What Can You Do With Special Education and Teaching Degree?

Some students want to pursue a career in teaching, and others want to teach within Special Education specifically; namely, working with those who have learning difficulties or who need particular treatment or a specific way of learning to make the most out of their education.

A degree in Special Education and Teaching sets you up for this particular career path, as well as helping you to build the skills needed to work with those who need alternative education methods or those with learning difficulties.

What Can I Do with a Special Education and Teaching Degree?

This degree is ideal if you would like to become a teacher of Special Education and work within a learning environment.

Although this is the most obvious career path, it doesn’t mean that this is the only career path you can pursue with this particular degree.

Some other examples of jobs with a Special Education and Teaching Degree are listed below.

Special Education and Teaching Careers

Special Education Teacher

Special Education and Teaching salary for Special Education Teachers is, on average, $61,030 per year, meaning that this can be a rewarding career path with a stable salary range.

Other careers avenues you can explore with this degree include:


You have the option of using your degree to become a more specialized tutor, or perhaps even a private tutor, if you would like to work more on your own terms and provide a more dedicated learning experience, such as one-on-one tutoring. Tutors can expect to make $48,700 a year as a steady income alongside truly making a difference with the education of others.

School Psychologist

As a Special Education and Teaching degree helps to build your skills in working with those who have emotional, physical or mental difficulties which affect their learning, you can turn these skills to your advantage with a psychologist career — and, more specifically, one within a learning environment.

As school psychologists work to support the mental and emotional state of those within an educational environment, this degree is well-suited for this career path.

Whilst working in such a rewarding role, School Psychologists can expect to make $87,450 a year, too, meaning an above-average salary for a vital role.

Education Writer

If you have got a talent for writing as well as skills within the educational sector, you could pursue a career in education writer. Many schools and institutions need educational materials written, usually on a freelance basis, and this could include materials for students with special needs. Education writers can expect to make $63,200 a year, which is an impressive base salary, but there’s also the potential for making more depending on the writing workload.

Where Should I Earn my Special Education and Teaching Major?

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