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This year. I live off campus in the apartment with three of my friends. But last year I was in a dorm. One of the newer dorms actually called Seventeenth Avenue, and that one was by Dinky Town. Mostly other student housing dorms are in Super Block, which is a huge area with, like three or four dorm buildings for freshmen. A lot of first year students stay in on campus dorm housing. It's really good to be able to meet people in your in your hall or even your roommate. They have a system for, um, either requesting a roommate they have in mind, or you get randomly matched up based on your interests in your personality and your your whole lifestyle. So that's a really good way to get match with matched up with the room, mate if you don't know who you're going to room with. Otherwise, you can just do random selection as well. As for housing options go, they're usually on campus housing and off campus housing. On campus might be a campus funded apartment building or a dorm, and then off campus is an apartment complex or house that you choose to do research John and signed a lease with independently for that with some people or by yourself. Four dorm rooms. There's a few different options there. There's a single room where you're by yourself. There's ah, classic double room. Where you're with somebody else is that way. You would have to bunk beds in there or one, depending on how you want to set your room up. But you'd be with one other person, and then there's one that's slightly more costly, but you have more space to yourself is a sweet. And that's where you have four separate rooms in one bathroom, all in a cluster. So you're with another remain in your room. But like all four of you are in a sweet together. And so you have your own bathroom. That's pretty cool. I'm going to show you inside my apartment. My apartment is off campus housing, so I do have to take a bus to campus, and it's not directly through the university. Okay, guys, I just got home going to show you my apartment. Here is what it looks like. All right, So lock in here. This is my roommate Carly's room. Over here. You know, Closet for our shoes. Hugh Rack Mir, you come in. This is our living room area. We we had to set up all the furniture ourselves and kind of put together money to purchase some. We have a little Christmas tree over there. This is our kitchen. None of us have meal plans this year, and so we buy our own groceries and make food. So we save money and don't eat out all the time. That's kind of fun to cook. This is our dining room here. And as you can see, there are a lot of other apartment buildings like around this area. You can see one off in the distance over there and some houses in Dinky Town. A lot of students live in these houses as well, right? We have some pets. We have pet rats. They weren't allowed in the dorms. But now we have them, right? This is my boyfriend. A nice room. And here we decorated Tessa. Passable lights do our homework here. And then here is the bathroom. It's like an area frauds. And in the bathroom, there's I'm going to show you inside of Murphy Hall, the major building for journalism classes. And since I am in the journalism major studying strategic communication, this's where a majority of my classes are going to be here, going forward. When I'm working on my major requirements here we go to school journalism. Murphy Hall has really impacted my academic career here so far. Just because that's where I had my first journalism class that made me decide that I wanted to pursue the major that I had. Um, and I'm also going to show you Regis Regis is the Center for the arts here at U of M that is on West Bank and all my art. Minor classes are there, and I've had some photography classes there. It's just where all the arts are. Lin Tall is another really important academic building here for me at the U. Of M because it has a Starbucks in it and because it has like a little library and it looks like it's Harry Potter esque. So here we go, spend so much time in this library Linda Hall with that super cool Harry Potter library impacted my academic career. Who's so far? Because that's where the study for a lot of things when I'm not at the library because it's a smaller area. But it still puts me in that like studious mood and helps me be really productive and get stuff done. In Regis. They teach painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, almost everything you can take. Think of as well as lectures on the ethics of art, history of art. There's everything. This is what Regis looks like. Over here we have West Regis, and over here we have East Regis. The Regis Center for Arts also has an art gallery called the Catherine in Ash Gallery. One thing I wish somebody would have shown me on my tour. It's cool places to study around campus that helps you focus. Besides, for libraries today, I'm going to be showing you border town coffee, which was a coffee shop that was half a block away from my dorm last year, and I spent a lot of time studying there. It's filled with plants and cool places to sit little nooks, and it's just a good study. Atmosphere really made it. Help me be productive. This is Bordertown Coffee, a super cute coffee shop that was half a block away from my dorm last year. Used to be an old frat house, and they repurposed it to be a non profit coffeeshop. Basically, one thing I would have been shown on my tour is the breaker space, which is a little area in Walter Library that you can use all the items in here for free as a break when you're taking tests or doing your homework. So Spiritus there's tons of activities here. People drawn whiteboards. But there's lots of like arts and crafts supplies that you can use. There'll be instructions for projects over here. We have sewing. That's a paper mache, eh? All these arts and crafts projects. It's a re Lena's break in a really nice space that you can use to just take a break when you're studying at the library for finals are just any other day at the rec center. It's right over there. Show you inside. But first country, these super cool statues there's two of them. Two figures. And I'll show you what happens when we walk on this path around them. Okay. Are you guys ready? This is for sure. A hidden gem of the U of M. Every time I go to gym class or the gym at the rec center, I always walk by these because it's pretty mind boggling here, the two figures. And as you walk to the right, they slowly start to disappear. And their medal. So how does that happen? Science. Ah, Hidden gem of Regis is the X Y Z lab. And in the X rays, the lab they have resource is for you, too. Three D print objects to use a laser cutter, which is super cool. You can, like, etch out things and wood and make different designs. They have a lot of tools like that where you can link up the technology that they have their on and create objects from it, Today we're at TCF Vain Stadium, the biggest stadium that we have here at the U. Of M. I think the biggest stadium in the Twin Cities, this's where you have them football place. So it's a pretty big game. Days are huge here. When the game is at eleven, people start tailgating at like nine AM, which is really early. But usually the game started about four PM, so people wake up around ten eleven, start tailgating. They go with their friends, and then afterwards people go out again. Here is TC of Bank Stadium from across the street. And then right here is Buffalo Wild Wings, strategically placed so you can go watch the game, go get some wings and have a good time with all your friends. So where I'm standing right now, you can see. For Arenas, right there is TCF Bank Arena. Over here is where gymnastics is held. That arena over there. This one is Ritter Arena. That's where hockey is. And right over here is the baseline tennis center, where you guessed it. Tennis is held, The youth them is one of the big ten schools. And so that means that we have a big sports community here way have also, like bigger our communities and stuff like that. But since it is a Big Ten school, we really do focus on sports. We have women's basketball, hockey, men's basketball, football, tennis, you name it, We got it. I think it's really important for a school toe. Have those options of levels of sports, because even if you want to be involved, you may not be at the collegiate level of us of a certain sport. That way, you couldn't still participate. There are lots of other clubs that can participate in sports, more recreational e. So even if you're not on the football team, you might be able to find a club that plays football. If you're not on the tennis team or the soccer team playing collegiately, you can still play soccer at a lower level and have the same All right, everybody. I learned the tricks of the trade. I have three essentials for you. For your dorm room number one ISS ingredients to make your own coffee. Getting ingredients to make your own coffee. We'll save you so much money because personally, I know I drink at least one coffee day. Sometimes from studying might be even, too. So if you think about that, that's seven or eight dollars a day. And when you're in college, you don't really have that money that I've had often. And so what I have learned to Dio is make my own cold brew. Gonna need a cute mug for your dorm. And then I actually just steep my own cold brew. And it was like five dollars for a pack of fourteen, like coffee bags Too steep. So if you think about that, that's like just over the price of one coffee in this last me for a really long time. And then I just add some water to the cold brew in some creamer, and it's really, really good. So that is my number one essential. My number to a special is pillows and blankets. Anything to make your dorm or your apartment feel more homey is super important. Since you're gonna be spending a lot of time there. And depending on how far you're traveling for college, it is away from home, and you want it to feel as homey as possible. I found that my number three essential for my apartment in my dorm room is decorations and plants. It's a little bamboo guy right there, because when I spent a lot of time inside studying as you do in college, I find it really important. Tohave, MySpace personalized, and when there's greenery in the space, it really makes me more productive. This is a classroom in Murphy Hall that I've had two of my journalism class lectures in. So this is, like a smaller lecture hall that we have. Teacher stands up here and usually puts up her slide show. And we all stay here. We have our own little desk table for notes. Next, I'm gonna show you what a standard lab looks like here. A few of them. This would be a physics lab. We have chairs set up. It's definitely a smaller classroom than a big lecture hall. That way the teacher has less students to handle and they can really give you what On one help. There are screens so that you can show your classmates what you're working on and everybody can communicate better. Qassam supplies up here. In the beginning of my time here at the u. Of m. A lot of my classes where generals and now i'm done with those because i am a junior, some starting my major related classes. So now ah, lot of my classes have to do with my journalism major. In the first two years of your college experience, you are completing generals. And i would say that when you are completing your generals, there's normally more big lectures because the generals are for everybody. And so there's more people in those classes. So in those early years, there's definitely more studio students per professor, so you get a little bit less attention. It's your more on your own unless you specifically go up to the professor and make an effort to get to know them. I'm in a lot of online classes right now for my generals just to finish them up. And even with online classes, professors offer office hours, and i would really take advantage of that. If you have any questions whatsoever, it's super important. Ask early on, go to your office hours. Meet your professor that way at the end of the semester, there not just starting to get to know you. The meal plans come in three different flavours. Basically, the lowest amount of meals you can get is the eleven meals per week plan, and they do not roll over into the next week. So I would definitely try to eat all eleven. If you can, you get ten guest passes and you get some flextime money with each plan. Flex time is money that you Khun spent at a coffee shop on campus and other restaurant on campus. For example, the little restaurants food court In the bottom of Kaufman, you can. You can spend your money there at Penn Express or Chick fil A or any of the restaurants they have there. The next level up of food plan meal plan is fourteen years a week, and that's the one I had just because I thought for breakfast. So I just kept bananas in my dorm rooms and yogurt in the fridge, something small like that. And then I used it for a lunch and dinner every day. Yeah, so that's what I did last year. I felt that fourteen was perfect for me. But it all depends on your schedule on what you think you'll need and then the highest level of meal plan is the unlimited mil per meal plan. You can eat as many times as you want a week there. If you wantto use a swipe to get in and just get a cookie or some ice cream. You could do that because it doesn't count as a whole meal, so that one is definitely the most flexible. But those are the options for the new plants. Anybody can eat any of the dining halls on campus. Even if you don't have a meal plan. It just depends on what's closer to you. The best dorm dining hall on campus is in Seventeenth Avenue, so that's the one we're going to tour. They have a lot of fresh air food options. I know a lot of campuses are known for not having as healthy food, especially in the dining halls. But this one does a pretty good job of giving you choices, giving you knowledge, giving you access to like more organic fresh foods. So I was really lucky, you know, live in that dorm and have access to it. Here you can strike her meal card to get in for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Fresh food Company, The dining hall in Seventeen Avenue Dorm. They offer a lot of fresh food and organic options, so they show different places to pick up local or an organic produce and food from the Twin Cities. And they also show a place where you could get B lap, honey, just super. Our heading into Dinky town, kind of the hub of nightlife in the U of them here. And there's been Donald's here that is a landmark of the them. It's been here for a super long time. It's open till three a. M. So can go there with your friends. McDonald's is super good view of the city, and the train comes down here. That trail down there is called the Green Way, and it's a bike path that goes from St Paul. The Minneapolis Here's a famous welcome to Dinky Town side. Eating at Pagoda today and we're eating here because it's super good. And it also has the Pick five lunch combo for only eight dollars and fifty cents. College students dream Tell us already eaten today. Lots of four e Got some toe. I'm Jackson. Alan. I'm a software here. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities is my first semester here. I just transferred because I'm looking to be a film studies major. Awesome. Um, can you describe the student body or any stereotypes that there might be? Well, one of the stereotypes is that a lot of the French people they're here aren't very necessarily nice or good people. But I mean, I have quite a few that that do actually fit into that stereotype. A lot are also very nice and, uh, you know, help the community and a lot of ways with a lot of volunteer work. Awesome. Uh, what is your major? And what do you feel? Your workload is life. I am a studies in cinema and media culture, Major. My workload so far, just this is my first semester is a little bit later, but I have a lot of papers reviewing movies, making you know, scripts and producing things like that. So it is a lot of hands on work that have to do. I My name's Carly Holly and I chose this school just because I really like the campus, like how big it is and they were pretty good. English department. Awesome. Um, can you describe the climate at all of the academics here? What's your major? What's your workload like? Or any like specific classroom dynamics? You notice? Yeah, I'm an English major. My work load this semester is it's been pretty heavy, but it's also it's been really good. It's been, like, challenging, huh? And I guess the climate here, just like everyone's super friendly and everyone's really show and like understanding about everything and all the professors, a really nice too. Those air, some pros there. Do you have any cons and mind? I don't know. It's super cold. I never really met anybody here that I like, really didn't like. So I know about that. It's just it's pretty cold and like I like that the campus is big, but when you have to a long ways stop, yeah. I'm Jeremy. I go to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities because I'm trying to finish my undergrad so I can ical school. Awesome. Can you describe the student body at all? Stereo? Yeah, like it does any stereotypes in there. You know, it's the same as any other big university. They're gonna have a lot of Greek life on a lot of no weekend outings. And that's like a really big part of, you know, being a university student. Some place sets his biggest here. All right. Can you describe your academic climate? What's your major? What is your work load like lately? And do you have any, like, favorite classroom dynamics? Right now, I'm a physiology major, and my work load is pretty heavy. I have to take a lot of science courses and, you know, it's it's within the College of Liberal Arts. It's it's very science heavy because I'm really trying to get into medical school. So the workload is, you know, really pummeling me down every once in a while because one midterms come up. You really have to study for those exams because the classes that I'm in our leader classes, so they're kind of then out the hurt to see if you're really ready for your major. So they're harder than they need to be. Delight. Kind of make sure you know if somebody's in it, they really wantto. It's basically you're either in it to win it or not in it at all. Wow, that's your bad. But, I mean, it's just it's