What Can You Do with a Real Estate Degree?

You may seek a Real Estate degree if you’re looking to work within property management, and learn the skills required of assisting clients to buy, sell or rent their properties.

However, a Real Estate degree isn’t just about learning the property basics and about the property market. It’s also about learning a specific business, and the relevant skills which go along with that. This means that anything you learn with a Real Estate Degree can be transferable to other job roles in relevant business and commerce sectors.

After all, the property market is a financial transaction, and those financial and commerce skills can be applied to other career areas, too.

What Can I Do with a Real Estate Degree and What are the Real Estate Salary Expectations?

The available jobs with a Real Estate degree can differ from directly related, and those careers where your degree will be beneficial.

Real Estate careers carry different salary estimations, and you have the potential to earn more should you choose to work your way up the real estate career ladder, or maybe even lead your own property business. The skills learned within a Real Estate degree can be applied to a variety of job roles and career options. You will learn valuable aspects of business and working with people, and these skills will be important, no matter what path you choose.

Property Surveyors

Surveyors will work with the measurements and boundaries of properties.

Surveyors, who will also have on-the-job training, can earn around $63,420 per year, according to 2019 labor figures, so this is a great career and salary aim for a reliable job opportunity.

Real Estate Agents

These property agents help clients to buy, sell and rent properties. With an estimated respectable salary of $50,730 per year, there is always room to grow with this income if you have the dedication to work with more clients and properties.

I Want to Study for a Real Estate Major. Which College Should I Choose?

This is a rewarding career path, and a chosen career can be even more rewarding if you choose the right college to study with, and the right campus to spend your time within. You need an educational institution in which you can thrive, and gain your chosen Real Estate Major.

It can be very difficult knowing whether a campus is going to be the right one for you, however. There are so many exceptional colleges across the USA that the idea of narrowing it down can be a difficult one. Even if you visit all of them, you may need a little more insight from a student’s perspective.

CampusReel takes care of that for you.

CampusReel videos make choosing your new college simple. These videos help you to choose your new college and desired learning environment by watching student-led tours, interviews and videos showing behind-the-scenes insight into all campuses, as well as main tours.

When deciding that a career in Real Estate is the one for you, make sure that your campus is the right one, too.

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