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Thinking about Woodbury University and trying to determine if it’s the right fit for you? The college search process can be tough, but CampusReel is here to make it fun and engaging. If you’re thinking about visiting Woodbury University in person, we strongly recommend you at least complete the virtual tour first. After watching the entire virtual tour, the next step would be to take an in-person campus tour to further vet Woodbury University’s culture and community. Whether you are a prospective high school student considering the school or interested in transferring to Woodbury University, these videos and reviews are designed to give you a complete understanding of the Woodbury University experience. These Woodbury University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus.

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guys. It's Gabby from campus. Really? So I'm going to be today discussing kind of the layout of lecture classrooms on DH classes. They're taught here, General, of course. Is there usually taught here? So you will run into math classes, writing classes, science, public speaking, class being taught here, Currently in business building on our campus. Let's come into one. I am currently in lecture room. Teo, too. Um So I'm gonna be talking about basically the things that most classrooms come with and what teaching styles are like here. So this is one example of the type of classrooms that we have here on campus. Each classroom is equipped with a TV monitor. This's able to be used by teachers when the lecture it comes with a whiteboard, a place to put flyers, see with news another whiteboard. Each desk does come with like these outlets can use reports, which is super helpful. If you wanna bring a laptop to class or your phone class sizes are around ten to twenty people. This is due to the fact that we are a small campus. We don't have many people, so our classes are very small. This does give us a more personal connection with our teachers. So in my own experience, I've been able to talk to a lot of my teachers about my grades or any questions I have. And they're always more than willing Teo help out get their beans and any advice or help that they want to give. I'm really happy that my school was able to provide a more personal connection, and that goes for studio classes as well. Um, I think the largest class I have is film history, and that's only because of the fact that there's only one class. And so all freshmen filmmakers were in that class. So I forgot to film an ad for this video. So hello. Hi, Howard. In conclusion, I believe that would breeze lecture classes are actually quite great. I haven't had many problems with teachers. I think that classes are relatively easy. I would say, Obviously you're gonna have, like, homework and all that good stuff, but I would definitely say like it's doable. So that concludes this video. So thank you for watching. I hope that was helpful Yeah. What? I'm a filmmaking major here with Marie. And this is my single comes right. Wonderful storage space. Suppose the nice desk because of your, um, some shelves above it. Elsa comes with these. All of this whole doesn't come with an air conditioning system. It doesn't with three speeds, half speed. And, of course, it also comes with heating system. My room has the thermostat. No, a bathroom kitchen, and a longer all the residents of this, too. That all were fairly close to the time you can give me, uh, bathroom is really clean. Vacation is chemo. So that's not something residence leave. A message for the army. Gets on top of that laundry room is free. Yes. So even though I'm pretty happy with my single, there are a few things that are only possible concerns. Like it came with some holes in the wall. Uh, they every one of them up. It didn't come to the other one. This one pretty Thank you, my friend. Hi. My name is Gabby. I am from campus rial. And today I'm going to be talking to you a bit about my paper academic building on Woodbridge University's campus. So the building I'm gonna be talking about is, uh, the film building. And this is my career building for a number of reasons, one of them being that has also different rooms. And true, I was like a different purpose. When you first enter the building, there's a room with a few couches seating, movie posters. Of course, this is a great room. Lots of events actually hold here. I know for Animation Club, they had an event for how to train your dragon and yeah, it was really cool. There's food there and then they screened in the screening room, Uh, how to train your dragon to believe. So the screening room, which is where I am currently so screening room is amazing. It comes with obviously huge screen it for viewing movies. That's amazing. Sound system, lots of seeding. There's many classes that are taught in this room. So you have film history where actual screen is utilized to be a power points. If it's lecture and movie after the lecture. I know that production one uses this room a bit, and I'm sure other production class is as well. And then in the next room we have the green Room. I don't know why it's called The Green Bee. It's Baloo, but we're so in this room you have, and again, a bunch of couches. It's a pretty big space, has a water dispenser, which is super useful, has a bunch of like cinematography magazines, which is really cool, ending it off. We have thesis on stage, which is where love sets are built. A lot of equipment you can see is found there. It's a really close followers and classes are taught there. I like it, obviously, because I'm in film and so it's really cool to, like, walk in and be like Oh, like this is you know where it all happens to really cool area. So, yeah, overall, this building is my favorite, just due to the fact that I'm in here so much. But besides that, it's it's a really nice building, and usually there's not many people in this. There's like lots of sets happening. I definitely consider this to be one of my favorite buildings on Memphis. So yeah, I highly recommend you visiting it if you end up coming to school. Thank you for listening and hopefully see you next time. Hi, It's Gabby from campus, Real. So I am currently at the Grove right now, which is one of my favorite spots on campus. It's extremely relaxing. It takes you kind of away from the main prize campus, and it allows you to just take a moment, you know, get a breather. It's It's a very nice area. So I'm currently sitting on one of the hammocks right now. I like this spot because, you know, oftentimes in college you get stressful, and so it's kind of nice to be able to rock somewhere where how many people are gonna bother you? So, yeah, I find this place extremely comforting. So another place on campus that I love being at is our library library was originally a cathedral, but was later than converted into the library. We see today the atmosphere of our library is such a beautiful place to be in. As you can see, there's lots of arches. There's obviously lots of different books you could check out. There's movies as well that you can check out. It's a great place to get some quiet and be able to work on projects, homework, whatever it is that you need some cool things about our libraries that actually shameless and truth or dare shot in this library. So coming here, knowing that free cool for finals, the library was open twenty four hours and also had coffee and tea. Overall, Woodbury has many different beautiful spots on campus, but the's just happened to be a few of my personal favorites. Thank you for watching. we're going to be trying our lunch, so I got cheese tortellini chicken with cream sauce. Okay, so we're going to try our food, get some spaghetti on that chicken. I missed all this smooth chickens, typically, So I am myself in vegetarian. And the way would he like provides food, I would say, is usually pretty good. I have run into some problems where the vegetables are exactly the way I would say, for the most part, like a vegetarian, I get that I appreciate, and they also have it like the salad bar. And there you are. Yeah, they have a girl like they have a bunch of different, like services bodies where you could meet the needs. You know, overall, I'd say what he's pretty good, especially for the price of a meal plan. Like it's not bad. So there's four different options for meal plan. The one I have is ten meals a week with one hundred fifty dollars like flexor spending money. The first one is eight meals with two hundred dollars. The second one is the one, she explained, with ten mils of one hundred fifty dollars flex. The third one is uh, twelve meals with two hundred dollars plus, and the fourth one is fourteen. And when you get your meal, it comes with the side, which could be chips, a desert to salad. You got, like, a lot different options. You can get a drink, and that's all. Like included within the meal itself. It's our only cafeteria on campus. We do not have any other restaurant since we are the school. Like a thousand. Oh, my name is Alex. First year. Very. My name is Damian, and I'm a first year filmmaking major here. Liberate. Hi, my name is Larry. I am a first year filmmaking major. I work for University. Hi, I'm Kat. I'm a first year filmmaking major would very university. That's pretty good. It's not awful. It's edible. And you really hungry? It tastes like five star. I really like it personally. I haven't had too many like awful experiences with it, like typically, sometimes some certain foods are better than others that they make, but I usually like it depending on food. Something's it's well cooked. Something not good. The aquatics pretty good. There's some ofthe days where you have the occasional like undercooked rights or whatever but for the most part, it's pretty good people there. Very nice. Treat everyone with the same happiness. Good at Oh, yeah, definitely. Like especially like cashiers always so friendly and they always like Oh, I'm doing and I having today And they just they make, like an effort to be really nice and friendly and also have, like, a good conversation. So smooth. Service is good. The people are always really nice. I mean, sometimes, like one time I did tape like forty five minutes for me to get like a box of fries. But the people are really nice. Probably eight out of like, let's say, like, overall, I get seven out of ten. Pretty good there's room. Hi, I'm Gabby. I'm from campus rule. I already have copies remain. And today we're gonna be talking a little bit about our double and what living is like on Woodbury campus. We live in north. Call girls and boys in separate holes. Each hall there is a kitchen and bathroom, usually. Well, there's fifteen average people hall, kitchen, fresh right wave freezer and electric stove in a water machine and a sink sink. Yes, the bathrooms come with three showers. Three toilets, two things. Usually there's not a lot of people using the bathrooms. So, you know, there's quite a few of us in here I never really have trouble with running to, like people like waiting toe. Yeah, so let's talk about the features of the double. Specifically way we share double kamikaze bunk bed. It comes with its own mattress. It's not very comfortable. Patio get memory foam like, Yeah, it comes with two desks and each desk has multiple drawers. Lots of stories. Each person in the room does get a chest of tourists, so you have three choices that you can feel this Whatever needed, you also get your own closet. There's space on top for storage. There's also speaks on side A. Put a shark. Yes, and our own shark. Just give it a look. We've also moved. Gabby's just out of the closet and on to against the wall. You're superb. Incentive for TV. We also have a fridge, which was quite helpful because, well, there is a fridge in the kitchen, pretty packed, mainly freezer from experience. So moving on toe like three essential things that we think you should have your coming here for being outlets. Uh, there's not a lot. Plus in the room there's things like Ford. Yeah, just not know, get stripped. Yeah, both of us have outlets, so it's been very helpful, and I think that that's a huge necessity when coming here. Another thing we find very necessary to have his command strips. They have a huge rule about not pinning the wall. If you do pin anything in the wall, you will charge to fee at the end of your term. A vacuum, Yeah, just home essentials. Things clean with Yeah, that's pretty much it. I hope that this video super hopeful and I will continue uploading. As for other other door options on this campus, so just stick with me and please.