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Thinking about University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of Minnesota-Twin Cities in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of Minnesota-Twin Cities’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities experience. These University of Minnesota-Twin Cities video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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one best part about going to the Big 10 University is the sports, and go for sports is one of my favorite parts of you. Now, some of you who already follow Big 10 or college sports might be thinking the girlfriend's. They're not traditionally very good at sports, but that's when you know it's true love, because these fans, we'll support them and come out every year. Even after some very disappointing and tragic losses. The fans are always there supporting the Golden Gophers. Some of my favorite sporting events to goto. Besides football, obviously, with marching band is go for women's volleyball. Our team has been getting increasingly better over the last couple of years, and they're really fun to watch the fans get really into it. It's in the pavilion on campus, and it's not a huge stadium, but that civilian gets so packed for these home go for volleyball games. Another one of my favorites is go for basketball, whether it's men's or women's. It's always fun to go into William's Arena, which we've renamed kind of the barn and wash some good basketball. The fans get really into it. The arena, it's stuff is really beautiful and they're so many traditions within basketball there many chance Drumline cadences, different things that we do every single game. And it's just really fun to watch, you know, spirits calling the band student section and the fans all get together and do stuff together as one part of the joy of love. For sports, of course, is our infamous mascot, Goldie, Over, who has been a mascot champion numerous times and is really lovable. And he's not the fiercest of mascots. But he's really fun to watch, and the kids love him at the University of Minnesota. There several sporting events that Frida students, which is soccer, volleyball, women's basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, baseball, softball and many others. Students are also able to get discounted tickets or season to get packages for men's hockey, men's basketball and or men's football. It makes sporting men so much better when the student section is there and ready to go and pumped up and cheering on our teams. I've had the privilege of being the pep band for sporting events, which means I've been able to travel with our teams when they do well, just super fun and awesome and it's really cool because, as it happened, or spirits God remembered as well. You get, actually get paid to go on these trips and travel, which is super awesome. As a college student who does not have a ton of money, you get a free little vacation and you get Teo chair on and watch sporting events that not gonna lie. I cried for like, 20 minutes prepping this video because I had to go back and look at things from my senior of high school and it made me miss my life. Hello. Welcome back to my channel. If you're in in my channel mining, Miss Michaela and I'm kind of a mess today. Let's just say senior year of college is really kicking my butt right now. I've been wanting to share this with you guys for such a long time. And what's crazy is that I have been receiving so many comments of you guys asking me to talk about this topic, and you don't even know that I was planning to do this topic, which maybe feel even more excited to do this video because I know that it is something that you have requested and would like to watch. What's up being said, make sure to give this video a thumbs up because it does help and, as always, subscribe to this channel by hitting this red button down below. We really are like one big family on my channel, with lots of love to go around, and it's never too late to join all you have to do. Is that subscribe? With all that being said, Let's get right on into today's video, which is going to be all about tips for your common app college essay as well as reading my own. It took me a really long time to find this essay. Keep in mind I wrote this over four years ago, but because I am me, I saved it all. I found it on a flash drive, even though I spent 30 minutes looking at all of the things I printed out my senior year of high school. And it wasn't in that binder, but a lot of other memories were, and so I just had an emotional little hour of my life. Let it all the feelings about high school. I'm going to link all the most recent college videos that I have been doing because I've been on a roll lately, since they're all related to this video as well, and I am going to slightly repeat myself or a reference them, so if you haven't watched them, be sure to click the link down below. I will list them all in my description box, along with a lot of other goodies that you should check out. But with all that being said, let's get right on into my college essay that I wrote to get into college, which is so weird to say, especially since right now I am starting to prep to apply to graduate school, some going through this entire process all over again, and I feel like that's a process that's even talked about less than the process. But I am talking about on the Internet, which is applying to college in itself, feeling you're going to be a lot more videos like this. When I was a senior in high school, I said this so many times before, but I had a hard time looking for videos like this. I didn't find any, and that's why I'm making them myself. So after a lot of searching on my flash drive, here's my senior year of high school last drive that I found very deep into my desk. I'm such a pack rat. I have saved every single document and the steps of the document, so I have my notes like bullet notes outlined. My actual s same, Fleming said. I want to talk about some of the notes that I took before actually writing the college essay itself, because these are my notes that really grounded and stabilized the entire essay admitted even stronger than what it would have been had I not prepared this much. I don't know if that makes any sense similar to what I was talking about in my last video about things that you need to add to your college. A sap a really important component to your common up essay is Think about adjectives that you want Admission offices to take away Singer Peace Come up with a list of adjectives and idiosyncrasies that you would use to describe yourself after you've created this list. Think about examples that help state your claim as to the idiosyncrasies. Satake up who you are as a person. And then, once you have your reasons behind your adjectives that define you now it's time to start building your essay based on this foundation. So, for example, I have found my own documents of the adjectives and idiosyncrasies that I believed made up who I was and what I wanted. College admission offices to see me as as an individual So maybe this will inspire you to think of some for yourself. My senior high school applying to college. I really wanted my common app essay to reflect that I'm empathetic towards others. I'm extremely organized and prepared. I'm persistent and perseverance and patient I'm involved. I love to feel like I'm part of something part of a community. And finally, I'm knowledge seeking. I want to learn for the sake of learning. So that was the list of all the adjectives that I think I would use to describe myself that I was hoping college admissions with Find me applicable SP and then to add to this bullet list, I also came up with reasons behind these adjectives, for example, under the bullet note. But I'm empathetic towards others I have others have always found it easy to approach me for venting sessions or as a listening ear. I find this kind of ironic to read, considering that now I have a YouTube channel and I have taken this even further onto the Internet that make sense. It's kind of a cool reflection for me under patient. I've listed some ideas to help brainstorm some essay topics such as I'm a baby sitter. I volunteered at the Minnesota's Children's Museum. I was an art teacher for kids ranging from ages 3 to 12 and I come from a family of five. Those are great brainstorming ideas to help get you started on coming up with ideas. Common app. I hope that this has helped. This document is three pages long because building off of these adjectives and idiosyncrasies, I came up with examples that helped define these things. And then I try to write example, paragraphs expanding on these ideas whoever an interesting back story about my common app essay for colleges that I had a really hard time writing it. In fact, it was one of the last things that I did for my college applications because it just it wasn't coming to me. And then when it finally hit me, I realized that I had such a hard time writing that, I say, because the thing that I was going to write about how did even happened yet and I cannot explain to you how great of a feeling it was to email my college counselor at like two in the morning that Friday night with my essay telling him how happy and ecstatic I was, because I was able to finally write this and I was able to tell him it was because this event had yet to happen. When it did, I wrote it. It felt natural and food. There was my college essay, and I know this isn't how it usually happens and that everyone will right there actually like this. But for me, I spent months preparing. I rip out this huge document full of lists of words that I used to describe myself and enlisted examples of my life to back those up and then took that. And I tried to think of different events in my life that would help the college admission offices to see me as this whole and unique students. And when that failed, I found that I was actually supposed to write about. If you're looking for more specific tips to your writing and what to add your college app in particular, we should check out my last video because that is where I will talk about all of that in detail. However, for this video, I just want to mention that briefly in the beginning and then get on into sharing my actual essay. And while I'm reading this, maybe it will inspire you as to come up with what you could write. And keep in mind that this is the essay that helped me get into about 12 colleges. I believe if you're curious what schools I was accepted into with this essay I know that I'm not say is not your entire common application and that it is only a very small part of your application and that schools look at very, very many things when they're looking at applicants to be their future students. But if you are curious as to what schools for in my essay and ended up accepting me, make sure to click the video list up in this corner as well as in the box down below. Okay, I have not opened this document since senior year. I have not read this essay in four years, and now that I am majoring in English, I might end up finding a lot of critical areas in this. But who knows? I was a really strong writer in high school. Sometimes I think I was a better writer than than I am. Now it's opening. I wonder if I should tell you what I wrote about before reading it or just read it. Let's just say that it's about a very surreal moment in my life that I still think about from time to time. Head buried in my AP art history textbook I didn't register what was happening when a young girl approached my table, her hands shaking, she slipped a yellow piece of paper beneath my fingers, resting on the table top. Please read this, she whispered before scurrying off. Confused. I unfolded the paper to read. Hello. I know you don't know me, but I just wanted to tell you I think you're beautiful. You were so inspiring. Stay lovely. XO XO, an eighth grade girl. After a rush of positive emotions flooded through my being, I realized that I am on my way to being the kind of person I always aspired to be. Within my close knit Brett community, I have somehow managed to influence a young girl whom I had never formally met before. When I first realized I wanted to make a difference, I thought it had to be done in some extravagance and exotic way, so it only made sense for me to apply to a service trip with rustic pathways. Three years ago, my parents immediately shot down my idea, for there was no way they were able to afford such a rh flights and program costs to places such as Australia or Spain, let alone be able to set the table for our family of seven without, Why did I add that I didn't want to share that on the Internet? About a month later, I received a 100% chairman grant to Thailand. For the following summer, I was absolutely thrilled. Not only would I have the opportunity to feel like I was impacting the world, but I would also have the chance to see the world in which my father grew up in. Before moving to the United States, I started saving for the air flight costs out to New York, where the service group would take off. On this journey together, I spent my sophomore year baby sitting, selling used books, clothing and dog walking, all of maintaining a CZ in every class. It seemed everything was going according to plan, but unfortunately rustic provoked my grand to do to my severe peanut allergy. To be honest, it's done. I felt confused and hurt that for what seemed like such a trifle reason, something I barely ever thought about when defining myself was the reason I couldn't go on what I perceived as being my chance to make an impact. Despite my countless attempts to find a way rustic and they're kind of symbology is held firm, I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason. The world works in strange ways sometimes, but I was not meant to go to Thailand one summer in a bit of doubt that I wouldn't be able to help others and make a difference. I spent that summer developing my own personal interest, such as writing visual arts, piano and guitar and volunteering locally. Instead of halfway around the world. I kept volunteering at the children's Museum. I kept baby sitting for various families watching us. These small beating hearts began to grow into quite intellectually complex and creative human beings. I kept writing until a former English teacher asked if I wanted to start a riding club with her, and I wrote for my school newspaper until my faculty advisor contacted me prior to the start of school, asking if I could write a few crucial articles regarding the new school year. The volunteer coordinator at free Our Summon, an organization I volunteered at for the past two years, offered me an internship spring 2014 that I'm greatly looking forward to. Perhaps my determination to care for others will never take me to Thailand, but I realized I have made a difference where I am. That yellow note, which now brightens my locker, is a constant reminder that it's not the distance traveled or the size of kindness. Rather, it's the lives you touch. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be. And for reference, that essay was a little bit over 600 words. So in the documents, with my bullet note list of adjectives and examples and things that I could write about, I had mentioned, you know, make sure to mention rustic pathways and how you try to volunteer there in Thailand. Mention about how you volunteer a lot locally and how you want to help others mentioned how you were influencing others and kind of how others see you So what? I received that note from a younger girl saying that she looked up to me. I felt like it was a really cool opponent to the entire piece because it really glued together. All of these examples of how I'm hoping Thio impact other people's lives and try to help others as much as I can, but then also being sure to reference kind of what I went through my family and what I am doing individually. But that was my college essay, and I think it's really cool this year, stuff like this. I would have loved to read other people's essays when they're applying to college. So maybe this is just something that you wanted to see anyway. That is today's video. I hope that you enjoyed content below what your college essay was. I'm super curious. Don't you decided to write about? And if you're still in high school leaving few ideas down below, I'd love to hear them and maybe help you out, because this stuff is really fun to talk about. So, you know, I hope that you enjoyed. Be sure to give this video a thumbs up. Subscribe. Also, don't forget to click the bell next to the subscribe button. This notifies you every time I uploaded a new video, which is super important because with every new upload, I always Snapchat and instagram the first comments off the video and shut them out on social media. And that could be you. If you're notifications on that is all that I have for you today. I'll see you on Sunday with a brand new video your college, but also incredibly scared. At the same time, her new song can't get enough. About six months ago, I did a day in the life video of me at my college, just like, you know, living the dream. So I figured it'd be really fun video to do that again, but on the first day, So I hope you're ready to join me on my first day of classes were going to two classes and they're both poetry classes. Don't click out of the video, get it's currently like 10 20. I left an hour early because I'm just crazy. I have intermediate poetry writing because my senior project thesis thing is going to be like a poetry thing. And that's from 11 15 to 12 30 then at 1 to 2 30 I think that I have American poetry from the 1900 and then, after a few glasses, I need to go get my textbooks, or at least compare prices in the bookstore and call it a day. If you like this video, make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe. If you're not already, both of those things really do help. I'm trying to hit 10,000 subscribers and this channel, and it's all up to you. So that being said subscribe. Anyway, I have to get back onto the highway because I commute to school. But I'll see what I get to keep this. Remember how really I thought I was? Yeah, well, now I have three minutes to get, like, eight blocks, because first day of school, there are no compute. Why can't I afford to live on campus? What is my life? And now I'm on the rooftop of the furthest parking lot away that I didn't even know existed because I went to every single one of their full. And I'm gonna have to speed walk to a building that I need to Google map immediately. So welcome to school again. Hi. And just like that, it's over. I'm heading back to my car. I have a huge bank, full text books. I don't even want to tell you how expensive they were, but they were a lot of money. I'm in my car. It's windy up here. It's really crazy to me how you know, from one day being on summer break, enjoying the state fair in the beach and being tan literally the next day, looking gloomy, eh? And having over $100 worth of homework in your hands that's due in a matter of hours. And not only that, but then you get to go off to work and maybe sleep and maybe see your boyfriend or family. I love school. But all sarcasm aside, I'm very fortunate to be going to school, and I do really love it. It's just funny how, like, drastic your life can change in a matter of seconds. Normally, I would like to go to a library to get all my work done. But today I do have to go, baby sits. I can't say on campus any longer, which is unfortunate because I do have a lot of stuff. Did you get a picture right here? That way. The best part. I get to sit in traffic even though this semester my classes end at 2 33 So I thought maybe I could miss the fun part of my day. But no, it's still here e like this last week. I've recently been on the throwback Nickelodeon kick, and I've been listening to all the old like iCarly and drinking Josh bags. And we're gonna cost growth singles. And this is what happens on my drive home. When that happens. Wait. 12 year old living right now. Wait, wait. About a year ago, my friend Carter actually commented on a photo on Facebook saying, The plot twist our lives are actually one huge iCarly episode because of how often I've logged with him. And I just thought of that when I was sitting to the iCarly theme song because how funny would it be if that was, like my vlog intro, like a mock of the iCarly title sequence. But like me, maybe I'm gonna make it okay, that that is gonna be my new vlog and maybe make gentle intro. Anyway, I am back at home now after a long day of first classes, which basically just means that we went over the syllabus, read a few poems, and I spent way too much money on textbooks. I am back at home now. It's been a few hours, and I think it's time to finally put away all the textbooks that I got today. If you haven't seen my room tour right next to my desk in my room. This is where I usually keep my school stuff. Since it was just summer, though, these boxes have kind of just been placed here temporarily. And now it's time to make room for all the textbooks and books that I had to buy this semester. And then after that, I'm just going to get a head start on the homework, since I don't want to do it tomorrow as homework isn't due for a couple of days. But I'm the type of college student that likes to stay on top of things. I'm not big fascinators, so I want to get things done as soon as possible. And that means right now I'm so tired they never give you work or anything in your bed and that your bench should primarily just for sleeping, that your body can get used to that. However, those people have never been in my bed because it's company and I'm gonna use it. Wait, I'm basically just going to be doing this for the rest of the night. I think I'm going to end the log here. I hope that you've enjoyed Please let me know down below. If you did and would like to see similar videos like this. I love sharing my everyday life with you. And I really want to know what type of content you enjoy watching the most. If you're curious about the University of Minnesota at all, leave any questions. Sample. I get a lot of those on private messages of different social media, but it's very easy to just answer them all right here in the video that you came from down below with school you go to and what your everyday schedules like. That was my first day of senior in college. I hope that you enjoy. I'm sure every single day is going to be a little bit different till probably do another day in the life soon. If you enjoy, please make sure that you are subscribed. Don't forget to hit the thumbs up button as well, because it does help with all that being said. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day, Elsie you very, very soon in my next video by and happy back to school season. I'm gonna vent about YouTube problems for, like, two seconds because I'm having a lot of them tonight. And if you're a youtuber, listen, if you're not, this might not make any sense. But I'm currently using my blonde camera because my DSLR is refusing to function, which is frustrating because of the lens quality. Oh, shout out to my YouTube journal. So this camera auto focus is that auto corrects the exposure, which I know I could fix. The lens itself is so much wider, so the background is like difference. The lighting is different, but after, like 20 minutes of failed footage because my dear Salar kept automatically turning off, refusing to accept my memory card, etcetera. I'm still determined to film this video because it's something that I really want to share with you, and it's why I chose the University of Minnesota. As you can see, these are the type of videos that I love to watch. As a senior in high school. It is also one of my most requested videos to do so. I'm taking the time right now to tell you exactly why I chose the U of M as my university and college of choice. If you've been following me for a while, then you definitely know that I have quite the college story. And if not, I will link them all down below. Also High and Mikayla. Welcome to my channel. I'm a little Spragg tonight, but it's a Thursday night. It's late and I've had a lot of filming issues. Usually I'm gonna usually I'm a lot more scripted on this channel. I know exactly what I'm going to say and how to say it, but with all of the scammer malfunction stuff, I just really want to go to my boyfriend's house. So we're gonna film it now. We're gonna do it like this. I just got back from class and I honestly don't know when a better time would be to film this video. I hate long intro. So let's just get into why I chose the University of Minnesota. Number one. It is close to home. Ironically enough, this was the first reason why I didn't want to go to the U about as a senior in high school because I really wanted to get out. I really needed to spread my wings and just get out of the states for college for a little bit, which is exactly what I did. However, I realized the further away from home that I was, the more that I didn't like how far away I was and I ended up coming back. Long story short to be closer to home. And now it is the number one reason why I love my university. It's because it's close to home. In fact, it's less than a 15 20 minute drive with traffic, which I love, because I know the area very well. And I am definitely a proud Minnesota. I love where I come from, and I love that. Now I can wrap. It s my college as well, tying into this. The second reason why shows the U of M is because it's incredibly urban. And I I love the city life. I'm definitely the type of person that does well and feels very energetic in an urban area. All the city lights and just the tall skyscrapers. They totally fuel me to just be energetic and animated. I feed off of that energy, so to be on campus in the middle of the city and to have the entire, like Minneapolis. It's all right there. Toe have that within arm's reach. It makes the world of difference coming from a college in the middle of cornfields, and I really, really love that. I am in the middle of a huge city, one on the less that I know very, very well and love. The third reason why I chose the U of M is because of the student population size. Originally, I thought I wanted a small college where I could know everybody and have that really personal relationship that I had growing up in high school. However, when I was at a college that was super super small 2000 students in total, I realized that I didn't like that. I saw the same people every time I left my dorm. I didn't like that everyone knew me and that it was impossible to go anywhere and meet new people. Basically, at the University of Minnesota, there are about 52,000 students, including graduate and undergrad, about 32,000 undergrads with about 11,000 incoming freshmen. That's huge. I love that I'm able to walk to class and have the opportunity to meet new people every single day, but at the same time still recognize those familiar faces and feel that I am at home. In fact, campus is so large that they're technically three campuses. West Bank use bank and one in St Paul. Witches are neighboring city. If you're not from the Midwest, then you probably don't know that. The fourth reason why I chose the University of Minnesota is because they're so many options for everything. Food, housing classes, friends like, even just routes to get to school. There are so many options available that sometimes it's overwhelming and the best way possible. There are so many restaurants that I could go coffee shops, places to study there, so many libraries and coming from a college where it's just like one library. One dining hall like this is monumental to me to have these many options every single day, like I don't have to fall into a boring routine. If I want to mix it up, I can mix it up. The fifth reason why shows the U of M is because everyone is so nice. Like Minnesota. Nice is a real thing. I'm a Minnesotan, so I definitely know this, but it makes a big difference when you go to a college in Minnesota and you have that mentality and just personality there versus going to school out of state. Because I went to a school out of state. No one likes smiled when you walked by. It was definitely not Minnesota. Nice or friendly. And here I just know everyone is so kind and willing to be helpful. I recognized in myself even that I'm becoming a nicer, more willing person to help others and become we're accepting. So it's just a great feeling overall, to be in such a positive environment that's building me up instead of breaking me down. The last reason why I chose the U of M has to do with academics, and that is that we have amazing professors. Of course, I'm only in four classes. This is my first semester there as a transfer student, and I don't have a lot to pull from butt out of my four professors. I can tell that every single one is educated and their own field. The four professors that I have have such different teaching styles, but I appreciate them all, and I just know that they know what they're talking about as being someone that has attended three schools in total for my college career. I noticed such a big difference. And the professors here are so willing to help. They're so educated, like I trust them more than any other professor ever had the last three years of my education. They make me want to learn. I'm someone that loves to learn naturally. But when I'm in a environment that is feeding that, it just makes me feel like I have so much more potential. And the most important part about the professor's is that they assigned manageable work. Their tests aren't impossible. Everything is on topic. Everything feels like they're not just giving it to you. I've been able to balance YouTube school my personal life very well, which I wasn't expecting because I was expecting so much work. As long as you know how to manage your time. Well, then you won't struggle at all. And I love that. So far I have not been given a test or quiz that felt irrelevant. Overall, it's just a very accepting communities be part of, and I feel safe on campus. I think this is The most important part is that I feel safe, especially now with everything going on in the world. That feeling of safety when walking alone at night on campus is like, so unheard off. But it's there, and I trust the community very well. I am someone that picks up on energies a lot, and I can tell when I don't feel safe or comfortable in a situation. I can tell you right now that I did not feel safe on other campuses that I have attended. But this one, I walk around with confidence, feeling very secure and comforted, even though I'm walking alone, so hard feeling to explain. But I hope I did a good job at it. Overall, I just love being able to wrap my hometown in a new way by being a student at the University of Minnesota, and I feel very proud of where I come from. Finally, after three years, I'm happy at the school that I'm attending for college and I love it so much. I just really wanted to make this video to share with you while of it. Like I said in the beginning, this is one of my most requested videos, and I have a lot of people that are considering the you or have applied here or go here a swell. And I thought I'd be a great way to share some of my reasons. Let me know some of yours. And if you also go to the U of m like hey, let's be friends because I don't really have any. I just go to my classes and then come home and film videos in my room. Let's go out. That's all I wanted to say for this video. I'm sorry that it was so sporadic and not even filmed on my normal camera. It feels very out of structure for me right now, and I'm not even sitting down like I usually do. I'm standing up. It's weird, but I hope that you appreciate it nonetheless, because I was very dedicated to film this video, even though my DSLR kept telling me not to, and I just kept wondering if it was a sign like, maybe I shouldn't put this out there, but I persevered and I found a way to film it anyway, even though it's a lot later, and I told my boyfriend that I would be over kind of sooner than less. So I apologize. But YouTube is a priority as much as my real life. I'm a very dedicated youtuber. With all that being said, it means the world to me. If you gave this video a thumbs up, please stick around to subscribe. I have a lot more videos to come. And I hope that you like what I'm working on for all that being said. Have a great day. I will see you very recent. Bye. Remember, speaking of class, let's talk about college. way Just gonna stay. Hello, everyone. And welcome to my dorm. Before I'm so excited to finally be filming this video, make sure to give it a big comes up and let me know down low issue are, too. And before we get started, I just want to say that I have a cold. So excuse the name's Lee voice that is all. I am a sophomore in college this year, and I got a single in a pretty nice storm. Just give you a little background. I really wanted to wait until I had decorated my room, just as I liked before, showing you guys, and I feel pretty content with how everything turned out. I'm actually really proud of a few things, so that just makes you think he's a more exciting film. Let's get started in the upper left corner of this wall. As you can see, I have a string of Polaroids hanging. I got this from Urban Outfitters, and I just clipped. So my favorite pictures on Instagram and four it's on it and stuff in the wall with some of that plates. Of course, we have a present mood because Luna is life and I love it. And next my bed. Like always. I have this sweet note that an eighth grade girl wrote me a few years ago. The video to read it would make your day. It makes mine. Every time I look at it. Here is a tray from Patina. It says you make the world a better place just by being in it. And that necklace was my grandmother's. I've worn it every days and she has passed. The Senate broke, so now it lives there. Here is a picture of two of my best friends for high school and a first pens and pencils. Because I write a lot tonight we're rocking out to Brandi Carlile. I think she has the best lyrics and really packs emotion into it, so it always makes me feel better. I printed out some of my favorite things from Tumbler. I recommend positive video to read them because they need a lot to me, and I'm hoping that it would resonate you guys as well. The palmistry poster that you see is from Urban Outfitters. I got it on sale. I'm really proud of you. This bookshelf I keep some of my tiny new land crystals and a tiny Buddha on it on that blue tray, which is from Urban Outfitters. I have two crystals that I'm really channeling lately. We haven't Amethyst and Rose forced her into wisdom and love. And, of course, next to I have some more crystals that I'm I've been really digging lately. Way first on the book show. We have some of my notebooks and current books that I am reading, along with nail polish, arts and crafts bogs, more bugs, random things and more. No books, because I write a lot way now coming over to my bed. I got my bedspread from Kia and the gray blanket, which is super soft from bed bath and beyond. The Rainbow pillow was made me buy this girl. Bye, Baby said. She also made me the sweet cards, which I take to my well, aren't they so precious tons of parts and smiling face is always right, And of course, we have money as well. You're in college. I recommend bringing one stuffed animal. It really helps when you're homesick or two still lonely up on the wall. I have this poster from Tina. It says Sometimes things become possible if we want them bad enough by T. S. Eliot, the M and stayed for my horn last year. And, of course, a full moon because I always feel my best cells with blissful. If you're interested in how you create this canopy, let me know down below, and I will type it out for you. But I just don't wanna waste time explaining it. Now there's a friend's poster behind it. Why I and as well, in the the corner, I have this tiny dreamcatcher. You get to watch me fumble around trying to get to it, but I give up, so I just It's there, I promise. Do you see it? I'm standing on the super cozy drug I got from Target for $19 I think I'm set on it more than the actual chair of my desk. Speaking off, looking over in this side of the room, we have my desk where I tried to get some work done but usually end up on YouTube again. Just some more pictures with Tumbler. I have been pausing because these are to keep me motivated and I can't most of my hair face products that I used on a daily basis right here just for easy access. I also have a lot of pens and pencils because writer and I keep my make up on my desk as well. So we have based products eyes and pause the video. I think that's really important. Here's a card for my mother. Isn't it hilarious? I love her and shout out to have Li for giving me this book over the summer called Happiness Is It Always Breaks My Day so I keep it on my desk in case I ever need a reminder. Here's my planner. As you can tell, it was a very busy week, and I just keep my back room to the side. I think we all have that one messy drawer in our lives that it's just filled with stuff. We have absolutely no idea what's in it on that. Also, I forgot to mention, but the first flags with quotes on them is from Patina and the Cheers, Babe Sign from Urban Outfitters. Here is my first semester schedule. Give us video a thumbs up for luck because I have no idea how I am going to complete the semester. I'm already stressing out over it. New York, because that's where I want to be. And urban Outfitters art, Am I right? Moving onto my first closet, I am keeping all of my clothes, shoes and jewelry and those we pushed my dresser into it to save room on top of it. We just have my jewelry that I wear usually every day, along with so make up wipes, rings, earrings, perfume and all that fun stuff. If you're in college, I highly recommend doing this for your longer necklaces, just hanging some of those hooks to put them on and earrings as well. I friends works really well, and it makes it look so cute. Moving on to the second closet. I guess I should mention that my group has three closets and I kind of split them based on organization. So the 2nd 1 is primarily used for storing anything and everything. I won't go through in detail, but you could just see by the footage what I keep in here. Yeah, lots of stuff. Nothing on to kind of keep most my food. We have my mini fridge, microwave watts of mugs and more pictures. High school along with you so love across the top in the corner down there we have one of my favorite lists from Tumbler. It's called reasons to stay alive, and this just always brighten my mood and consume ever feeling down a little sad. Here we have some tea. I usually have fruit in that basket as well. On top of my microwave, I have a diffuser. I really love this. All you do is put a few drops of essential oil in some water, and it's on his butt and I said, Fine. Two hours and it just confuses the oil. Through seemed water and evidence that throat your grandma comes down. Here is a picture from senior your comments on my good friends at the time, and I just appreciate you sweet cards one last time because they're so precious and it always brightens my day. I miss her so much, so that is all my dorm for everyone. Hope you guys enjoyed. I had a lot of fun feeling. Listen, you have any further questions about anything I mentioned? Let me go down below and I'll see you in my next video on Thursday. Actually, there's a possibility, but One of the biggest things for me when I was looking for a college was location, location, location and many. Act was is one of the best cities you could find yourself on for an extended period of time. University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus is in an awesome location, right around all sorts of different attractions in the Twin Cities. There, several professional sports teams and many of them actually offers to do discounts. There are numerous and music menus such as First Avenue, where you can catch all sorts of concerts and comedy shows. Because Minneapolis is such a big, booming city, there are lots of larger events from outside that come here, such as recently we had Super Bowl and the Final Four for basketball. Among these, there are lots of art festivals, food, truck festivals and, uh, anything you can really think of. There are lots of art museums in the area as well, and history museums and many of these also offering either three mission for students or they are free to the public in general or they have discounted admission for college and high school students. Not only can you have a ton of fun in Minneapolis since they Paul as a student. But there are lots of opportunities for internships, like during the summer or during your school here, and lots of opportunity and businesses that you can become a part of our fine connections through the university. It's a great city to begin working in weather, short term or long term. Another big attraction right near campus is theme all of America. You can get to the mall on the light rail directly from campus and goto any sort of shops. My need if you need to get new clothes or if you just wanna have fun. They also of a movie theater in amusement park, lots of food to try. And sometimes the mall host different free events. Even if you're not looking for a big schools like the University of Minnesota, there are lots of other smaller colleges around the area, and I would highly recommend looking at the Twin Cities, not only because of all these events and the business side, but it's just My friend Nick was a freshman this year, and he lived in a dorm called Centennial Fall, which is in a little quad. That way, call Super Block, which has currently three. There's usually four main freshmen housing dorms there. However, one of you them pine. Your hall is currently under reconstruction, and it's going to be renovated. And I believe this coming falls the first year that freshmen will be ableto live in that newly renovated unit. When I was a freshman, I lived in 17th Avenue Dormitory, which is in an awesome location, right across from the tennis and hockey facilities. Right next to campus. Even closer to the superblock is for a lot of my classes. At least in Centennial Hall, you have the option of living in a single dorm or in a dorm with a roommate. Usually, there are two ways that you can sign up for roommates getting five people online on your own through the your class is Facebook Group, or, if you're coming to school with somebody, you know you could sign up with them. Otherwise, you can sign up, too. Live alone, or you can sign up to get a random roommates. Centene actually recently renovated their dining hall in 2016. It's one of the newest dining halls on campus, and my friend Eric is gonna give you guys a one of my favorite places like campus, is TCF Bank Stadium. I have been a member of the marching band, and we're very fortunate that we are pretty much the only Big 10 marching man that has a a nice facility within the stadium. Most marching bands they're either in the school music or in adjacent building, or sometimes across campus, where all their equipment and rehearsal spaces are. We're very, very lucky that when TCF was built, part of the reason they were able to build it was because, you know, they created this academic space and this space for not just the football team but also the marching man. So we have a big rehearsal hall that we practice music in and other campus bands. Other ensembles. USA's Well, there's even classes in there. Sometimes there's a rock and roll history class that meets their way. Have a room for our uniforms. A property room where students staff can fix equipment, help students clean their instruments. How's different parts and pieces such as extra drum heads For the drum line, Wei have a specific drumline storage room and a smaller rehearsal space that is mostly used by the Drumline but also used for sectionals as well as an academic space or a meeting space for other groups. Way have to locker rooms that air very nice, pretty large and spacious in these locker rooms were able to store our uniforms as well as other things we might want to keep that we might want to use on game days, such as hand warmers, because it gets pretty cold in November sometime. Yes, we have a cage room. Are you Khun Store instruments? We have another room that is mostly used, a colored girl, which has these? Asked Miers. They can also be used as a sectional space. You can practice marching, see what your form looks like in the mirror. You can practice your simple moves, and we have access to the field itself. Are marching band actually rehearse? Is three, sometimes four days a week on the actual field of TCF Bank Stadium, which makes rehearsing for halftime in pregame Super easy because you're in space that you're actually going to perform it in, and it's really cool that we get to be in there so often, and it just kind of becomes a home for many of the marching band members in Kaufman Memorial Union is a great place to eat on campus. Kaufman Memorial Union is right in the center of campus and is a great location. They accept Go for Gold and Flex Stein. Every student that has a meal plan gets a certain amount of flux Tien, which is money that is on your U card that you can use at restaurants on campus and any coffee shops or markets or restaurants inside university buildings. Kaufman Memorial Union has a great food market and lots of seating both inside and outside. One of my favorite places to eat on campus is that McNamara Alumni Center on Nice Days. I love to get takeout from one of the several restaurants in Stadium Village and take it to McNamara to eat outside. Some of the restaurants in Stadium Village include Chipotle Punch noodles, Afro Delhi, My Burger and many others. Centene actually recently renovated their dining hall in 2016. And it is one of the newest dining halls on campus now. And my friend Eric is going to give you guys a tour. Welcome to Centennial. Yeah, yeah, let me show you some of the highlights. First things first International to showcase the divers in here at the University of Minnesota. Let's keep moving. You have a fan of possible sources at late night. Well, every day it's your treat pasta every day. Let's keep moving. I feel like throwing on sweats. It's comfort food file. Nothing like a grilled checking our very own grills like that waling ice crab. If you look here, everything is fresh. Isn't that bananas? Let me show you the drink area. Coca Cola, Vitaminwater Less band and silverware way Have it all. Let's show you the dining area. Abs with this. Even the scene here is a look at this. Even have flu colleges. Look at this. Wait, so and we have low tables with pepper and salt. Well, I'm sure it's a way to see you here this fall.