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Thinking about University of North Florida and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting University of North Florida in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet University of North Florida’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to University of North Florida, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the University of North Florida experience. These University of North Florida video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Well, get this. It's so cute. Oh, my God, folks. Um, so my battery Oh, my gopro died, which is really cool and fun and fresh, but I just wanted to show you what we call the green. And a lot of college campuses have this, But I really like ours because it's, like, kind of small and like, tucked away and everything and it's just rained. So it's like, kind of money, but usually like you'll see people napping on here. And like when it's really sunny out, it's like a really nice place to like just lay er and like, you can get WiFi here. So, like, you can watch Netflix out here like in between classes and stuff, which Hi. We're losing daylight really, really fast. So I wanted to I wanted to tell you about food before I got there, too. Okay, So And I'm gonna show you all this in a second video, hopefully tomorrow when it's brighter out. But I we have the cafeteria, but I don't go there because I don't have a meal plan because they live off campus. So unfortunately, I can't. So you die because it costs a lot for me to go in there. But if you have a meal plan, which a lot of people you're required to have a meal plan like at most colleges, you're required most, if not all colleges. You're required to have a meal plan if you live there so that they make sure you don't start, which is really nice, which is a really thoughtful of them. Tio. Um, so if you have the meal plan, you can go to the cafeteria whenever you want. I think. Wait, I think I think it depends on the meal plan. But still, you can go a lot. And, um, it's really nice. It's kind of like both a style. Almost. It's like a nice Golden corral you know, like it's like quality food, but you can go up and get it. It's like buffet style, and that's really nice if you, uh, don't have a lot of time and used No need to go in and get a snack and you could get your check, too. You can go get some food, but also I like to eat at the student union, which I showed you. It had, like the little, the Little Fall Festival or whatever that was the student union, and they have buildings, and they have, uh, A. They have restaurants, and they're they have a panda express in there and a pizza place and then upstairs is like a little bar. We call it the boathouse. No. And so, yeah, that's like a nice restaurant. And we also do a lot of our stuff, like the events there. And then there's also like a chick fil A Express kind of in the middle of campus. There's a chick play and the sushi place, and there's a salad and a rap place, and all of those are really nice, so there's a lot of options of food there, and I'm hopefully gonna show you that if it's light enough, if not, then also you in a So this is the second floor Full library. Chances are on a classic Tuesday, you're gonna see me hear Sistani, then Neat. They're my study buddies for biology. Um, on the second, on the first and second floors, you can be a slot as you want. But on the third and fourth floors, you can talk. Woods means I always hang out on the first and second floor because I'm super loud. Um, another cool thing about the libraries that you can also eat in here, which is really cool, because there's a Starbucks, like right over there. And I get really hungry all the time. So that's quoth. So there's the elevator for floor, too. And I want to show you guys this year's and there's this Chloe, this is really cool, but the stairs are really pretty, so honest you goes nice view it's for you can work by yourself, and there's also a lot of tables by thirty work with other people, which is cool. That's outside of the library. It's super gorgeous, and we always Parker bicycles on, um, statues because they're built for that, which is also a really cool thing about you. Enough. Another cool thing about you enough is that the whole campus is like a nature preserve. So, like all of the landscaping and everything is like there's like a lot of endangered species and stuff and like really rare plants and everything, like, over there, you can see in the pots and stuff. Um, a lot of those, like, aren't commonly found in Florida, but since the nature reserve we of them here There's a baseball field. It's pretty big. It's like next to the softball field, but you can't really see it, so I'm going to see that one again. Hi there. Welcome back. Sorry that I'm using my headphones. Microphones. It's because it's super windy and there's a found in front of me. And I want, so hear me. Um, but I'm sitting outside of the arena, the U. N F. Arena. It's our basketball marina, but we use it for a lot of different stuff. And actually, like a lot of people in this city, use it for different stuff. It's like kind of a public arena. I'm so sorry. It's so windy and I'm also a breath because I walked really fast, and also it's really cold. But, um, so yeah, it's really big, and they have a lot of concerts here whenever it they always do a concert like the beginning of the year. And so, um, they always have that there, which is fun. I think last year they had, like, black beer. And there before that they had saved the Gemini, which is really cool. Um, so, yeah, there's theory, Noah. So, hey, I'm sitting in my car in the back lot. We call this the backlog because it's kind of like behind everything. It's like by the arena and everything, like there's the soccer stadium and everything. So a lot of the tailgates for basketball games happen in this lot. Like usually right around this area, Um, and they pretty. They have a lot, actually, because our basketball team are men's basketball team is actually the one. And so our basketball tailgates, they look very similar to like football tailgates like they're huge and a lot of people come from all around to celebrate our basketball team, Okay, so I'm gonna tell you all about crossings and about Osprey Hall, Austria Hall and also crossing. I'm gonna tell you about before I get there. The let me inside without a key party. Anyway, Um, so both of those basically looks like your typical storm. Just like you've got the bathroom. You walk in and you've got a little bathroom and you've got one, And then you've got, like, the main room. You go thank a little like storage areas and then to beds that are like a cross. So it looks literally like every other dorm room you've seen in your entire life. So I don't really feel bad about not showing you this because I don't know anybody who lives in it. Do I live in? That would be kind of rude asking random people out of the road and no Osprey hall. Okay, all of them are all in campus, but osprey, Paul is, like, literally, like, right next to the classrooms. Like you can wake up and walk out of your front door and, like, class will be right there. Like I'm serious. Like I'm gonna show you it's insane. Austria crossings is, like, a little bit where you stop, which is also nice. Like It really just depends on your personal preference. I think like Osprey crossings is the same way, but it's like a little bit further down. You might have to take the bus if you don't feel like walking. The bus isn't bad at all. I have zero complaints about it, but that's nice if you like a little privacy. You know, like that's a lot of people's choice is like to be a little bit farther away from campus. I don't know. I think personally, I would choose to be really close because I love rolling out of bed and going to class like that's the dream for me. But you know, whatever it is, it's your friend, personal preference. And I just wanted to tell you that before you got here because I've been sitting in traffic for forty one minutes now if I live in the middle of Timbuktu I like it. A little sake. He's okay. Anyway, that last shot was really, uh, shaky. So I want to show you the cafe. This is what it looks like. There's two moving through force. I don't know, but it's in between Osprey hall and campus, which is really cool. Um, So your breakfast on your way to class? I love it. We love you. No. Nutrition and health. So we're coming up on Us Free Hall, which is really cool, because I literally walked like four minutes from campus and then I got here. So there's Osprey Hall. Sorry, it's shaky. I'm walking kind of fast because it's really cold. Um, and there's a little leak all here, and it's super cute and there's a goose that lives here, and his name is Howard. He's kind of me. And so just steer clear of him and his little seating out there. I love you and the cafe is like right behind us. So if you want to get some food, it's literally right outside your door, Which is why I really like Austria Hall. So right now, I'm in this little place that we call the piece Plaza because there's a South you of Gandhi right there in a satire of Martin Luther King. And it's kind of in the middle of everything, which is cool, could be the twelve. So right now we're kind of walking through like the front of campus. There's a big there's sometimes alligators in here, which is cool. But there's a big leg lake right here. And we do a lot of events like all throughout this section, which is cool. This huge magnolia trees everywhere, which is really beautiful, My favorite spot. It's got these really beautiful bamboo trees everywhere. It's literally like you're walking into a forest. They've got benches all over the place, and you can get WiFi access so you can, like, pull out your like phone or pull out your laptop into some work. Over here. It's actually really beautiful. And everything again, like for the fiftieth time, has these little plaques and tells you what they are in case, you know, want to do a project or something, or you want to get those plants like for yourself, at your house like you can know which is really cool. I've never seen like any other campus do that. Um, and there's little tables here. There's recycling bins everywhere, like all over campus. There's a bunch of recycling bins. We like to keep our campus clean because again, it is like a nature and wildlife preserve. Hey, I found this nice little spot. So I'm gonna use my my front and I'm gonna talk to hear because it's nice and sunny and it's super cold out. So I'm trying to stay warm, but I want to see the costumes, and I'm going to see my chemistry like Sir classroom and my biology lecture classroom and my chemistry lab classroom and my calculus costume. So the calculus costume fits usually about, like, thirty people in it, so it looks like a regular classroom, and that's what I've had for most of my math classes or upper math classes, at least. And then the lecture halls are pretty big. They fit like a hundred people in it isthe comfortably so those air nice and then the lab's only fit like twenty people, which is good because you want to have small labs. The smaller the lab, the better so that you can get really one I won with the Hi. So I'm sitting in my car in the town center parking lot, and I'm very excited to show you the town center because it's literally the best part of Jack in my personal opinion. But also, I really love shopping. So that's why. And I'm kind of going around and just videotaping random things, kind of giving you all the feel of what is literally outside like, I'm not kidding, I loved you and after a listen, only thirty seconds drove thirty seconds and I was right here. You like You can. It's crazy. It's so insane. It's right across the street and I want it. I'm really excited to show you where we hang out every single day in between my classes. All right. So I also want to talk about off campus housing because that's where I live. But not really. I live with my parents and they're very far away. So I'm not gonna tell you where I live. But I am gonna show you, um, some of the apartments that are literally right outside of you enough. And they just built these. Dude, I kid you not Some of them aren't even over yet, but they're gonna be open when you come here. Because I'm Oh, my God. I'm literally like they're so beautiful. All of there's so many apartment. There's probably more apartments on, like, houses in Jai's mother. So many of them, I don't know. I don't Did I have the right of way filling up anyway? Okay, sorry that this is the worst video, like in the entire world. But I don't want to get anybody's license plate in this video. Check out all those apartments that's like maybe, like one eight of all the apartments in the town centre, like