What Can You Do with An Urban Studies/Affairs Degree?

The science of city life and the characteristics of a city is a topic that is explored by students undertaking an urban studies and affairs degree. Every city and urban environment has its own culture and way of life that is unique; that’s one of the things that makes this major so interesting to study.

If you are interested in economics, sociology, history, and even philosophy and politics, taking an urban studies and affairs degree is a fascinating way to deepen your understanding of these subjects. With many options for interesting careers and further study opportunities, it could be a wise decision too.

Is an Urban Studies Major Course Right for Me?

Students will look at the very fabric that makes up cities, the culture, the economics, and the physical landscapes that make up what the city is and what makes it thrive. This is an exciting course that is made up of philosophy, sociology, history, theology, and politics with a large amount of economics too, so you should love these subjects if you want to take this major.

Jobs with An Urban Studies/Affairs Major

Due to the wide breadth of disciplines within the course, the opportunities to take your education further are numerous, especially if you’re looking to specialize in a certain area to boost your urban studies/affairs salary options. Jobs wise, there is an even wider option, and the soft skills you’ll learn in your degree can assist you in any role you may take on.

Popular Urban Studies and Affairs major careers include:


As a lobbyist, you will be working as an intermediary between organizations and lawmakers and commanding an average median salary of around $58,000. Your job will revolve around advocating for a particular issue and communicating the views of a company to an outsider.

Housing Advocates

In an urban studies and affairs major, students learn how cities evolve, how the people react to change, and how changes in city life will ripple out into the wider society in which it sits, perhaps even the world at large. Therefore, a job that allows you to practice your study is a housing advocate. This will involve working with the courts and housing associations to help find suitable housing for people in need, with an average salary of around $37,000.

How to Choose the Right College for Your Urban Studies/Affairs Degree?

If you’re looking to undertake an urban studies and affairs major, you’ll need to be very clear on what kind of college you want to go to. Although there is no requirement for your college to be located in a big city, due to the nature of the course, it might be wise to consider city living as this will complement your studies.

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