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Corey Services, a really large office that end the student services building that I think I should talk about. A little bit, though. Crew services offer services like resume, um, workshop. So they'll give student's resume workshops to help them with their resume and things like that. They'll do mock interviews, and they actually have this service called suitable so students could actually rent out business professional clothing for interviews for three days, completely free. The only thing they don't offer his shoes, obviously, um, but they give you just a lot of different. Resource is so students can have for getting a job and think selling in their career in the future. Hello, ladies. Welcome back to channel its bread into the body of you guys Today. Today is another video in my campus. Real campaign or I'm giving you guys a pretty much a full tour of the U. S of campus. Let's just jump into today's video. I've got a lot of you. So in today's video, I'm giving you guys a tour of Wal Mart. You're like, Yeah, I've been to Walmart. But no, you have not been to the Wal Mart. The sketchy, flashy Walmart, the sketchiest walmart of sketchy Walmarts. So off of a road we call Fleischer, we named this sketchy Fletch e sketchiest place to go. Do not go by herself. Do not go out at night. It's sketchy, so there's lots of homeless people that will approach you asking you for money and not realize how creepy they're being when they're approaching a young girl that's walking by themselves and dark parking lot. Also, they never have anything you need. Like this. Walmart is disgusting. It's atrocious. There's nothing like. And where the employer so unhelpful. One time I asked where something was in the ladies responsibly was, I don't know, Somewhere in the food section like Jeez, could you be any more helpful? So let me just suck it up and just go in there and give you guys a quick little glimpse of what we have to offer I'm actually highly impressed. Apparently, they're like renovating everything. The whole store. So we'll see how it turns out. Maybe this won't be scratching Lucky anymore. Don't put will see Also, I am in the baby aisle because I won't get judge for logging here. So so back to my dorm. And yes, I do look alive now. But thank you so much for washing your door Pissed This video, a giant thumbs up in subscribe to my channel Without further ado, I will see you in my Hello beauties and welcome back to channel its bright with everybody for you guys today. And this is part of my campus campaign again, we're basically doing in many USF college tour for you guys. So today I'm going to be showing you guys the USF bookstore, that further ado list in front of this video. This's a staircase here in the bookstores and back this way is all of us have more miscellaneous items and then don serious here, which is the main film. You do have another Starbucks Starbucks on campus. Although you cannot use your dawning dollars here, this one sadly, also, and the main entrance. There's also a little consignment shop kind of things you could grab. Sacs, trees, miscellaneous food items that if you follow me up here. So here they do now sell out, which I did not know They did that before. But it's you, actual bookstore. We can just buy books, buy records by miscellaneous things. And if you need some school supplies, initial D have some over here and there is a dancer's basement, which is basically where you pick up any of your school textbooks that you order online. Right. So that's it for this video today. If you like to get a guy, comes up and subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys in the next video by wait. Little walkway and the Marshals Student Center. We have the Bulls County pharmacy. You can take any and every prescription that you get from anywhere and pick it up here, which is really nice. Then we have the federal Credit Union. So this is U S s own bank? Um, it's really nice. So this is dying services, the meal plan office. You want to get a meal plan, things like that, then to the right, we have the wellness Center. So the wellness Center has a bunch of services for students. They also have a licensed dietitian. And then they have massages in the backs, free condoms. And they just added free phantom feminine products, which I think is really, really nice. And then we have the print shop so you can print anything here. You confront large posters, brochures, business cards, president, things like that. And then we have the computer stores. So, as you can see, large Mac book, um, tend to stuff you can get here from the computer store Hey, guys. So I am in a room here in Cooper Hall, which is the number one I would say building that you're probably going to end up having classes. And it's a lot of your genitals, The classes that you're going to have to take before you get into your major intensive courses. The one that everyone has takes your maths or science is your English complaint. Come, too. A lot of those classes air held in this building. So Class is not in session right now. And I thought I would show you guys that typical groom look like saying that there's probably thirty or so desks in here. Uh, like I said, this is a pretty standard room here in Cooper. I think I've had of one class in here this semester, and I've probably had at least two in my other sisters, So I've had a lot of a lot of classes in here. And even after you've been to major intensive stuff, you're still going to end up having classes and hear more likely than not, um it's definitely a building that you need to know. It's right up the way from the library in this building. They actually have a subway, which is kind of cool. So you can just, like, pop on down, get your five dollar foot long and walk on out, and you can actually use dining dollars for that, too. So, you know we're going to be eating some of that. So, yeah, This is just what a standard like normal section discussion style classroom looks like. We're going to go to the most important place on this campus. Four students, student services. I promise that you'll have to be here at least once in your undergraduate career, probably times ten. So this's services. So we'll start over here to our right way, have students with disability services. So if you have any disability, you need to talk to them about getting any type of accommodation. This is where you would go, ever vending machines, bathroom. And now, here's the fun part. So right here to the left is the office of the register. So if you have anything that you need, your transcript, your official transcript, things like that for that's for you to go up here. We have the omelets office, the Global Citizens Project, undergraduate studies and other. And down here we have the USF card center. So you're definitely going to come here if you come to yourself because you need to get your ID literally your life. So over here we have one of the three seals on campus. So there's actually a legend that if you step on one of them, um, you won't graduate in four years. So you saw one was in the marshals students, and I had This is the second. And then I will show you the third. And then over here we have financial aid. So if you have anything that to financial aid, and we have admissions. And then over there for to your left is the cashier's office and innovative education and things like that. There's a there's a whole other disarray of There's a whole nother array of offices in this building. Um, but obviously, you know, I can't go through all It's in tennis courts over here by cypress. See, there's a lot of construction going on because they're building a Publix, and they're also building more residents holes around the area. So that kind of thing going on here, we have some more residents, Halsey's or some of the older ones, like data and thinks like that level car over here. And then right there we have the village, which is the newest part of us off. To have a brand new pool here. Super Nice just opened. Pretty impressive. It's a lab pool, but there's like a ton of people because it's the first time it's been warm in a really long time. And this is one of the news. Residence halls summit a new gym. So this is the fit. It's super modern. This whole area is, like, extremely, extremely modern. So everything is really nice, really clean. So over here we have the dying hall. This's the brightness dining hall called the Hub. Um, it's pretty standard. Nothing, really. Especially in this courtyard here, the bullet. And then you see all the construction going on. You see the dining hall. I actually don't have a meal plan, so you go in there, it's remains one So here's looking like that towards the marshal Student Senate. So to the right over there, that's the theatre area. Dance all the music, everything like that. And then, um, right across the street from the first incident right there. That's the post office. So we have our own post office on campus. That's what they call Crescent Hill. It's really nice. There's a grass bull with Marshall students, and I'm bound to see somebody that I made here the central off campus and you can see everything's closed on Sundays. Obviously, um, nothing's open, but people come here to steal, to study and things like that. So I have a good amount of places I can take you, you know, close. We haven't Einstein's bagels for breakfast. That's what a lot of people go to get their breakfast when they work in the martial students. And I think like that. Then we have a job but Jews, which is one of my favorites. And then down here were the on ly campus in the country to have a beef o brady's on campus. So seaming and pretty slowly. Oh, I didn't know it was open now, so there's not much to the Marshal Student center. I'm on the second floor right now. I'm gonna show you the Office of Paternity Story life instead of your involvement. Um, but there's a bunch of other stuff in the martial student center. This's the center gallery. We hold open mike nights. Things like that here on the second floor of the Marshall Student Center. Then we have the Oval Theater. That's the big theater in the Marshes student center, where a lot of big presentation's or speakers happen. Roman is a pretty long walk from my dorm to the marshals for herself. Started thirty. It's twelve. They make it also, since what the outside of my building looks like. Over here we have Greek village. You can't see it for well because of the trees. But that's where all the Greek houses for Panhellenic and Inter Virginal Council are over there. It's so pretty right now. Case. So my buildings right over there left is the laundry room. People in there then too. Sorry. That's my right hand, My right and then to my left are different Cyprus building. Hey, so here at some more residents hall. So this is Holly. Um, so these have apartment and sweet style, so it really depends which one you want. Um, but they're pretty similar to my Cyprus one. Um, and then the suite. Just you share a suite with another person, you know, pretty simple, something you really want to be aware of. Obviously, housing on campus is really expensive. It's like super expensive to live on campus, and the space is small. I know that I didn't get to give you an in depth look, but it's it's very small and it's not like, you know, there's a lot of rules and it's hard. You know, my roommate, she actually has the guy next to her. They both have their bet on the wall because they can't really move it anywhere else. And he snores. And so she barely get sleep like she literally will see like three hours a night last night. Shit to go into my bed. So it's just like little things like thought that nobody can really like fix if that makes sense. But living on campus is the most convenient option. Obviously, it's literally I'm walking to the Marshal Student center. It's gonna take me like ten minutes, Super. So over there. That's the Zimmerman I'm school of advertising. So over there that's the Zimmerman School of Advertising in mass communications, sets my college because I have a mass communication. The feature. That's where a lot of my classes are and things like that. And then directly to the left, you can really see it with my pass it when we go towards the gym is the College of business. Now, Right over here to my left is the College of Education s. Oh, it's one of the most you see just calling jizz on campus. Because if you get certified to teach at USF, you're actually certified in twenty one or so states. If I remember correctly, don't quote me on that with something on there. And then over here to your looked over here to my rights. We have the Cooper Arts and Sciences Building. So there was a test done. A study done, um, in us of students and eighty nine percent of students in their first year who come there out of four years have a cost in this building is just one of those buildings. Everybody has a clause here. It's how it happens. And then to the left on there is subway. So let me see if I can get you into Unfortunately, there aren't any home games that I can't go to this week. Unfortunately, I know it sucks, but, um, our football season and fall is so much fun. We are Stadium is not on campus, which is one of the downfalls, I would say, um, it's actually like a twenty five to thirty minute drive away. Um, at Raven James seems, which is the Buccaneer Stadium. A big talking point in any presidential campaign. Um, as they're like running for office to be at USF is trying to bring a stadium to campus. But that's, uh I don't know. I want to see, like, ten year project and, you know, multi million dollars. So who knows when that's gonna happen? But everything else here is pretty great, so I Hello, BBC. Welcome back to channel and spirits in the video. You guys today and today again is part of my campus real campaign that I'm doing we're basically doing and many college tour. Siri's, let's just jump right into this. So out of the way, having these rules all lined up here. And if your incoming freshmen, it's a tradition for you to come out here, sit on the bull and take a picture like so. So that is one thing. It was a necessity. If you come here, you have to do. And I just want to share a little tidbit with you guys. You like video, get a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel without further due. I was here in my next video by wait. wait. It's almost 9 a.m. Got a snapshot from my sister in law this morning, said I dreamt about Lacroix and she thought of me and she's very scared. You see the impact of having on people with this can of awesomeness literally just woke up head into this smart lab, basically the computer lab where all the students on campus do their their their math homework. Um, yet the log in a certain number of minutes, some classes give you extra credit for those minutes. Some classes just force you to do your homework there. So I'm just going there to get some extra credit. Um, how you usually don't wake up this early. Finally, in the shaded area, just getting the sun came back. I think the move right now is to get some Starbucks. I seriously just spent 100 minutes doing math where I only did like two assignments. In reality, this whole this whole smart lab thing isn't doesn't correlate Well, yes. So if you want explanation on those hearts on the Starbucks Cup and the bag, see a member and the drum line that was on the simple line with the works at Starbucks. She was working this morning. Decided to just tap my whole cup up. You know she can do that. She could make it look like I have a suspicious, unidentified lover. But in the end, guys still single. I honestly swear there's, like, 8000 swirls. Just want to attack you, but they just they just stand on the side, like, right on the fence post, and they just wait. Like I haven't got attacked yet. But high key One day, I wanna be the hospital for, like, some sort of squirrel injury. Uh, you know, campus, we have two different types of college kids. It's out of the one to hammock for the ones who don't. And I really came out here. Just do your homework. Summer's gonna do allow, you know, lawyers should d'oh give you, like, a time lapse of music over it. I guess you guys like that, right? It's hard to say. I need a trust tonto you for It's not easy way. Um, I'm gonna give you a little piece of advice for going to college next year or any time in the future. If you plan on doing it, take advantage of extra credit opportunities because college is a point system like high school. You thought that g p. A was like weird, but like, it's even like it. It's so specific of what you have to achieve for an A plus. Some, like different classes, you have different professors will set the standards you like on a plus to be in 98 8 and 94. And a minus is like a 92. And they're all different. So get the points you can. You never know when you're gonna fail a test randomly and just it's a point system. Um, we had a death in the family. Uh, my astros, They're gone pattern for like, six years. Guys, uh, you guys have followed me when I started making the call duty to videos, sounds channels created. Um, those are my babies. They're dead. Oh, no quality food. My head's spinning, Sam. Bam! Is your head spinning? Jasmine is your head spinning? I wasn't listening. She wasn't list fellas. Your head spreading lucky Luke. I'd buy it. Not sponsored bythe I haven't introduced you to the channel. Yes. I'm Michael. Denny. Hello, Alex. Carver Bosses channel. Oh, my. You guys ready to go shake some hands, get someone explain what's going on with my hair. Mother Nature as it is, Tom's Astro. I don't think I probably introduce you to the log so hurt your Canadians don't explain on that matter. Well, partially not really, though from Minnesota, it's basically Canada. Okay, close enough. Yeah. Presentation. Michael, Denny, this isn't about you. So I heard you have a pretty cool remain dio. Is this her? Hell, yeah. This'd Joanna Dunlap guys. Welcome. Apparently apparently Julianne on Sam bam are going to start off log on their arrival. Hey, you know, I'm just so used to lost Go check it out. It's jam in sand. So this is the event, you know, wearing Orange Grove Financial. Alright, we just got done with the event. Uh, this this man hold the door behind me is CEO of the company. Turns out he's into flogging, so I i ke plug myself in in shit. Yeah, my mama car See on TV success it don't strange century waas on. I dreamed it A since I wasa there won't be no not congratulate people who's ready for a little bit of common action. I am ready. Anyways, let's go on with a freaking comments. Tampa rooftop ing goes wrong. Um, let's see what we got. Five comments. Jesse Nicola. Ybor City is amazing. Yes, it sure is at prime hours. Maybe not at midnight, because it kind of doesn't get sketchy, but that's okay. Uh, November boys also knows Ben in the vlog. I hope episode 365 sees this. Guys, let me tell you about that. So we're just walking casually taking photos of little street, and all of sudden, these two guys come up to us. Someone has episode 365 that's already introduced himself as comes up with the Instagram live, puts it in my face and put it in our face just like yo, yo, yo, check us out with something. You just have a combo. I put him on the log. They're they're just funny guys that show, you know, they're talking about achieving their dreams just as normal guys, you know, supporting. Um but yeah, that was pretty funny. Let's keep going. Just the Louis Tampa prank in the hood. Cops called Donora on gun sexual of weak dude. Anyways, I'm sure you guys can just see that comment Parity just anyway. Carrots and Price. Gotta find out what security guard was on duty and have him subscribe. Very, very true. Um, I was I ke scared of that security guard because he looked like a brute. Um, I mean, I saw in person more than I did with the camera. They filled them with the camera, but guys, he looked like a prude. I wasn't about to get kicked out from him. Um, Jake Carpet, watch my brother. Keep it up, Alex. These videos are great on on that. No, I appreciate it so much. And on that note, we're finished. Guys, please leave a light comic and subscribe. And please do make sure comment because I love reading these off. It's just it's a great part of the flock. So, yes. Do comment. Tune in Friday at 10 a.m. Every single week, eastern time. I don't know why I keep pointing at you, Courtney, e. All right, ladies and gentlemen, it iss 9 13 and we're starting off the day with the Freemen cafes that we got. I literally just talked to two people that I went down the elevator with, and they were like, Oh, yeah, you're drinking that maid cafe we, you know, expires in two weeks. And one of our friends has, like, 15 boxes in his room because I didn't apparently I only got one and I didn't get the memo that you could, like, grab his money's you wanted. So I guess it kind of sucks for me, but we're going to accounting right now. Suns bright. Gonna have a good day. We're almost like class right now because the weather is like 65 degrees and it's so nice Florida winter. Right now I'm so sorry for the northerners that watch this, watch my videos and they literally just sit there and they just sit there and shiver. Um, it's kind of ridiculous, but guys just super blessed, You know, when I say you've logged in that whole time, I wa ce you can't just go around making it, does it? Does should guys. I'm in accounting a lot of students in here. Yeah, I had them laughing. Contest to see you. Good laugh, Flaubert. They just started, like, outburst Aid brand. We were waiting for professor to say something, and Ian's is gonna laugh. This loud was possible. I can't do this. You know, I wish I was recording before, but I let out the loudest outburst that's so scared. Like there's no way I could follow this up. There's just so much pressure, huh? Middleman? I'm just the one he records. It puts it on the internet. And what do you want the viewers to do? Um, subscribe? Um, it should comment. And maybe, uh I mean, there were there were like on there, Just one. Thanks. I really appreciate that. My bike has been sitting outside the business building for more than two weeks now because I cannot get the lock off. The lock is rusted. So I'm planning on just calling the cops so I could just use their tools or whatever, and I don't think I'm stealing it and just knock the lock off. Already. Have any replacement? Um, where's my hair doing? I have my laundry. A suitcase? If you can see at my backpack on. We're going to Sarasota for Halloween tonight. We are packing up the car real quick and then going to talk about something that I want you guys to know. I'm sorry. This is so shaky. Yeah, I don't know. Sarasota follow in tonight. That was pretty funny in class. Um, Ian, uh, he wasn't the vlog last year on a couple of logs. I'm pretty sure. And he's just a personality. Guys, let me tell you, he goes all out. Um, extroverted personality just doesn't care, and he's really funny to record, but nonetheless, we are going to be going to the marshal student center outside where there's bull market. I have recorded that once before. Apparently, there are goats, and they were allowing the goats to stand up on our backs and, like, we can, like, be with the goat. So I'm about to go be with the go and get some pretty awesome footage. Um, see there. So while I am walking over to the marsh student center to see the goats, I wanted to speak to you guys something that's on my heart. I know if you've been watching the recent videos ever since it started the cave logs, I have been starting talking about Bible verses and doing a Bible verse of the day talking about my faith at the end of every video. And so every Wednesday for me, I tied 10% of my paycheck to the church or wherever I choose to donate, too, because in the Bible, it does command us to us to give 10% of each earning of every week and to sacrifice that and give it up, and that you were experienced blessings that your needs will be met in all things. So what I've experienced lately is that ever since I've started tithing, um, I started a couple of years ago consistently, and then I kind of fell off. But that's just because you know I'm human and those kind of things happen. But over the summers, when I haven't missed a week of tidying, and when I started when I started college, I was really security because I know when you go to college at the payoff tuition only extra cost, you're living on your own, so you really have to take care of yourself. And I've been tied in consistently every single week, 10%. And guys, all of my needs have been met. I have been blessed with so many things that I do not deserve. Finances and expenses have been cut off randomly and miraculously so, God, I just want you guys to come to delve deeper into that and understand that when you do give and you're not selfish with your money, you get 100 10% back. And it's just a beautiful thing, but nonetheless, guys, bless up. We're gonna goto see the goats? Not really, son. Just sign the waiver to get some goats, But on my back, this is the amazing Absolutely. Guys, this is my baby Gina, USF ambassadors and so much more. The one who actually told us that we're going to be You were voting for voting today? I haven't I haven't interacted with goat. And I don't know. Last time I was like a patty and zoo I touch to go. This is fun. I am I don't know what to do it this way. Like I'm a size a little bit below. If you would do this, this is amazing. Honestly, it's a free massage. Come in. Yeah. Oh, my goodness, I have class in 20 minutes. It's a rough 10 minute walk to class, and I have had to make it Stop. Make it stop. What? Right. Hello. May I have two bowls? Both fried rice. Package acquired. 15 minutes left to walk. It's gonna be amazing. Fast walks. Amazing. Just triple. Amazing success. Not even 12. 25 yet already at class. It's just you learn how to walk the walk. You guys remember that Panda Express I picked up? Brian? Yeah. Are you ready for this? Yeah. Let's go. What are you? I'm gonna be a Reaper. Is this the Reaper? Psych. Oppose your reaper. Are you ready to see what miss in this bag? Lamborghini of Oh, my gosh. So you're gonna fill this thing up to the very top, right? Yeah. Yeah. All right. Let's do this thing. The object of this. How you doing? Hit neighborhoods? I'm asking you. Oh, let me see. It was awesome figure feeding with you. You got lots of candy. You tired? Yeah. Oh, I mean, I support a civic. Sorry disrespect. You doing? Doing great. Can I have a minute to browse the nun? You please. You most certainly again. But you know when you're ready. All right. Thank you. Like here is good. Thistle's a clip at the end of log. We're nailing and I eat food from Taco Bell and regret it. Yeah, I was forced into this decision, I And then there's a case to D at the bottom of here. And then one more taco. There's just so much lettuce and cheese that you can't even taste the beef. Guys, I want my job back right here. I want to eat with the goat. I'm the greatest of all time. That's pretty good. Priorities just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fun. Okay? Myself. So cringe. Doc goes down. I'm really not ready. No, no, no, Stop! No! I got Waters. Bible verse of the day. Guys, you didn't think. Did you actually think that we were gonna go without a bolivars? Okay, honestly, guys, it's November 9th right now. That vlog was from Halloween, As you could see in the date and in the intro you guys needed putting the comments below right now Say, Alex, stop procrastinating editing your vlogs. Just tell me to stop and listen to you guys and I could stop myself in the face and I get through this, but it's going to be fine again. Let's do the Bible verse of the day. Second Thessalonians, Chapter three, Verse 16 says Now may the Lord of Peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way the Lord be with all of you. This is so good because it's about peace. And peace is a huge thing. Just in the major view of things like peace is such, uh is such a factor. And just every single culture, every single country, we make laws. We vote on amendments, we pass acts, we do government political stuff just to find peace. We have war to find peace. And what this is saying is that God is saying now. May the Lord of Peace himself so that saying God is peace Got his love, got his piece. He has all of your needs. And when you call upon that, um, it says Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way and in every way. So if you think you can only get peace by like sitting there and sipping on your Starbucks or whatever you're doing. I'm sorry, but it doesn't come just that way. It comes in every single way you could possibly imagine. So whenever way works for you will work for you. You really can have peace in this moment if you're going through such a hard time something that you probably don't even think I could understand or a friend I could understand that you can't even vocalize it. It could be a depression. Could be on emotional thing. Uh, could we just be like a physical thing and disease? Ah, family member of a family member dying anything? Really? Guys, if you call upon God, God will place that piece into your heart the way that he does it through you and every way the Lord be with all of you know, one fall short of God's grace No one for salt. Fall short of God's peace. Yeah, it's just Just know if you guys aren't in tune with Crane. If you maybe you don't pray a lot, Maybe you don't know how to talk to God. All it takes is a conversation like saying like this like, Hey, God, I need your help and then talk to him like a person because he's your your father. He knows you already. You don't have to come to him with the spiritual signs or any religious. Um momento. I don't need religious acts. You literally can have a conversation with your father who loves you. So guys just know that he is always there to provide you peace. Now with that being said, guys, thank you so much for listening as always awesome that I can speak the word of God in my videos and not really have any negative negativity or any negative comments I haven't. And if they do, then it's just it just starts discussion. And I love that kind of stuff. So, guys, thank you so much for watching the log. I do know is nine days. Don't forget to put down in the comments. Um, anything you liked about the vault. Anything you liked about the Bible. Verse of the end. And don't forget. Tell me. Tell me to stop. I really appreciate you. Huh? I wanna go. I am outside of the Marshall Student Center and the bookstores right behind me. And I am walking through one of the main clauses that we have on campus. Um, like I said, we don't normally I have a place for a lot of students like to go and hang out. But if this, if anywhere was going to be on campus, it would be here. So as you can see, like, it's absolutely gorgeous. That's one of the really cool things about University South Florida is that it's absolutely stunning on campus. Everywhere you're go, everywhere you go. Excuse me. There's gonna be something really, really nice to look at. Which I mean, I know it's some important to some people. Um, this is actually the MLK Avenue. We dedicate it to Martin Luther King Jr. We have the fountains over there, and we have a bust of in Okay up here. Um, this is going to be where bull market is out where a bunch of vintners come and set up different clubs come and set up. Ah, a lot of different events are going to be held here if there's going to be like a campus wide event movies on the lawn, stuff like that? Um, yeah, it's just a really, really gorgeous campus, as you can probably tell. And it's really nice walk, no matter So here we have the office where I were. So I have access to it today, even though it's a Sunday, so I can show you a little bit. Okay, so it looks like this light beyond Americo. We have it set up like this's where attorneys and started. He's come to get their mail. They have office space is back here. It's a pretty simple office, but this literally has all the knowledge on anything related to fraternity and sort of life. Here at USF, this's the office to go to it. On the second floor of the motion sensor now connected with the office of returning certain life, it's one office is the Center for Student Involvement. Walk and we've had people like John Legend here Your teachers are You remember her name? Just showing off All the substantive person has. This is where all of the This is the moment. College of business. Um, we have a couple of little restaurants in here. It's really cool because they're actually underground. I don't know if you guys can tell this's where most resistance we're gonna have a lot of classes. I know I've had both of my counting classes in this room and be a San eleven hundred, which you guys and my roommate actually has her enter to marketing class and, well, Thiss Building is one of my particular favorites. Just because the architecture ER is a founding, it's really cool with it being underground, it's a lot cooler than pretty much everyone else on campus that you're going to be in, which is really, really nice if you're trying to escape the Florida heat. Okay, so we are in the bookstore, so obviously, as you can see, like there's a lot mortify here than just books. We have a lot of our merchant differently clothes and things that you can buy a hat. Uh, this is the main floor that you can walk into a mall of, Actual, like books and stuff are downstairs, which also try and show you guys. I'm going to be completely honest with you. Though I have never bought a book from the book store because it is one hundred percent over price and completely unnecessary. Go to Amazon for whatever you can do. Yeah, books new. Totally not worth it. Um, actually rented a couple of the different books that I'm using this year. So I highly recommend not just surpassed the bookstore at all costs. Just go straight to Amazon because things are so much cheaper there. You really, really, really don't you need a new book? Ninety percent of the time. I would even ask your professor to see if you could get an older version of the book, because sometimes the older versions are gonna have the same exact material, and they're actually going to be less expensive. Hello, ladies. Welcome back to channel the spirit of the Liberty A few guys today. So it's a video. It's another one of my campus. Real campaigns that I'm doing tonight. We're downtown in Tampa, so let's just jump right on into this video. So downtown Tampa is absolutely gorgeous. There's this little place kind of Riverwalk that we walk along. If we get to Al, she just walked on the river. There's so many lights, so pretty and taste also an amazing day. It's so cool outside, and it never come down here because you have to go to is a Brevard Rose pizza. I believe it's Holmes. It is so good. It's New York style pizza they sought by the slices. Also right on the street is a place called Donation, where they serve cookie dough as it was. Ice cream scoops so cool. And those are my little tidbits for downtown Tampa. He likes video. He's given a giant thumbs up, and it's spread, which handle without further due. Hey, guys, what's up? My name is John. L I am a second year Mass communications major at the University of South Florida. Um, I was an orientation later for first year students us last summer. And I will be an orientation, your families and, yes, his upcoming summer, which I'm very, very excited about. Um, I work is a front desk staff at the office of Fraternity and sortie. Life in the center person involvement, which is something I love. They're very, very much. I have a lot of extensive knowledge on all the programming at USF on, but I've got to connect with a lot of faculty and things like that because I do want to go into student affairs in my feature. So I want to go get my master's in student affairs. So what I'm doing right now is really, really important to me. And I kind of just have over leaks sense knowledge of USF in general. Um, so just everything that has to do with it, what goes into the programming and things like that, all the about for trees and sort of life and everything. So I'm really, really excited to just kind of expand that knowledge in my next two years here. And honestly, I love the school. I think it's phenomenal. But I feel like you really do have Tio jumping, you know, feet first, not be like afraid to do anything and not be afraid to get involved, because that's really gonna change your entire experience. Because at the beginning, I honestly like I hated us. F I don't want to be here. I don't want to go here. It was just it was pretty bad. So I feel like once I got involved, that was were like, literally everything like a one eighty and I So I wanna tell you guys a little bit about your schooling what I like and don't like our school super diverse. We have more than one hundred fifty countries represented. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone from a different country who came here. We're also preeminent status, meaning that we are getting a lot of money for school and becoming one of the top schools in Florida next to us and F S u Um, we're billing so many new things on campus. We have new dorms already built were building up public's where you could get public subs and sandwiches. Whatever you wants, we also have a beautiful green campus. If you look just a little bit of our campus, it's just so beautiful. Just walk around between classes and even on your days off. What I don't really like about this school is that we're not really a college town around school. There's not too much to do. Go quite far, too. Due to go out and party. You have to take an uber, which is quite expensive, and it does add up way our time. Tio. I feel like we're time skin to more of a college town, but it's it's not happening as much as I wanted Teo, but hopefully have free will be more of a college area called food and places we can go. Um, housing on and off campus is quite expensive for my wooden apartment. I pay about seven fifty a month for four roommates, which is a lot, so I would suggest trying to find a cheaper place. You're just getting a good scholarship so you can afford this housing. I really like this school, and I really hope that you guys are thinking about coming here. Hi. I think this school's like, really amazing and everyone's Here we have the student health clinic. Um, soon health clinic is like I compared to an urgent care for something like that. So they're all licensed doctors. They've gone to a school. It's not any students or anything like that working on you. They're one hundred percent certified to do so, and for students, it's one hundred percent free. With your insurance, it's really great. It's one of the best services, I think, that they I'm starting its super outside. But guess what? We're at the wreck. Yea, so to the right over here we have the Sun Dome and you can't really see that. Well, let me show you. The way. So right over here, we have this sun dome. So the Sun Dome is where our homecoming concert happens, where a lot of the big events on campus happen. It's where our teams played basketball and things like that. It's just a very large stadium, if that makes sense. Now, straight ahead. That is our rec center. So now we have the fit. So this is one of two. I'm not including the well, which is a smaller Jim, which I haven't been to on Kimball. Here is the campus rat. So three floors. I'm on the second right now of to I can't get in because I have. But he had. The idea is super nice. There's a bunch of facilities. Hi. My name is Garrison in a Russian studies major at USF with a minor and intelligence. I came here because I really love the area. I really love the whole vibe of the school and all of the majors and everything that the deck owner just really excellent. That's a great school, Sally. Hey, guys. So I am here at a landmark at USF. This is a structure designed to represent water molecules, but everyone kind of just calls it the Maquis mouse sculpture. I figured I would sit here until you guys a little about my day and what I do in my week with my schedule looks like so All of my classes start at eleven o'Clock, which is super, super nice. If you have the opportunity to take eight AM courses, don't you did it in high school. You can't do it now. Just just avoid those at all costs. So I work on a Monday. Wednesday, there's an answer. My foot. I am Monday, winds say Tuesday. Thursday schedule and I have a Friday breakout class. So at eleven o'Clock on Mondays and Wednesdays, I have my managerial accounting course. And then after that, I go to Micro at three thirty, and that'll be over at four forty five. All classes are going to be about an hour and fifteen minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have stats one at eleven a. M, and then immediately after its I go to my enter toe advertising course, that will be over at, like three thirty ish and then on Tuesdays that actually have a three hour long, once a week class for entered to communications that I take that's from six thirty to nine for three hour classes because credits for house many credits, what you're going to get. That's how many hours you're gonna be in class that week. So for three hour long classes, you only have to meet once a week, which is kind of nice if you just want to get it done and out of the way. Um, I mentioned that I have a Friday class, so a couple of the business courses that you're going to take if you end up deciding to be a business major. And I'm not quite sure how it works for other majors. But they'll have a Friday breakout session, so you have your two normal class times. And then you meet for about fifty minutes on Fridays to go over homework, to kind of discuss things. Mauritz Mawr in depth and smaller glasses than what you're going to get in like your lecture style courses. That being said, not a lot of classes are the giant lecture style halls. I'll show you guys. If you lecture styles, I'll try and show you guys a few more discussion based. A lot of my classes are actually only about thirty two fifty people like mid sized classes. I do have to lecture style one with like, three hundred students, which is my accounting course. And then I have another one, like one hundred fifty students, which really is actually kind of small. Like when you get it, it doesn't seem like it's as many people. You still got a lot of good one on one attention from professors. I know I personally love to have that one on one relationship being able to go and talk to Professor and be like, Hey, you know, like, I was having an issue with this or is having an issue with that, and they really like to sit down and help you through it. They're definitely here for you, their job. But they definitely want to see you succeed. They want you to get that and the class. A lot of professors are going to be willing. Not all but a lot of professors is going to be willing to kind of you know who stop your grade a little bit. If you're right on that line, the blue shoot, the next letter grade, so and they're they're really working for you. Just make sure that you know, you're sitting in front of class and you try and have that conversation with them. Uh, little one hundred percent go a long way assed faras. Like my day to day activities, I usually wake up like eight or nine, take a shower, eat breakfast clean a little bit because I probably didn't do dishes the night before and then head to class. I come home. I'm gonna be completely honest with you guys. Homework is really not something that I've really ever had to struggle with. Every once in a while, all of the professors will just give you the same about not, actually, but it seems like that sometimes. But for the most part, it's not something that I've ever felt completely overburdened with, which is really, really nice. It's not constant homework constantly all the time. Um, so usually come home. I'll come and hang out with friends, cooked dinner with my roommate. Uh, it's there's a I don't want to say there's a lot of free time, but don't worry about it constantly being stuck in your room, being stuck in your dorm, trying to keep up with work, because I promise you it is one hundred percent manageable as long as you stay on top of it and then allow yourself to have the free time, make sure that you're giving yourself a half a healthy balance of both because it's entirely possible to manage both and not be completely overwhelmed. So, yeah, I'll talk more about that. So I am here in the rec center, and as you can see, there's not too many people here this early in the morning here. Also you behind this state. It's a really nice area that they keep up for people who maybe aren't so comfortable, um, working around other people. So it's a nice little barrier that they have. It's a really, really cool complex. It's got three half layers, is supposed so upstairs is mostly cardio with all the different machines that we have. So we upstairs, which leads to the track. We have two gyms, like basketball, Jim's here, one that's usually used this one's usually use more for like games that you've lectured coming to play. And the other gym is more what people use just to kind of like play half court. So downstairs is a lot more of the weights and other things that you could do. There's a lot of classrooms down there that they have workout classes in so you can sign up and they have cardio workout. The tsuba they have hit. They have, uh, yoga that they do. I don't have like a power yoga that my friends absolutely love there's a boot camp down there as well are downstairs now. Like I said, they have different waits for you to have. They also different equipment that you can check out. And we have this long haul of racquetball courts, and there's a squash court at the end. This is also the place where I was able to come for my Puerto Rico trip to find out more information about that. They haven't outdoor adventure program here that allows students to go camping on the weekends. We go kayaking for a night and different activities like that you can actually find on their website. So I am standing outside the library right now. As you can see, there are so many people I was actually just a giant Russia just passed through. Uh, this is going to be the main thoroughfare for a lot of people. As you can see a lot of people coming in and out. A lot of people are going here for exams coming here to study their here for different groups. I know I personally hold my heart campus social media meetings in the library rooms that you could rent out, but this is also the main thoroughfare for a lot of students to get to class. So a lot of people are passing by here when I do my brand ambassador work where I'm trying to engage your students all the time, and I know a lot of other organizations juices, well, they'll come and stand outside the library to talk to as many people as possible. It is extremely likely that you could be walking by here and you're going to see someone that you know because everyone is here all of the time. So we are walking into the library right now, and like I said, there are so many people that's actually in that direction the digital media commons, which is a really cool area where you can check out different equipment that you're going to need for cameras for lighting, anything that you're going to need in that regard. Wait, Do you have a Starbucks that is here on campus in the library? We actually three on campus, one in Juniper dining. Excuse me, J p one here at the library and then another one by the bookstore, which I'll show you guys in a bit. So we have several levels. As you go up, it gets quieter and quieter. So the first level is going to be the loudest. It's going to be the busiest with the most people. This is where a lot of people come to do group projects. Just because this is where you're able to talking kind of, you know, get stuff done and not have to worry about the serving, a lot of people that I will be a little bit quieter because it is kind of quiet. There's also printing that you can go Teo Way do have free printing on campus up to two dollars and fifty cents a day. Obviously, it varies for whether you're doing black and white or printing, how much our color, how much it's gonna cost. But she can see there. I lost two different printers. There's computers for people who need them. If you need to just come here where you could get your stuff done. The USF water tower. Um, some fun fact ofthe people actually don't know. Water tower, actually, no water, so it's empty. So as you can see, it's a Sunday. So there's not a ton of people here on campus, so that's really, really nice. Um, I'm walking towards marshal suits and herself this way back there. That is a bunch of the off campus housing, um, forty second Street, As we like to call it. That's where a lot of students live if they live off campus, and then back that way is the hub and all the residents holes that show years before, Um, right here is a bull runner. Stop. So the bull runner is the bus that goes around campus. It's free for students. You can look it up on the micro, step up when they're coming, when they're leaving things like that. So it's really, really convenient on. A lot of people actually use that to get on and off campus when they live off campus. And here the campus rec center. This's the biggest extent on campus. We do have two others. They're small. This one has everything. It has a pool. It has racquetball. It has so much equipment. It's about two stories high. I like a style of the classes like soon, but which I'm heading to right now. Let's go see. We're gonna head inside. Hey, guys. So this video is gonna be me giving my big sister advice to you guys. Number one. The most important thing of anything in this entire world, not just in college, not just at USF, but for the rest of your life. The number one thing that you need to do is love. And I know it sounds so cheesy, But on whether that's being you're not being afraid to pursue a romantic love or just telling your best friends that you love them every single day or, you know, helping a stranger do something that they need help with. All of these things are so important and so integral into making this world a nice or kind of place. But above all, I think it is most important that you love yourself and you learned that you are worth being loved. And I know that that's something that you hear at the time and that is so much easier is had been done. I know these things, but I can't even begin to tell you how much your life will change The moment that you start telling yourself that you're worth the love that you want. You are worth, um, people thinking that you are wonderful and amazing and people wanting to spend time with you like bye reminding yourself toe love yourself. You will experience such a change in your life and from such positive change. And I know it's so much easier said than done, but I want hundred percent believe that this is the time to do it. I mean, every time is the time to do it. But you're starting a new school. You're going to be with people that you've never really known before. This is the opportunity for you to be exactly who you want to be. So why not be the person that you love? You know what I'm saying? So I think that loving other people but loving yourself first and foremost is the absolute best advice that I can give to you guys. Two. Nice. Not everyone is going to be a nice person, no matter radio. There is gonna be some not nice people there. And I think that if you could be one of those people that rises above it and is trying to give out a helping hand. And like I said in number one, to try and love people into China's show support. It's going to make a world of a difference in your life. It's going to make a world of a difference in the lives of the people around you. There is enough crappy things going on, but you don't need to add to it, you know. So if that just means being kind, telling the truth, not spreading rumors, you know, just just doing the right thing, try and have that upper hand when it comes to the morals and values. Just be a strong person. And that of Number three. A general rule of thumb when it comes to gossiping and rumors is that if you are not a part of the story, do not tell the story. I promise you that if you are not a part of the story, if you weren't at this event and you're telling it to someone else, you're telling it wrong. I promise. Just you're telling the story wrong. And ultimately that leads to so many people getting hurt that there's no point doing it. I know that it's so easy to want to kind of like join in with the crowd and show them that you have this like, cool, juicy bit of information, But it's not worth it. You don't want to be the people who are going to like you more for telling them information about other people, especially if it's not uplifting information. Like, if you're not empowering people than once the point, you know, we're put on this earth to lift people up there. It's the simplest thing I could ever tell you guys. That's what we're here for, to be kind to be happy to make other people happy. Let's make ourselves happy without hurting other people. If someone asks you what happened between someone so on, so on, so just be like, Look, I wasn't there. That's a question for abound on Just move on from that You're gonna just b so much better off. You're not gonna be hurting so many people and there will be people that that mad at you for not giving them all the gossip. But those aren't people that you really want from friends. Anyway, number four get involved. Oh, you're all the time. But I can't tell you how many amazing people I have met because I decided to put my neck out there and really try for things. Um, I was able to get, you know, this amazing job with an amazing group of girls through her campus and being their leader and being ableto, you know, empower them and show them all the great things that they could do it. All the great things that they can accomplish, like that feeling is amazing. It is amazing to me that I can go into work and I can stand outside of the library and talk to people all day long and make new friends their work that way, um, being able to go on a adventure, trips being able go to Puerto Rico wass. Probably the best experience of my entire life. I'm actually I just applied to go be a leader for those troops next spring. But getting involved is the best thing that you can do. It is going to help you break out of your shell. It's going to help you find who you really are, and it's going to help you change and molding grow into being a more well rounded, Mohr socially adept adult, especially in the New Worlds. You have to have good social skills. Even if you're in a stem, major, which are predominantly seen, is not so social baste. You're still gonna have to learn how to talk in front of people on have those connections. You're still gonna have to learn how to network. And there's no better way to learn howto network. Then by doing it at Surf Club or Fencing Club or Add Club or Pierce's are you know, like, why not learn how to network and a really fun environment with your friends? You know, uh, number five not to get behind on homework. Generally speaking, go to class, do your homework. That being said, don't not go out because you're so afraid of getting behind. You know, you've studied it. He was setting for an hour. It's time to take a break. Go get some chipotle a goto a party like all of these things do what you want to do to take a break from studying. So you really have to learn how to balance the party side and academic side and try and find a really good healthy balance for you, because all of one thing or all of the other is not good. It's not healthy. And you don't want to look back on your experience in college and be like, I wish I had done that differently because now is such a unique time in our lives. This is kind of moment where you have that freedom and independence. So make sure that you're using it for you. Number six, you're coming into this and you're an adult. It is very, very easy to get wrapped up in the world of what our parents want. I myself have extremely strict parents, and they have one plan for me. And I just know that this plan over here is where I want. And so that's what you go for. You obviously want to make smart, wise decisions. You really want to plan out your future and sit down and be like, Okay, who am I? Where do I see myself in ten years, What I want out of life and it will change. And that's one hundred percent okay, that it changes. But make sure that you are making the best decision for you, and you're looking at all the options. You looking at the pros and the cons and you're doing what really set your soul on fire What you are so passionate about, that's what's important Because you were going to love your life so much more if you major and art history as opposed to majoring in, you know, by medical science is, if you don't like biomedical sciences, you're not gonna enjoy that job. You're not gonna be happy with your life. And like I said before, I truly, truly believe that the meaning of life is to be happy. The meaning of life is to make yourself happy, to make the people around you happy, and to try and just bring good and peace is role as hippy issues. That sounds. That's what we're here for, So make sure that you're making yourself happy and you're doing what's best for you and not what other people are telling you to do. And that isn't just not parents. That goes for friends and peer pressure and, you know, boyfriends, girlfriends, making sure that you are making decisions based off of what you want is going to really help you in the long run, to be a lot happier. I think my last piece of the place for you guys would be about relationships. I can tell you from personal experience that finding someone who makes you feel like you're wanted and making you feel like you're special and beautiful. Yes. Guys to you are beautiful. It is so extremely important. Do not do not to, Not to, not to, Not to not ever settle for someone who doesn't constantly make you feel like you're wanted who's not constantly trying to text you in an appropriate way on inappropriate about a times that they want to see you and telling you how great you are and how amazing you are and making sure that you know they're lifting you up. They're making you feel good about yourself. They're making you feel like you can conquer the world. Don't settle for anything less than that. If you feel like you're begging for someone's attention. If you feel like you know you are really into someone and they're just not feeling it, don't settle. I don't care how perfect that it looks like they are from the outside. If they don't make you feel absolutely wanted in special one hundred percent of the time don't go for it. And I know it's so hard and it's so scary because we all want someone to love us and to be here for us. But I promise you it's so much more important. It should be alone and single and so much better to be alone in single than it is to be with someone who is toxic to you who doesn't appreciate you, who makes you feel like you're not worth it Because I promised you you are. And I promise you, you will find someone that makes you feel like you touch this guy or you're going alone. Learn to love, to be single, and that's one hundred percent okay, too. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Being able to stand on your own two feet and being able to love yourself and not being enough for you, that is option. That is an option as well, and that's perfectly healthy. But if you know that that's something that you want, you're looking to get into a relationship. Just know that it is so much better to be single than to be with someone who doesn't appreciate you and value you for all of the things that you are because you are worth it. I hope that these videos kind of helped you. I hope it kind of made you feel a little less afraid coming to college, even if you decide not to come to us. And I hope that, you know, I can impart this little bit of wisdom on you that you just feel better no matter where you go. And that maybe it kind of sticks with you for the rest of your life. Not just in these college years. You're going to great. It's truly an amazing experience. The freedom, the opportunities, the networking. You're gonna love it. You're absolutely going to love it. And if you don't change things and that's that's pretty much all I have for you guys. So good luck. Much love. Bye. Just make sure you die. Hello, beauties and welcome back to channel its bright with everybody over you guys today. And this one is again part of my campus Israel campaign that I'm doing so basically giving a mini tour of the campus. And today we're going to be touring the library so comfortably and explore. Way have helped us. Any of you need to know they can help me out that and then back by this time, the area where we kind of just does their schoolwork studies. There's more before I'll get it's not used to being. But first, let's go ahead and grab some start. So this is the second before. So we're gonna start treating this like a hideous Amar because we're not not to be allowed in here. So on a wider studying, Aaron for sport first there was a commotion on talking to you here. So do your project. That's a white record. What you see is a map up here you're in. My classes are like hardy business costs is come here and they'll basically help you get your homework. Tio struggling. You know where to go who's always he's helpful maps and tell you what's on. It just makes you wanna die. So library, which is one of Y areas in the library, So yeah, and they completely buried in this area myself. So that's all that I have for this video for you guys today, if you like to, he's gonna try and thumbs up and it's experience ponytail. And what do I want? You guys in my next Creasy is AB student and this is my so split up into two sides might remain going. That's the side of years of Indiana. As you probably know, our faces posted right there. This is my side exactly. Very prideful. And we like to decorate, So I got some pumpkins right here. Picture the family. Is this typewriter? No rooms, complete a typewriter. And then, you know, we have our bed and you can actually have these beds raised by the maintenance crews, but a little request coming next week. The art is not to safety right now, so we kind of have, like And now the little room down here, we got a television in this corner and then on the other side of the little cave snacks in there. But the man cave gone on? Yeah, like, create another room if you want. If you don't mind climbing sixty years. But yeah. So it's about a month into the school year. What if you notice, like, as your first month like, what have you learned? I think everyone kind of panicked a little bit. And they like me living with strangers and that they just met. But honestly, like the size of the room and then, like you guys aren't exactly the same to yourself. A lot of the time, there's a lot of privacy and Libyan adore. So you find me. I think that initially, but like I worry about that now I don't really anymore s o for people who have never had to share room with anyone before. Like, what advice would you give them? So like to keep modern clean out this mentality. I never know when you get a visitor and my mom's coming to town. So I just want to keep it presentable and good like you because you will have, like, social events like you hang out, have a movie night in your room. So you just don't be that person that, like every wants to avoid. So I say, keep it tidy. And I mean, you're like the prime beneficiary of that. You live in a clean space, everyone's. And what would you say is like your first impression of us F. And has it held true through the month. So I ever since I stepped on campus, that team of divers and he's been really like President, we graduate more minorities and any other college in the state of Florida. And you can see that you walk around every Greeks represented never respected you. So I thought that was really cool. And then, like just the living environment here like this is a much bigger dorm than what you get another in a very city. Get the pot out there in the living area. Got the kitchen, the bathroom. Nice to clean weekly. So it is very, like, humane. You don't like in trapping some prison cell like some dorm. It really feels homey here. So that's something I'm really appreciative for a student of your own scene side. So we actually share a bathroom with next week over it. It is two more elements that live past those doors over there, and we usually make these remain agreements. And we never have so like butt heads to get in the shower, anything like that. So they make it really easy for our job and even downstairs never own laundry facilities. So you always say, you know the tide pots, doctor. And to make matters even about here, we have our own saying so give a body that's using the shower or in the bathroom. Brush your teeth. Wash your face too. Whatever. You make it really easy Hello, ladies back in Britain today. And the signature campaign, which I'm doing a mini. So right here behind me is the MLK Pond. It's a gorgeous little place, a little hideout on your way to the MSC and basically it's a tradition for you to come in here at night and just take your shoes off and just run through the pun. It's what everyone does. It's so much fun with your friends. I can't just want to show that little tidbit with you guys if you come here and you know little things that you have to do your freshman year and that's all that I have for today's video, if you like the Peacekeeper Dr comes up tried my shuttle and I was you guys in the next video. So here we have. I'm OK Plaza with one of my favorite guys. It says injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. Reverend Dr Martin Luther King, Jr. This is what he looks like, so if in fact, this actually the exact height of Martin Luther King. So I don't know how to get in there, so he wasn't much taller than me. You can see it's about to rain. Um, so So these lines on the floor are actually pointing geographically to places where Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr held his speeches. So one of them leads to Washington D. C One of the leads to Boston have over here. You can see that it's grating. Um, over there, we have a the reflection pond. So this is a replica of the one in Washington D. C. And all the way on that back over there is an entire transcript of the I have a Is the College of Arts Sciences. Straight away of the classroom's hooked like doors, locks. I can't get in, but that is one of the classrooms, and Cooper Hall that through one fifteen. And then here's what one of the classrooms would look like in Cooper Hall. You can see it's two parts, that kind of disconnect in the middle, where there's a vending machine. Um, but then you keep going, and there's a bunch of rooms this way as well. So this is a really good buildings, you know, because it is one of the most popular buildings on campuses. Pretty much everybody knows where Cooper Hall is. Okay. What? No. So be it. But I did my face mask just last night. Yeah. Okay. Say hi. Guys. This is a standard freshman dorm. This is in J. P and Juniper Popular were on the popular side, but they're basically identical. So this is something that my pot, actually. You see, I don't live here, But this is something that my pa used to do a lot when he lived here. Wass hooking up. We didn't actually use the way we just used you to, but we followed along with that. There. Now, a lot more ahead of the game, then we are. Uh, so this is what standard? What is tonight? A standard Thursday night. Looks like way. Oh, yeah, shit. So this is a different residence hall, this one's caster that's traditional. So you share your room with a person and then you share the bathroom with your like pot or your floor. Then this is Cho, so it's apartment style, So you have your own kitchen. Some of them are double, so they have two beds in one room, but some of them are one singles, so it really depends. They have different types in different buildings, so we are approaching on the Marshal Student center. It is the central hub of campus, so this is the resident's parking lot right in front of it. That's the Marshal Susana garage. Also, parking is the worst. Parking is the worst, but that's a melancholic campus, but Over there. That's the Zimmerman School of Advertising in mass communications. Sets my college because I have a mass communication. The teacher. That's where a lot of my classes are and things like that. And then directly to the left. You carefully, Selim. I pass it when we go towards the gym is the College of business. Now, Right over here. To my left is the College of Education s. Oh, it's one of the most you see just calling jizz on campus. Because if you get certified to teach at USF, you're actually certified in twenty one or so states. If I remember correctly, don't quote me on that with something on there. Over here to my rights. We have the Cooper Arts and Sciences Building. So there was a test done. A study done, um, in us of students and eighty nine percent of students in their first year who come there out of four years have a cost in this building is just one of those buildings. Everybody has a clause here. It's how it happens. And then to the left on there is subway. So let me see if I can get you into So here's a college of education, and right here we have a point there began. This is one of the dining options on campus. It's delicious. It was actually a Burger King, but students voted for a healthier option. Then we got that, and then right behind it, that white building right here is you all age. The university lecture hall. It's just one of the larger halls on campus, so you know a lot of students. Nowhere. That is because a lot of students have classes in there. It really is random, whether it's math or mass communications or whatever, he probably may have a class. They're here to my left is the college of architecture. So if you are an architecture major, that's here. That's not me, not created in the slightest. But if you are, that's for you. Hey, guys. Are you guys going way are walking back from our visualization and communications class? This is my friend Kelly on Jimmy over here. So I thought that I would kind of let them tell you about their experience here. Kind of like open it up to more people. So you have more than just one viewpoint. So, yeah, talk about like, your experience on campus. Favorite parts, All that jazz, my fear of fire campus wass fallacy experience. So, as close as we get to live in that, I'll see Oh, I would have been a computer inside full house experience to go to a lot of that. Kelly's favorite part of definitely liked all the event and all the different variety of things that you and stay involved. All those things being on campus like I got maur introduced to them. Yeah, it was just a lot convenient made friends through the LoC and I'm still friends with now, so I think that, like, really, Yeah, we all lived together last year. E think that was really amazing party. All right? Yeah. We're all business advertising majors through that program that I mentioned before. That's kind of how we all know each other living in the l a office to use definitely an experience that it's interesting, isn't it? Just a Yeah, Yeah. You definitely make a lot of friends that are, you know, they have the same interests as you. They have the same desires, is you. You're in a lot of the same club to take the same classes. So it's good for, like, homework help but other things like that. What do you guys think? The vibe is here on campus? I think it's definitely very welcoming. Tio Love different diversity, Dan. Sexual orientations and things like that. So, like, I feel like it's not mental like be yourself. That's what someone different organizations for everything to be a part of. So I think it's just very welcome. Yeah, just feels like it's just very easy going, I don't know. I mean, like, it's not uptight. Everyone's very chill, relax and everyone's pretty nice for the So this is the business area. So we have the main business building, which is like a new arm or renovated for modern. And then we have the bunker that has a lot of classes, and it's kind of cool. It's like an underground kind of thing, and there's actually no air conditioning. The way they have a building set up actually generates airflow. Not quite sure how that works, but that's really cool. Let's go ahead and take a dive and check out the main business. Okay, so this is the entrance to business building way. Have this giant screen stopped looking across the top of it. I am not socks yet, so I don't completely understand that. But I think it's super super cold. They have a lot of guns in this whole area. There's a lot of in search of Ben's greets. You cannot work with employers. Super, super awesome. And they don't get here. We have a staircase. Just needs to hear the floor. There's around offices in there. I don't think there's any classroom. This is just going to be all of your classrooms, not gonna be able to see the costumes here because the costumes are locked. They had this security system in place where basically, the doors are locked. And whenever it's class time, they automatically unlocks whoever accessed the classroom, which is pretty cool. So all the classrooms here in the bunker are locked as well. So give you a tour of the brain general area, which is also super cute. Like it wasn't the other bowling. So just go ahead and do that. So this is the main area to devote her here. There's a super cool little store piece. And basically this whole area is gonna be the academic adviser is different offices for people that want to be SN and it's stuff like that. And then over here we have a little cafe so much you have force had their job a little snap, a gas station set up. Yeah, that is pretty much it for the BSN started making costumes. I won't be doing tours of other buildings here on campus, and hopefully those costumes will be accessible to us like this video because give giant thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and that further do that all day I'm coming up to cast their beach. It's really cool. It's like having a beach on campus, very little beach where you can't go swimming in. They can go tanning and just relax. It's a really nice at night, just hanging out here still. Super way behind. They're all these fools. Over here, we have Castor Beach. So Castor beaches personally, one of my favorite places to relax and just chill out. Um, so it's not actually a beach. Obviously, you can't get in that water. It's really gross. And you'd probably get a ticket if you got in South water. Um, but Castor beach, it's super relaxing. See, they're sand and hammocks, much of palm trees, and then a found him super nice. Guys. I am out here at full market, which is kind of like a festival that we hold every single Wednesday. We're different clubs, can come out and kind of like showcase what they're doing or recruit for new people. We also have a few small businesses that come and set up shop like these guys over here. The music's really, really loud, so I'm sorry you can't hear me. But as you can tell, there's like so many people. It's right outside the MSC. I'll show you guys some of the different boots that we have shut up and like I said, this happened every single Wednesday and you can come out to see what different clubs there on campus see what everyone else is doing in dance around some of the music. Sometimes people come out here and just dance. So yeah, I know I once registered to vote out here. There are people that will allow you to do that, doing high during competitions. I know a lot of Greek Palace has come out really great stuff, guys. One. Telling a new school, right? Help? Yeah, It's is endeavor over here. This is so you know, so modern over here. I've been here all the time. You also get start now, you three Starbucks on campus. It would be so fun to, like, just walk out the door and be like I'm in Starbucks like now. We also have something else that's new. Have a burger five a burger fires for placing cries, No shit, all that good stuff. And I think it's the first one on any campus. Come show, you guys. I'm so jealous. I wish I had all this cool stuff as a freshman, but I did it. But now you guys have it, and I hope you can enjoy it. So next we have the John and Grace Allen building. So John agrees. Alan Building was named after the first USF system president and his wife, John and Grace Allen. Eso inside this building contains the honors college. So if you are part of the artist college, you're advising and some of your causes will be inside of here. Um, the office of orientation, which is a second office that I work in. And then, um, Veteran Services is also in. John agrees on building. So I told you guys that we would find the last and final seal. And here it is. As you can see, this is a seal that gets stepped on the mouth and the reason why most people don't graduate soon. Obviously, I'm not going to do that. And over here we have another one of my homes, the Office of Orientation. So if you come to us, this is the office that would deal with your orientation and getting you situated into us. Um, so right here we have the bill. Young Paul. So this is where ROTC and veteran services, like all the ROTC, sort of things his base here. And as you can see, they say the number one best for your college for veterans, that something that was really, really proud of. And we actually just got the number one school for Latino students. So that's also very cool because I am a Latino sitting. I don't know a lot of Latinos who go here, so it's just a very, very rewarding thing.