The tallest building in town; slusher hall

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Raymond Kwong

Tour Guide

My freshman year dorm!!! Unfortunately, I am unable to show you the inside. Every dorm on campus requires the student to swipe their Student ID in order to enter, and the card reader on every dorm's doors know whether you live there or not.Slusher Hall is divided into two parts; Slusher Tower and Slusher Wing. The Wing is a 3 story structure, starting on the second floor and going up to the fourth floor. The Tower is the tallest building in Blacksburg, 12 stories high. Don't listen to those who haven't lived in Slusher Hall, it is actually a really nice dorm with really nice views and tons of cabinet and storage space for all your clothes and necessities (a lot more cabinets than other dorms on campus). If you live high enough, you can watch the sun rise on the east and the sun set on the west.