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Thinking about Virginia Tech and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Virginia Tech in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Virginia Tech’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Virginia Tech, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Virginia Tech experience. These Virginia Tech video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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Right. Right now we are in the new classroom building. This is one of the several study room there is in the buildings. One thing I just found out about is that you have projected access that people consider like regular classes here. Now you have a professor and only professor has just protective. Let's take a tour of the top for a new class. So, you know, it really bought the name for the building. That's why the name of his own in new classroom. With, like, a bunch of lab, and they have a lot of glass. This side spacing regular classes. To study. Would you gather round? Now we're inside one. All these costumes and new classroom buildings are really big, and there's a lot of windows on that side blast on the side. The whole, so to continue on with new crashing building. I just wanted to show you more of the study that used as a place to study. And the great thing about this has obviously their windows behind on this window behind me right now gives a really nice view. That's part of it. Of that there sparred with Doug Palm, but more than that on its back there. So all I know it's just like a really nice view to study No. Three. Monitor what for? And there's more like more class cubicles on the first report for more private cousins for All right, So I'm with my other friend, Tommy. We're both architecture majors. So can you explain what we exactly doing? Architecture? Er we break the limits way, Really push our mind to see what others can't see all the time and see in a lot of different ways that that life you will see and just be like a kid again where we're just trying to find what looks good, works the best. What really makes her curiosity, like burst with just excitement? Yeah, You know, So why did you choose Virginia Tech and set up like that? Other schools you applied to? I man, I went tio. I visited a tech when my cousin, what? Teo becomes become the Virginia Commonwealth osteopaths medicine. Okay, it's raining, but I helped him move and become and step put on the tech campus in the fall. And I knew this where I wanted to go. Regardless of my major, I didn't know I wanted to be an architecture major. But because the mines leaves just the setting here in black food, I made me feel like I was home. Okay, so were some advices you would have for, like, prospective Virginia text doing this that I think about coming here that would be involved. There's so many clothes on campus that you have no idea where actually clubs or which even imagine, like, chocolate Milk day idea. Yeah, I heard about, um, just the many possibilities. Just expand your horizons to grow as a person, from dancing to saying, to have Mehdi for my clothes, spark or club. Just spending what we know about ourselves and really develop a character. We were just talking to another friend, and he, like, compared how blacks for the Blacksburg community and bridging attack does love community things, so came like a dream wearing that. Yeah. So my friend from Radford, who doesn't go to Tech whatsoever, even commented on how Virginia Tech really served this community because we know we take such a large portion of black through. Well, because we do that we want to get back to the town of black spray and really bring out the community by serving them by chain them on by even hosting events between the university and the town. And even Jin Tak has a council that meets with the city of Blacksburg so that we have, like, working communication that costumes Cho understand into town and talk understands college students. And we kind of work together. Really created strong to me because you could really feel it when you're here, you're just building a good relationship between the two. So I guess that's it. All right. We've got a little further down North Main Street. Well, I guess we're going south now, but there's Kabo fish taco. They have Taco Tuesdays, get slightly cheaper tacos that they normally are really not any great savings, but very good. You should definitely go to come. I like to take my parents there when they come to visit. Great move. There's one of our book stores. We have, like, four bookstores, so there's always place Tio, go get your stuff that you need. I got a Starbucks on the corner here. We also have some really cool buildings that are like over there. But then we also have Benny's. Benny's has people, places that are the size of, like three of your average pizza slices put together for four bucks. So that's really good food for after you got out with your friends on the weekend and you're like, Oh, my God, we want something crazy and delicious. Then you go to Betty's. There you go. That's a good portion away, a mellow mushroom seeking Go get some pizza down as well. There you go suggests just going on like Google Maps Street view going down the street and checking out what we have around here. There's a lot of really cool places like Marco Luca, you get dumplings. Those are very good for like, four dollars to get seven dumplings. And that's like my old time favorite Guilt foods. So it's very good. There you go. Introduce yourself and explain why you chose your school. My name's Peter Golenbock. I'm a senior at Virginia Tech. I chose Virginia attack due to the amount of community service the school does and their drive to serve others before themselves. Describe your typical Friday night. A typical Friday night usually involves, you know, board games, possibly watching movies with friends and everyone still ongoing downtown because there's a fantastic atmosphere down there. Describe the food options on campus had a lobster yesterday, so I feel like that kind of sets the bar. So how, you know, diverse the food is what's your major and described the academic climate. My major is geography, but more specifically do spatial environmental analysis. So I studied spatial patterns. Uh, the academic climate. Everyone that I've worked with So far, all the professors and other students have been very professional and just to a certain point, just overall, fantastic. I mean, it's a great a great environment to work with and give one piece of advice his perspective. Students. If you're going to choose your college, don't choose your college based on your major or the programs that are associated with the college. Choose it based off of where you want to call home for the next four years. So for me, that's here. It's now that I'm company the other side of bones. Here we have the bakery sort of Philly cheese steak thing. Tina for your next hey. Flips is grilled full dynasty. We have Asian food. Not very good. Someone yelled my name. I don't know. Lots of costumes for what? Carvery. I really like that. They would have, like a home I'm cooking. You know, Southern comfort, Carmen Fields. All that food is locally sourced from Virginia. Text. I'm here for your meals. So more expensive side bad. I would recommend they have ice cream. Uh, Frank Stelly, you've got to get the fantastic Frank their absolute best number one stand, which literally all those people right there in line for just one sandwich. And then right on the other side of them is movies. And then fantastic salad bar all the way around. Yeah, Room really got a great selection there. Hi, everyone. I'm coming to you right now from the fourth floor. Newman Library. This is one of the group study force, so they see a bunch of people kind of loud up here. But we also have to quiet study fours where it's unacceptable to talk. Cough, sneeze Bree too loudly, any of those types of things. So for that reason, a lot of people end up here especially. We're in the middle of midterms right now. That's why I can see. It's kind of dense. This room used tohave books in it, but we digitize most of our libraries. You could go online and look up any books he may need. That's incredibly helpful for if you have some expensive textbooks for a class, go online and see if they've been uploaded to the library, and then you can read them for free and save yourself a lot of money. It'll sell. This is so view of this war then we're going to go down to the second floor in just a minute, where you can see some of our more hi tech gadgets to do dads. So go ahead and introduce yourself and explain why you chose Tech. My name is Christian Rice. I'm from acclaimed Virginia, currently a senior. I chose Virginia Tech as a transfer student because my previous school did not offer a stimulating educational program. Very laws, they they're laid back. But I saw Virginia Tech as an inexpensive, opportunistic and rigorous place for me to continue my studies. All right, describe the student body. The student body, I would have to say is traditional. You have large clumps of people from the same places Northern Virginia, Richmond, Virginia. You know, it's crazy, but I I think they're pretty nice and start your typical Friday night. Oh, typical Friday night is work until eight p. M. I worked in the library and then go home. Get changed. I usually go to one of the off campus community is to pre game and then you go downtown. Tio. I described the food options on campus, so they're awesome. But they aren't available like all the time. Just sucks. The food options are great. They range from my sushi to a wood fired steak toe raps to like a BP workers who have to go BA. I think the variety is amazing. But like the times they're available, what's your favorite and least favorite part of school? My favorite part of school would have to be the fact that you can use your Yoki P att surrounding places in Blacksburg and not just on campus. I think that really expands the way that you can distribute money and gives people who take like loans and stuff that opportunity. The least favorite part, though, I have to say, is a lot of some logistical, outdated equipment, buildings and the lack of Windows locked. The hardest one. What's your favorite class and why? Favorite class has to be European political systems with Dr Taylor. Why? Because it teaches me a zoo. Political science major. How different America is compared, Teo. Even like the European continent, which is pretty vast in terms of their power. But it gives me such a global view of my government, my country, which I like. What's Blacksburg in the college experience like Blacksburg is exciting Place lots of energy, thie experience. I've got to say it's very small town, gradually slow, which is different from where? From Northern Virginia and friendly. Good. All right, uh, you already told us your major. But what's the academic climate like? Esso for political science? Academic climate is death in the lead. Rigorous in the literary skills. A lot of people love to talk. Most of the professors are lecture styles. All you do is sit and listen to someone talk. But I think that they're pretty social, great literary skills and very legal. A swell nice and give one piece of advice to prospective students. Okay, so if you are a perspective hoki, the one thing I would say to you is to come into this with an open mind. Do not step into the school with one major one minds that one quick once that plan, because as soon as you come in, it's going to get crazy. All right, So right now we are Williams Hall. And this all many used for a psychology majors, psychology classes Because architecture Major, I'm not really in here, but I've been here a couple times for dance practices. I'll show you the room that I used before. Master. Not locked. It's not love. So So just one of several different type of classroom styles are Virginia. We turn on the other light stuff. It's kind of dark. Got it. Automatic motion. Right? So, yeah, What usually beautiful idea Way. Just move these desk, like, stack them on top of each other or move them out into the hall. Which got We just gotta make sure that we don't like, block the other doors because I know when my friends had practices in here, she got in trouble for, like, blocking one of the professors doors. Yeah. So let me show you the other parts of business building no. So like at this and of the heart and again on the next flight of it's like they're real. Yeah. Been in here a second little square away. Think anyone in a while. Yeah, It's basically like a loophole, kind of cute kind of magic, like my high school building. And now I got the door. I don't seem not much, considering I can't get into any of those rooms. Another classroom building if your psychology major thinking about taking Virginia Tech books. Okay, so right now we are in. I don't know. There's a name for it, but I call it the Cadets squad because here's two door that one over there. It's here, Finn Hall, that one. And then that one over there is the new cadet hall. And those to specifically on campus are Dorn for the cadets. And that there is like the old power family powers and supplies all the hot and cold water for campus and electricity. So that's something interesting. That ricin attack has our home our plans. Right on campus, right behind you. Don't know if I can get you. Fine is Lane call. I've never been inside it, but I'll show you the front of these two doors. Oh, now we're at the back of my art center, which is like air downtown. So we are on the northeast side of campus. That's Lane Hall farm. Like the college. Very con. Crafting and very vibrant. Yeah, you. So now we're in the front and I don't know if you can see, but right here there's a Magno and that diagonal This I don't make a bee and then this little time and extend that way. And that makes a tea, which is a B and E. T with T going at the top and in the middle of the bee that you'd be Regina, Text told Logo. And so around campus, you can see, like many of that, not just here but in other squads around the campus. That's well, just a little panorama Claude. Kind of pretty. Yeah. I mean, if I could I'm The other way and Hi campus Real. Now that brings us at the end of this tour. And I hope you guys enjoyed that. I tried my best, even though there were many people on campus. I've been brought myself to some places. I've never been onto campus and it was lovely shown you guys around. So no matter where you end up going, whether it's here, every junior tag or to another school in another state, I would say Definitely get involved whether it's in student clubs. Didn't organization getting getting a job doing research? College is such a short time. We'll definitely take full advantage of it and you will not regret. Don't be afraid. You don't have enough time way. Do go to college for education. But you sure have time for this. So to relax. Just have fun.