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Ronald Tutor Center and Dining Hall there. Also, some tips how to get free food. FROM THE EDITOR: How good is the food at University of Southern California? What are the best places to eat on campus at University of Southern California? What are the best places to eat off campus? How does the meal work? Why, we’re glad you asked! In this University of Southern California dining hall video tour, we’ll address all these questions are more, as told by a real University of Southern California student! After a long-drawn day of hard work and studies, you need a spot to sit back and treat yourself. This University of Southern California dining hall is just the right place, offering a great variety of meals served daily to make your day even more exciting. This University of Southern California dining hall is taken at the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, but there are numerous other food options on campus. Since University of Southern California is in the heart of Southern California, there are an unlimited number of off-campus dining options as well. You can use your meal plan to eat at any of the on-campus dining options. In this University of Southern California dining hall tour, you will get to experience what it is like from the inside of the dining hall. Also, learn everything you need to know about the types of food and meal plans available for you to feast with your friends and power up your day. Watch this University of Southern California dining hall video to get a sneak peek into the daily life at University of Southern California and witness the joy of dining in at one of the many food places the university has to offer. With amazing meal plans available at the University of Southern California dining hall facility, study breaks are more fun than ever before. No wonder why so many students stay on campus. Whether you're a domestic or an international student, at the University of Southern California campus everything is as good as it gets. The University of Southern California dining hall, is a great place to hang out with friends, reenergize with a quick coffee, and generally socialize in the University of Southern California environment. Relish it for both the people and the conversations that grow an essential bond with your fellow classmates - UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA dining hall is what everyone looks out for.

The village dining hall today, and I was actually located in the new village that we have here. They have a lot of options here. They're like so many. All this deserve roots. And then one thing my favorite part about the village is if they have a crepe bar, we'll make crepes all times of the day. That over here, the whole like vegan areas. This all vegan food over here. Actually, I've been vegetarian here since September, and this was Now way are located in downtown Los Angeles. USC is not in a bubble, so I'm Figueroa Street right now, and I just wanted to show you a little bit around. There's a lot of construction going on. But over here, spot Dodds, where people go to get doughnuts twenty four hours a day and copy when they're struggling to study. And then over here is Al Fuera, which is a popular like Mexican taco burrito type of stand. It's really cool. You see a lot of people there, especially. It's really pretty, like really close to L. A. Alive in the Staples Center. I could like Staples Center bigot. Seven. Get close. They're kind of like outlet mall tape of baseball doors. Now I know it's really important, like they tell you, don't go. But at the same time, I know that sometimes that's not possible. So the thing is, you just need to make sure you go a little bit so that is a fire truck close to the fire station. So you will hear the fire Department all the time. Especially you live in south because it's, like, right there. A little walk down. Figure out Fatburger. It's really good. Then you'll always know your home kind of our landmark that Felix you can see Felix the Hey, guys, we are about to enter one of the dining hall's, this is my friend Clarence from Mattie. We are all on film production students. We just got out of class. So this would be like to go and eat. We're about to go to the village dining hall. It's our newest one here on campus, and it looks like said it looked like something straight out of Harry Potter. It has glass windows and chandeliers, has a great bar, salad bar, much everything passport, one of my favorites. Hello. It's like a video. Wei are on our way to a Los Angeles Mexican bakery. This is what you want. You want a close up of my mouth. You don't close up of just my massive teeth, which is like I have like like Ruby's back there. Bye. Go hash tag conscience. This is so fun. Grab one more in the other like this. I like this kind better, right? We're going to another baker because I'm vegetarian and nothing there had not made in it. So we're trying something else because my friends are cool. It's freezing outside. Andi, I might get us lost. Keep keep following my channel for more updates in this form court. What? Hearing's bad. We could just call it Wait. Here we are at E. V K. Everybody's kitchen dining hall. Thiss is primarily around freshmen housing on, So yeah, they're known for kind of having the best breakfast of all the dining house. So over here, there's a hole outside area way. Have a little cap that lose out here. Don't know his name. He'll come around and like sit on people's laps and stuff that you eat outside. Besides, all that usually do like soups here during launch and salad. They do smoothies every morning, and they have breakfast until, like brunch until two on the weekends. So, like if you have a late night on the weekends, that's kind of how everything goes. It's a Saturday morning right now, so not many people are in the dining. Almost station like you saw on my table and they do little waffles with us. If you can see behind me were at Ronald Tutor Campus Center. This is a favorite spot for students to hang out. We do a lot of studying over year, especially in those nice cheers on the side. They sell a lot of food here. Actually, I'm here in the campus on. They definitely take your dining dollars stuff. If you show your student ID, you get like tax free stuff. Tax free items. But this is your seeds market place up here. Basically little market that we have here to see. And if you come around here the evening you'll see the stairs. Pretty found and stuff. Wei have a lemonade upstairs. Makes a killer eliminate all the way up there. They just opened it this year. Overhears California pizza kitchen like window where you can pick up stuff if you come in here. This is actually the first place I ate. When I can't is a campus. They have all kinds of cool stuff like Panda Express, coffee bean and Tea Leaf Way have the habit over there, and Verde thiss is campus center. So here we're entering USC village. All of those buildings are filled with people's apartments. People storms over here. On the right, we've got the Amazon locker and then on the left got the trader, Joe's and Target. So this is what's been a really fun place. When people hang out, meet up, study, relax on. There's a lot of great places to go to Starbucks, Big Bear, lots of great eating places and a Hey, guys. So this is everybody's kitchen or we call it E. V K. And basically it's your basic dining hall sort of situation where you swipe in like I'm doing here. And then they have two different lines for food. They have a made to order section where they do omelets in the morning, and then they have eggs and potatoes and bacon and all that kind of stuff. There's also a salad bar. They do some juices. It's really fun. It's nice. It's not over the top or anything like that. It's pretty pretty basic for USC. It's definitely like thought of this, the most basic dining on anything. But they also have a rodeo machines that I consider them the best. Okay, so this is the village dining hall, and we're going into it from the back side of McCarthy. So it's like kind of going out the back door, which is really nice. It's really easy access. That's also like, not a good thing, though, because that means that you go eat food a lot more than you should, probably. But whatever, it's fine, it doesn't really matter. It's lovely, man. Okay, so this dining hall is the newest, and it's definitely nice. It looks really nice, but the food sometimes can get a little bit cold, like Andrea is saying in that video. Okay, So this is the food area of the village dining hall. It's that's the vegan section. That's my friend Izzy. We're walking in. This is the Mediterranean area where no one really knows what. Right? Gonna make it. It's toast. Otters. Oh, it's tries. Fried bar. Girls. This was a fun time, because usually the village doesn't have berries that are fresh. So to have fresh berries was really nice. Yeah, I miss fruit a lot, but usually they just use frozen on DH. Then they thought, sort of and then we eat that. Hi today on the block.