What Can You Do with a Religion/Religious Studies Degree?

Religion plays an important part in the world. Understanding religion, and the various religions of the world, can teach you extremely valuable educational skills, as well as compassionate skills of kindness and understanding regarding other cultures.

In seeking a degree with religious studies, you will learn about the historical development of various religions, their significance in history as well as modern society, and the relationship between religion and the world we live in.

Would a Religion/Religious Studies Major Suit Me?

You don’t have to be a strictly religious person to pursue this degree, as this degree teaches a wealth of important philosophies that extend beyond religion. Therefore, if you have a keen interest in religion, as well as wanting to further your ethical and cultural understanding of the world, then this degree can be a very interesting and rewarding one.

You will also be able to study the political and theological significance of religion in society.

What Can I Do with a Religion/Religious Studies Degree?

Due to the important personal skills, you will learn through a religious studies degree, and this course can see you suitable for a variety of roles which don’t necessarily relate to religion.

For instance, compassionate skills learned with religious understanding can apply to roles such as charity workers, counsellors, advice workers and community workers.

Those careers directly relating to this degree can including teaching religion in an educational capacity or becoming a chaplain. The average annual wage for a chaplain is $50,800, giving an example of Religion/Religious Studies salary expectation.

Jobs with a Religion/Religious Studies Degree

Religion/Religious Studies careers you might want to consider depend entirely on your own goals.


If through studying religious studies, you intend to work directly within a religious and inspirational capacity, then a job such as a chaplain may be a rewarding one for you. A job within the clergy is not only rewarding but comes with a sturdy salary of $50,800 per year.

Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

Bring in donations for great causes, or support your clients with their public image. $116,180 a year makes this a highly lucrative job position as well as one which allows you to put your religious studies and compassionate skills to good use.

How Do I Choose the Right College to Study At?

Any career which requires a degree needs the right college to study at. You need to be assured that you can earn your degree in an educational environment, and social campus, which is right for you.

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