What Can You Do with a Social Psychology Degree?

Social psychology is the study of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in people, directly related to the presence of others. Social psychology is the study of how people might think and behave in social situations, and why people choose to believe or act that way concerning society.

A Social Psychology degree helps students to learn about this field, about understanding the psychological patterns of others in social environments, and to develop a broad range of skills applicable to a psychology career and beyond.

What Can I Do with a Social Psychology Degree?

Psychology degrees can be extremely rewarding for those wanting to study the thoughts and behaviors of others and to understand the role of people in society better. If you have a keen interest in this line of study and want to work to help others on a psychological level, then a degree in Social Psychology enables you to do that.

If you’re looking for jobs with a Social Psychology degree, then there are many options out there which apply to both the field of psychology and also other fields where your degree may be very beneficial.

An example could be working directly as a psychologist or using your skills to translate within careers of business, social environments, communication and research roles.

What is the Expected Social Psychology Salary?

Social Psychology careers will all have their own salary potential, as well as having the opportunity for working your way up the career ladder to higher positions.

Role and salary examples, based on the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, with this degree, include:

Psychology-specific specialties

These will all be within the psychology field, but you may want to specialize in certain areas like child psychology, health psychology or forensic psychology. General psychologists can earn around $80,370 per year, showing just how respected and in-demand this position is.

Social work

Learning more about the behaviors of people concerning society will strengthen your career working within a social environment. Social workers can earn around $50,470 per year with a role which therefore combines a respectable salary with a rewarding position helping others.

Studying for a Social Psychology Major

Studying for a career in the Social Psychology field can be a rewarding professional path. This can be even more rewarding if you choose to study your major at a college which is perfectly suited for your educational and personal requirements.

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