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just get to be one. Dance with me, Jason. Losing. Hi, guys. Welcome back to my channel. I decided before I moved to Georgia for school. I'm going to flog the last couple days here and what I'm doing and just like the packing and all those hippie thing. So I basically have think four days now left until I move. And basically, I'm trying to pack my whole life into three suitcases and duffel bag. This is my room. This had, like, a bunch of pictures on it, but now it's gone because I'm Jack's gonna take the vines, the backyards, things with me, just that it could save myself less. D i y when I get there, those were staying here just because, you know, that was memories here in time. Laptop? That's right there. I have to pack just like a pillow, probably, and then a blanket that I bring with me. But my band even whisper I cleaned all the makeup brushes that I'm going to be bringing with me. I don't use all those Those are just old, and then in there is just like makeup that I'm using like day today. That's part of the street near my curling iron, but for most or all of those air are empty. But yeah, for the most part, I'm almost pretty much packed up. I just have to pack up a couple things and then moved to Georgia and you guys will see my moving block there. I mean, Amy got her toes done one last time, quietly for Georgia. I got a gig on my ingrown toenails. Now, my friends, he's got one. My bring last touch grows. Yeah, packing was really hard. Like I just think I'm gonna need all these things and watch me get there. I'm never used any of them. This is, like all over my floor. I they I if I likes hi Brutus like you do so like eight eternities later have two days left in Oregon. So today is I know it's Wednesday. I leave on Friday. Today's plan is basically I might go swimming with one My friends. I'm definitely getting sushi with, like a family friends and like their family, because, like, really club really close with them. And then I'm going toe one last open gym and one last time, Ling, so hopefully get some videos in them. Like what I'm working on. Yeah, but yeah. So what? I wanted to come on here and show you with guys that I've actually pretty much finished packing. So that is why I carry on duffel bags. So inside there's a bunch of dorm stuff that's, like, considered more fragile. We spent a super long time tryingto way out all these things to make sure they're all £50 or less. So two suitcases and this duffel bag, But like all my shoes in it with my family, you need to do it. Looks like given beluga driving. You getting sushi, guys? I'm actually Loki. Sad and doing my job. My top goal had been real sad. My friends and I are going nights. Why do you have streamers? You bought sparklers. I'm gonna be YouTube. My friends, my friends bought me food. I me for a friend, girl, her, me. They're gonna give me a dramatic I do. I don't know. I grabbed it. I wait. I stand. You don't, Bernie. I'm so confused. Goodbye, sister. Goodbye, Mom. I love you. My house by both You know that my bags are packed. Who we're at PX and shut up, lady, or take my bags. Even though ever seen bag was, like £2 a pound over Because your real one, because Amy would have been happy with me. We're getting your Starbucks, and then we're going to Georgia. Cracked bail, right that. Yep. We made it to Carrollton. Now we're just in a really, really, really long lying. Well, um, we space out a couple hours again because I'm really bad at this, but I'm in my dorm room. This is my friend Haley. And this is my friend Hannah. Shoot my actual roommate, and basically, you're moving in, and I want to show you my door Is our little meeting like broom? Mary C. Okay, Hannah. And then this is all our food. We got lots of Rahman because we're bro. No comment. This is our room. Me and Hannah share room, and basically, this is our bathroom. Obama bees. I have yellow and she has black is our toilet. We need to get, like, a little thing room inside the shower. But we have this cable roughly her in our sink, my clothes, and then this is kind of a disaster at the moment. but we have our rug. And then this is Han aside, This is my side, and I'm just showing you before my closet. So far, this is Hannah's closet. So far, Harris looks really nice. Okay? We're really a couple of anything, and we've made progress. The suitcases under there, we're gonna get some more organization. But life organized. Well, hello. I fell asleep. I was at 3 a.m. And basically hand. And I are hang up our lights and trying to decorate a whole room. So if you see right here, I'm putting lights and vines, and then I'm gonna actually hang pictures on them with, like, little clothes pins coming. You look so good. Just blinking the vines of remains on in the life for me. I'm just Well, it's the next day again. Sorry. This is really bad. Actually, I have some, uh, scare on because Yeah, but we're almost done. So it's almost time for me to show you. I know you're just, like, dying to know you can kind of hard to tell, but I'm still have to buy someone's last minute things. I do have to order some more pictures to hang up and yeah, but so far, so good. Way back, way back to school, back to school, class way. Okay, but we're gonna get a character of raw courage because we're a Cuban family. So, um, change of plans, not getting the character. We waited an hour, and you said and I said, no, you're not getting one. We were like, Okay, thanks. But now we're gonna go. You? Yeah. Hi, Hannah. Okay, I'm gonna say that finished dorm, for the most part besides that being returned. So you walk in way, have this rug. This rug is from target, and then right here is the bathroom. Hello, everyone. And that's my side, which is kind of mess. And then her side. But, like, we just got ready. So yeah, And then you move here and this is my closet and have this cool little light from target that you just pull the bold, it lights up. I left my closet. Those bins are from target. Some command hooks and some blocos. Also Wal Mart. I'm getting a different curtain, I think. Get white arm. I just black. This sign is his P d X is frowned. Brandy Melville Got it. for graduation. Super cute. And then you come right here. We also have this other rug, which is from Walmart. I'm just showing my side cause and it's also finishers. But those are my shoes and some rollers. But I have this bed skirt thing that I made with a curtain rod and curtains that I cut in half. And then under here I have a been A shoes. And then, like my most worn shoes on this rack, some suitcases, a cart over there with a bunch of my like supplies stuff and then two more of those plastic bins, my clothes in it. Then you come up here for the main part. This is my bed. The yellow pillowcases from Target. The bedspread is from a Kia and the pink pillow is target. The vines from Amazon lights are from Amazon as well. And then just some pictures. I ordered some more today. Just like fill it up little bit more. This white things also target. This think tank is from Urban Outfitters. Then you come to my desk and we had two more vines going across. Just gonna thought it looks good. I have two little shelves from Urban Outfitters Candle to a fake plants. Nothing my friend gave to me. And then we got this felt that our board and we wrote that on it. But just excuse that. And then this is my desk. I have YouTube on some makeup storage and things like that. My chair just has a blanket over it because there's no need to buy a new one, have a little clip on fan, and then I have these metal photo strips. I have metal photo ships, these air from Urban Outfitters. And then I have this calendar, which I believe is from Target or Wal Mart. I don't remember, but I think Target and you And then we have these dressers myself. I'm on the top, hand on the bottom, and then she's your keurig, and that is our room. So thanks so much, guys watching my movement log and dorm room. MoveOn, please. Like comment and subscribe. Let me know Any videos of actual video coming up about sorority meeting in my room, But okay, but yeah, Hey, guys, welcome back to my channel today. I'm just filming Get ready with me for my friends. In no way am I saying I'm any form of beauty guru because my maker routine probably hasn't changed in like, four years. And also there's lots of pretty dancing in videos. Just be warned. But first I'm going to take a Smashbox primer and supposed to diminish my eyes. My port. I cannot say that word. Let's get ready your pores. But I'm pretty sure it does. Absolutely nothing is. It always looks the same. So you know, we just do it anyways because that's what you're supposed to do, right? But I'm just rubbing it in my skin. Next, I'm taking the cosmetics, which you can't we see on the screen because I'm horrible. It's showing things, but I'm taking it cosmetic cc cream, and I'm gonna put that on the Faces foundation. I love that stuff. It's great, not too heavy to light, just the right amount, and I make it way too dark for me because you know, like to feel tan, even though it's like negative 60 degrees, I swear. And I'm from Oregon, and that's saying a lot now I live in Georgia and it's still cold to me for some reason. Yeah, here's just me sing along, put my foundation on Then I'm taking this clinic powder and just putting it all over my face just so that my face is that shiny. Then I take the mat two faced bronzer and use that to like deep in my face. And then I basically just put it in like a three motion, you know, pretty standard. And then I'm gonna take another bronzer and people, and even more has little bit of shimmer in it. So, you know, gives you a nice little beachy bronze bell shallow on screen in a second existence, I cannot speak the physician's formula. Bronzer. My favorite stuff ever. Absolutely. Like the best I've been through, like, 03 of them. Use is pretty much on an everyday basis. Was putting that more my face to make me look extra tan? Um, next, I'm going to go in with this super old crusty Mary Kay blush. Pretty sure this expired like, 800 years ago, But I'm just gonna put that on my face because it's like, you know, when you like blush like you don't like blush, but you think you need to use blush. This is that type of blush like its flush Billy. It's not really blush. Then. Of course, I'm going in with Becca. Champagne pop for some highlighter. This is the best, which obviously I'm pretty sure everyone knows buddy. Yeah, just highlight in my face. I can't forget the nose and the cubits. Bo, that's like literally the best part. Then I obviously went in my eyebrows. That was really fast, but I'm using the Anastasia brow definer. And basically, I just try to make my eyebrows look a similar as possible. They always look not like ever. But, you know, we try and there's me just trying to fill in, you know, you were just have those, like eyebrows, just like you think they look the same and the naked picture and they look not anything similar in all that's pretty much my eyebrows. And then after this, I'm gonna go with the Anastasia row gel like this weird color. I think it helps. My eyebrows are really dark compared to my hair, for some reason, so I think helps lighten them. Tow make them look kind of similar. And then this is me deciding what I make it. I want to do because, of course, I didn't plan anything with them. This video, But I'm taking this urban decay shy shadow, eye shadow, shadow him naked and putting it in my crease and just blending it all over being pretty messy with it, because I don't want anything too crazy. Then I'm going with the naked three palette and taking that really light shade and just blending again, going my crease, making it pretty pink. Then I'm going with the Lorax Pro, too. I think it's what it's called with this little tiny brush that point just said that and just putting a shimmer like on my lid just to give it some fun sparkle. And then just going in with that same color, the blending color before just lending it out and then going in with a darker pig killer and deepening my crease just so that get that Look, this is me just looking at trying to show you. But you can't really tell because yeah, arts, but I'm just going in, blending it out. Try to make sure that it looks all good swords. Then I'm going in with the super light, shimmery shade on the inner corner because I think a bright in her corner always just makes like everything pop. And then when you put my scare on, it just really helps. Like everything come together. And for eyes, I always use Kevin Kwan eyelash curler. It's literally the best I have, like the most straight eyelashes ever, and I use the Maybelline last stiletto. It is literally my favorite mascara, and I'm pretty sure it's like 800 years old, not the mascara, but just like it's like a new fancy mascara. It's from the drugstore, but it's seriously best. So I just put on mascara for way too long. Play around with it until I think it's like, all right, you know, you know you is one that's better than the other, just takes forever. But Kira. Then I go with the clump crusher, the good old classic and trying to get all the lumps out. Try to make it all look good. You do that forever, too, and that's pretty much it for my mascara in my eyes. With most part was gonna sing to myself for a second do Then I just used the marble desk you rose water spray that he's the urban decay all nighter, which smells like crap. I don't think it has ever smelled good. And then this is me showing you my fine look pretty fancy. Then I'm obviously gonna do my hair Excuse the horde angle and my ratchet hair, but I'm just gonna brush it out and I'm doing a middle part straight. So I'm not gonna give a tutorial on her. Straighten your hair because it's pretty simple. You get see the flat iron. Here's just me. Part of my hair takes me, like, 100 times to get it where I like it, but yeah, yeah, straighten her, then I use this hair spray. I don't know what kind it is and just put it on my route because my hair is always so frizzy and especially that it's wintertime. It's, like even more crazy, like I'm literally brushing it. You can literally see it and it like, forces out. So that's always fun. I feel myself in the mirror because, you know, thin for an outfit. I'm wearing this nasty gal bodysuits. Um black jeans and this Gromit belt that I got from Goodwill pretty fancy. And I'm wearing a little star necklace and some rings, and I'm pretty sure just wore black fans. And, like, a denim jacket just cause it was like freezing outside. And that was my college. Get rid of me. Hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you, guys. So this maple Street, As you can see, there's a lot going on a metro street, not trapped, trapped alive. And then All right, all right. You got me down for four hours. You must go before then. Right there. You got G town? I don't know if you could see it. Dogtown right near their wings are amazing. I got here. You chicken wings, Seafood. I'll have the fried rice. They got busted. Right here is Bbw. It's one of the gas stations around. I'm just a regular gas. They should. I really don't see much. Go there because my favorite gas station down here on the takeoff. But that's another gas station right there. You've got a proper job right there. They're always hiring in some of these dominoes appear. They're always hiring delivery drivers. So if you got a car and you're looking for a job, so go ahead and apply right there. The border Mexican restaurant went in there the other day. Amazing. Has some carne asada so amazing. Yeah, that's definitely a place arm. Recommend visiting. They take wolf books. So there's a difference between books and down and all. There's dining dollars. It's like pre loaded that comes with your meal. Clean wolf books You have to put the money on, but they accept books. The good thing about with books is there no taxes? So your meal will be tax free up here? Yeah, I'm about to take shots of my favorite gas station. It's called was the Chevron, but we call it. Okay. You guys saw right now in our gym, someone give you a little toward it. It's nothing big. Nothing. Major is cute, though. I will say he's still working here. So this is like the wait with the area here. So you are the cardio. So this is like the cardio equipment and everything you got on like a roach. Treadmills are here than they have. I think you call those ellipticals, and then you have the bikes and everything in the front upstairs, we have a track where we have more ellipticals and stuff like that. And then right there is one of our basketball courts. And then in the back, we also have another basketball court. Let's see. I'm going to go show you guys the yoga Romans. We kind of booze. You got yoga rooms? I don't know. No. The university that I got a yoga room. Maybe I'm sure him, but they might. It's gonna take me a moment to get there. So this one second for me. And like I said, I did work here. So it was a fun place to work. Right? There is a man locker room for students and then the female is further down here. We have vending machines right here. That TV right there because they were real fancy, and they call it the Yuet University Recreation. So we're just there. Okay, so we're here is our yoga rooms, yoga classes on class and stuff like that. And then right here, this TV shows the schedule of what I was being hosted in what days and stuff like that. So yeah, thats our gym and I'm a few coming west, Georgia. This is definitely a place to get a good place to come. No work out, you know, get a little sweat on But that being said since Charleston is kind of country is I think it does affect your experience is going to school here. It doesn't affect it negatively or positively. I think it just It was a lot of things into perspective, like, for example, I come from, I want to say a city type setting, but I do come from somewhere that's heavily populated. So coming to kill us and it was kind of a shock to me because this is kind of country to me. But at the same time, I think it's good on my educational experience because it allows me to focus more on my education versus going out and party. And even though I am in college now, that's kind of cliche. But, yeah, I think it will expect your experience here, but I don't think I'll be deferred for everybody. But for the most part, it is a great experience. It does affect it in a positive way. Some guys. So right now I'm on my way to the library. But I'm about to walk you guys through the TOC, which is the Technology Learning Center. A lot of classes are held in here like interdisciplinary classes. So, like English psychology, history of how many classes in this building. So this is just a preview of the It's actually really cute. This that on that side and then on the side, it's like a little market. So if you want some juice, I'm with Asia again. You're out of she about to get some juice? Yeah. This is the COC has three levels. I'm not sure if you can see. A lot of them have. Three has to. But there's a second level up there. Yes, multiple classes. And here they have a history. I've had art, and here I've had English. So you have a lot of classes that are offered Hi, My name's Cassidy and I go to the University of West Georgia, and today I will be giving you a 10 fund fax about our school. So some of these air really specific, but also other ones are like kind of broad just because I have honestly a hard time coming up with 10 even though I feel like there's so much. But I think it was the pressure coming up. 10 I, I couldn't think about money now were like super specific. Number one is we actually really amazing nursing program here. We have a like its own facility and stuff like that, and it's a little bit different in the sense that it's a D to it's competitive, but maybe a little bit less stressful. It's not do you want, but you get so you still get that same amazing nursing experience and stuff like that, and I just know I'm not nursing major, but I do know that our school has a really big nursing program. Number two, which it does apply to me, is that we have a multi national cheerleading team. Here we have all girl and Co Ed and me one like twentysomething national championships, and hopefully this will be another one. And that's the way something to look forward to. I feel I feel like for visitors to, because I feel like we're always everything, but also of your children. You want look for someone to cheer West. Georgia is a great option. West Georgia also has really good resource is when it comes to classes they offer like a writing center. We have specific tutoring. Some classes have tutors within them they're struggling with in your class. There's nothing not like you cannot do about it. There's so many options for you to get help to figure it out. Everyone always wants to help you make sure that you're passing and stuff like that. So I think that's really nice, because if you're in high school, I don't have that. So it's nice and college? No, like, Oh, I need tutoring. I could literally go there and it's free. And so that's a really nice factor about West Georgia. Four is we have Greek life, which I mean something really fun fact. But I know some people are probably curious. We actually have a really decently big Greek life with our own Greek village with houses at all. Look super Q and the same. I'm not Mr Ward. I know Greek life is pretty big here. So if you're looking for something with Greek, life may be a little bit more chill. Not too much. I heard it's a little bit more affordable than other Greek life scenarios at other schools. West Georgia is a Knauss, Um, contender. If you're an out of state students, you're not the state of Georgia. I'm not state of Georgia. They have a lot of in state waivers available, which makes this school super cheap, especially for me, because state schools where I'm from, even though I'm literally in state, are so expensive. West Georgia, with the state waiver, makes super super affordable. So you know it's awesome to know that it, like there was an option of menial before going across the country. Another fun fact is, we have so many different class options. There's so many different class you could take. You could be a nursing major, could be a bio major. You could be a film major theater, major anthropology, like there's so many things that what story perhaps has to offer and classes, which I think is really fun and cool, because, I mean, that's like any college. But I just feel like West Georgia is like It's not just known for one thing, which I kind of appreciate. I feel like every major is commonly considered the same level, like, Oh, you're doing that versus like, oh, you only go here for this major or whatever you know, seven is we have a famous I'm feeling the famous square, but we have the square in Carrollton and basically has a bunch of local eateries and stuff like that. It's a really fun place to go, and everyone always goes there. And since we're kind of like a small town, it's nice to go and you can always find someone. You know. Someone in the college is always working at the restaurants and stuff like that, and there's even shopping, so it's always something fun to do. Eight. This is super random, but I was getting laws at this point. Our Jim used to have a pool. There's a sign in our gym. I work at the gym in our school, and it literally is like a memorial of the pool if you will always to confuse and always come up saying that like only where's the pool? I'm like it doesn't exist. It's just a memorial because, honestly, I did the same thing. So fun. Fact or Jim used to have a pool nine. Honestly, I'm not sure if they still exist or what the deals with them, but we did at some point or do have a judo team and they're actually really good. I'm I see the flags, we have practice and stuff. So you know, judo. I don't really necessary. Know what you'd always, But that is a fun fact, if you like. You know, we have a judo team and 10 this one's super broad, but I just kind of said that there's no place like any other here in Carrollton. I'm not from a small town, and I kind of like the aspect of going somewhere and always finding or knowing somebody always. David. There's something going on and being in such a small town with such deep roots, like Carrollton, like they're in high school, big, their middle schools, big everyone that's in Carol's and bleeds black and gold, and a lot of people come to West Georgia, so it's kind of cool to, like be in that culture and being a small town and honestly, for me, this is a home away from home. So that's my 10 fun fact. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you next time. This is Carol, across one of various affordable off campus housing day showing you guys my first. Good. Yet one of the differences between having on campus housing and ofthe house. It's biggest one for me was they're the twelve month lease with off campus housing, whereas one campus housing has a date basically gotta go, which is really inconvenient if you have a job or you may be taking summer classes. In that case, you would have to reapply. How? Here. Get some giant, you know, guess, people. Also TV included. Okay, drink other excessive grease and decorations. Wass. A big part not at work done. What? Yes, but we got this kitchen. Ignore this. The kitchen is Washington. Oh, Spain. Here. Run the story thing. Right the best. This. Nor someone a minute, a little messy. Wrong. You get a full size bed, which be great to queen size bed, but definitely full size bed. What comes with the room is the bed, the desk and two dressers like this. I put the mother my bed to have in the closet playing his face, Michael. No. Also that which is be my eyes. And yeah, so I'm just gonna ask you a couple questions about the campus. So, um, what can you start with introducing yourself and, you know, explain a little bit about yourself and why you came to school? OK, My name is Stada to us. You okay? Data deadly. And I am art student. Um, why? I came to wish Georgia. Well, at first I was gonna go to, like, actual art school, but I talk with my art teacher from high school. She was like, the best educations can come from art school, but it's good to go to a liberal arts school. So I think where's Julia was, like, the only school that I felt like I was good enough for me and in the art department on my look amazing. So I was like, I was like, Hey, you know, I think I like company, So that's just George cut So if you can just describe a little bit of the student body at the school. Um oh, student body. Well, when I first got here, we were freshman year. I feel that we were all, like, very close, mate, because, Well, you know, when you go to orientation, you need a lot of people that come in with. So when I got here, it was like I was a stranger to everybody. So I feel like, um overall, we were like a close meet any, You know, over time, you become closer with other people that their group with its always like. I feel like it's like a family without your way. Yeah. Basic. Like we're like a big family. Great. You remember that weird intention? You Okay? So what's your major and describe the academic climate on campus? Well, I'm an art major. Like I said it before, but I am an art education. Major song wants to be an art teacher. So home. The comics of being art, it's student is really is not hard. But you have to be very consistent when it comes to making deadlines with certain things. Because if you come into the school without having the right scores for was like city. You have to make sure you take it, take your get okays and wants you to get that out the way released like just getting through because, like the classes, not really not hard. They're very inactive, and I really love the studio classes. So you're taking studios are classes and education classes, so it was like it's a lot. But if you really like because you stink, really not that bad, so that's good. So what's your favorite and least favorite part of being on campus or at the school? And why? Okay, So my favorite part about being on campus Well, I'm not on campus right now because I live off campus. But when I was on campus, I feel like it was the stuff that they had one on in our dorms or living resonates because sometimes they have, like, Nice where we all come together and, like, watch TV together or they have, like, a little certainty. It's like the IRA's hosted whatever I feel like that's one of the best parts. And when you live on Cape is being are stupid. Sometimes you have to light work late in our studio. So you have to make sure that if you're going to stay overnight, make sure like you have somebody with, you know, with you when you go home. Yeah, but I used to say our review. Yeah, the baboon. It was like, right there really wasn't that bad. So the best apartment at least part is, uh I don't know. I guess it got too much Yeah. It cost a lot of Lenny. It does. So that's why I moved off campus. And then, like, sometimes, like, oh, you have everything right here. I mean, which is true, because you have the you have the dining halls and you have classes like there. Whatever you got, library. Right? Right in the center of campus. What is like being off campus? Me on your own and, like not have paid so much for for Like what? Room board for? Only three more in for a meal plan. Thank you. Barely want to use the food. It's okay, but not what you want. It's always like I rather say, Okay, cook my own food in my own place does good like things like refreshment. It's mandatory to stay on campus. True. And it's mandatory to have a meal plan. So it's like you don't really have much of choice at that point until you become like a sophomore and then you can go in. Do what you please because I know when I became yourself straight argue, I want todo. I went straight there, but I do. I do regret not living in a in either The center port bout it out didn't really want to live, but either the hopes of Singapore. Hey, really, what university police like they were okay, but he was like you met more people when you're a the oath, instant appoint. So because they're considered, like, the freshman dorm? Yeah, it's always like and then a lot happens on this side of campus and like a lot of activities happen on this on the east side of campus. So it's like in there everybody over there with you on the west side of campus, You got like one Teo. What? William There. So you get so conditioned to like stating your like not. I mean, you're not meeting nobody. Not really going, because I barely went to the game. I think I'm going to the game room. When Kobe came like my tio e never really going there. Like I've never really Actually, I was like, Okay, let me go meet my friend outside of my door. And it was never like that. It was like, Okay, like, if I see you. Of course I got. But it was like me if I was living the sweets. I want my room stayed in there. It's like, really heads. Come. I'm not making that trip over there. I'm sorry. And then on the weekends, the six cl Oh, yeah, like you got to come all the way over here. I was like, forget it. Just go do something like it was It was tough, but that's good. That's good. Can you So thank you guys for watching and thank you for joining us. All right, you guys. So this right here is East comments. It's one of the dining, one of two dining halls that we have on Camp East Comments is this one That's twenty four hours, and then we have the six, which is located on the other side of campus. Now, I would take you guys in and give you a tour of the inside. However, I don't have a meal plan this semester, so I will not be allowed inside. You know, like, actually go in there and show you, but yeah, there's twenty four hours. They have Bochy bar in here. Pizza, pasta, salad, sandwiches, everything you could possibly want. They got CVS, and there they play. Lovely hip. Heart mourns. I was all into it. Yeah. This is one of the more popular places on campus, especially for light dinner. But Z six is really good with their breakfast. I recommend them for breakfast, but yeah, this is East comment that you see right there. Then at the bottom, they have housing and residents life. So if you ever need to come inside the house and you can definitely come over here and do that