What Can I Do with A Theology and Religious Vocations Degree?

As religion is a big part of the daily lives of a great number of people throughout the world, this means there are a number of careers that are available after completing a theology and religious vocations degree.

With a theology and religious vocations major, students will look at religions from around the world and gain an understanding of how religion and religious ideas have shaped cultures. Understanding how religion influenced the world in the past and how religion is currently affecting the world can help theology and religious vocations graduates to find their place in the world and perhaps find a deeper meaning in their own life.

Is a theology and religious vocations degree right for me?

Most students who study for a theology and religious vocations degree are religious in their own way, but many students aren’t. There is no requirement to be religious or come from a religious background at all.

During your course, you might be introduced to religious texts from the world’s major religions, such as the Christian Bible, the Jewish Torah, and the Islamic Quran. Although a theology and religious vocations major will concentrate on theological belief, you should also enjoy aspects of history, philosophy, environmental natural history, debating, sociology, anthropology, and psychology if you are considering this avenue.

What theology and religious vocations Can I Enter?

The study of theology and religious vocations allows students to expand on their own religious knowledge and to go deep and understand the meaning behind religion and religious stories in cultures. There are many theology and religious vocations careers to take post-graduation. Some of the top options include:


Upon graduating with a theology and religious vocations degree, some students will follow their faith and take up residence in their religious setting as a pastor in a church. As the leader of a congregation, you will give sermons and prepare for these every week. However, you will also likely be preparing bible studies, having one-to-one meetings with individuals or families from the church, fundraising, providing support through counseling, and so much more. The average theology and religious vocations salary for a pastor is $98,420.

Youth Worker

Jobs with a theology and religious vocations degree may include roles such as youth workers due to their learned ability for communication and compassion, but many of these skills also lend themselves well to roles such as teachers, politicians, authors, and journalists. As a youth worker, you will be working directly with young people and children, managing budgets, setting up meetings, and writing reports. On average, a youth worker will earn around $34,691 a year.

Choosing the Right College for Your Theology and Religious Vocations Degree

Choosing the right college to go to is a big decision for any student, but perhaps it’s more personal for theology students. You’ll need to pick a college campus that you know you will thrive in and enjoy as well as one that supports your spiritual growth.

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