What are a Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis Degree?

Gaining a job from a Cultural Studies degree is a very interesting career path, as it allows you to explore many different cultures and belief systems from around the globe. This degree will teach you how to analyze, understand and critique many different cultures and their own, unique aspects. It will allow you to explore values, ideas, acts and beliefs, and interpret the relationship between culture and everyday life.

Applying Critical Theory and Analysis to this will help you to better interpret and understand the meaning within a culture.

What Can I Do with a Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis Degree?

Many Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis careers can be explored if you’re interested in gaining a job which allows you to focus on a variety of cultures and beliefs. Your strong educational background will set you up for many interesting roles which you can apply your cultural studies and critical theories to.

Necessary skill sets of those wanting a Cultural Studies career include:

What are the Available Jobs with a Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis Degree?

Some of the steady earners for a Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis salary include Cultural Studies Instructor or Teacher, which includes an average $88,410 yearly salary, and Community Outreach Manager, with an average $67,150 yearly salary.

Other job roles for those with a Cultural Studies background may include roles within education, such as teaching alternative communities or foreigners about other cultures and beliefs. This may also include general education roles, such as teaching adult literacy.

Should I Consider a Cultural Studies/Critical Theory and Analysis Major?

This is a rewarding degree option for those with intuitive minds, and those who enjoy exploring new cultures and beliefs. It can also allow you to open your mind and learn more about alternative expressions, as well as the opportunity to meet a variety of people from many different cultural backgrounds.

This degree can also strongly set you up for an academic position, and help you to develop necessary skills, like theory and analysis.

How Do I Find the Best College for Me?

If you’re enthusiastic about starting your Cultural Studies career, then you need an educational institution you can depend on. You need a college which provides everything you need, both for your education and personal development. Your college environment should be one which allows you to grow and find your passions.

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