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So we're outside the queue building. It's also called the Smiths Other. Yeah, on the bottom floor of this building. They have what specialists? If your computer breaks and go there for free, they'll help you figure it out. You have any other technology issues? Is he outside? It's really pretty. What? Grass, glass? We're gonna go inside lots of stairs. I'm excited about this year's, but we will overcome. But no before your class on. Okay. Four. He's cute. The rally starts in this building. Help you with your stuff. Awesome places to study my question. The study room. Stairs every side of this building. Hills stairs around campus. I'll kill you. There's the building. No killing, but kidding. I have amazing registering from going here. Here we are. Oh, go inside. Freak. Okay here. He's my friend's classroom. For which class? This is my research seminar. I'm part of a program called Research Scholars and basically they're teaching us how to get involved with research as an undergraduate. And early on, it's been really helpful. That helped me make a really good, strong resume. And we've gotten to talk to some researchers in person and meet them. I've learned about racers have been really nice. So I would say this is probably definitely a smaller classrooms. Damn, she's an artist college. So she's really small classes You can see out. Yeah, so in this building, they have cortex. Like I said earlier, if you have any issues with your computer, your project rain lead leads itself. Something happens. You can go there, they'll help you for free. The writing center is also in this building, so if you need help writing essays, you're always welcome to go there will help you just talk it out if you need Teo or just, like, read over and give you buy stuff like that. So this is one of the my hair building on campus Q billing. So after undergraduate education also called with a feather. So yeah, this is probably one of the more well known buildings I would say on campus. It's one of the larger buildings for sure. Okay, guys. So right now we're on top of thie Terrel Library. Is it gorgeous? Up here, you can see across all of north side of campus. We're gonna walk over there. Over here Way. Have this little lass contraptions sculpture? No, it's so cold that you can see into the library. I show you. You can try to seem, it's gorgeous. Sometimes those tables up here. I know in the beginning of the year when they had the, um, multicultural, sorry, but the cultural sororities, they were all up here, and they have, like, a little Zumba class. It's really cool, right next to the cub. This, I would say, is probably the center of campus. There's like a huge walkway on the bar. The Marshal, you guys. And there always is table set up there for, like, drama for clubs. A lot of the frats that booth for their philanthropy. Right now, they have a dunk cage, um, to raise money for their father. I know another fraud that my story's close with us going, tio, um, pies and you can throw pies in their face. So that's going to find Yeah, over here is an amazing view. It's really cool, too, because, like, we're literally right of the library, even though there's all this grass. So we'll be going to a library. I'll show you like my place to study. Added to recall, you can see out onto the practice fields for the football team. Okay. Yeah. So my favorite thing about Washington state is that we're sort of in the middle of nowhere. But it's cool because it feels like it is only little world and there's no one there that bothers you, which I feel like I need cause I get distracted really easily. But when you come here like and this you want to get out and have to Spokane, you can't go anywhere. But University of Idaho is a fifteen minute drive away, and they've a prequel town there called Moscow Idaho. So if you want to go places that's like close place, you can go, Okay? It's now for my favorite view. It is amazing. I love it. And over here you have the practice fields. Back there is Martin Stadium with football team plays right now. Fall just started. So all the trees are changing colors and it's gorgeous. I like to come up here in August and watch the sunset with my friends. Just really cool. I love the view like that's literally like one of the main reasons I came here was because of the view his absolutely gorgeous. Over there. You can see it very well, but I think there's a water tower like over here in this area. And the student, right fender is also over there, Okay, right now we're going, We're walking. This is where classes are typically, it's Carson College of business is this section. It's like one big building, but it's like also defined to T section. There's what forced this building very huge. Yeah, so it's just like follow us. Kind of. This is a boring for you. You could do that for. I was a copy of the first. They don't take our DEA. So if you that there's a Starbucks here in this park, don't you? And they take cardio, so I recommend that it's usually go through on the way. But you are. So there's a huge there's a regular classes or small class interest could heal up Classroom. Yes, Liam Classrooms in here. Kind of. It's like the middle of class time. Okay? Yeah. Is it in the auditorium? Okay. Come on. Twenty years here. One of like this was a weather vane. Officers to you. Well, I can smell the coffee. Yeah, They also team rooms. You can rent tomorrow and like to project people. Well, sort of. Here. Hey! Here. Okay, so I know that over here is one of the bigger Williams could be. But class right now, though, I think we're gonna wait and come back. And I'll show you when the class is because I don't want to walk on the moon class, but we come here. It's fine. Yes. Over here is little area. This is the cam building. Fuller Hall. I don't have chemistry. It's Yeah. I recommend if you come here, girl your classes before you actually have class because you will get lost if you don't, I still get lost. Sometimes it's like, I don't know, it's not confusing. It's just some of the balloons in exactly the same. If you come from a very good not like used to coming from it can lift you off. I know where everything is come from the north side of campus. But I come to this house off campus. Hey, guys. My name is Julian St Clair, and I'm a freshman here at Washington State University. It's located in Pullman, Washington. If you know where that is, it's like the southeastern corner of Washington. I am a freshman here at Majoring in Criminal justice, in criminology, political science. I'm so excited. You guys run campus. I absolutely love it here. It's gorgeous. There's so many cool buildings and other places like this study and hang out, and I hope you Hey, guys. So in bookie right now, it is the best place to go for all your Washington state here. That's a really cute sweatshirts here. I love coming here with my money. I also have a little barns and not a huge selection, but it's so really good. I love reading in books. I love to come here. Just check out some of the books they have. Uh, we already got shoes, books, teen books. They like Sorry bye magazine, self help books. Stuff like that is also a little cafe here. It's not a Starbucks cafe, but they saw some Starbucks products and rg et they don't take it here, so you have to pay with cash or a personal card. Yeah, they've got lots of really cool stuff. Typically the top floors all like the adult brand new stuff. Oh, a selfie stick, but, oh, labor ws used. That's really cool. Yeah, I got lots of really cute stuff in here. Like, breaks my heart to come in here because, you know, a broke college student and then they have stuff like this. It's not the issue colors, but I still want it, that's it. Yeah, I think. Next. Pretty downstairs and show you guys textbooks, areas, stuff like that. School supplies, So yeah, stay too. Okay. On the bottom floor right now, it's like, what? All the kids stuff, Which is really cool, cause if you're small, like me free cheese, where go shopping the kids section. If God clinic make up stuff like that. Lots of really cute stuff. If you've got little siblings and you want to come here because getting cute jackets stuff, there's the elevator people here. Really cool. Then over here on this would have all the textbooks, and the way they do it is you can either order your textbooks online, pick it up here, or you can go and you can look for, like your in class. They have like different sections. For like your teacher right now, it's closed off because there were, like, in the middle of semesters, there's only textbooks and there of all the new stuff in and like, really happy. But the bookie is where you get your textbooks. It's really cool because you can either. Brent used rent by bye, used by new, I think here but me Bye. And they'll price much, too. If you go to like a repeatable site, you could bring it in and like, Oh, what she wrote here, Look, Price, correct it for you. One thing I I recommend to you is going on Amazon. Amazon has some really cool feature is where people textbook. You can rent it there through them, and they usually have a really good price textbooks. So you want to save someone in textbooks? I recommend that for sure. Yeah, so for clothes, stuff like that. Okay, so they have computers, supplies over here, Their backpacks. I got my back right here. It was, after surprisingly, about this, Chief. Oh, no. I wish I could. See you've got some really cute backpacks. Wish I had come here a little bit later because there's some really Max here. North face. Oh, yeah, Some or school supplies. It's pretty good price. I mean, I definitely recommend going to your home. Our It's more like that. If you want, like, good school supplies for a pretty good price. I would should come here time Get the I love school supplies, so I like to come here. Oh, over here. They have dorm supply the whole time of huge food pillows knockin Lammers has a bunch of those. They got stuff for your shower. You've got a bunch of, like, pillows and throws. Um, if you want, like, calendar's decoration over here. Right now we're on the terrible mall. Walk away. Over here is a museum of art. Um, I've been in there before. It's really pretty. I would take you in there, but we can't film in there. This is the cub that it's I love women. They're always in there. Yeah. This is like the main walkway through campus. Everybody walks through here. There's always Booth set up stuff like that himself. Yeah. The campus seems really big, but it's actually not as big as you think it is. When you start here, definitely gets smaller. Yeah. So it's a glass. It's like that there's really cool places in there will take you Wilson halls right there. I don't have any classes in there. All my classes are taught hall, which I will show you because if you do, you come here, you will have lots of classes in there like four of my classes are in there. Okay, so people in class learn to write. Yeah. Brighton's. Also Big Hall. Okay, you can kind of see it, but that is what? Sorry. Todd Hall. Okay, so this is like the mall. Up kind of dead right now. It's like the middle of the day. So everyone's and classes. But what are you D cut, Okay. Walking my friend to our class in the queue building. Well, excuse me for Haley. Yeah, we'LL find out. Send it for undergraduates. Okay. Overhears physical science building. I just want to take this time. This is some quick fun facts. This school is filled with hills and stares. So if you go here, you will get what we call a cougar Cows. I have the most rock hard count ever. There's no problem. Sears was so easy for me, though. Run. So that's really a great leg straight. You go here, and that's always great, you know? Do you have to go work out Because last workout? Yeah, You need to work out because it's going to stay and Fitz, physical condition. Yeah, she gets up early and goes Jim, like, I can't do that. I have to go with the evening. But the Jew has really great hours. So it's like always Oakland. Pretty much that's cool. Oh, yeah. So our school has a variety of different programs. But it is most known, I think, for its business. Major Veterinary sciences. Um, pre nursing, If you like. Nursing people could go here, transfer the Wa Zoo, Spokane for nursing. You've been amazing, Cruel justice program here, Simon. Our political science is very good too. But I said business. Probably the biggest one. What? Oh, yeah, communications yet? So we'll see you. So this is Einstein's bagels. I hear a lot when I was a freshman, so I'd be a good place to highlight. So not only can you order different types of bagels, you can get fruit salad sandwiches, coffee, hot drinks, that sort of thing. You can also sit down and study so there are, like company couches and chairs, and there's more of like a formal eating area for the Northside. Market also resides here, which is basically a grocery store condensing to a super small space, so they have pretty much anything you could possibly. Okay, guys. So right now we're in personally my favorite place on campus. It's this really cool area. There's, like trees. Um, it's the beginning of fall right now. So all the leaves were falling in their red and orange. That's right, my friends crime, because these are, like, one of the largest stairs on campus right here. But the area is really cool. Um, okay, guys. So these stairs are right next to the practice field for the football team, and they're right next to the library. Right here. You can kind of see it. Watch the stairs. But I usually so much because you're walking through all these trees and there's so many colors in the walk down you can see like most of north side of campus. So, like, if I don't want to the elevator back to my side of the campus Nice. One of the casting, peaceful walking time I will hear Here's your stuff. It's so beautiful. Hey, here's the library. You can't get from this that you went with the other side. We'll wait. We'll wait here. We will go higher up And actually, guys, all sorts of stuff. Uh, look at that view. A little bit early right now. Tease game day. So campus is kind of dead. The names of three today, which is a little bit weird, but it's fine on game day. There's also stuff to do. Since it's homecoming, we've got a really big tailgate with alumni here. They've got free food and stuff. Also, if you're more interested, like hey, not with other students, you can always get a Greek row and they have killed Gates on there. So right now we're working on top of the library. It's really cool because once you get on top, there's like all sorts of places to look out across like off. Okay, so here. It's more the older section so that our people come over here. I because over here they have this really cool. It's like great. Two. Kit. So something really cool about this part of the library is that it closed the original library, so it's kind of like over here you can kind of see over there. Used to have to go there in the library. In there, you could request a book. They give you like a number that I go in the books and they find the book for you. You couldn't actually going to write your book. You had to have somebody else for you. That was like a really old part of the campus. So, like coming here what? We're quiet. There's less people usually, but I think it's really call Okay. So Hello again, guys, Please don't do that. It's too late. No. So hello. Guys were here again with Macy. I'm in her room and we're sitting together. We hang out an unhealthy amount of time. Um, but it's really fun because, you know, I feel like when I'm here, I feel like I'm in summer camp, like it's so easy to go talk to your friends across the hallway. It's so easy to grab dinner with them, just do fun stuff of just to study with that nap in their bed. All that fun stuff. Yeah. So please, I guess I'm thinking I'm gonna take this time right now to talk to you guys about sororities. Because Greek life, I would say, is a very a huge part of campus. Would you agree? Yes, it's a corner of the campus. It's huge. Greek life is so huge here. So I am in the sorority Delta Delta Delta, also known as Tri Delta. I'm in giving Phi Beta, also known as Yes and basically well, at least. Okay. Stories everywhere are basically a sisterhood. A bunch of girls come together and they live in a house. Some of them live out, but they all have. They all share core values, and they have a philanthropy. They do events for. So for my house, our philanthropy is St Jude St Jude Children's Hospital. Um, and we do different things, like we raised money that we donate to the hospital. We haven't event. Can we call the tri hop, which is where we put up a boot that we sell breakfast food to students, um, and all that when he goes toward St Jude's, which is really cool, what's your this plan to beam girls on the run, which is just basically building strong woman. So we're all about, like, womanhood and sisterhood Girl power. Yeah, it just is really fun. It's a great way, Tio. Make not even just friends like a family apart from like your own blood family will also working to do good things for the community. Every sorority has a philanthropy. Some of them have multiple, uh, front with opportunities here to also have fled the police as well. And there are fourteen sororities and there's over thirty fraternities, So there's a lot of opportunity to join. And it's really fun. And I definitely suggesting your morn. Shouldn't you check out like the different sororities? But it's just it's really cool. Look what's okay. What's your favorite part about being in a sorority? My favorite part is just be able to go to the house and, like, Chill, not care what you look like, because we all look like how do you face is nice, Not good. And it's just nice because they're all accepting, like even if they don't know you, they'll still hang out with you, and it's a good way to make friends. And the food is, Yeah, that's true. Yeah. Speaking of not looking nice, I think that's lucky. I brought so many cute clothes this year because I was like, I'm going to look so good all over campus. I'm going to be so stylish and I we're the same, like ten pieces of clothing and it's like leggings and sweat pants and sweatshirts and T shirts. So I definitely recommend that you bring comfortable clothes. The back of stories. I would agree. I think that's my favorite part, too. I go there and it's just like it just fine. Like I don't know how to describe it so way have to do study hours for my sorority with you five side the hours and it's so much fun because we're not supposed to talk. But when you're with your sisters and like you're just in that atmosphere like that, your heart, Yeah, do they know of your best friends? And you can't not talk to your best friends. And it's just so fun because it's like It's like living literally that you live in a house with, like, one hundred of your best friends and your sisters and it's so cool. So so I talked to us about that because Clint is very big here. Well here we have to study lunch in the library. This one is for graduating. Research students only. Just wipe your record to get so No undergrads can study in there. But over here we have the police. The largest open to anybody. Thank you. Actually quite hear you could rent out these rules to study with groups if you need to. Just a small punches as quiet as, like migrates up. But if you want you like playing with friends and talk to them, there's always a great place to do it. This is the central part of the library. Really pretty circular. There's the glass part I showed you. I love the library. H is gorgeous. Over here is a quiet room with a couple of those. Were you like, There's no talking became listen music, because it's just completely quiet there. It's now, over here is how you get to the cub and the covers. Like the huh of campus. This was to get food. We have a bookstore called So right now, we're in this park. No, it's one of the newest between campers. It's life. It's okay. Question it's. Yeah, that's what's across in here house, but that's the main floor spurs like. The walkways where you could, like, sit. This is the building that the Starbucks is him and they take our D A. So let's like your money in a card for your basic dining between classes, the line gets huge. So if you are a person, need Starbucks. I recommend getting over there as quick as you can. So hers stares things like contemporary. Lots of glass, lots of legs, more modern design. Oh, yeah. Tons of rooms. Yeah. Study well computers and TV's. I think this is the building that has a rooftop, dex. Really friend you. The classrooms are very modern. I tell you who's in it? Oh, here we go. Just going to see. Okay, this's what when the spark classrooms looks like these places are meant for more like working with students. More hands on learning, talking you piers versus lectures. They have to projector screen so you can if we can see Sorry. Another breath. This is where my history when the five classes about this exact classroom for the class is like completely identical to it from I like it because I feel more engaged in the class a lot easier to zone out when you've got over two hundred other classmates and when teacher talking all of them. But here you have, like roundtable. So you're more engaged, more drawn into the lecture like that, so actually cool. This building, I think, was made for more hands on learning. It's called the Spark Building. It's really him is like the spark is Aya. It's like the Sparks Arias building is really complicated. Pronounce. So if we just called the spark building called the academic hub Tio. So it's more for, like, hands on getting in there, Okay, So this is my friend Hailey. Why she is in the honors college. Keep trouble about that. Basically, honors is very similar, Teo, everybody, everything else, but our classes are a lot smaller. So, like my humanities class has like twenty five people in my leadership class has, like fifteen and are my like English classes only twenty people, which is nice, but I know a lot of English classes are actually really big lecture halls, and we have like, a really close like our teacher at. It's our papers and stuff before they return, we turn them in and so it's really nice. But I like orders a lot so far, so it's a lot of work, too. But I mean, every class is a lot of work, so it's good. Yeah, in comparison. So for me, I'm not ours. College I'm in kind of like the entry level freshman classes. So my Smalls class is the history with five class and basically what that is. Every freshman here has to take it and you take it with other kids in your residence hall. Except for the honors kids, what that means basically is I'm picking the cost of all my neighbours and like people who live in the force about me. So that class is about what is he, like? Seventeen kids? It depends. A lot of kids don't show up for class. It's college, which I don't recommend doing. You will get behind soul quickly, and it's not fun having to catch up because you just feel like you're drowning in everything but back to class sizes. That's like my Smalls class, I would say, And then my largest class is probably three hundred people in a very big auditorium. That's my political science class. It's huge. It's it's nice. I am somebody who I like lectures. I like taking notes because I feel like I'm slinking auditory person. But I know for some kids, they're more hands on. So small classes could be helpful because they can do more student projects, Iraq more with their peers. So I definitely working by looking into that, Could I know, for the most part, you choose your class. You can kind of see, like based on which classroom is how big the class is going to be. And they say, like how many spots they got open sometimes It's like small numbers. Sometimes it's like, Oh, two hundred sixty so I definitely would look into that if you're more worried about the size of the class and