What Can I Do with an Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations Degree?

Those with an entrepreneurial spirit know they want to be their own boss. They want to start a business and leave a lasting legacy. Unfortunately, unprepared business owners are often not ready to lead a business and fail within the first few years. It can be very daunting to start a business because of this, but that is just because you are not yet prepared.

An entrepreneurial and small business operations degree will work to build up your skills and knowledge so that you can succeed in any business venture you put your mind to. Though most who are interested in taking an entrepreneurial and small business operations major are looking to start their own business, managers, business consultants, and even marketers will benefit greatly from this choice of degree.

What are the jobs with an Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations degree?

The most popular job that those with an Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations major go on towards is being their own boss. Unfortunately, due to how varied these small businesses are, there is no conclusive median or average salary figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. You can take your small business and make it into a multi-million-dollar corporation, or you could keep things small and be a favorite in your neighborhood.

Those with this degree, however, often find their stride working for other businesses. Two of the most popular roles for those with a degree in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations include management analyst and marketing manager.

Management Analysts

BLS expects a job growth rate for management analysts to increase by 14% and marks the median salary for these analysts at $83,610. As a management analyst, you will audit through the management and several other business processes and work to improve them from the ground up.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers are also expected to grow on the job market, by as much as 8% by 2028. Their median salary is $134,290 per year. These high-level marketing managers take their experience and understanding of the entire business process to market their company to the public better.

How to Choose the Right College for Your Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operati o ns Major

You don’t just go to university because you want the highest Entrepreneurial and Small Business Operations salary. You go to become independent, network, and to develop many life skills. This combined benefit is what makes campus life so important for those working to complete their BA or BSc.

A poor-quality campus can make your life miserable, and that is no way to succeed either in your degree or in your future career. You need to be somewhere you feel safe and supported. It can be hard to find this information online, which is why you need CampusReel.

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