Torgersen Bridge and Pylons

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Raymond Kwong

Tour Guide

Probably some of the two most iconic structures on campus are Torgersen Bridge and the Pylons. Torgersen Bridge is an actual building that spans over a road (Alumni Mall), and serves as a quiet study area and the location to recieve all the software packages your program/classes need and also allows you to rent cameras and GoPros for free! The Pylons is above War Memorial Chapel and represents Virginia Tech's 8 core values; Brotherhood, Honor, Leadership, Sacrifice, Service, Loyalty, Duty, and Ut Prosim. In the center is a marble-block cenotaph with all of Virginia Tech's Seven Medal of Honor Recipients. At night, lights are casted on to each of the 8 Pylons. The Pylons is also a great place to get a great view of the Drillfield and sunsets.