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Great, so we're clearly at SS. Inspector calls. Essentially. I'm Yeah. What? There. I sit somewhere in the front. Hopefully. Yeah. So I've crossed ten thirty here and then with lectures. Small. Mrs. Yeah, yeah. You have to know, are you? I said. So the last crossing? Well, fine. So sponsor, I mean. Sure. Take it. Political polling in the service. What How are less Cheston and a poem Friends Field Goal. All right? Stands were there about this Is this house. So we also going discussing baby there's issues related to So we're not in century. Oh, boy. No. Straight. Beautiful. See where it came during the yellow body in conference. One of the spots that was me here so usually want, Yeah. Constance and wait, Paul, really? So in the center of campus. We also fast library. And no. So that used to be common. Common was he loved treasure. Here I was only Paula Open. It's a fear club for lunch, but it was taking over. It's being revamped to this, Horseman said. It's the Schwartzman scent to it. So we're back on old campus, descend their benches, students heading to class phone. I'm heading to Durfee Stat shop to pick up a few treats before I head off my conference. So also, you guys inside the actual snack shop, you know, speaking of the post office box, so we'll pick up some crackers. You see, as soon as they're doing yoga. Morning four. Walking terms. We got a page here. So where you going? Wait. Walking in. George. So this is the or captain entrance? Turkey. Story. What? Doing a little bit sick. It's only one topic, but h how sound freeze. Yeah. See, how much is that? So you know? What? You are allowed to. Come on. Great. So we think that due time with bad words college. It is often called the richest colleges, but that's a pretty small courtyard. So I beg you here is really nice. It's a little bit right, but in the summer. To be occupied. Q. You really called? Swing with it, right? Four. I just coming from a stranger. Great because this library so let's get to it that were coming to the really pretty part of Captain across campus. Yeah. Is it correctly and flag? Oh, great. Yeah. Way have Iranian flag so I'm breaking clouds world colleges. To the center of campus. Your place as a freshman. You're pretty. There's a lot of class. We'll either be right here for me else else home. And to your left is we'll have a ball. I also now. Here is the most reasonably fast library it is girls How's going everyone? My name's Arnold, and today we are going to be doing a Q and A video, one that I have been postponing for about two months now that is very blurry, and I am finally here. You'll has a two week spring break. So I'm home right now at my brother's room and I found time and I found the space to finally recorded this video. So hopefully you guys enjoy. And without further ado, let's get into it. By the way, it's very cold. So that's why I'm wearing this hood. I hope you don't mind. So once again, I will be reading them straight off of the laptop. Question number one. What is your really like? Uh, that is actually a very broad question. Everything. So I won't see that yield isn't what people normally perceive it as. Like this prestigious, very rich, very like a school with a bunch of arrogant kids. It is very collaborative, and everybody is just so supporting of each other. It's like everybody is so friendly there. Everyone loves working together about the same time. Everyone also has their own like kind of passions that they follow. One of the most important things to realize that everyone at Yale, for the most part, especially first years, they're still like teenagers. And a lot of us don't really know what we want to do in our lives. But everyone is just so humble and collaborative, and it's a very good atmosphere. I think I'm rambling on this point, but I think hell is actually very, very fun place. Very beautiful campus. A lot of the kids are very collaborative. All the professors are amazing. The opportunities and extracurriculars are just amazing There. It's so hard to answer such a question like that. Maybe I'll get into another video. Can you read your essays? Do you like Nintendo? I might read. My essay is in the future video, but we'll see. And yes, I love Nintendo. In fact, I actually made a lot of Oakland videos back in the day. Let's see if you can find those challenge. Did you apply to any other schools besides hell, What were they and what were the results? No, Yellow is the only school I applied to technically because I applied single choice early action. And once I got in, I was just like you screw it? I'm not gonna find anything else because the application, they notified me of my acceptance before the deadline for a lot of the regular decision applications. So if I didn't get in, I still have time to apply. But since I got in, unfortunately, I wasn't going through that whole entire applied attend colleges process. I'm very grateful. And I'm very happy for Can you give advice to young people who are interested in the arts but are in an environment where stem is practically worshipped and the arts are laughed up easy, double major and calm in all seriousness. As cliche as it sounds, one of the most important things in life, especially when choosing a passion, is that you have to truly and genuinely enjoy love it, because if you don't actually love it, you're gonna be so sad trying to pursue it, like taking all these courses that you're not actually interested in. And I say, like, if you're truly passionate in the arse, just go in, you have to go all in Gaul out. And, for example, if you're doing feeder, you know, just like audition for a lot of roles, take anything that they throw at you and just say yes to everything in every single opportunity. Because your talent, perseverance and skill will end up looming one day. Just believe in it. You have to persevere. And, yeah, I sound like a teacher. Yeah. What is your major? I was thinking a double major between a bunch of different majors. It varied from, like, film, math, physics, political science, ethics, politics and economics is all over the place. But I think I've consolidated too double majoring in political science, English and maybe Peter a combination of those two. But we'll see what happens. What was your experience was shopping, period. Did you find any classes interesting which aren't related to your major if there's one. OK, so for those of guys who don't know what shopping period is, basically this two week period at Yale, where you can like dropping add classes so you could test them out, see which ones you like, see which ones you don't. And at the end of the two weeks, you have to finally consolidate your schedule into four or five classes or so personally for me, it didn't really help me as much. I kind of think is overrated because the thing is for shopping. Period number one, you still have to do all of your homework. Um, throughout. You know that two week period number two, you get wait listed a lot and number three. A lot of people tend to already know what classes they like, even the first impression of that class. So for the most part, you don't really spend the full two weeks just like shopping every single class and doing all the homework because it gets very overwhelming. So, yeah, I personally didn't think it was too helpful because I kind of already knew what classes I wanted to take, which I will probably talk about a future video. But as for classes that I found interesting which weren't related to my major, there's a class I took, which was an astronomy course. And it never took astronomy at all, not astrology, but astronomy. And the class was honestly very interesting. We had a very accomplished professor and we went to the telescopes, and we did all these things learned about stars and planets and dark matter and all these cool concepts. But yeah, I guess I guess shopping period is pretty good. But personally, for me, it wasn't as advantageous. I'm sorry for that response. I know the very pessimistic I'm so sorry. Uh, a lot of people actually enjoy shopping, period. And I think it is a good thing. What career are you aiming for in the future? At this point, I still don't know. I considered being like a professor in political science or English or even theater or whatever, but I really do want to get into the entertainment field, whether it is like writing, directing, acting or producing. It's just all so interesting for me and, hey, Asian American representation. That'll be awesome. And we're starting with you two panel over here. So, yeah, maybe acted. We'll see. We'll see what happens. What's your favorite place at Yale? This is a very hard question because I love Yale in its entirety like it's such an awesome campus of the beautiful campus, the trees, the buildings, the architecture's b. Just everything about yield. Just so awesome and so vibrant, so beautiful. But one of the most recent favorite places that have been at it's actually in the previous log. It is the Sterling Law building, third floor library. One of my close friends actually showed me the place. It is just such an inspiring place in the light is there and then you just feel so studios and it's just it's just a really beautiful place. But I just love you. In general, it's just such an awesome, amazing university. It's just such an awesome and amusing university. Very aesthetically pleasing favorite Pokemon. I had a list. I actually had a list like a few years ago. One of them has to be definitely bulbous or on Oh, gee, very nostalgic. I love Pan champ. I love I love LA I honestly can't think of anything. Um, well, say Pan Chan from now, because it's a very cool panda and also fun. Fact. He was in the mascot for one of So the way college system works is that every freshman gets sorted. Fourteen special colleges and our most Russian, too. They do live on old campus. A number of freshman like freshmen get sort of a poly Mary Benjamin Franklin College on DH TD to use right college and cinnamon College with those four colleges Bill expression that you get to live on there, actually in their actual college starts. Four. For you, one of the main. So all those windows Those are essentially dorm rooms. Until most students at Yale lives sweet so information So essentially Yalies have sweet meats. So it's one sweet common room and individual bedrooms, So I'd like you to have here. But a lot of doubles well. So this is actually the main courtyard calling Mary College today, you can see the tower a lot of to tower. I had to have been all the way up there, but I love Teo. Gonna put that on my back. Including other things like Scales park this power words So every college has a student kitchen and one of my favorites of butter. This is the battery for Benjamin Franklin College. Our reporters here. Cool, please. So this is the area where late night A lot of students coming hang out and play ping pong for foosball and just sort of relax a little bit On was also a TV here from the budget here. So? So when my favorite spots to hang out friends and then each buttery has a sort of soup kitchen. Where student workers work about two hours, maybe night, and make greasy hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pancakes with many here. Uh, chicken walking two dollars. Mott sticks twenty five cents each. So this is great. Its very, very cheap time for the Saints. And so I've gotten to hang out, but also these really nice boots. Great. So that is. Randa built hall. And I made this walk very often when I was a freshman. So I lived in that hall over there that is known as AL job. Um, and that's where freshmen that gets sort of disappeared from college left. Um, so But I have a lot of friends that live in Vanderbilt's had always walk down this path. Two friends are gone over there. Sweets so sanitary, excited to go into dinner soon. And this is This is the beautiful here old campus kind of a cloudy day. But you don't see many soon. Sort of walking and making their way back to their rooms after classes. Next, I'm going to show you is dirt fees, which is the snack shop at Gail I'm. So you'll has this incredible offer where if you can't where you can sit down for a full one, you're allowed to go to snacks, will pick up for you, snaps or treats for yourself. I sometimes use my guests right to eat at lunch. And you know at this next to the yogurt chips. Finally, a bunch of goodies that keep me going as Hey, guys. I'm here with my friend Maddie. Hi. Guy on. Right behind us is W William Parker's holiday very important academic building on campus. And that is going to explain a little bit about that. Yeah, I actually class in here in, like, ten minutes. Yeah. So w th is a place. We have a lot of classrooms. It's mostly humanity. Stop. So I'm a women's gender, sexuality, studies major. Most of you. Lt's. My classes are in there. On. They'll be seminar, so there are some smaller rooms, but there is also larger lecture rooms and actually stood there whole, which is a place where there are a lot of, like, larger lectures. I'm guest speakers will come and, yeah, sometimes performances as well. Thank you so much. Okay. Now I'm gonna take you guys to Hill House, which Mark Twain described as the most beautiful, picturesque streets in America. It's where President Sallade lives. May also have a lot of science or math buildings there, so let's go. Guys. I'm here with my friend Elena. She is an MP in E major Elena. Could you describe what that is for? Meniere's ethics, politics and economics. Looking at the three together and through each other's lenses philosophically looking at politics and adding in economics. Great. They really have a great day. Okay, so here I am, looking No. So here I am with my friend Bar in Davenport College, and they're dining hall in its day. So, Mark, I just have a question for you. Introduce yourself and explain why you chose. And if you could speak loudly that Yeah, sure. Hi. I'm Amar. Yeah, I am a software. I chose hell because it's going like the best of everything. It's like I knew that I was interested in like, science. I'm an ecology, evolutionary biology major. Sounds interesting like Star areas, but I wanted to make sure I had a strong about nation like humanity's lighting. We have really good writing courses here. History, like all of the extracurricular stuff here. So I chose Yelled Just get like a strong undergraduate. Beats the rest. Awesome. Thank you. Your prison Just describe your major like what is it? What I wants it for what you studying and then, like tell us about, like the academic no balance. My major is ecology and evolutionary biology. So it's biology, major, but I study like that. All right, System's habitat climb change Might have a lover plants. I'm taking my plenty of classes about plans and like, a forest like, Oh, yeah, my major is pretty cool. That's like a lot of pretty wrecked. So there's a lot of, like, intro science class. You have to get through life in Toto Bio physics, Internal war camp. Yeah, I'll get it chemistry, but yeah, I feel like it's very collaborative. It's not like cut throat like some schools like some others. Stan is, like, very competitive. Look, a lot of people I don't think it's that way here. Yeah. What? He's favorite part of your well, my fear of jail is I really like the residential colleges. They're amazing. It's like everybody has their own little community. I really feels like home like first you live on most first years live on like old campus their first year, which is like really big people like, I didn't love that. We, like, know that I'm a soft where I moved my presents in college, looking at your own dining hall like recognized dining staff like all your friends live nearby and you walk in and see people study and way. Vanessa style's best presidents. Yeah, my least favorite part of Yale might be. I don't know everyone to so over successful like Hoover. And like it could be overwhelming time. It's like like any other collars or any other like really beat place. Sometimes you could feel like self doubt like this is too much times like that. I feel like it's best to get off campus for a little like what I'm feeling like that make a lot of press. My parents were really great. It also just, like, really been in every it's going to get up here. So much you are. So I'm gonna give you, like tour of my sweet that way Sweet So rooms connected by one common room on And I live in a sex test So it's I live with myself and five other people and we're sextet of four singles and one double. I thought Lucky and I have a suit. It's beautiful. And I'm gonna show you right now, Teo. This is go away. This is Ollie and Daisy. And this is a common room. This is the room that connects us all way. Have caps that we bought off free for sale for one hundred dollars. It also pulls out into super is our window looks out into the courtyard. How beautiful. We have a little succulent garden. And, um, I believe that we just kissed yesterday, and I'm not sure how this caution wet floor. So I got into our suite a mystery. We bought an orchid for way too. And then down here it's appears besides these two singles. So let me show you to my room. So this is my room. It is for you to fall. So welcome to my friend. Let me show you around. This is my door nearer. This is starts. Spaces, clothes, jewelry. Here's my deaths. Here's my bed from my window. I have a little cart thing that I'm thinking about what you do with yet shoot and my closet, so the things in this room that was provided by the university. Wass bed. The desk, The closet. Yes, sir. This is my room. So behind me is Cross campus. This is a quad to middle of Eels campus, and it's cold across campus because everyone sort of has to cross this campus to get to class. Usually you confined students playing music, sunbathing, playing Frisbee, having a picnic lunch. It's a really, really beautiful schools. Okay, so I'm here with my fish from. Could you please introduce yourself on Explain why you choose here. I have names. Have you chose hell? Because of the college system, which is really nice to you. Creates a microcosm of the community, creates familiarity. It's where you live. It's a little with you. Have your own gym. You have your own theory of your own, Dean. It's a small community of four hundred students that kind of makes you feel a lot smaller. Sila College. You? I mean Jonathan Edwards, The best college best on the fourteenth. Could you describe the student body at you? Was to buy a Yale is truly a reflection like United States, Really? And it's like it's increasingly becoming more diverse. We have representatives from every state. We have people from over fifty countries. Over twenty percent of our students are first general income students. So it's truely reflecting the diversity of people in general, Which is really awesome. Okay, could you describe what are? Tell me what your major is? What you do at Yale? What other things you like to do in your free time. I'm in East Asian studies and music Tobu Major. I am involved with optical accrued culture. Dale. I'm also musical theater of you as well as I have. I have a job at the Latin American Cultural Center, so there's probably things that you must. What's the academic climate like that he'll like? How much time do you send your studies? And how do you balance that with all your extracurriculars? Office of the academic year is a blessing and a dream come true. It's a place where you're pushed by others, but you're also nurtured by others, and it's not competitive at all. But I also know that, like the incident does like to take, of course, it isn't relax, like jam packed. It's also the most I can. But even with that, I had way. I'm way more time than I school. I probably only do Homer. Maybe like two hours a day, maybe three at the most. That's great. Um, could you tell what your favorite and least favorite part of yell is? Why? My favorite part is the people. The people are just so nice. I love the college system because of lasses and meet people and connect with people honorably individual level Well, I don't like it's just the way I remember saying, Listen, I mean, listen, I got used to the winter, but it definitely was a shock for me coming from sunny Southern California, that's it, Really? For those of you who do not know, I use them there's pronounce they are gender non primary. So I just want I just want youto let all the people who are watching this video no, like what's the What's the climate like for queer people, especially people call it. Yeah, well, you know, Yale has a reputation for being with us, that gay ivy. And I can tell you that truly lives up to that name. I would say over a third of our student body, identify sis, queer in some capacity with general sexuality. And truly, this isn't really a place right. Impossible. Become myself over. Many of us, like our homes, might not be the most safe spaces. But just know that at Yale, that should never begin to back. This is a place for you. Grow so thank you so much away. Okay. So next up is Sterling Memorial Library, also known as SML. Sterling Memorial Library is one of our main libraries on campus. It has nine floors on each floor has stack, so that just means lots and lots of books. We haven't obscene number of books, the actual number I'm not exactly sure of, but if you want a book, most likely sterling our bath are Haas or one of the many libraries on campus will have them. We also have a library book share program. So if the book that you want is not available in one of our life libraries, they will find the book and one of the neighbouring universities on. And also they will see if one of the other Ivy League schools have the book, and if they do, they will ship it to you and you will be able to have it. You also can request to have chapters of a book scan. I'm in a library in Will do that to you and send it to you electronically. And yeah, Sterling Memorial Library is very beautiful. It was intended to be a church, but then Yale was like, we need to spend more secular. So the architect was, like, Cool. I won't make it a church. I'll make it a library, but it's still gonna look like a church. So let's go on in. Okay. I'm here with my friend Morgan. We're gonna say hi. We just finished our biology, the world in us on morning. Could you just talk about, like, the classroom experience And like what? Lectures air like that kind of stuff. It's I feel like pretty standard. At least. I mean, this this Lexus super is big fun in particular because the professors Yeah, you know, just use an analogy about weed and, you know, Yeah. So that's fun. Uh, I'm not a science person, and so on things I want, it's in a more low stakes. Thank you, Morgan. It's usually just a matter of time before it gets corrected. Someone else will work in this field and finally your papers, right? Yeah. So right now i am in the yale dramatic association office, and the university theater, also known as the ut ut, is a huge theater on campus. I think it's our biggest theater space. It holds six hundred eighty people proscenium stage. And every year the yale dramatic association, the theater company that i am on the executive board of puts on seven shows. So this bowling is very important to me because i have meetings here several times a week when it's tech week. I practically live in this building on dh. Yeah, it's a very special place. We also share this space with the yale repertory theatre on dh, the yale school of drama. The weinstein. Um, so let's take a tour of the universe. St peter there. This is where do other it's bring here. There's some people building set. What do you guys no, it's not a lot of exper. It's for campus. Riel. Yeah. Shop. Very cool. I should be right. This is the dramatic green room. This is where wei have meetings. We hold events, and it looks like a pig sty right now. But i swear, no, it always looks like it. But a lot of people will sleep here or here, or spend time here when it's technique, all right? Or if they're just, like, stressed out from the school year and what i take a little bit of a break for you. Unfortunately, i can't show you all the theater because there is a wise sti production for yell grab. I'm not sure somebody's in the theater right now, and they're doing a build call. That means that they're building the site, but, um, yeah, that's the this has been the u team. I hope you've been doing it. Okay, so that was Davie's auditorium. I'm now going to show you Science Hill. Find Hill, also known as the Hill. It's where all of this science, math and other laboratories are held at Yale. Straight down like college slash through So that is Morse College on that side styles calling and the soup colleges work Bill. In the past forty years. There I was, getting all the questions. This was kind of architecture was everything. Designer was trying to be art scene, and it looks pretty good. Straight global crossing the street here. Great. Yeah. Towards. Books. School and temperature control. This was the public. Those books were so very, very right. Just to be here for you like it? Mine. You're smart. Yeah. Surface. I hear it's pretty cool. So at Yale there are tons of resource is for marginalized communities such as communities of color, low income students. First chance students on behind me is one of those. Resource is so this is the Afro American Cultural Center. It's one of our ethnic and cultural centers on campus. We have four. Then it's the Afro American Culture Center, also known as the House, like a scythe. Latter. Next cultural center, the N A A C C. The Native American Cultural Center and the A C, the Asian American Cultural Center. Calm. So this cultural center was founded in nineteen sixty nine, I believe, um, and a lot of student groups find their homes here, including my archipelago, because we're seeing music of the African American tradition in the African diaspora. Theall Gospel Choir has rehearsals in here are being view. Our black men's union has meetings and as well as our Yale Yale Black Women's Coalition, the Y. W. C. Um, and then also be, say, the black students at Yale has meeting every week here on DH. This house we have a dean and an assistant dean and those people serve as resource is for not just the black community, but for also for tons of students on campus. So, um, I don't have time to take you all around all of the cultural centers on campus, but I'm gonna give you a quick tour of the house, So let's go. This is the banquet hall. A lot of cool events are held in here saying Polish shows, banquets, brunches. And here. It's just a cool space for students to hang out and chill. Through here. His arm. You're over. It's currently in session. I call this room are Purple Room. It's just a cool study space and chill space for students. This is the library. This's the art gallery. This is also where my acapella group typically free her sins. Downstairs. There's also a founder's room, which is a really cool space with comfy chairs and a dance floor if you want to have a dance. But there's a meeting going on in there right now, so I can't show you, but, yeah, this has been Right now I am in two. Twenty York. This is with Peter. Studies Department. This house. This is very important building for myself because I'm a theater studies major yourself into twenty York. We have the offices of some theater, said his professors, Our director of undergraduate studies, Nathan Roberts. His office is here. Um a lot of theater studies classes will be held here. For example, I'm in this building right now for theater studies to ten intruder performance concepts. It's basically like an acting class. It's a lot of fun. There are other students in the class, so it's very intimate, very small. We have a direct link to our professor. It's a great class, so yeah, this is to twenty Great. So we are now at the center of Deal's off campus. So beginning point, actually, where I served monster from here, you're used to where you will live. So this is Maine. Where Lim's. That's something that we have to write college. Benjamin Franklin. Holy Mary. So there you have watched Hall. Here. Find a bill calls good. This is your style's college. It was open in nineteen sixty two. Let it be known for having the best diving for it has been incredible pizza of them on. Many people come here just for the pizza, and that is where the dining hall, usually if it's right there. If we walk a little bit more, you could see Payne Whitney, chairman of the painting. Jim, is yelled largest with him. Bradley was originally meant to be commissioned as a church. What? You have to use it as a gym, Not sure what history there is, but it is one of the largest college nations we are where in the world. I'm here with my friend Simon. Say, high sign. When did you graduate? Simon? I graduated this past may. Oh, my goodness. Spoiled Brad right here. And then I'm also here with my friend and sweetmeat Liam. Uh, Hadley. And when did you graduate? Hopefully, in three years, though. At this point, Who knows? So let's ask them a few questions. So I'm Simon. I was a senior this past spring, so I just graduated. I was an English major, but they did a lot of feeder stuff as well. Um, and what else am I saying? Wait. Oh, I'm from Pittsburgh. Yeah. Let's go. I'm from New York City. I'm I'm undeclared twenty what I want to do. But that's one of the great things about here that you can pretty much not have any idea what you want to do for the first two years of your time here. And it's still pretty chill. Wait, like four majors right now and not having anyone staring it down because all the classes were so amazing. Yeah, I'm so signing. And Simon, could you talk about what you did in your free time here, Hill? Liam, talk about what you're doing. You're so, uh, what I did in my free time, so, like, extracurriculars air. Like what I genuinely did in my free time. OK, Cool. So, like extracurriculars. I did like a lot of theater, which ended up actually being like, professional experience for me, but actually came into hell as a pre med student. So yeah, I just primo stuff for actually, three years, um or two and a half. And then I sort of made that transition on DH er what else do I do with my spare time? I was in an archipelago group called The Dukes of Gale. Do you go to Yale? Rush The Duke's letter? Um, and I took a year off, sort of in the middle of my career, to be in this group called the Within Poofs like playing with. Yeah. So they're this very, very old, aka Telegroup, where basically, if you get in, you take the year off school to tour around the country, in the world with them. So I think over the course of the year we hit up like thirty states and twenty four countries. Um uh, really cool. Awesome experience. Those air, like the big things. I did a non actor way love with clowns. And Leo. I was also in into the woods. I played the cow. When I'm not playing bovine creatures, I also enjoy acting as humans. What else do I do? I do deal Democrats. I, um, kind of put a registration project is midterms are coming up, So go vote, vote and s. Oh, yes, we do a lot of shows here right now trying to get five by doing three shows at a time. So that should be fun, eh? So wish me luck and good luck to you. And last thing. What would be one advice that you would give to a perspective yearly or just a perspective? Polish, too. First. Huge. I would advise you, Teo. Honestly, Teo, to broaden out your base, explore new things. My first year here, I thought I knew that I wanted to, Peter. And so that was really all I pursued. And then as the year went on, there were so many different things going on and it it can feel a little overwhelming, but in the best possible way. And so I really wish that my my first year I had I had focused more on on not just sticking to my comfort zone, but really brought me down my base and and meeting new people who maybe we weren't interested in the same things that I was just getting to know more about those things and those people, even if I didn't end up pursuing their field just to learn about how intelligent and capable and really inspiring other students and faculty. Yeah, I think that's totally legit. Uh, like branching out during your first year is super important and lovely. And I think that actually even apply to, like, prior to your first year at wherever you end up. Like, I think college is a time where everybody sort of grows into the person that they're going to be for the next forty years on Duh, You want to pick a place that likes speaks to you as a person, so that you can, like, don't go into a college being like, Okay, well, this is exactly how it's going. Tomomi goingto go into a college being like. Okay, well, this is a place that I can see being a good place for me to like experience and grow intellectually and that sort of thing. Thank you. Thank you. Know how. But so this is we're now in Benjamin Franklin called Right. So this is Payne Whitney Gymnasium. It is the largest kill, and we're going to take you inside. It has more before that, I think about ten floor fire. Cool. Blocked crew team back there. So now we're going to take a tour of old campus. Old campus is where most of the first year's live. There are a lot of different halls. Residence halls on old campus, for example, the one behind Mia's Durfee. The one right here is Lingam right hall, and each resident hall corresponds to a certain residential college. So last year I was in trouble, so I lived in being home. But so, yeah, let's let's see a little bit of campus. A lot of cool events happened on old campus. For example, our annual spring fling, where we invite musical artist to come perform concerts for us happened right here. Martine Marvin Chun just held a bulldog bash at the beginning of the year, Um, where he invited a salsa band and a deejay to come and play at the beginning of the school year so that we could all reunite and talk about our summers and dance and have a lot of fun. There was a beer garden. There is a kettle corn station. Some pizza was a lot of lot of fun. Okay. Great. So this is cross usually bustling during the day many soon. Fox. My very I'm just a college down there. College. I mean, there were walking towards Sterling Memorial Library right now, that is a library. And that's where we sort of started out tour. So you can probably hear the bells tolling right now. Every day at twelve and six p. M. There's a concert of the bells. And so these bells are situated and Harkness Tower that's in the Brandford courtyard on DH there. Very beautiful, but they may wake you up from a nap if you're in one of the neighbouring colleges or if you live on campus. But yeah, let's listen to Great. So this is the back two in Engineering and Applied Science Center, so a lot of engine. So right now we're in Jonathan Edwards starting home. I'm here is my friend Ali and exams, all right. So, yes, Jay, you Dining hall is a super fun place I don't see in terms of food quality. J son solidly middle of the pack on the food sometimes really good. This food is sometimes not. It's good, but sense straightly apart is that our dining hall staff is so welcoming, so gracious, and they love every single student they know most of us by name. Yeah, I'll show you all what dining hall Actually, the Great. So this is the author, Kei Watson. Call this's where a lot of computer science courses are held. All right. Nothing too interested inside, but it's where the department computer signs is. So all the Kansai students spend a lot of time there, um, with that beautiful view across. And we're getting closer to to have a new car. Uh, Benjamin Franklin College and all Mary College. So I'll show you that shortly. Hey, everyone. I'm Harold and I am a junior at Yale in Davenport College, Major in political science. Also, we're currently in the best and biggest light library at Yellow Stone Memorial Library. This is the Centre Party. So this is where I studied us in my favorite spot. Andi, I always steal a room right down here. Grates. I'm gonna take you guys. What I think is the most beautiful college. It's actually where I fell in love with belts, Fred for college. It's a beautiful morning. I see power. I'm tall. Yeah, from farmers there, See what politics is. Come around. And this is the exact spot, right? I was looking up in that tower. Now get This is it for me? I love it here. No refugees has the most incredible extremes. You know, walking and are incredible.