What is a Dentistry Degree?

A degree in Dentistry will see you learning all about the structure and health of teeth. This includes studying the anatomy and physiology of the mouth and teeth. Dentistry studies, in general, will see a focus on the health and treatment of teeth, but there are other specific branches of dentistry to explore, such as orthodontics which focuses on the straightening of the teeth.

It is usually required to have a base degree in Dentistry before specializing in any alternative branches. A degree in Dentistry will also see you learning about biochemistry, and the proper use of anesthetic for dental procedures.

What Can I Do with a Dentistry Degree?

The most obvious jobs with a Dentistry degree are ones which allow you to work directly as a dentist, whether in a healthcare setting or your own, private clinic. You will also have job opportunities as:

There are other career options where a dentistry degree may also be helpful, but which may not relate directly to performing dental procedures, such as a healthcare position with a focus on the health of teeth or the mouth.

What Dentistry Salary Can I Expect?

Dentistry careers can be very lucrative, providing an attractive salary, especially for the main dentist role. Dentists can expect to make $159,200 per year on average, according to information provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Dental hygienists make nearly half that amount, at $76,220 per year, but still a very dependable salary.

Dental assistants can make $40,080 per year, although a lot of dental assistants may be working to gain experience and work their way up to a full dentist role with a higher salary. It’s key to note, however, that to earn top bands of salary, years of intensive study and dedication will need to be completed, with experience working as a dentist.

Studying for a Dentistry Major

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