University of North Florida Dorms

Feel. So I'm gonna I'm like starting off with my videos about dorms. Unfortunately, I left pretty early, but now it's like getting dark because, like, not daylight savings time anywhere. And I forgot about that. So hopefully it won't be that. And also I don't think they'll let me in without a key card because I don't. You know, I don't live here, and I also don't know anybody that lives here. I'll just have to, like, show you that outside and then tell you about within it and I can start telling you about, wasn't it? Now, um, So one, There's a lazy river. When have you ever seen a dorm with the Lazy River? Never. Never in your life. Have you ever seen a dorm with the Lazy river? Uh, and they also have? Oh, my God. I've only been in here one time because they had orientation here. Is really nice. But I knew freshmen that looked so. It's definitely freshmen housing. They have a laser. Ever. They also volleyball court. They have, like, two valuable cords to stand outside. Crazy. I've never seen a dorm this amazing. And then they also have They have, like, little. They have a gym in a dorm, which is nice. Which would be nice. I wish I lived here. Have a gym in the dorm. They have, like, meeting room the first floor, and then they also have. This is okay. I forgot to tell you which one I'm talking about. All this brief bounces right now. It's like the new it. I think I'm not. Sir. You have to check me out, but I It's kind of in the back a little bit. It's kind of like not on U. N F drive. It's on current in, which is actually pretty nice, but it's still walking distance from the campus because there's a little cut through through the woods, which is fine. And they all sound like a little cast itude, not a cafeteria, but it's like a little convenience store in the reception is always really Fred. And then the rooms are separate. You have a separate room all to yourself. So first, when you walk in, it's like a little kitchenette and then the bathroom and the most four little doors and the floors are a little for you. Just nice if you like your friend. Really? And now I'm going away until I get there to keep talking, because this video is already too long to begin with, and I'm not even better. So So here's the front of the dorms. It literally looks like an embassy suites hotel. It's beautiful. It's big. It looks like a hospital. There's benches out front. There's like volleyball courts and basketball courts back there. It's humongous. I love it so much.