you just kind of need a quiet place. You can sit there and study, and then just you and your roommate, as I said before, are living in one room. And then you do share the communal bathroom with the rest of the girls that do you live on your floor, and that's all for, you know, that dorm. And then if I were to say to orm essentials for me, my dorm essentials were definitely risers because I liked my bed off the floor bunch of storage bins. Because you really need to be organized or else everything, especially a small room. Everything kind of goes everywhere. And then I would say, just decorations, decorations, decorations because, like for me, at least I'm living in the same dorms that my dad when he came here in the eighties, there living. They haven't changed in the same thing. And so for me to live on these cylinder walls, you know you want to decorate it with something so tohave the posters to have the pictures all lined up like it really makes you feel like home. And it really just does add a lot of personality and, you know, spunk to room. So their room personally was not as decorated as me and my roommates Wass. But we had a rug we had, you know, bed risers kind of matching beddings. The gray theme. And, yeah, it was just super funds to dorm experience is definitely something I would never regret or go back on. And you're gonna have so much fun living with so many different people in your building. All right, so I'll probably show you the dorm is a little bit later. I don't live there. I'll have a friend show around to you, but live. It's great. Like I live safe. A five minute walk from school. There's a ton of off campus housing like available to students. I'll show you around my house to at some point. But a great thing about being I'm in Greek life. One of the great things. We don't have a house, but we have a suite. So if I and just want to break in between classes, Teo, snap for an hour. Then I got to go into the suite and just taken up on the sofa. Here are some of the things everyone puts up, like a little decoration. A little, you know, photo thing. It's two floors. So we have I think we have eight, you know, sororities. And I don't know how many fraternities, but this is my sorority Alfa Delta Pi. We have picture thing and I'LL take you inside. Okay, well, there's no one here because it's so early. But this is what my sweet looks like. We have this big table for you to study. And come on, then we have three sofas. Two, three. We just have, like, decorations. Pictures are composite. Um, we have Sometimes we watch, like, movies will make events like, you know, Netflix and chill. Um, So I will watch our stuff here. More tables. Right now, people are like selling things, and