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I've been everyone. Welcome back to my channel on if you knew, Welcome to my channel. And as you can tell by the title of this video, I'm filming a dorm hall for you guys. I've been so excited to film it, and I don't want to ramble, so I just want to jump in. But first, I'm gonna tell you what we're gonna go through unless you want to skip through, which I don't advise you to skip through. But it's your toys. I'm gonna do kitchen first. We're gonna do important supplies next. Not all of them, cause I got a lot. And then I'm gonna go into back, which is back here, and then I'm gonna tackle this whole load of fitting stuff. So let's get started. First thing I want to show you guys is my kitchen towels that I got. Um I have two of them and they're gray. Um, I got this from dollar tree. So it was a dollar says live every moment. Laugh every day. Love with all your heart. Good thing to read every time you dry your dishes. Whatever. I got a table mat. A placement met, like if I get my the little last thing that you use when you want to eat and you're sitting on your bed. I would use that because the dorm that I'm in doesn't have, like, a really kitchen. It's like it's a kitchenette. So there's no, like table and chairs. It's just a little section with Mike. Wait a minute. And some cabins. So, anyways, I have some utensils. I have a tablespoon tease fork and butter knives. They come to each of you have two each, all from dollar tree. Everything that I'm showing you for. Kitchen is from dollar tree. Yeah, is from dollar, too. Um, I have a bowl. Glass bowl is gray. Excuse the this noise. I also have a grey mug. A great moment to match the bowl. The plate? Yeah, the bowl in the place I have to eat. But I only needed to So one. And here's the plate. Also, I have, um I don't know what this is. Paper towel holder. Okay, Dollar. I have this bottle because I am and after person. So I try to drink a lot of water. So my goal every day. Well, I drink how many ounces I guess my goal is to drink 22 fluid ounces of water every single day. Um, I got thes containers, and what's cool about these is the top. The top is actually a um I spat. So say you wanna put fruit in here, then you'll freeze the top and you keep your fruit code. Here's what it was like the brand whatever. If you want to get. And here's around one and I just got a square. I have ziplock bags, sandwiches. These are air wick stickups, air fresheners. You can put them in your closet. The lid of the garbage can in your car. Just gets rid of any order put in the bathroom you put on the table. You can stick them anywhere but that two of these then come to any sort of four in total have a Kurt of a white curtain liner, and I I found this because one of the freshman girls as going to a B as well she has a door Paul video. And she has something like this. And I thought it was really cool. Someone found it. So you put the the dis wash so detergent whatever in here and then you scrub. And then it comes with reusable sponges. Uh, trash bags. This is pink fellow. Think as you can see, and this is gonna be from my, um Ben. And then this is gonna be Where is the kitchen? It for me and my roommate ISS Since trashcans right here, I'll show you. This is actually from Walmart, and it's just press it. So yes, that's handy. Dandy. And of course, I got more containers in here for snacks, whatever in class and more Ziploc bags and sandwich bags. Okay, Have supplies. We're just gonna go through all of this. The important stuff. This is a clip on book light. So, like, if you don't want to turn the light on, why your roommate is probably sleeping. Whatever you have to read at night, you clip it on your book. Whatever Read a pencil pouches really cute. Has little hours on and zippers gold, which is my favorite part. This was this was 3 99 from a store called Barks Out. Let this was from dollar tree. I have index cards. 200 of them and I also have thes clicky pens. Thes are actually one of my favorite part of my supplies because I can stick these in my home, no books or whatever, and they have dates on them, so that will be easy for planning. I also have a notebook three hole puncher hole puncher. I've been keeping in my back. Whatever. I feel like every freshman needs these. These are removable labels. Like, for move in day. Get these. These were only a dollar for me if you find them a dollar tree, Um, you need to put these on your boxes with your your name and your room number and your dorm here, So that's gonna come in handy. I have two of them and 15 comes in a pet. My mom picked up this small life sewing kit and then she asked me, Do you need one? And I was like, I don't so But she explained, and I see why I need it. My mom brought up the fact that I am going into business, and when she was in psychology in college, she needed a legal pad in her class. So going into business, she felt like I needed one, which is a really good idea. That's why God, I have to binders one for one big binder for to clap too. Two or three classes I have and a separate binder for my business class because that's my major. So I want to keep everything separate. I have portfolios you can put. You're the cover of your project in here, in this part, and it has whole country. So you can. It has holes, not whole countries. So you can put your notes in there. Whatever it is. I know professors like thanks we need and then I have a file organizer. I have two of these. Um, my mom mentioned how I go to library, only need to work on certain papers and don't need to carry certain, like everything I need or if I have a presentation and I don't need all those other papers to carry. Then I just put everything here. Oh, sheet protectors. Everyone knows about these. No, I have report covers. Put your report inside, and it protects it so it won't look all messy. Might be eating while you're doing your report, and you might have greasy fingers. Um, I got this cute little notebook that you've probably seen in my shopping log if you watched it. And if you have it, go ahead and watch that after this video. Yeah, I think I'm just gonna make this my planner, have extra dry erase markers for my board. And I have correction pins, like I make a mistake. And, of course, you need a lot of paper. So I got a lot of paper and my, uh, multiple subjects notebook that I'm gonna put in that big binder separate things that that's it for supplies. So now we're gonna get into bath, which is back here. I'm gonna sit right here. Is I have a tall So this the hall got my man doesn't have, like, a bathtub or anywhere. Like, I can sit my soap for anything. So stick it on the wall. And so may I have flaws. Picks you put in your bag. Whatever coming in this small, I don't know how to floss your teeth. Okay. Now I have caught involves a lot of them hand towels, pink hand towels. That's it. I have a pack of washcloths in the color silver. They were 4 99 They came in a pack of eight, so I really liked that this door was. This package was from Burke's outlet. The towels were from Walmart and I have a bathmat. I have a laundry bag from Walmart of this loofa. This bathrobe is from Burke's outlet. It's a gray rug. I have bath towels, their grain. They look around. Why don't they? They're great, like dark green. How much for these thes towels were for 99 each, and they came from works outlet for the bathroom amounts without some tissues from dollar tree, some hand wash. So some dial soap is. What is this? Coconut water and mango? So it smells really good. This is the most exciting part of my whole hall going to start from the front. I have these hangers. Oh, you can see they have 12 gray hangers. Velvet have some pink ones. Thes two pecks came from Burt's outlet. Okay, it's better if it's back here. So these two came from Burke's outlets, and then I got these rubber ones. All right, let me tell you how much thes from Burt's Outlet were for 99 apiece and their velvet like I said, and then these are rubber and they come. Tenet of pack. And these were 4 47 Remember? So I have three of these and two from the world. So I have this cosmetics mirror. It was 14. 99 at Burke's outlet. And you guys know I love doing makeup, so let's see if I can open it and see. Okay. Okay. So this is the stand, I guess. And then this is That's the mirror. Okay. Next I have Hey, pink rose, gold looking plant. That's limp. And what I like about it is it has the compartments. I can charge my phone, put pencils in here, make up or whatever, and I can sit like a hole. If I had a tablet, you consider a whole tablet. I'm sorry. Bird flu bus. Okay, these are also my favorite. I have these bins from Walmart. I think they were like the price is not on, but stick of 200 packs with two small ones into big ones. Please don't fall. My mountain looks like it's about to collapse. I have this, um, sequin pillow, silver and gold from Walmart. My mom bought me this accessory hangar is gray. So hanging in my closet, uh, you could put scars through here They owe, says belts, scarves, jewelry. So I guess, like necklaces and persons. So that's really cool. And this was 2 99 at birth outlets from Wal Mart. This is my trash. Can I think these things from Wal Mart where at least like $3 $3 or so. No more than five. I know that much, but this is from barks outlet. It's just a decorative pineapple. This was 11 99. Here's a mattress protector from Walmart, a closet organizer. Awesome from Wal Mart. And it is a 10 show. So put my shoes in there. This is a six so organizer from Walmart like sweaters. Um, I have some gray sheets from Walmart and I really like this. This is gonna go in front of my bed, and it's a rug that says I woke up like this. That's also for more more. And I think this was, like, $10. I'm gonna put this right. I have another pillow, just says love, and then it has hearts on the back. I'm gonna I'm gonna take from the top. I have a back rest. A pink backless is fuzzy. So if I want to sit up while studying or set up, eat or, you know, to sit up in my bed. I have a another decorative pillow and it's fuzzy and it's white, all white. Uh, here's the size of it. Yeah, so that's pretty big. Another below that I'm going to sleep on. I have to get another one because I know when I give my comforter, which I don't have yet because the selection at Wal Mart wasn't all that great. But when I give, my comforter is gonna come with a sham. So I need two of these. So one's decorative and one I'm going to sleep long. Go back there. I have a foam mattress pad to go on. Matters to make you more comfortable. I got this throw blanket. Let me show you how long this is. As long as me without, like, unfolding in all this is from Burke's outlet and it waas 99. So that's a really good price for this huge throw, because most throws that I've seen were like $20.13 dollars. So I feel like I got a good deal that I also have this jewelry hanging organizer that my mom picked out for me. She caught it, Um, at Berks outlet. It was 99. So is front and back. Yes, front and back. So you open up the zipper and then you have three compartments. It's really long on that. Last but not least, I have my dry erase those upside down. I have my dry erase board. Let me get back here. So it's really big. I really like it a lot. It's marble. Hopefully could see I changed the lighting and it comes with a dry erase marker. And this was $20 at Berks Outlet. So I showed you guys the very last thing I showed you everything I know I'm missing a few things because the city that I'm in doesn't have a lot of stores, but I feel like I covered Ah, lot of my dorm room. Besides my comforter, Um, I really want to get that from bed bath beyond, and that's not in the city that I'm in. So I have to travel a little bit. But I think everything else that I want to get from my dorm is like little small stuff that I would want not really need, but I'm covered And freshman year is about to be good to me. So I feel like this video. Don't forget to hit that thumbs up button. Don't forget to subscribe to my channel. Don't forget to comment and I will see you next Uh, uh uh, I everyone welcome to my channel today. I will be talking about my college workload my freshman year. Gonna tell you guys it was tough or if it was a little bit easier if it was weak. I have almost everything that I've worked on my freshman year. Oh, I'm gonna So you guys, this we're all different people. We all have different paths where I'm gonna go through different stuff, Okay? So don't feel bad. If, um, your first mess during thing is not as good as your friends. All right? Everyone's work ethic is different. So because I'm showing you all this stuff on my grades, maybe Good. Um, and I'm saying I'm telling you that I didn't have a bad experience experience doesn't mean that. Oh, my work ethic does not like her. So I'm gonna have a terrible experience in college. No, you're paying for your education. Okay, so think of this as, like, a new order. A fast food order. Okay, So you paying for this? You want you, you want your food and right? So that means you need to do the work so you can have that little fresh little solder that crispy. But Donald soda, you'll have it. You're having fun later on. Does that make sense? My point is just get it done, all right? Just get it done because no one's gonna tell you. Hey, you need to study for this amount of hours. Hey, you need Thio do this essay because it's due tomorrow. No one's going to remind you when you're due. Dates are Don't try to take matters into your own hands and try to control something. Can't because we're in college now. Okay. I took business. One on one. I took in English with a lab. I took a mass. I think those were the only four that I could remember. Let's see. What is this English? This is my business. One of one knows. I recommend, um, Elizabeth Turnbull. She's the vest business. Wanna one teacher ever her work? It is not hard for tests are not hard. We have to do is take the notes, participate in class and you'll You'll like her a lot. I recommend her highly recommend. So these air, all my nose I used to rewrite my nose to study for her class. Um, I just felt that it was better. I used to rewrite the nose, highlight them and read them out loud. So how many chapters do we do? Read it 12 12 chapters. But I feel like it's important to keep my work sometimes so I can refresh because this is my major. This stuff is not It's not like, Okay, let's go through the motions so I can pass this class. No, it's a mad what I took. I took algebra two and the reason why I was put in that class because of my math placement. Great. They place you like no matter what you made on a CT for your math, you're going to take a math placement test this summer. And that's whatever you make is gonna be where you're put. So it doesn't mean that you're I'm not smart. They just want to make sure that here thoroughly learning basic met. And surprisingly, some of the stuff that I learned at you, Baby, I did not learn at high school. So there were 11 homeworks. These these things go by super fast. Excuse me. OK, so we use the my math lab. Plus you'll need access code for that um, go to Amazon. Don't go to the bookstore cause for the bookstore, you're gonna charge you 100 something dollars. Do not need the workbook for that class. If you take her If you take her, you do not need the work. Look, I didn't have one. I just had the access code so I can get to my quizzes and my homework's. These are essays that I've routine and vanilla Are these new envelopes and folders so you'll need folders. These came from Dollar Tree. Oh, my God! Out of people that have taken her might not agree But she is She's a She's a good teacher to me because I've made a nay on every paper So I kind of understood what she was saying. She's not too tough, but it is a little iffy. I can't I can't explain it, cause the second semester I was like, That's it ready to go. But I took her twice. I took her in my first semester for my first writing class and then I took her again because my logic is I know how you grade. I know how you talking how you teach. So I'm gonna take you. I'm used to that. Okay, I know how you work. So I'm able to passes class easily. That's what act passed the class easy. But he does the she does this thing called meta commentary in medical meta cognition papers. And what that is is after each paper, you'll write a journal how this paper changed. You are your experience and things like that. And then second semester I took, I took the English. I took the same lady. But I don't have those papers because she didn't give back. I don't know why, but I took business 1 10 And that's financial literacy. Now, this class, um, it was it was a challenge. In the beginning, I failed my first test, to be honest with you, and that's because I'm not good at word problems. Um, if you're not good at word problems, don't Don't don't be scared, because my teacher that I took was Miss Miss Jack. Her name was her name is Ave Jack so a V Jack. So if you take her, I highly recommend she's a great business teacher and she's not gonna let you fill. And she's not. She's not tough. There's just new material that you're not used to. OK, so I have all of the chapters, all the study guides, all the notes. It's basically it's basically basic math, but its word problems and you're solving business problems like, um, learning how to calculate your Tex Is your Social Security, your monthly payments and and learning about sales and business that I took pre calculus. Is this my prick? Yep. I took pre calculus with, um, He's not American, so his name is kind of difficult, but it's called mirror gunk. Isn't ah, young Indian man? He's an amazing math teacher. Y'all like he knows math like the back of his hand. I highly recommend him to. So, sis, I got all the notes, Got all of that. You do need a workbook for his class because he wants you to have it open. He believes in learning like you. You can't just sit there and do nothing, don't don't have headphones in his class, don't have homes in anyone's class. Just don't don't be disrespectful. But, um, he's a great teacher. Talks kind of fast, and he has an accent. So some things might be hard to understand. Math one of five. I passed the final within a his test. I felt one with the D, and I think that was somewhere in the beginning, so I was getting used to him. You have to get used to your teachers. Don't be afraid, all right, if he asked you to go. No, he doesn't ask you to go to the war. But if you would like to volunteer, don't be afraid, because that's the best way to learn by trying in my opinion. And he's not going to yell at you doesn't make you feel stupid. Every teacher that I've had, I've had a great experience with them. So if you're able to get these teachers and you would like to see, you can't mind you, there's a period where you can withdraw from that class. So it's not like you're stuck. It is too dark business. Finally, my business 1 10 final. I passed with a C. I wanted a B or higher, but like I said, this class was kind of a struggle for me because it's work problems and I'm getting better at where. So I passed with C um only had four tests that whole semester and the fourth test was the fun. So you have three normal tests in one final, and it goes by quickly, unless C last semester. No, this this English. Okay, so English you don't have a final. You just turned all your essays in. Hence why? I don't have my essays. No, she should have gave them that. But same from last semester for English and then my business 101 Um, four tests. 4th 1 was a vinyl. So it's not like you gotta study all of your notes from the beginning of the year to take your final gets a regular test. I don't know why they call it an exam when really you're the exam is just on the stuff that you learned. Now, this is for my experience with the classes that I've taken this far. So don't, uh in conclusion, freshman year was not too tough. Don't freak out. Just have money. Eat some food. I hope you enjoy this video. I hope it helped to. I love helping people. If you have anything to say, Any questions leaving down ee I ee I Oh, hi, everyone Welcome back to my channel. Hey, uh, today I will be answering some of you guys is questions. So you're not following me on instagram? You're out of the loop, so I need you to follow me here, OK? It is important. We get started. If you hear anything weird on by my windows, like airplanes or cars or shouting with dogs Nature, there's Trump. Okay, the first question Do you have Well, do they have a r o T C program? Honestly, I am not sure, Mamie, Maybe we can look it up. Let's let's do it together. You a you a Oh, don't forget me. Okay. All right. I feel like my allergies were messing with me and I'm in the house. I don't know how that words, but I know you can't see my screen right now. We're going to type in U A B r o T C program. They do. It says Army RTC counts as credit towards your college diploma. Take entry level ROTC courses without making any commitment to the military and this. You see, maybe so you want to read more on that? Assists just typing you a B, R o T c and Google or something, and you should see our TV programme. Okay, Next question. What freshman dorm do you think is the best? I want to be biased. I'm not gonna lie. I feel like new Fresh. It's the best door one. That's the only dorm I've ever lived in it, too. I feel like I would stay there longer if I had a choice, because that's a tough place I see myself in because it's super modern. Three is like five or six years old now, So that's the youngest dorm on campus. Um, and because I've only lived there, I just have a good vibe from New Fresh. No offense to the other dorms that freshman had to live in. But speaking from my experience here, what one did you live in? Oh, already answered that I lived in new fresh, your favorite meal at the dining hall. Okay, Cece, let's get into this boot. My favorite mill pizza. One. Their pieces bomb. There's I can't remember who makes it every time, but I think it's this one woman who's always there, and she makes the best thin crust pizza with the sausage, ham, bacon and pepperoni like a bull meat lover's pizza. I'm talking about You get the extra cheese without asking for extra T. You know, give extra cheese without asking for extra cheese. Wait, um, I eat a red potato slices. Sometimes they have those with whatever baked chicken that they have, And I would get like, another side. So if they have, like macaroni and cheese, I'll get the macaroni and cheese sometimes. But, um, I do not write unless you like vegetables. This way. I do not recommend eating vegetables. They're really fresh. We like to fresh like, straight out the garden fresh. They're clean and everything, but I like my own vestibules, like boiled down a little bit like they're soft, not crunchy. I don't eat crunchy broccoli. Um, third meal their sandwiches. There's gonna be a woman there that can make sandwiches for you. I like the little deli or a sandwich station. Like kind of like subway. I get a white bread. White sub lights up with lettuce. Excuse me. American cheese. Pickles. Mail. Uh, honey mustard Sometimes. And then I'll have toasted that spot. You don't tell me it's not bomb until you try it. Have had chicken. Afraid a one day It was bomb like it was popping. I don't I don't know how they did that fried chicken Thursday whenever they have, Like the corn bread and collard greens and macaroni and cheese. I wanna warn you right now, because I like to be honest witches. The collard greens is not popping all the time and depends on who makes it. All right. So maybe if you see me in there on fried chicken Thursday, just be like Zuri is a good today. I'm like, uh, yeah, good. Nice question stuff that you recommend. Uh, I've given you guys a lot of tips throughout my videos, and I'm not saying just to go back and watch them all because Wes time for that. But I want to stress this that you guys should go in with an open mind and not worry about what's going to happen because worrying about something that may or may not happen will stress you out even more. You won't be focused on your work, and then you'll have the mindset of trying to fix something that hasn't happened or trying to prevent something that hasn't happened, which could lead you into trouble, because fear is a very dangerous thing to work done early. I recommend that you prioritize. I recommend, uh I recommend check dot com for renting books and getting the online books because you definitely have the option to get, um, your books online Don't run to the bookstore because their books are overpriced. They haven't eyes be in number on the back of the book. So if you look that number up on my Amazon or eBay or something you confined, you're gonna find anywhere on command going on Amazon? No, even eBay. You know, either one eBay or Amazon with finding a my meth lab plus math code, you will need one. They'll give you two weeks time span, but, um, order off line because in the bookstores, like 100 and something dollars. And I never went to the bookstore, I bought mine for, like, 80. And then the next semester had take math again a different path. And it was like, nine. So really knew your your research. When it comes to books and other supplies that you may need, teachers are gonna tell you go to the bookstore, Go to the bookstore, go to the bookstore, their teachers, They work for the university. Why wouldn't they advertise that school? You know, So just because your freshmen don't let everyone just tell you anything Places you can study in private. Um, I studied in my dorm, mostly because my roommates were never really there. Um, I know that people like to study on the green, and they like to put a little blanket down and go out there is peaceful. Honestly, when the weather is really nice, Um, the hill center. Definitely. Because there's a balcony out there you can sit on. Um, the third floor is the floor. Then a lot of people go to, I think, to study. I haven't studied in there, but this is what I've heard and seen. Um, they even sleep in there. I've seen people sleeping, but that's not funny. Um, I heard the third floor of the library because the first floor is usually pet. Um, what else? I can't think of anything else right now. Oh, the rooms in the buildings you can study in your building. Like if a room is empty. Like, um, go back to the video where I showed you guys a tour of new freshmen hall and blazer. I think I showed some of the rooms that you can go into, Um, and it's for students. And no one is gonna be like, Hey, you can't be in here so you can go in their house. Campus life. Okay, let me change this lighter or quit, okay? It was my campus life. Okay, let me give you a little background of meat first because my characteristics fit into things that I participate in and things that I allow myself to see. So I'm not a partier, but I like to go to functions. Like how my building hosted a silent disco party and how there was a 50 shades of pink party check on my instagram, um, and little little things like that. Not like go to a nightclub and And a party that starts to like, 10 o'clock. I'm not really interested. I wasn't the type that was like, I want to live it up my first semester and things like that. So that's me. So now let's get into campus. Life, campus, Like, for me. And what I saw was not rowdy at all. Um, I actually wanted more events to happen, honestly, because I like the vibe that I got the very first semester in a few weeks of that semester because that was welcome week. So a lot of things were going on. I gravitated towards be set, which is the Black Student Awareness Committee, and they were hosting things in the beginning of the semester. And that kind of not just be said, I'm not talking about this specifically, but a lot of events kind of died down when school really started to kick in. Um, because I guess that's understandable because everyone has jobs, studies and things like that. But, um, it's really nice, peaceful to me. Um, there's a lot of interesting people. I know that for sure. You'll see people sleeping in grass on the green. You look at them and they look at you back. It's like, Are you OK? Campus life really is a good transition from high school. From my high school. I feel like it's it's mature, it's mature. And the reason why I gave you a little bit of background off myself is because the things that you're used to doing the things that you are into determines your your camp, this life on campus. So someone else if you would ask someone else that question who parties or things like that, they may say campus life is lit way get to turn up every Saturday and things like that as me, I was chilling, doing work, hanging with friends, eating good food, going to little functions and and learning how to make lip gloss and makeup and natural hair and mental health. And oh, all the good goodbye stuff, you know, last question. Are you allowed to pick suitemates in blazer? So far? No, I do not believe you can do that. And if I'm wrong, I'm sorry. Re asked this question. Were you goto orientation just to make sure? Because I'm just now becoming a sophomore, So I don't know, like everything. But I know that they updated the process of picking roommates. So, like, say, I'm the leader of who chooses roommates, like in our group so mean and whoever is watching, we all want to be roommates. I would be the leader on the roommate contract thing, and I would put both y'all's name on there and y'all would get email that basically says, except this to become roommates with someone's own in us three or four, sometimes six will be put in a building. So say you get blazer and you have to share with five or four other people. Those people, most likely random if you don't have those five other four people on your list and even when you pick a roommate, I've heard that a lot of students didn't get who they wanted to be with, so they had to do a lot of rearranging. I'm not sure how that goes, either, because I've always done random, Um, but with this new process that I believe that you guys are able to do, too, because your incoming freshmen, um, it seems more guaranteed. So I asked that question again at orientation. Uh, get some clarification on what I see it, and I hope that helps you. All right. Any more questions that you have, you can eat, not email, messaged me on high G, or you can come in them down below and I will get back to you except A s A P. Follow me orgs Zuri Night. Emma and I was seen uh, uh uh, uh, uh. Back to my channel. Showgirls ar e nema. Not Naomi or Niamh. Emma. I'm back with video this time. It's not a block, okay? It's the dorm tour, the dorm tour, the way a week. And he actually I think we've been Then I'm just gonna hop into the video. I don't want to keep this too long. I know you're trying to say in my face right now, so less getting to this walking through our front door, whatever. We have any little closet because it is not a traditional closet. That thing right there might be the A C unit for something, but he was extra stuff in there that we're not using. Of course, you have your basic trust Can't paper towels. And this little placement met that I just put under here because I thought it was cute because I have no tables just yet, but this is the still a kitchen like dining area. Okay, We have a nice island that has cabinets and drawers. Well, holding just extra things and paper towns and more trash bags saying that. And now you have He stopped right in front of it. Kate. It's pretty clean. I haven't used it just yet. And then these two things are just a light on fans that our cabinets girl looking cute. Look, you're really cute. Worse next to it. You have you think, and we have, like, simple set up together on the kind of talk. I think it's cute and we have my cups and things in here and snacks and more cups on the side. And we did not have to buy my boy. So this came with it. Of course we have arranged that holds. All are cold goodies. Almost forgot our cutting things. Bad little scissor, special spoons, uh, can opener time measuring cups. And it's filled. So that's kind of cool. You look nice. Yeah, Maybe soon I could do good for you. Behind the kitchen is just a living area. And this is just about these couches and tables came with it, and that is my roommate spill. And the lining is not really do justice for clues doesn't go to bed. And of course, you got your two windows looking out. Kansas? No, from my room, talking with the same set up as last year. Except for we added two new additions, another sequence and another pink look right? I like my blanket a little messy. I kind of like how that looks. So that's what I did this morning. Course I still have my dorm suite door with my family above my head. And this I have a whole war so that pain appear flooded in less stress week. And that is our day in the new World. 11 29 16. And these are in order heart into most recent this shelf for it. Here, you guys are soon before it is just holding my hair products, layout, perfumes and hear stuff and some extra things at the bottom. Then in this corner, we have my disk. Now this board, I'm gonna turn into like a vision board. So stay tuned for that. Might do a video, and I'm holding my sunglasses, jewelry, Mikey's sticky notes, Father, Good stuff. And this crown is my senior crown from high school that I made myself from a Burger King ground. So and then this is just the dressers that's stacked on top for each other. My TV is going to go right there. Guys have seen this before. You already know, but you gotta stay organized. Good thing about this room is that the closet is much bigger. Shut up to bay for doing sneakers That would have never done that before. So that's me. And here on my clothes and extra things at the bottom. Now this door behind this door opening just something years I got my own bathroom. Hey, now here's my shower curtain and I got one more cute. And that's another thing. Women's life's most sent thing that don't really smell so extra trash bags and a K towels skill. And this was in my room last year, so we are ready to be unimaginable. Last two story. Look in the mirror. Read that looking myself. Feel good about my day. So here's my boyfriend graduation picture. My speaker could know about the list of music in the morning lotion This so that I used to wash my tattoo on This is my hand. So and then you have all the other things. Of course, there's cabinets that hold cleans and other hope. You guys enjoyed this dorm tour. I know you guys been waiting on it. I've been waiting to do it. So here it is. I got a little class. So just comment like, Is this craft to my gym? And I'll see you in the Knicks. everyone will come back to my channel. We're gonna do things that I wish I knew before college. So we're gonna share our things together. So we're gonna take turns. So you're gonna hear both of us speak. Rights was getting to be. I wish I knew how to find jobs during the summer to be prepared for the fall because there are work study positions and part time jobs and full time jobs. Of course, I would not do full time because of school hours, but I wish I knew that I could get in tow. Work's done. So whenever you do your financial aid, um, see if there's anything to requests for that and if not, what you've got on campus, talk to your schools. Financial aid office Always slide. It is. Okay, go to your school's financial aid office, see if you can get some work. Study. Yes, I'm calling for your class is something that I wish I knew before coming into colleges, I guess like transitioning like how's the balance work in social life? Like went to study. You're like, Oh, let's go out. Let's go out. And, like, I kind of get the hang of that. But it's like I need more city. Have is better ways to city and all of that a lot of people do with the to life. I I didn't really have too much trouble with that, but there were times where I could have probably stayed and study in my room. You and probably got something done rather than going out. If your friend is trying to get you to come out or something like that, it's okay to say no. So make sure you you try to have a strong base on your studies and social life, and if they don't understand why you're not hanging out with them, then they probably not. Your friends. I knew that they split your financial aid, but it's semester. So what I mean by this is say, for financial your financial aid. You get $10,000 in the fall, you'll get $5000 in the springs. You'll get that other 5000. They don't just give you that whole 10,000 for that semester, and then you you don't fill out again right until the neck until the next year before the next year. And I'm like bro ther It's like everything doesn't cover your whole solution. Like you still have these covering all of that nation's vicious really hard. Yeah, uh, like he's like books. You especially books, because these books are ridiculously expensive and some teachers don't even we're sliding again. Some teachers don't even require us to use them for real, for real like and if they do use them, is probably in the beginning of the semester, and then they don't use them at all. So, like my advice for that is, I used check dot com to find the best books you can rent them online. So if you have like a laptop, you get the book online or on your phone they have. They should have an app. I will leave. The link here somewhere is called check dot com, but last one for me is I wish I knew how to take public transportation. You A B is huge, and like you, a B is basically the city. So they have what they have. A lot of buses they do, But like I think you need a parking, not a parking, but, um, apartment of something to ride the bus because they're not free, really know Blaze experience. See, I don't know that y'all. So if I needed to take the bus, I probably would have been stuck. But there's I've seen, like, three different buses. Maybe one of them may be free there, Right? Maybe. And then the thing that I don't understand is the one bus will say, like Route Blue. I'm like, Where does blue go, like, Who does that mean? Or route? Green route purple. So maybe one day I'll figure it out. I don't really need to take the bus, so I haven't, like, made myself do it. Going back to what she said about the the books for your glasses. So I recommend not getting your books on T old class. It started. Just so you know that, um, you'll use them because some professors don't require you to use the boat like it might say book required on your or your syllabus. But if your teacher doesn't use it, there's no reason to buy it. So wait until after your first week of classes to see if you need the book. Yeah, and they'll they'll give you at least a week or two. Yeah, Thio, get your books and get situated to me. Honestly, I don't think that's enough time because you have tuition to pay for that same month. You you have to wishing to pay for that same month, either in the middle where the end of that month. And then you have books to pay for around the same around the same time. I don't know if that's like for any other college, but here you a bee is a great school. Don't get me wrong. I honestly like where I met. Um, innocent experience, like transitioning from high school and dealing with adult things. Of course I'm gonna complain about it because I don't have to pay for bills. I've never had to pay for bills. So when it when I hear, like, you got this do this month and this do the week after and all that something like, What are you talking about? So Eisley's paid is and I gotta say I Yeah, so I don't feel like they give you enough time too. Prepare you So give you enough moving space. You know, I'm talking about, like, more room to be like, Okay, now I can say for this one. I wish I knew about housing is I wish I knew about housing deposits. Like what? I don't pay Rambo in every semester, every semester, the upperclassmen or night. That's a lot of money. Yeah, and then without our hasn't housing deposit are 2 50 was around the same time, our tuition waas. So that's a lot. And so I feel like if you need so work, you need to be looking for on campus shop as soon as you get here. Like don't wait. And, um, you know, give whatever job you can like 7 25 It doesn't matter. It's a job. If you save your money, it'll it'll get there. And with going back on that, like like I waited because I didn't know how my schedule will be. So if you're if you're like that, it's okay to wait. But don't don't make excuses for yourself. Don't waste too much time. If you know you could get a job, you know you can handle it. Go ahead and try it. It's nothing to freak out about because you're not. You're out in the world now, but you're not out there alone. So if you can't do that job at the wreck, or you can't do that job at the library. It's okay. You're still at school. Um, colleges like, Okay, I'm out in the world. But I'm still trying stuff, especially your freshman year, so don't freak out. But we do recommend at least looking in getting your foot out there, Especially if you're a business major. I know you. A bee has career fairs and they help you a lot with interviews and resumes. Like I have an appointment coming up so I can clean up my resume before summer takes off because I plan to get a summer job. So they're helpful with that. So don't Don't be too it, OK? Just trying. All you gotta do is try. No one's gonna be like you don't have your life together. And no one in college has their lives together. That's why they're in college. If I have my life together, I would not be a school. I know. Another thing I want to touch on is managing money. So when you're a college student, you sense a span of money when people send it, and it's like is there? So why not use it like they're giving you money to spend in college. But you have to remember, like, do you actually need this? Like you have to make a list like a lister. You needs analyst for your ones like you. What you need first and then let that money accumulate over time. Like people send you money. Save it. You don't have to spend it every time or all of that. And what I would do is like, say, you made a good grade on your test. Go overboard yourself. Get your nails done or, um, go buy you some new shoes or something like that. But don't just wear it money just because you have it because then you're not gonna have anyone. You do need it like that to 50 deposit like that's a 50. But, um, I'm having I'm not having trouble, but I am spending a little bit more than I was last semester. Last semester. I have we all have long cars way have dragon cash, dining dollars and blazer books. Let me explain that real quick because I know there's a lot of you will be 23 people want to transfer blazer books is deposited into your car. That like? Okay, Mom, can I get $50? She can put that on your car, and you can spend that CVS and they have a list of different places. I'm not really sure because I don't really use Blazer books, Um, and then also lets you print out papers at these printing chaos that we have, like in the library, in your dorms and all that stuff. That's that's blazer books. Dragon cash is $225 that they were talking about, um, at orientation. If I don't think they've had more irritation night. This money is like back up money for your dining dollars. So do not touch that at all. Um, unless you really need to do not touch it because that money can roll over to the next semester. Yeah, mine rolled over, will you? My road over, But like with the transfer and so they fall because I heard Oh, no, not for us. Yeah, I'd be the same thing. She didn't touch the money at all. Like I just okay, So, like, you have different meal plans. So when you run out of that meal plan. In the dining dollars, you're to 25 will be available for use. But if you manage and you eat in the comments, your money will roll over. That way you'll have, like 400 something dollars just being in the next semester. Then you conspire. Yeah, that's that's That's what happened to me. So I didn't touch Dragon Cash Last muster this semester. I had 400 something dollars to spend with Dragon can bless your dog. $90. Okay, so now dining dollars is a part of your meal plan what you choose so each for freshmen, you're required to select a few of them. I'm not gonna get too much in detail, but I'm not sure I have the paper in front of me. But I told Green and Gold a lot of freshman trolls, green and gold. I recommend the green and gold plan. They give you $600 in dining dollars and you get a swipes per week, plus one gets meal and one guest mail. Now the swipes is what can get you into comments. Now the Commons is basically the lunch room where everyone you get breakfast, lunch dinner. All that, um, so you swipe once wide today, get in, or you can swipe multiple times. And if you use all eight, they let you use your guests wife to get get yourself. One thing about ones that comments, like, if you are sugar in like we were, um, you don't need to take some food at the cafeteria like you're gonna have to bring plastic containers and that. Yeah, we're not telling you to steal. This is not stealing stealing because you pay for it. You're paid for your student. Yeah. Now I've actually seen a chef allow students to take out a few things, but you can't just take full. Not like you're going grocery shopping. And I can't just leave with 10 apples and things like that. You can take a few things out. Like if you go to the sandwich station, they give you a big sandwich and they cut in half. You can put that in a ziploc bag. You can leave. You can fill your cup up, or like, um, one of your personal own. What about Yeah, I have my life water bottle that I ever used. You can fill that up with whatever drink that they have. You can leave with that. One more thing getting involved on campus. Your freshman year is very important because you meet a lot of new people. Everyone suits of the campus. You're scared. They're scared. Everyone scared. So this is your best time going? Meet somebody. Hey, I have this class at this time. You, you know? Yeah, compare schedules and see what time and what classes people have with you. That way you can make new friends and you could even walk together. Hey, could you show me here to show me their get involved on campus? That's kind of how I met. That's kind of how I met. Key Aria. Um, we took a class together and I think I needed someone to come to a basketball game with me. You and I asked her, Hey, are you going to the basketball game? That's how I see you could make up a lie. I feel like you maybe is how I started connecting with people. That's why you get out of your network with different people, might go to people who you would normally stops or anything you might learn something you might like that person or anything like that going back to $90. I just thought about it. Dining dollars can be spent at, um, the food court that's in the Hill Center, which we have Full moon Panera mean bowl. You can also spend it at the sea store, which is a convenience store which isn't coming in, by the way. Everything is just expensive in there for no reason. But it's okay. They call it convenient, but it's not. But it's just to close the store there. So you might as well say it is, Um, where else? I think that's about it. Oh, Starbucks. I think every food place on campus can be spent with $9. And do not go crazy with that because it is super easy to spend all of it way easier than you think. Oh, I got $600. I'm good. Remember that $600 as last year. Five months. They also have a blazer kitchen. So, like if you run out of all your dining dollars are, well, you're not gonna run out of meals twice before that week. If you run out of milk side. So the week. They have the Blazer kitchen, which is located in the hell suit and center. And they have non perishable items that you could get, like canned foods and water stuff like that. So So there. You keep that in mind, they're not gonna let you starve. You're not gonna starve on campus. There's no such thing, I hope. No such thing as students starving on campus. Um, but I think that's it from both of us. Take these tips in to consideration. Okay. And everything that we said, it's not a batch. The school at all. We Well, I like to school. You hear? We enjoy being here, so we want to be as honest as possible. Um, it is what it is. It's not. Which college can I spend less money at? Their Every college is expensive. You have all these fees, you got room and board. You got books you need to eat. You have clothes. You got like furniture to bring in there. You have decorations, all the extra stuff. So don't just think that this is your baby, okay? It's a great school. Hope you enjoyed this video. You enjoyed key. Aria, You will see her on my channel some more And don't forget to like Calm it down below Bobble me O r g y l used the hour you is so don't forget to like I'm gonna describe down below She knows that every time bolus i e. I know everyone. Welcome back to my channel. My name is eerie. And today is going to be a vlog because it is officially the first day of spring semester. Yes, I'm back on campus. I got here yesterday. Um, I went to the gym earlier this morning, but I didn't have a good workout because I kind of rushed process. But right now, I'm going to go eat and then head to classes. I have class at 12. 30 and it's like 11. 40 something right now. Um, I'm just gonna come back from my book bag. Yeah. I'm not gonna be in there for long. I need to get my body water in it. Do I? Yeah, I got everything. I'm basically rushing at this point. I don't know why I brought you. Took too long getting ready or something. I just got done eating, ate chicken Alfredo with pasta. And I'm about to hit my business class Walk. No job. So I just got out of business for us. It was good. I think I'm gonna like that glass a lot. And it's gonna fly by by my mom said, but I have math at 2 30 aftermath have a public speaking class like 3 35 So last clip. I was tired, so don't mind me. I haven't walked campus since break, So excuse you, girl. But like I said, I have math class to go to two aftermath. I have one more class do, and then tomorrow I just have one class, which is amazing. Turn a whole my camera and check my watch. I can't Is to something, so basically, I'll have to go in a few minutes. Uh, because it's not that far walk, so I can just stay until, like, 2 15 Give me 15 minutes to get there. In reality, give me, like, five minutes. I'll be early. I did make it to class on time. If you were wondering, I need to go blow my nose. Honey, I don't really have anything to, like snack on a kind of one king. You know, I don't need it. Rush probable to stone. Today, you get some gummies, but today is going by pretty fast. Nothing extravagant going on because it's the second semester, not the first. So I'm pretty sure they're not doing anything. Especially for us, because candy, But I'm just gonna chill. Text my boyfriend, see how he's doing. And yeah, if I am doing something, of course I'm gonna drink this. Probably gonna be the most boring log ever. Um, I do Boggs regularly, like, not daily, but when I feel like picking up the camera blocking, But other than that, it will be a normal video like I might be talking to. You guys were doing makeup or get ready the morning team. Something like that. If it's not a lot, So stay tuned for content. Because I I have goals this year. I have goes to root for my channel. I have a lot of things that I want to do. So hit the right button. I'm not ending the video information. You hit the lifeblood because your girl she's coming up this come up, okay. Just got to be there to see so Donatello until it's time to go. And then, of course, after class, I'll tell you how it went and how I think he's gonna go if you're interested. I'm not going to going to man. You're starting to, like, go ahead and go do bad. Really? I have one more glass and about math. I don't like math, so I don't know. I feel like I could do it. I felt like I could do with all these classes. Is just I just don't like math is not mine. It's not my thing. I'm, um I'm a history in English person, so no, get through it. I got it to go. Do my, um, digging. What class? I'm going to my, um, public speaking class. That's what I was thinking about the abbreviations for this. Yeah. I'll see you when I get my dorm. I've been just less, um, cause and right now I'm heading to the store to get some gummies because I really want them. Like I've been warning them all day and thes classes. I don't know. I think it's just because his Monday like it's just been a drag. And, like, I have a headache, a little small headache right now, so I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but I can get through them place, So I just got in. Uh, basically my day it went. It went like this this morning. Like I said earlier, Didn't have a good workout because I didn't eat correctly. So I had to stop in the middle and then just come back. Shower got ready. Was running a little late for business, which was a 12. 30. Got a buy a book for that. What else? After business. I went to math. Um, a little difficult to understand my math teacher, but it's okay. Aftermath? I went to public speaking. Yeah, I have to do presentations. Five of them. But the 1st 1 is not coming up until 23rd. So we're gonna prepare for that. But on the way to finding my public speaking class because I didn't follow a tip that I gave you guys before I didn't go toe. Look for the class on a Sunday before class started. So guess what? I almost got stuck in an elevator. Um, I was almost late. I got there at 3 30 three, and it started that it started at 3 35 My head hurts for some weird reason. It's like today was a drag. Tomorrow's gonna be better because your girl and got one class. I don't know if I'm gonna log tomorrow, but I'm gonna close it out here. I hope you enjoy this love. Don't get to like this video comin down below and watch my other ones and I will next time.