A Dance Degree : What Does This Degree Cover?

Dance is a valuable category of performance arts studies. There are many different styles of dance which can be studied and pursued, including ballet and traditional forms, to more modern forms of street dance.

A degree in dance will prepare a student for a career in professional dancing or dance-related career roles, such as choreography.

As dance is a key component of performance arts as a whole, this degree may also help you to develop acting abilities, too, or other performing abilities.

To study a degree in dance, you may also need to perform an audition to gain your place.

Would a Dance Major Be the Right Choice for Me?

A Dance degree is a very practical major and will appeal to those who want a career focused on performance, or specifically dance. While dance can be a fantastic pastime, it’s important to note that pursuing a career in dance will require commitment and physical proof of your performance abilities.

A dance major will be a rewarding choice for those with a passion for performance, who want to shape a career out of this. As there are many varieties of dance, it’s also a good idea to home in on your preferred dance technique or style to fully commit.

What Can I Do with a Dance Degree?

Dance career roles are highly competitive. This means that, even though there are many career paths you can go down with dance, you may find a lot of competition, and will have to prove your aptitude through auditions and physical performance.

Dance salary for dancers and choreographers averages $18.68 per hour, based on 2019 figures. Yearly salaries can be difficult to estimate, due to the unlikelihood that dancers will be working full-time every day of the year. Dancing opportunities may be seasonal or may be part-time based on an as-needed basis for performances.

Jobs with a Dance Degree

Dance careers will have a key focus on performing arts. Therefore, the first obvious career paths for dance will be within stage or media productions where dancers are required. This could be on a variety of levels, such as an orchestrated musical or dance show (like ballet) or on a choreography basis for other performance artists.

That being said, there may be alternative career avenues to go down, such as dance for fitness. Dancers can teach fitness classes, or even host private dance lessons for members of the public who would like to take a course.

How Do I Choose the Right Place to Study?

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