What is a Construction Engineering Degree?

If the construction or engineering sector has always appealed to you, and you would like a job role within this field, then a Construction Engineering degree can be vital for success. This degree will set you up with the necessary skills for construction and engineering job roles, both in a knowledge capacity and through hands-on work.

A degree in Construction Engineering may also see you coupled with industrial placements to learn more about the skills required through performing construction or engineering work.

What Can I Do with a Construction Engineering Degree?

Construction Engineering careers will see you working within a variety of projects, for an abundant amount of industries.

Necessary skill sets of a construction or engineering worker include:

Specific skills required will vary based on the job role intended. For example, some construction or engineering roles may have more focus on design or planning if developing a project, while others may concentrate more on the actual construction of projects.

What are the Available Jobs with a Construction Engineering Degree?

Some of the top earners for a Construction Engineering salary include Computer Hardware Engineer and Aerospace Engineer. These positions can earn you $117,220 per year and $116,500 per year, respectively, according to the latest figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Other roles include engineering responsibilities in other sectors, such as automotive, as well as construction on physical sites or development of new buildings.

Should I Consider a Construction Engineering Major?

You may want to consider this major if you have an avid interest in bringing a variety of projects to fruition, whether through design and planning, or actual construction. This can be a rewarding major for those interested in building something and seeing the results. It can also appeal to those interested in the way things work and how they are engineered.

How Do I Find the Best Place to Study?

If you’re eager to gain a major in Construction Engineering, then you need a rewarding and dependable college to study at. You need a college and campus which provides the best education for your chosen degree, as well as the best environment within which you can learn and grow.

One great way to find the ideal college and campus for you is through video.

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