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good ward way. Theo. Who? Another day with a freaking Kurt Ro Chi's. You sleep next to Alex, bro. You don't understand. I'm told he's actually on the floor. What's up, baby? E? I heard a blanket rip e way you to sleep on the O. Oh, it's just one Ready fight. Ready to go? What's up? Okay, okay. Check out the stack of peril. She's Rogers. She crop the shirt. She got this'll. Man went out last night in 7 30 and he's up and ready to go at it like, 3 30 last night, saying you will detail walked in the room. Hey, I was like, Oh, what's up, baby? Oh, Alex. So really, it's good we got you up then, right? No, I wasn't filming. Never. It was It looked like it was filming, but in reality Oh, not everyone sleep. You actually took out the trash. This sand. This man is a legend. But look at that. They fully we've never had a guest a here, and, like, have this much this most hospitality. You the man and he's still croaked on the couch. You ready to ride? Yeah. So I don't have uni sex stuff boy, if you get a shirt and you're trying to crop it like team l can't even crop if he wants to do it like that and you want to crop the shirt. And you did this yourself, right? It was easy. Yeah, your letter. This You're just a minute and you can get, like, a good you know how to take. We got Teyla Keith here. He traveled all the way from Richmond, right? Literally since, like, I was like a little kid. Been always loved his music, putting his stuff in my videos. It's the fire stuff. We'll put all the links down in the bio into the script. Shane Roses, December. He broke his pelvis. Thoughts on the story. So excited to ride. I haven't got a ride with you in so long in a minute. First Lord made it to flog life. Somebody else. What's up? Someone else on the block was good. Yeah, we film it. You guys have definitely heard his music in my videos. It's going to fire. Maybe we'll even drop one in this video is gonna send me some fire stuff. Yeah, right. Early April. That was about to be a Good day. Let's get it even tread everyone's stock back here. Well, you guys been here in bumping Teyla Key For the last four years, I've never seen him in a video. Easily the most number of fights we've ever had in here. Yod Six bikes, 1 25 Yamaha's Honda's Katie EMS. Honestly. Didn't think we'd fit this mini bikes in here. This'll, man, just straight chillin with his foot out. He looking comfy? Peace proud. Have a good ride. There's melon. Oh, is that you saw? Split. Nice foot there. Quite a row. What are you doing? What you do literally is driving down the road with me. Just bro pulled over waiting for you dog place right now. I just had to pick up girls like All right, I see you. I'm pulled over on the right side. All right, All right. Peace, brother. Thanks. Yeah, in here. Come on, boy. Burke up for some real talking to a good brain. That reference. Damn bird. Hey. Finally made out to the track. Guys. It took a minute this morning, but I go swimming. How long is it gonna be till that shirt comes off? I'm betting like and the day has began. Lookit day. What's up, baby? Track Looks good. Make out the drone on day today? Yeah, and he's rocking the stack of fair. We got so much stock in peril on day you said that I said, Oh, yeah Get the bike That 00 almost lost Theo Ways Got the homies promoter number one Something like 92 degrees Definitely the hottest day in North Carolina we've had for the year. Let's get a way. Oh, yeah Name Al You're killing. It uses over here laughing at me But right there because she thinks I, like, don't know howto flog or something. I'll admit it. I'm not a pro, but I could work a fricking camera. Theo, how are you feeling out here, bro? I love you. Remember this morning when I brought the camera and I went right like I wasn't like this Next. Told my camera here. I don't remember this morning I was right here and then you, my friend ready for my close up. Are you quitting? Hot. Ah, retired 25 class. I'm retired. You look at you, bro. You look like a tomato. You're overeating, dog. Ain't no honesty. Melon. You look good, bro. He's fresh out of breath because you're actually wait to hear what he said. Drone footage with Stephen going What's the new drowned deejay? I Bannon for pro A k a sick. Probably put a couple those clips either in an edit or right now you got trapped in a way, sailor Booth. Wait. Never with only one foot because of trouble in the family Got a 20 on my way Smile bright young couple with a baby event Something number, ma'am I What? Brand Do another go toe to toe Wait, wait, wait, wait Let me know if Beck and it's my land in my face when I'm gonna hit Don't want not a shade It never fails me Well, guys YouTuber peril by the merch camera fight There's bigger You're just bigger I feel inferior I'm less of a man If you look close enough you can see boiled Nicholas George in his true habitat It's high Yeah, because you're killing it Back on National Geographic Photographer Middle name again Boiled Nicholas Andrew George in his natural habitat were about toe Let this off spray tickle way We've got a war Venezuelan I don't know if they're comin around here, but she must be migrating something. Like for the warmer weather. Is Venezuela warm Venezuelan with? I don't know, Phil. Ah! Oh, uh, good Ward. Thank God in the booth, you see? Incredible. You hit it wide open and I had 1/2 throttle. And you Did anyone see it? Wake all watched when I was in front of him. You're Wait, wait, wait. You like that? Don't look like that. But one thing I gotta say is I'm gonna swipe one of these chicken. Yeah, this man by 20 chicken, I gotta say Wait, wait, wait. You guys ready for something? What do you think? Like my Moto's got in? 45 12. We got drone footage. We got blawg footage. We got Maddie's camera footage and we got next one. Be so basically, I got a lot of footage. I am Hyp Hyp. Uh, what's the word, right? No, I pop this hypothesizing. Yeah, that that is video's gonna be sick. Yeah, I said that. Foreshadowing, foreshadowing, no hypothesizing. All right. It was sick. We're about to go hit the pool, But a track day dawn. Right now you got it. I got you. I got you. It's hard to get up. Melon. How was your day? Huh? Tell me about it. Come on. You know, So just scrubbed off. Almost wanted and then came around the next up and roll. It was a sick day. Come to see my boy. Let's get it. We're going in the pool. We'll get on it and clean this stuff it this week. But I don't know about you. I'm trying to pull. He's about the wash. Is about you trying to wash your bike or go to the pool Where Bad way told him we go to the pool to be not way was getting the water. Thanks, guys. That's a nice suit. Yeah, Let's send them back to the crib. It was a sick bay e. I don't think I ever closes video yesterday, but it's the next day after shredding with all the boys. Say, of course. Roy was nice to meet you, John. For real? Yeah, likewise, though Any time you want to come down, you're welcome. Straight up. Let's see you though. Yeah, Same skin color, bro. It was really shredding this weekend. Blake. Either man, he's ready to use. And what is up, guys, Today is just another day studying abroad in Valencia, Spain. As you can see, I'm fresh out of the shower, but we have class this morning. It's about eight. In the morning. I have a class of eight dirty, so we got to get there and, you know, make it in time. So I thought, might as well show a little day in the life of study brought here in Spain, living with the host Sami that only speaks Spanish. Check out my entire pattern. My set up here. So first, this is my room. Theo. Setup here is, Does the majority of study abroad Kids actually live in the hosts? Omi's house? So here's the host family's house. Then you have the backyard, and then you have this little strip where you have two rooms with a shared bathroom, and then I share that entire section with a study abroad kid from America. So that's sick. We literally have our own little apartment, our own rooms, our own bathroom to share while still getting the study abroad. Experience with the family and getting a practice. Our Spanish. So we get the privacy and we get the benefits of study abroad with the host family. Always gotta grab the skateboard brother in there in the U S. Or here. We're gonna read this the class, but all right, so I kind of show you guys more of what I mean by the hosts Omi's house and in the back room. And then you guys can see you know, the setup. So here's this. This is where we live back here. And then we have the backyard and then the host family's house. And there's Tula. Nice set up here. Let's go. We're blessed. Here. Built this house. They came 10 guys. Who? Quindio way Go! Yeah, in Necesito mi cargo door apart. Camera. See Sveta? I forgot my camera charger as well. Every day my host Mom makes me fruit. Foca. D'oh! Which is a sandwich. She's the best Try number two getting out of here on time. Yes, that would be an ass away. Go away! Go, Davey! Now we're on. Go! What is prime today? My eyes Like he cannot a little bit. It's still sleep, but we're in Valencia Spain way. Don't need to worry about just some. Well, I farm a fleet, but it is kind of Ratchet Lee stuck. I don't know how to open it. See, I've just been making videos of my travels throughout Spain on my travels throughout the other countries in Europe. But that's just what I do on some weekends. I'm here in Valencia doing this every day. It's not all fun. Is not all traveling, actually, do go to class all throughout the week. And then if I have a long weekend, I could make it out to, you know, like Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, all those places. But during the week way gotta study. We gotta work hard and, you know, get our degree. I feel like I need to make one of these videos where you guys actually see what I'm doing every single day with the majority of my time. But even if it is class, it is so fun. Or in Spain, Theo thing is when I see you in a school every single day, baby, you and a quick 10 minute skate later from my host Omi's house. We're here at my school, right behind one hour in my school journey down class kind of late right now, so simple. Fresh out of his com class. Right way. We're fresh out of bigs. Come class back at Serranos and after class, we're gonna hit the beach. Why not hit the beach? Right, Danny? Okay, She's not talking to me for some unknown reason because I want a bed. And I I knew that I could get her on and then she talks. Hey, that's the oldest trick in the book. Come on now. Anyways, she wanna bet. But shouldn't that anything on it before she bet that's the number one rule when you make a bet. You bet something on it before. And then after she's like, Oh, yeah, my lunch yet give me five euros skirt skirts. Got Let's go to the beach. Maybe if you talk to me in Spanish was to lie about anybody to fly a favor. Rita In total Telemundo or Total? Yeah. Total Mondo that she gave me a little head. Not because I'm fluent in Spanish said Daddy Daddy, did you not have class after this? Like me? I had a 9 to 12. 15 but I got my stuff done. So now I'm rewarding myself with the Valencia Beach Platt Day What does apply a day? Lamar Voros. Was that wrong by Adele? Amount of Rosa? Okay, anyways, though, did you? No, I have another class. Okay, So what's happening with that? You just skipping or you made up some excuse or what? Apparently she's still stuck in Portugal right now. As you can see, there's tortoises. That auto's right there. Yeah, You say you're in Portugal, right? What? She did get on the back. She did goto fortune heinie lunch, and then I'll speak. She did go to Portugal like a couple days ago. But the professor's thinks she's still stuck aboard Ugo. Aye, aye, aye. This is a cool angle, though, is it? Not, really. Oh, we met through it. Let's get it. Somehow I got us off the metro station. She was about to miss that, which is crazy. Are you kidding me? Let's get off on that. Stop, Stop! I always get up with the wrong. And I said no. We have to get off a doctor. Lucien, She said this isn't Dr Luke's camera. You always make me look all right. I'm seriously she gets this look well cleared out for the YouTube channelers. Okay, Danny, was right twice today, actually wants What was the second thing about? You know, I can't remember. I literally cannot remember. So obviously wasn't that prevalent, Okay. He was trying to make sure I get home safely, so he takes this green shop. Okay, so basically, I said there's a bus stop. She settles Metro spot, then we bet How didn't bet about e alone walking, right? And, like, I just want to make sure you get home safe. Give me. Oh, I'm sorry for being a freakin meadow and tells me it's a bus you want. It s so moral. The story Davey was correct the first time. And Danny was correct second time, but she didn't bet anything on it. Okay, Tape out of seabed so Mommy can cripple. May see that I don't like get your kit a i u k e o. She is pretty good for a second way. Okay, you get it. Now. Spanish. Go, go, go. Come on. Hey, that would be a all right. So camera ran out. So we're transitioning to a little iPhone flog but way Lola. And we have Danny. Will me crew out here? In a way, we're not. I said, Wait. Danny is visiting from Ireland and we have the beautiful lion. Behind us were the words I hate worst and you literally put the glasses right there, fresh off the bees. No shoes, sand still stuck in my hair. But it's gas. Oh, my gosh, I know you guys can hear me on this rugged terrain of ah, a sidewalk but way made it back to D A c No way where I live killer day at the beach pumped on about to go inside to eat with the family play you know with the kiddos all the host s Tommy and Monica s. Manolis, come with a cape. Asa, Don't Don't butt in. Come on, Olivia. Let's live. C E. Come on, baby. Daddy! The super simpatico Contra Sonya subpoenas. You're the one Suit Casa do Programa Favorito Thio. No case is under review. Wait for me, Fernando. Libya! No! You run a lady, Tina. Thes Candies is off my bar. Oh, God! Oh, God, no! It's getting sick of it. Cuantos s? He says pot of tea. Oh, no, that's a great way. I really don't want that stereo, Elena. My whole. Okay, Alex. Cool more. My belly grows up. No being Olivia? Yeah. Uh huh. Limited to look like apples. Yes, like a cookie. With the way Olivia soothe. Wait today. Say recording. It's okay. Go do it. Wait, wait. Okay. Like it was like flapping. No, no, no, no, no. About it. Oh, hey, Gege. Lie so 0 100% way. way, Theo in the life of a U N C W student during finals week. Yeah, it's a good life. What's up, guys? For those of you that are new to the channel, don't know me. My name's Steven, member of a full time student at U N C. W. I typically make action sports flogs. Some are following is more base towards that? Not as much. UNC W. Videos. But they do come around every so often. Nice to meet you guys and welcome to my channel, and you get to check out a full day in the life of a U. N C W student during finals week. As you can see, I live in a pretty dope spot. It's called Red Point, Wilmington. Gotta grab my coffee. I had a super late night last night is typical during finals week. I don't recommend pulling all nighters. Then your brain just doesn't work as well. But I didn't have to stay up until Friday around 3:30 a.m. On and now we're open at it early in the morning. Typical breakfast here for me at U. N. C. W. Post odd avocado today, Avocado says yes, some of Spanish major normally have money. Once I brought 8 a.m. I have to get up like 7 37 40 Take a five minute shower. He's some avocado toast like Cup a burrito. And then I'm on my way. Most importantly, every single day. My motor transportation U N C W survives off these. Let's get it. Yes, this is where I live. There's Aton of different options around here, though typically I do not drive. Take the bus. It's right there. All these apartment complexes and everything that has a high population of unity W students has round trip bus service that takes you to and from campus up right here. That's what they look like. Yeah, let's not maybe U N C W Seahawks. The only reason I'm driving today is because I'm running late. I've only done this this week, for example, but I park across the street of Bo jiggles and then just walk the rest of the way. That definitely could get me Toad. Since almost every single morning I take the bus. I want to show you guys what a typical morning is like that, and luckily about four months ago or So I feel my morning getting on the bus, getting on a campus. This is what it looks like to work the U. N C W bus system. If that's interesting, check it out. Things wait for the U. N C. Bus to pick me up so I can jump on their, gets a class right on time, and then start our day of shredding device. Good, Good. How you doing? Skateboards? They will save you. You instead of you. If you're about to be a U. N C W student, just take the U. N C W buses. They work well. Hey, what's up, bro? You ready for exams? Making it sweet smell. A cab is, well, the sweet by the campus way. Look who it is. What's up? Did you surviving examples where it's you got one a nine or 11 30 years tomorrow. So you just finish one word at a boy. Warmer underlay i'ma Get it? He's from things Highway you're looking at is the main highway to get all your classes that you and C. W. It's called Chancellor's Walk. I'ma show you guys around campus a little later when I have a little more time. But the vibe here is so sick. And we have arrived to where my first examines. Let's crush it or get ready for our final right now. We got it in, like, 20 minutes, right? She's from Meadow. Where? That story super emotional model. I can't wait a story, but in the end, Espanol, let's get this exam date started. You study for this exam? Fly around, like, two or three hours. Nothing too bad. My Spanish phonetics class. It's definitely me. The harder one. But these are my notes cramming into my brain literally. Exam starts in, like, four minutes, so it's gonna take this thing. You guys ready for Foley? Knocked. My management exam is done. What's up, dog? What's up? How are the exams? Good word. I did not know that took two hours. Yeah, bro was yours. A Whoa, You gotta get the library. Hey, good luck with the rest of stuff you have. This campus is literally packed with the homies. Bell goes off every you're all the time around. The campus thing is loud, bro. It's 10 a.m. My next. Jim is at 11. 30. So we're gonna go ahead and knock out that u N C W cinematic sequence. So you guys can check out how gorgeous the campus this year and see the flow Check it out. Was gay guys how the finals going? Surviving today? That was That was a good board. All right, Dude, are you done for the day now, my bro? Peace did. Well, good luck on yours, bro. It's time to stop messing around and film and frickin cinematic sequences for the YouTube video. I actually got to focus on my finals that I have lost. Claire? Yeah, We're surviving. Finals right on the law. Gore's frank. Clear. How's it going? Hi. Today's the day I got one more advanced Spanish phonetics Final on and then I'm done. Oh, I got a 12 page paper after that piece. Maybe you're looking good today. Some history. I don't like industry. And, of course, coffee. Cheers. This my neighbor killer, bro. Good luck on finals. Thanks, baby. These are my study, buddy. You guys ready for the finals today? What's up? What's up, guys? A whole team. You better work. Ready way. That is enough studying for this, not home. What about you, Allie? What do you got to say before we go Chocolate. Thanks, baby. Are you kidding me? Is that your cheat? Cheat? You make this size negative to form your wild. All right. Good luck piece too. He's a good luck on exams. Still trying to review as we walk in the class. Get a 30 of my one word. You're straight. That's crazy. Aren't you sad? This is one of your last time ever walking into an exam room. Let's get it packed. Way! Get ready. Last in class, Final of the year. Let's get it. Night. I'm ready. Montrachet ass. Yeah. Okay. Thanks from waiting. Yeah. Yeah, baby, we're done. These people are looking at me like I'm an idiot because I'm screaming on campus. I'm so freeing hype and I absolutely just salade that example. I can definitely say I know way more about Spanish grammar and Spanish phonetics than I do in English for dang. Sure you think you did get on it, though? Doing well? I just had to do well in. Yeah, killed it. Thanks for helping me. Was studying and everything. You have a good day. Guys enjoy the weather. It's hot. As you could see, I was one of the last people in the room. But baby, don't even care about taking all the extra time, because guess who's gonna end up with one of the highest grades in the class when it comes back. Yes, I do have one more class to do something for us tomorrow. I have a group presentation is, Well, it's him. Page paper do grow so normally I would finish classes today. I would send it to the beach for all your future freshman and future U. N C W students. Normally, when you get out of class, you're chilling in a bathing suit on the beach, so make sure you have your bikini or your board shorts in this thing right here in your backpack. Honestly, I might take a study break and go to the beach and just chill for like, an hour to like, I really need to start this paper because 10 pages long, but I'm a hit on my girl. He's a real quick from Venezuela teller out my Spanish exams went and then as well see, see if she's shining at the beach. I really shut it, but life of the U. N. C. W student. I'm telling you what's Ah, dude, I want to go to the beach. I literally was just saying I'm trying to go to the beach house. A 10 page paper due tomorrow. I just slay my advanced genetics exempts. No. Well, yeah. I went to bed for three hours last night. What's outside? Asia? Well, was gets in Asia. It's really hot by Jay's. I should not hit the beach right now, but I really should. How's it going? Can I just get a small fry? Thank you. Ah ha. Yeah. Oh, yo, check out this red is my favorite room. She come around this bend and look at what it opens up too. Yeah, this is five minutes from U N. C W Do better in your classes because you actually have a stress reliever being able to go to the beach, hang out with friends and get some sun and relax. Or on the flip side, wake unveil all your classes because of the beach because that's all you D'oh! But they use it in balance. Brown. It'll help you. It's sick. Total What? A 12 minute drive to the beach from campus. Crazy. I do not need these. Sony D's don't need this Your Europe Now we ready? Not board shorts. I start close from school on way have arrived Wrightsville Beach. First touch of sand going how today's been going. We will probably see others we know and just how every day goes here. You I knew I'd run into some people here. I just sent it down here. What's up? Hey, bro, What's up, baby? I am their surf today to like there's actually waves on the water's like chamber old blue or emerald green. Look at this is ever not summer or no? Yeah. They in the light of a U N C w student during finals week. Yeah, it's a good life. Really Way water. I'm in shorts right now, like actual jean shorts. Have you worked? I think this is what you gotta do in a pinch. Fresh out of class jean shorts are So what's up, buddy? You don't, man Peace out, bro. Yeah, that was crazy. We can't sit down. We got to go do some stuff. I've been swimming in jean shorts and doing flips during finals week. Of course, I meant what I can't sit on the beach, China. I was supposed to only go there and hang out for, like, an hour. And then I ran into so many freaking people. Let's go get on this ground and knock out this Tim page favor. All showered up back from the beach this summer about it in the library. We gotta knock out that paper way back again. Jeez, I haven't seen this place before. A que been living here for the last seven days. Let's do this. It's about 9:30 p.m. I've been sitting in the library since 7 30 So about two hours of cranking out and I just haven't gotten that much done. So I'm gonna do a quick skate around campus. How you doing? Our exams. You guys will probably hate on me for going original, but I don't know. It's just a classic. I'm like, trying to get some caffeine and I got some chips and stuff. Okay. How's your day going? You're surviving. Busy? Yeah. Heck, yeah. Have a good day. Yeah, night. I mean, can't forget my state. Dad. This lady at the pot, I told her have a good day and she goes night grow for gas. Uh, let's keep plugging. I am on the quiet force. I can't talk that loud. It is officially won 45 in the morning. There, seven pages. 2059 words. It's getting normally super tired. This is a day in the life of unity. W student during final. So how much do you want? The library looks like right now. You know, I don't know if you guys saw that, but that girl brought straight with lank into the library. Where, like, people are living here, people are camping out the struggle. Is riel camping out during finals week? You guys will see it on YouTube. Have you guys been in here studying or what? You're like? All right. I'm about a campout classic. Stuff like that literally found those bean bags downstairs. They're not going back to their dorms asleep tonight. They're sleeping here, crashing here. The live. But guys, I'm finally done for 22 in the morning and I have finally finished. Check it out. Nine pages. Almost 3000 words had V. Thanks, guys. Way out. It's officially 4 30 in the morning. So for any future freshman checking out this video, any future transfer students. I hope I could help you out and kind of educate you a little bit on the U N C W lifestyle Here. Go ahead and smashes video with the thumbs up like subscribe. Whatever you do on YouTube, beaching it all the time. Good vibes. Get people school in, watch all the other videos, comes ahead of me on campus. You're late day in the life of U N. C W student during finals week capped. Get me in bed, huh? Yeah. For four months now, we've been planning this festival. Today is the day I'm so right now. Shower. I'm skating over to Jessi's apartment right now. She lives like 20 seconds, Kate from Basic. We're competing against 40 different schools back in January, and whoever could sell the most presale tickets. Well, the top five all had a festival after school way burning, predicted to get in top five. And then we wanted way one, this whole thing and I thought I was gonna take so long to get to. But now it's April 17th and we're here. And about five minutes. I'm supposed to be at an interview with Monster Energy, and I'm not gonna be there in five minutes, but I'll be there in 15 minutes on Today is the day. Let's get it. Look at the jersey. We still got, like, four hours, but Hayley's already ready to go yet. What? What are these called Jules. Right later. Yeah, face Jules people on. And then we can We're like, five hours out right now. Wait. What's up, bro? Chill lesson. Today is the day. Let's get you. You. This is literally right. A year ago, a year ago I was walking through the cold, walking through this way, you know, you're like, I don't know. And then here we are, working with Monster and a monster Energies shot man, you think off. Hey, let's get it. Let's get it. Let's get it. Yeah, I love your scream. I heard this scream from Jesse. So whenever you get scared yeah. Did you hear? Any time It's so genuine. It's just like it's getting. It's getting I'm gonna show you the venue that we're working with because it's free. Said sick the water. Then we have this pier ducky and the stage there. So literally all these people get a fill year. It's a spot. And we got the best team in the world. Best friggin team, baby, look at us. Look at us. Get word lights, camera action. Jesse, Jesse after interview. Can I get a picture with you? And can you sign my jersey? Ted likes equals 10 follows. All right, you're gonna come out on stage and what you gonna D'oh? You're not gonna say anything when you come out on stage up next, we have audio. That was that was even down days. Well, Audie a Saudi A like I love you to death But everything both got slow. Slow? I cut off my flavor. Did you get the president? Work? Told me they get it or you're fired. E I am actually walking. Hello. Wear enough three Blogging. Triple A try vlog sesh way. Why up in a festival? Siri's says champion Because we won this. And even Nate's mom is here. My mom But my mom she's gonna be head banging on the rails. So how do you teach your mom hands? Pickup location. Heading back to the venue for round number two today, right. What, like three camera? He didn't know we'd start recording, but in the uber narrow on her way over everywhere for Theo Progress pool Got a few looks. We're leaving way excuse our friend. He's looks Wait, your turn him out after the close touch screen. You can like Focus Way. Just got to the embassy suites naked. No parking the car you're gonna meet in the lobby and adjoining seats Touch. All right, So we got a game plan. Don't like letters were about Whoa. Oh, Mr E. I got in this one. I got a text even to get slushy to come to cloud nine with us. They're absurd. Oh, eyes this where we just came from. We've been looking for you guys. It's gonna be fun. Is gonna be fun way back in this thing. Be there. Thank you. Told every soul face literally on the elevator, we walk in, broke up. It's already viral, but it's about to get heavy Sitting there in the restaurant, getting flakes right now his parents and I look over my shoulder walking bythe sound with Yeah, we're lining up who's pumped for this baby does own a rose. It's game time. You're in the final I'm Hi. Hey, to this man on stage, my part's gonna go something like What's up, guys? I'm Steven. Thanks for coming out and rocking with us tonight, Theo. Video. We were like maybe talking halfway there. Come on. Yeah, that'd be great. And you're gonna come rock out and dance with me on stage, baby out your south testing right now. Wait, wait. Check this. Now use the true way. Hey, there's no one here right now, and we're already There's a lot of dangerous, dangerous Kersey and set up Well, no guess. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. And I got that fire in your soft. Do you? What's up, Nikki? Net, sir. Hello, college. Nice. And your Hello. Get started. Guys got in the way. She's aboutthe. Yeah. Hey, I like that look in your sick sick. I got one people coming at me like, thank you for putting up with studying Rod on that way. Way video. Isa immediately starts back. Steven Video. You're gonna get it real quick. Guy shoes straight. Just chilling in my house in your socks and just preoccupied way. Wait. Not in this entire thing I was here with you part with on a camera right now. Hey, Crispy, right? Yeah, You can see I'm sweating cause I've been dancing all night Like I'm about to be the same way. Let's go. Voice is gone. Everything blue yelling your name for the past four months. Thank you for coming out, bro. Thank you. Nice to meet you. How you like? I said in the beginning, we're about to have our little going on the way. Hey, you guys remember now? Yeah, yeah. No, wait. So, honestly, all I can say is what? I don't have a voice still about Oh, I lost the camera, but I found it. No, you didn't. You know, I was a camera in my face in it. Report from Monster Corporate is great success. Great. Brought in a little bit dropping, but And I honestly is that was the best night of my entire life. Literally. We murdered absolutely 100% perfect. Nothing went wrong incredibly hard, and it paid off much love for everybody coming out. Monster energy up and up. And everybody thank you guys. And especially everybody in Wilmington who bought tickets. Excellent. Get it. It's a great life as a U N C W student isn't night hating, hating hates the video that's floating around. In what way? Good morning. Wrightsville Beach were up in Adam. We got the crew on deck. We're about to go scoop them. Let's see, We have Caylee. Katie Elizabeth Cuyler. Alex, We have a whole crew coming up and we're about to do a little shredding. We're gonna try and make the best of this hurricane. Swell. We have the Carver deck, Have the dry bag and of course, keys. Thought this'd home right here. Oh, my gosh. The weather's primo chilling inside. And I'm like, Wow, my my spirits are always high, but they for some reason I felt a little down. Now I know why I needed to go the freak outside because the weather is primo today and warm weather sun showing on your skin getting that vitamin d. You know, it definitely brighten the mood. Just a normal U N C W student in his natural habitat, chilling with the beach towel board shorts. Hey, my man is literally coming from class right now and he has his towel wrapped around his neck. He's got his board shorts on ready todo You know, you gotta wear board shorts to class because you never know if your children class and then you have a friend text you and say, Hey, you want to hit the beach? The friend's about to leave. Class is about to end. You don't have time to get back to your dorm. You know so little information about a U N c W student. There's a way. Go to the beach every single day. Basically, you're gonna day in the life of U N c W student. So right now we're picking up kind of. And Liz Oh, God, your first natural Katie Waldo and her wild habitat. Gaby, come on, this side, this side. What? Katie, I said, Come on, this side. That's me saying, Come on this side And then you go. What side? Walk around, pigeon to wear. We go to school at this dreamland. You don't know how I like to put it way live on vacation. A match. If you ripped a class in that after class, you're like, Oh, let's just drive minutes. It's a great life as a U. N. C. W student is a nine. I love putting her on. What? What? Sometimes if you catch Katie off guard like you call her off guard. Shelby. Hey, she honestly sounds so you're retaining. Did like talking to you like I'll answer, not be like, Wow, this girl that night spent Oh, my gosh, the crew. Ellen Haley. Chloe, how's your beach day? It's great. Anyways, way way married guys Way through the letters that I sent and thinking about the moment that I'm better I'll be back in time in time. Touched smooth. Same city I used to in daughter. Good signs. Good sooth. And I'm hoping that they say about the scenery. I kind of I think we're gonna have some luck. Dude, it's heavy. Look at this. I don't see that. It is heavy. It's about to get heavy. Yeah, you got to get out there and get pitted chasing my booth. Just running as fast I could down the shore. It went down a good day. A little action of this shot done, Zo. So we're gonna check out south and see if they can get me fixed up. Maybe get something good, bomber. Yes, Over. I know. Oh, no, one of our teammates. Oh, yeah. Clean through that board. Looks pretty new to who it is. It is. I just bought it here. Oh, really? Two weeks, Three weeks. That sucks. Dialled. Oh, yeah. Cactus house. And I split young Will shredders, right. It's always nice to keep it clean. Really. Just, you know, you are Don't do it. Don't do it like don't wait. I know where you've already done. What you gonna do? Your last one. And I imagine you went out on your last wafer. It's a break again. Yeah, You're gonna have to eventually take it off with your being Them Put it on. There would've messed it up. That's what I'm saying. My dad for very thin. Very good. Make sure you tell your dad that I'm the one that convinced you I'm putting this brace on because I'm a smart 20 year old frontal lobe. Right. Sorry. I thought it through. Fresh leash things with, like, three seats. Oh, yeah. Beautiful. That battles short. Hi, Birdie. Today he's fun. Violas tonight. Bye. Great people. Hey, that's a crucial, crucial aspect. I mean, I could leave in their sound like I'm not gonna get it back through. My man just left his board. Get that thing eyebrow. See? Tonight. Today was sick. Went to the beach, Tyler. Still Mom. And you, Kylie over there. Getting it? Yeah, we did some serving. Swell is pumping. It was heavy on a Sabbath. My leash got that thing repaired. Thank you, Thio South. And for the hookup on the leash. You know, played some music, did some vibes, danced a little freestyle, all that stuff, you know, the everyday the everyday hype in Stoke. But either way, beach days, every day here in Wyoming to North Carolina and yeah, we're gonna get back and chef up some dinner. All right? So this is what happens when Katie Walden, I Chef, definitely cannot see it on the video. We have this fan running. We have this fan running door open because there was a legitimate fire right here it is. Okay. The fire alarm started going off, and then we knock it off. So we're just chef enough. Let's see. We got some spaghetti. You know how afraid of wanted only the best pesto. And of course, broccoli. Chicken. That's how you do it. He is it done? like Like like like you like 1% just chef about mob some dinner go out with you tonight So that wraps up today's grub Kiddos go a junior year. Get ready, Stevens. Coming in, Hot boy. Um Hyp! Shoot! I've been shooting this entire vlog and slow motion. All right? Guys said today is a huge day. I am moving out to college. I'm going into my third year. U N c W we're packed up. It's a mix of emotions. Right now, I'm feeling stoked out of my mind to get to Wilmington. And I have my own apartment, which I'm gonna show you guys. I'm gonna decorate it all. Moto doubt served out. You know, all of that stuff. It's gonna be sick. So let's check it out. We got few trophies to decorate with all my clothes packing for college. I'm literally bringing my life with me like this is legit my entire life coming with me. So when I move out, I live on my own. Dude, it's sick. It's the sickest concept, but yeah, we're fully loaded up. Life has packed. We got decks on decks like I'm not even lying to you. Want to 34 plus two surfboards, everything. We got bikes. We got a K team to 54 shirt waiting for me in Wilmington. Let's hit the road. Let's move into college. Hey, Mama, I'm a mess, You sweetie. I will get a good no cussing college. Lots of females, lots of parties. No females. Yes, I love you, miss you, but I will be home up four hours away. All right. Oh, I am so freaking height to get in the Wilmington. Um, I've missed it so much, I'm like, I'm not even a lot of you do. Wilmington is the most fun place in the freaking world. Like, I don't know if it's the beach that attracts that type of person, but they are just straight up chill. And everybody's just stoked on life. And yes, So of course, we've got a top. A good day off like that. With another round of some 30 mice. We're gonna throw them in so many videos one day they're gonna see it, and they're gonna be hooking us up with sandwiches one day, I swear, whether it's going to shred some dirt bikes or it's going back to school, we are going to mob some jersey mice. This place is gas, for I'm so stoked. Everybody knows they've arrived in Wilmington. Once they get to the bridge I'm not kidding. The amount of Snapchats I have seen of friends on this bridge are absolutely insane. Someone is coming into Wilmington, or someone is coming out there taking Snapchats of this bridge. That is okay. Thank you. Truck that is downtown Wilmington over there. I don't know if the camera's picking it up. People just loved oppose a Wilmington or if they're going the opposite direction by Wilmington. I don't know what it is. And now we have crossed it. We are in Wilmington, North Carolina. Single size bed or a twin size that? No, it's It's definitely called single bed. Like I'm talking like the small dorm room like the smallest bed you can get. I've been in that for the past two years. So this year I've done my time in the small little dorm rooms. Let's get after it. Way have arrived. Let's get a lighthouse student living here. We are at the sketchiest left turn in Wilmington because it literally blinks in this left turn over there. He blocks us from seeing these cars. So honestly, gypsy us, we're gonna bring it on. Dad, sit behind us. This is my living for the next year of my life. I'm so hyper first legit apartment on beyond stoked. Right now I'm hanging up. I'm so stoked. Not just one of my first apartment. For the first time. Check it. Is this not nice or Roy? Dude, it looks huge, like, literally. This is my own place. Look at this. I've been in a little baby cubicle for the last two years. And now listen, I just scaled toe like, Look at my closet, Dad, that this is a good sized room. You can see I'm nice. Nice, hot, sweaty. We've been shredding the skateboard down to the truck and then all the way back with tens of tens of truckloads of stuff, so I have not said anything up, but we got to give you a little sneak of what's about to go down Way Just got literally. This is just Steven right here. Motorcross skateboards, guitar, Segways or hoverboards. Whatever. They're freaking called Mountain bikes, trophies, surfboards. Another deck over here. Skim boards, amplifiers. And I'll tell you right now, that's not even Steven number. I don't know what is so yeah, there's a little glimpse of what's about to go down. We got broken. Takes over here for days. Look at this around. Nothing downstairs. Look at that. Completely done. Zo snapped. Yes. They're like, basically, here's a little pretty you shot up beforehand, and I will give you an update when it's set up. But I'm trying to have a good time with my dad and just focus on getting this place gnarly. So beyond blessed right now. Thank you for my parents for helping me out with this apartment. All rights, a little update. We have gone pretty much everything unpacked. We just haven't done like the decorating aspect. So if you see everything pretty much is outside of the family room. Now, I'm gonna finish all the decorations tomorrow. I'm trying to show some friends, and I are about to go thio dinner so Well, we're getting up there on that tomorrow. When I get in this room all pearly all down, then you know our guys. My room is fully complete. Let me just tell you it is literally in action. Sports room, like so sick. Yeah, Let's go check it out. I wish I could get like, a super sick, wide angle view of it. Um, like the entire room, but I can't. So I just kind of like go in touch on a few parts of the room has a very like action sports surf motorcross survive. You walk in and you just feel good. Like I walked into my room and I'm just, like, who? This is nice and year, June. So yeah, let's check it out. It's not about the hard life, but the hard work you put in front of dedication really pays off. See the race coming down from the summit. You see the previous or you plead it. You want it or do you wish it? What do you see? It isn't a passionate Do you feel in this? My mom party is because it's really all that I know. I can't sit behind a desk. And my best story I want when I was a West rapper alive. Now they asked when I performed live Biggest angel, beautiful lights of beautiful moment that I've seen site so you can tell me how it's supposed to be. Then I'll tell you how it is because the nine lives in a life and being the lives I mean you really live. I'm illustrating all that I have got my eyes, the stars Wait a moment. I want to go because every second that's gotta be cold. And every restaurant has gotta be cold, because in that, everybody thinks is your get Iraqis. Don't wave stepped up a room with some pretty good ideas. It has a nice flow to it. And whenever friends come over, they're like, All right, I like chilling in here. So one thing I don't have a TV, everyone's like, Where's your TV? I don't watch TV. I'm always out in reality, doing stuff but size when a YouTube videos and do homework. Um, but yeah, I mean, that's basically my room, and those are all the details of it. Check out this nice of you have. It's kind of a rainy day in Wilmington, North Carolina, some voluptuous palm trees. Wow, that is a nice, luscious palm tree we have. It's like a sandy little beachy vibe, a bunch of hammocks and stuff like that. My man's ripping the golf cart, shredded bro. Slide it, and this is super super nice, nice and spacious, and that's a glimpse in my room.