What Can You Do with an Army ROTC, Military Science and Operations Degree?

If you’ve always been sure that a military life and career is the right path for you, then you’ll want a rewarding degree which can teach you all about military practice and theory. This degree option will introduce you to life in the US army and gaining cadet status and will be the best educational foundation to prepare you for what’s to come through active military service.

Or it can prepare you for other careers within the military, such as mechanical or technical careers.

What Can I Do with an Army ROTC, Military Science and Operations Degree?

With this degree, you can enter into the career stage of your military pathway. If you’re looking to become a junior cadet and become part of the army, this program will help you to build your skills and educational foundation for many military careers.

This degree can be combined with an active decision to fulfil military service.

Or it can help build military science skills which can be applied to a variety of roles.

What are the Jobs with an Army ROTC, Military Science and Operations Degree?

There are a variety of military careers you can choose aside from becoming an Army ROTC cadet, depending on which road you would like to go down, and also many careers which this degree can help with which aren’t related to active military service, such as an engineer, doctor or working with government research.

Army ROTC, Military Science and Operations careers and Army ROTC, Military Science and Operations salary include:

Aircraft Mechanic

This role means repairing and maintaining military aircraft. Military roles like aircraft mechanic can earn $64,310 per year, meaning a highly stable salary for a fundamental position within the military.

Correctional Officer

Oversee criminals awaiting sentencing and help to support the legal system. Earn $45,300 per year in a rewarding career choice which will see you with a stable salary and the knowledge that you’re making a difference.

Should I Earn an Army ROTC, Military Science and Operations Major?

Choosing to study for an Army ROTC degree means you can use this educational background to enlist after graduation and best prepare yourself for military service.

If you’re looking to gain this major, then you’ll need to make sure you choose a college you can depend on for your studies. Not only should your US college be able to provide the best place to learn this degree, but also a campus which allows you to enjoy the next step in your education, too.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a college, including:

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