What Can You Do With an Apparel and Textiles Degree?

Students of this degree will learn all about apparel design and production, and the use of textiles for retail.

A degree in this area won’t only build your textile skills. This pathway also allows for a strong development of technical knowledge regarding apparel design and creation, as well as problem-solving, teamwork and creativity skills.

Additionally, you don’t have to have a primary interest in fashion for this degree to be of interest. If you’re a creative individual with an eye for design, this degree can apply to many different career paths, and not only apparel and textiles.

What Can I Do with an Apparel and Textiles Degree?

If you’re looking for the best jobs with an Apparel and Textiles degree, there are plenty of options for you. These include directly related roles, such as Apparel Designer or working primarily with fashion within a role such as an illustrator or general designer.

Furthermore, the skills learned within this degree can extend to other careers, too. Your knowledge of textile or apparel products may be broadened to become a Product Developer or a Quality Assurance Evaluator.

What Apparel and Textiles Salary Can I Expect?

Apparel and Textiles careers can vary, as listed above, which means that the salary expectations will vary, too.

Working on the aforementioned examples, you can expect (based on figures from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics):

Apparel Designer

Use your design and textile skills to create new clothing items and know that you can let your creativity flow with a highly dependable salary of $73,790 per year, too.

Fashion Illustrator or Graphic Designer

The best items of clothing and textiles need initial designs and graphics, after all, so use your skills to create initial ideas and diagrams alongside a highly respectable income of $52,110 per year to support your creative career.

Studying for an Apparel and Textiles Major

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