What Can I Do with A Family and Consumer Economics and Related Studies Degree?

Family and Consumer Economics is a broad field that will prepare you to work in many roles that specifically work towards improving the lives of children and families. There are plenty of opportunities to specialize and work towards a field that you are passionate about, which is why a Family And Consumer Economics and Related Studies major is ideal for those who want to make a difference in the world.

Your Family and Consumer Economics degree can be specialized to cover so many topics, ranging from nutrition to family finance, all the way to child development. Those with this degree typically work in NGOs, community organizations, for the government in policy-making, or directly with social services.

What are the jobs with a Family and Consumer Economics degree?

Family and consumer economics careers involve policy and crisis management roles. You can work to help children stay safe and find them good homes. You can work to help families better manage their finances, or you can work with community projects to lift the entire community up. As you are working within the public sector, the average family and consumer economics salary is relatively low, with average wages between $35,000 to $65,000 per year. What is offers in return, however, is the chance to make a real difference for the lives of those who need it most.

Child Caseworker

Caseworkers, or social services, work to protect children and remove them from abusive homes. Before that removal, you will, of course, work to mediate the problem and improve home life for the child. CPS caseworkers have a very important job and earn between $36,140 to $59,400 per year. Experience and location play big factors in earning a higher median wage.

Adoption caseworker

Not every home situation can be fixed. Children whose parents are dead or incarcerated and with no legal guardian, need to be adopted. That is where adoption caseworkers come in. They work to assess and place children in foster families and work to get children officially adopted. These Adoption Social Workers earn an average of $53,552 per year.

Community service director

Community service directors work to plan and organize community events and programs that work to lift residents up. This may be daycare services, career services, street clean-up services, and more. You will need to oversee the program, its budget, and manage the participants and any equipment. These directors earn one of the highest wages in the sector, with the national average coming in at $85,448.

How to choose the right college or university for your family and consumer economics degree

Those working in Family and Consumer Economics and Related Studies careers typically deal with families at their worst. It is a very, very important job, but it is also one that puts a lot of pressure on your mental and emotional wellbeing. You need to learn how to distance yourself from your work so that you can stay strong and healthy, because the next family will need you, and then the next.

The best way to maintain a healthy mind and body in such a career is by creating a great support system. This will be made up of friends and family, but also the place you call home. Where do you learn how to build such a support system? Your campus.

Make sure that the quality of your campus life is great. That the facilities will help you with your health, wellbeing, and your career. Don’t just take the university’s word for it, use CampusReel. With a free account, you can search for thousands of videos. Hear from real students about their campus life and what they like best about their college or university and choose the best institutions that will help you live well, while you study to help others.