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one best part about going to the Big 10 University is the sports, and go for sports is one of my favorite parts of you. Now, some of you who already follow Big 10 or college sports might be thinking the girlfriend's. They're not traditionally very good at sports, but that's when you know it's true love, because these fans, we'll support them and come out every year. Even after some very disappointing and tragic losses. The fans are always there supporting the Golden Gophers. Some of my favorite sporting events to goto. Besides football, obviously, with marching band is go for women's volleyball. Our team has been getting increasingly better over the last couple of years, and they're really fun to watch the fans get really into it. It's in the pavilion on campus, and it's not a huge stadium, but that civilian gets so packed for these home go for volleyball games. Another one of my favorites is go for basketball, whether it's men's or women's. It's always fun to go into William's Arena, which we've renamed kind of the barn and wash some good basketball. The fans get really into it. The arena, it's stuff is really beautiful and they're so many traditions within basketball there many chance Drumline cadences, different things that we do every single game. And it's just really fun to watch, you know, spirits calling the band student section and the fans all get together and do stuff together as one part of the joy of love. For sports, of course, is our infamous mascot, Goldie, Over, who has been a mascot champion numerous times and is really lovable. And he's not the fiercest of mascots. But he's really fun to watch, and the kids love him at the University of Minnesota. There several sporting events that Frida students, which is soccer, volleyball, women's basketball, wrestling, gymnastics, baseball, softball and many others. Students are also able to get discounted tickets or season to get packages for men's hockey, men's basketball and or men's football. It makes sporting men so much better when the student section is there and ready to go and pumped up and cheering on our teams. I've had the privilege of being the pep band for sporting events, which means I've been able to travel with our teams when they do well, just super fun and awesome and it's really cool because, as it happened, or spirits God remembered as well. You get, actually get paid to go on these trips and travel, which is super awesome. As a college student who does not have a ton of money, you get a free little vacation and you get Teo chair on and watch sporting events that Centene actually recently renovated their dining hall in 2016. And it is one of the newest dining halls on campus now. And my friend Eric is going to give you guys a tour. Welcome to Centennial. Yeah, yeah, let me show you some of the highlights. First things first International to showcase the divers in here at the University of Minnesota. Let's keep moving. You have a fan of possible sources at late night. Well, every day it's your treat pasta every day. Let's keep moving. I feel like throwing on sweats. It's comfort food file. Nothing like a grilled checking our very own grills like that waling ice crab. If you look here, everything is fresh. Isn't that bananas? Let me show you the drink area. Coca Cola, Vitaminwater Less band and silverware way Have it all. Let's show you the dining area. Abs with this. Even the scene here is a look at this. Even have flu colleges. Look at this. Wait, so and we have low tables with pepper and salt. Well, I'm sure it's a way to see you here this fall. Another great academic building on campus is wraps and hall wraps, and hall is mostly housed by the school of architecture ER, as well as product design and other classes. In the center there's this beautiful courtyard, and of course, the architecture of the building is really quite stunning. In the Centre Court yard, there's lots of natural light, and students are able to show off their projects and give presentations. Many architecture students will say that they practically live at in wraps and in their time at the University of Minnesota. They spend their time designing and hands on creating laser cutting, gluing whatever it is for their different projects and products throughout the year. In the spring wraps, in his full of all of thie senior design products in product design as well as merchandise marketing, etcetera. And it's really fun to go walk around and look at it all the hard work and all the things that students have come up with throughout one of my favorite academic buildings is called Roehrig, which is located on West Bank, very busy building that's mostly occupied by theatre and performance arts, as well as the broadcasting production side of communications. In rare, there are multiple studios that any student in L. A is allowed to reserve and used for whatever needs they might have. There are classes that specifically trained you and teach you how to use our largest studio, which is a TV production studio with very high end equipment for an introduction. Class is pretty incredible. The type of equipment we have in there from a full audio booth, too. Three production TV broadcasts, quality cameras. It's very similar Teo, a control booth you would see at a large stadium like in the NFL, or that you would see any multi camera TV productions, soldiers, a news broadcast or possibly a game show in this studio. There's also a full prop closet with stuff that students have donated faculty of donated and the theater arts department That stuff they weren't using anymore donated. There's walls to create a fake set, you know, couches, a fake refrigerator, lots of fake plants and foliage and students are also allowed to bring in whatever extra materials they might wish to use. After taking this introduction broadcasting class, I actually began working in the studio with a service called Lattice. I was a t a for the class, so I made sure everyone was using the equipment properly. And I got paid toe help out with this class and help these students in this introduction class. The Lattice services also has a area where they check out equipment which is also available to any student within Lola. Whether you're, you know, in a communications video production class or not up in this equipment, check out their high end computers with editing software that you're allowed to use. They have high end cameras, tripods. They have thes really nice, beautiful light kids that are actually battery operated. You could go out to a field in the middle of nowhere. You seize the lights late at night, the last upto, like sometimes 16 hours, depending on the full charge or how high intensive later using them on. And it's just a really great resource for students, whether they use it for classes or just for their personal, you know, making a video for fun. It's really cool that we have the opportunity to learn to use this equipment in a area where it's, you Hey, this is the bedroom of my apartment. Most dorms on campus are for freshmen. There are some upperclassmen dorms, but usually students tend to move to an apartment or sometimes an off campus house after they're freshmen, especially after their sophomore year. So this is an apartment building called Argyle, and it's designed for student housing. They make it really affordable. A lot of the utilities are included, such as heat, which is really important during the school year. Here in Minnesota, I live in an apartment with four other people. I have a roommate. We share a common living room space and a common kitchen space. And then there are three bedrooms in this particular unit. There is a laundry facility that's free workout facility that's free. And it's the cheapest parking you confined One of the biggest things for me when I was looking for a college was location, location, location and many. Act was is one of the best cities you could find yourself on for an extended period of time. University of Minnesota Twin Cities Campus is in an awesome location, right around all sorts of different attractions in the Twin Cities. There, several professional sports teams and many of them actually offers to do discounts. There are numerous and music menus such as First Avenue, where you can catch all sorts of concerts and comedy shows. Because Minneapolis is such a big, booming city, there are lots of larger events from outside that come here, such as recently we had Super Bowl and the Final Four for basketball. Among these, there are lots of art festivals, food, truck festivals and, uh, anything you can really think of. There are lots of art museums in the area as well, and history museums and many of these also offering either three mission for students or they are free to the public in general or they have discounted admission for college and high school students. Not only can you have a ton of fun in Minneapolis since they Paul as a student. But there are lots of opportunities for internships, like during the summer or during your school here, and lots of opportunity and businesses that you can become a part of our fine connections through the university. It's a great city to begin working in weather, short term or long term. Another big attraction right near campus is theme all of America. You can get to the mall on the light rail directly from campus and goto any sort of shops. My need if you need to get new clothes or if you just wanna have fun. They also of a movie theater in amusement park, lots of food to try. And sometimes the mall host different free events. Even if you're not looking for a big schools like the University of Minnesota, there are lots of other smaller colleges around the area, and I would highly recommend looking at the Twin Cities, not only because of all these events and the business side, but it's just Kaufman Memorial Union is a great place to eat on campus. Kaufman Memorial Union is right in the center of campus and is a great location. They accept Go for Gold and Flex Stein. Every student that has a meal plan gets a certain amount of flux Tien, which is money that is on your U card that you can use at restaurants on campus and any coffee shops or markets or restaurants inside university buildings. Kaufman Memorial Union has a great food market and lots of seating both inside and outside. One of my favorite places to eat on campus is that McNamara Alumni Center on Nice Days. I love to get takeout from one of the several restaurants in Stadium Village and take it to McNamara to eat outside. Some of the restaurants in Stadium Village include Chipotle Punch noodles, Afro Delhi, My Burger and many others. one of my favorite places like campus, is TCF Bank Stadium. I have been a member of the marching band, and we're very fortunate that we are pretty much the only Big 10 marching man that has a a nice facility within the stadium. Most marching bands they're either in the school music or in adjacent building, or sometimes across campus, where all their equipment and rehearsal spaces are. We're very, very lucky that when TCF was built, part of the reason they were able to build it was because, you know, they created this academic space and this space for not just the football team but also the marching man. So we have a big rehearsal hall that we practice music in and other campus bands. Other ensembles. USA's Well, there's even classes in there. Sometimes there's a rock and roll history class that meets their way. Have a room for our uniforms. A property room where students staff can fix equipment, help students clean their instruments. How's different parts and pieces such as extra drum heads For the drum line, Wei have a specific drumline storage room and a smaller rehearsal space that is mostly used by the Drumline but also used for sectionals as well as an academic space or a meeting space for other groups. Way have to locker rooms that air very nice, pretty large and spacious in these locker rooms were able to store our uniforms as well as other things we might want to keep that we might want to use on game days, such as hand warmers, because it gets pretty cold in November sometime. Yes, we have a cage room. Are you Khun Store instruments? We have another room that is mostly used, a colored girl, which has these? Asked Miers. They can also be used as a sectional space. You can practice marching, see what your form looks like in the mirror. You can practice your simple moves, and we have access to the field itself. Are marching band actually rehearse? Is three, sometimes four days a week on the actual field of TCF Bank Stadium, which makes rehearsing for halftime in pregame Super easy because you're in space that you're actually going to perform it in, and it's really cool that we get to be in there so often, and it just kind of becomes a home for many of the marching band members in My friend Nick was a freshman this year, and he lived in a dorm called Centennial Fall, which is in a little quad. That way, call Super Block, which has currently three. There's usually four main freshmen housing dorms there. However, one of you them pine. Your hall is currently under reconstruction, and it's going to be renovated. And I believe this coming falls the first year that freshmen will be ableto live in that newly renovated unit. When I was a freshman, I lived in 17th Avenue Dormitory, which is in an awesome location, right across from the tennis and hockey facilities. Right next to campus. Even closer to the superblock is for a lot of my classes. At least in Centennial Hall, you have the option of living in a single dorm or in a dorm with a roommate. Usually, there are two ways that you can sign up for roommates getting five people online on your own through the your class is Facebook Group, or, if you're coming to school with somebody, you know you could sign up with them. Otherwise, you can sign up, too. Live alone, or you can sign up to get a random roommates. Centene actually recently renovated their dining hall in 2016. It's one of the newest dining halls on campus, and my friend Eric is gonna give you guys a so it makes me so happy that I go to such a nice school. I'm callin Woz and I am majoring in mechanical engineering. I wanted to come to the University of Minnesota because it had everything that I wanted. Any university has lots of clubs and activities that I could be a part of such a banned women inside snitch name and engineers about borders. And it also has a lot of good, rigorous academics that are going to be good for me to learn as much as I can at a school. It also has a beautiful location with lots of stuff to do in the big city of Minneapolis, and it's got various location with beautiful Mrs Superior birth. And there's lots of Fortune 500 companies in the area, which would make it easy to find a job in the future. My advice for any incoming freshman would be to make a schedule and figure out what you want to do. You don't have to follow that schedule exactly, but it's nice to know a general idea of what you want coming into the university so you could get as much out of it. Secondly, I would say that you should try new things. You're not gonna get anywhere if you don't try new things. So push yourself a little bit further and try something out of your comfort zone. Good.