What Can You Do with an American Sign Language Degree?

If you want to set yourself up as an ASL interpreter and work within a sign language career, an American Sign Language Degree prepares you for just that. This degree provides the fundamental skills and training for ASL and for focusing on communication with individuals who have hearing problems and who require ASL.

This degree may teach you more about deafness in general and help you to build an understanding of those with hearing difficulties, as well as teaching fundamentals such as vocabulary and fingerspelling.

What Can I Do with an American Sign Language Degree: American Sign Language Careers?

Here are listed just a few examples of the type of careers you could expect when you have gained an ASL major. What’s important to remember is that hard-of-hearing individuals can be encountered within any career where communication is necessary, so career paths may not need to be directly related to the hard-of-hearing for ASL skills to be helpful.

ASL Interpreter

American Sign Language salary for interpreters and translators is, on average, $51,830 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and this means a highly respectable salary for such a key job role for those who need assistance.

Other jobs with an American Sign Language Degree include:

Special Education Teacher

If you’re open to a teaching path but would like to work within more of a special-needs environment, and looking to earn a rewarding salary of $61,030 per year, learning ASL can help you to specialize in working with children or individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing, for their education requirements.

Speech-Language Pathologist

This is a medical field which focuses on communication and related speech disorders. You will need a dedicated medical qualification to pursue this career path, but an ASL degree will here be very valuable. Typical pay is $79,120 per year, due to the importance of this role and the high responsibility.


This role focuses on hearing problems and issues with the ear. Where a separate medical qualification will be required, an ASL degree will be extremely beneficial in communicating with patients. This rewarding role will also see you earning a good income of $77,600 per year, with potential to progress.

Where Should I Study for an American Sign Language Major?

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