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That's a girl down the Concours. There's a lot of food trucks and close up shot of Get your attention, sorority's spread out. See who's here today? Chicken. Bacon. And this. Thank you. Yeah. You want to get in? You want to be an organ donor like I am? Yeah, I guess. Wait. No, wait. So what's your favorite thing about you? Myself about going here. Okay? What's your least favorite thing? Just have a It's night time, which means he's a nap time. You have. Come. In Trier kitchen very much that there, you could have beans. You. On your side in the middle of summer. All the rooms come with a queen slash please. No, Cherie. That's it. And for boats for most dorms itself. Done you you only have one roommate, but there is one bedrooms here and there's four bedrooms, but I'm in a tube. I don't really know my roommate because I didn't have when they first and she just got in here. So I don't nineteen. What, for the most part of the roommate process for first year students, it's random, and you can change its second year student. She gets a pic unless you don't pick. And then it's also random and so and self worth for thirty fourth year students. So this soft on you is the most expensive door on campus. It's a little over five thousand dollars a semester to stay here, distant cream of the crop. So now that I'm done with this amazing the first part that shows you when I first walking past a new part. They just finished building that last year. Let's go to the top floor. Yes. Welcome to the library. No, it's pretty because they just felt the whole classroom. Parts of the front. It's really nice of you, Mrs Top, about library. I'm on the fourth floor. Very tall. There's classes held in this part. People booed out the rooms online so their friends or you just want to study by yourself. Then you can do there. The Panera bread is fairly new. A little bit. Don't. You're second, no. And that is it for our library. Conference start Rick Jordan. Baseball groups Digger. So where they live very convenient for them to get to where they need to be bitten on sports, I think. Playing when they're hungry kitchen. So I'm doing my production management class. Something hits my visual merchandise class and Speidel, which is the main building for design. Major's. I'm walking to my next class paper. Sweet. This is the worst thing about going Oberyn is all the walking. So in spite of about two, don't we know my visual merchandising class to start? That window be past? Are my crew for visual merchandising got first place in the window display party. Her picture. So my visual merchandiser classes lecture based and project based group Working based. So we mainly just talked about visual merchandising. Thanks. How Brands A little kid colors and a bunch of I think so. Yeah. And so this is what my visual merchandise. So get out there early because we just had a Where? Abouts ahead. So favorite places on campus, which is the university rig. So I'm going to show you about Yeah. So good. Right now. But tonight is crowded because running dirt afternoon around more people come. This is the least crowded I've ever seen. Stop residents are home. Yeah, that's a summary of the red. Please do come here and do that. Ever come here without Tiger card? Because that is your access to get into the way. Okay, so now we're inspired. I'm going to give you a tour of this, but I'm going to start with going outside in the front. Spider hold is the College of Human Sciences, which is my college, a design major and I know Para merchandise and parents and an interior design majors. Are you this college? This isthe the office of Odin's academic advisers. Thiss research. It's a lot of walking their street floors in dispiriting here the window display. Here's another. Because the interior design throughout the interior design students come here to work actually, a couple of bear disappointed. So here's a little bit of the interior students. Here is our newest computer. Window display where the design students decorate them as it is for a store in label brands. And we have the contest we're in both the fall in the spring here. The ceiling that looks like this is our home. He's using a different excuse. Different sewing machine.