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Entry library. Attention. Everyone who always thinks that lady's a real person. There's a little town cafe, okay? Persists. Kind of where everybody needs to study when they're freshmen, Here's some stacks. Um what's going on? Run? So. There's a tutor, right? And a lot of good tutors and free tutoring and programmed learning happens in this room. It's going in the Tower Cafe. It's a little more casual. Easier to film in. This isthe. True to its name, it's high up. So there's the campus under this building on the island. So here's Hodgson Hall. It's one of the down hall dorms, and it's actually one of the nicer halls on campus now because it was renovated recently, so I kind of looked out. Here we go inside. I need my idea. Here we have the Commons area where you can study or hang up. There's a TV available as well. It's a pretty wide open space, very good for hosting events. We also have some some quiet rooms where you can have meetings and conferences with people. There's some desk areas with outlets on the walls. Very nice spot. This saw places actually open to the whole university, not just people who live in Hodgson. And there's a second conference room here for studying. We have mail boxes here, and we have a kitchenette. So here's the kitchen at, uh, there's almost always people leaving things in the scene. Um, so one funny thing about the kids, you see a stone and up there you see no event at all. And so the fire alarm, in my experience so far has gone off three times because there's a smoked attack girls there, too. And so I was responsible for kind of for two of the three times, but, well, almost all three times in a way. Yeah. Okay, So we're here at the Wick now for Ah, for early dinner. And, uh, here's the hole. It's one of the biggest. Well, it is the biggest dining hole on campus. So drew to Matty Senior. What's What's your favorite thing about you, Wick O? This is my favorite place on campus. Uh, I love hanging out with my friends having dinner here, and the food is excellent. If thanks. Yeah. So, uh, one of my favorite things about do it is it actually has a ton of tables and very large tables, So it kind of gets a little rowdy and it's Ah, it's the place. If you want Teo, eat with a whole group of That very day, and it is working late. I mean, I'm alone because this was pretty impromptu, but this's kind of when the weather is nice, people come to sit, hang out with their friends, Come presidents, long President's houses right over there. Really? A lot of people walk their dogs here in winter time, and since toughs it is on a hill, there's inclined behind me people, sometimes back when there used to be dining trays. But there aren't any more because they've been deemed socially irresponsible. Socially, ecologically irresponsible. People used to sled down these hills, which is why you can see they're still based bales of hay near the trunks of these trees. I feel like people are kind of watching me right now, and so I think I'm just going to lie here for, like, five minutes and enjoy the sun before I have to go to work. Hi. I just came from the doctor's office hand. My foot is all healed, had a bit of tendonitis from exercising. And now I'm going to David's Square, which is kind of the closest subway station and where a lot of seniors go to bars and get ice cream, watch movies, that sort of thing. It's really a cute little square that has grown so much just in the time that I've been can't tux and the weather is just absolutely gorgeous today, seventy degrees in February. I think it's like a world record that we're breaking, and I'm just thankful to be in a T shirt. I'm going to go get okay. Which is Ryan? Sushi style kind of food. I'm really excited. Now that back to school to start my project. Pretty. Yeah, yeah. It's a really refreshing kind of good to get away from school life. Hi. I'm here in campus. Center right. Brent and scientists three. And I'm just going Tio. That's cool with you. I guess she just tell me a little bit about you and where you're from. And how did you end up so California There a side that I wanted to because I wanted life is like on the East Coast on visited tux, that I really liked people here. And I kind of strokes on conversations in the dining hall. Really like whatever I say, my top choice about it. Yeah, I also have noticed that a couple of interviews that I did that everybody seems to say that the people are where they came. What can I say? So what's your favorite part about? Tough now that you been here for a couple of years since he's a senior, No. I really like that you could kind of talk to anyone about anything just because someone like humanities Major doesn't mean that they don't want to talk about science or engineering and vice versa. So there's always gonna be someone who hasn't been interesting to say whether it's like making a page like an article that they read or like whatever it is, they're always have something interesting about you know what's going on in the world. So on the other side of that one thing that you think that tough, you haven't. Yeah, I came from a super Diapers high school from a lot of different backgrounds and people from all over the world. But this is kind of an issue at a lot of small liberal arts. College is particularly Northeast, but it's a pretty non diverse atmosphere of what I was used to. A lot of a lot of money, especially if you're majors or uncertain, were paths. I find a lot of people that have more money, but I mean, that's not to say that that you know all about it. Well, but definitely kind of ships the tone. Life on campus. So what, Asleep. And you study science. Your major is chemistry. And how was that? Yours. I won't say what they're ton of amazing mental science professors. A tux is a couple that have fed my professors for multiple classes, and I've been really lucky to be ableto meet with them and go to their office hours regularly with their life. I think that it on the outside, it's also given here like hope, Offensive, like itself, encouragement that, like sometimes our times you'll meet with a guy who is, you really think that you're not qualified to science. And I like to think that the environment of tests has kind of made me ready. Yeah, that's it. True. I have to say, has economics, Major. I actually have to take in one. Wow, there's just something that yeah, think about it. Also, the department is something like a lot of magic professors. Yeah, strange. Yeah. So last week, what's one piece of advice would offer anyone who's looking at us slightly interested in time? I didn't say that. Really do your best to understand what makes the school different from other schools. You know, there's a lot of small liberal arts colleges that have small class size is interesting classes and interesting majors, but really make sure that you're choosing it for the right reasons. You know whether you're selecting like big school, because you want a sports atmosphere or you feel like that. There's a certain abroad program that you really want to do. Make sure that there's a really tangible reason wise that you know, when you make that decision that there's like a really good motives there, Look, what would you say is the one thing that makes us break it think that makes sense? I just say that I've met like my best friends here and that it's definitely like I wouldn't I don't think I would have met them at a school that wasn't like this. Like I know that about like that. Guys, can you both introduce yourselves? Alright, so I'm Andrew away. I'm a freshman at us University, and I'm in the school of Engineering Signs. Hi. I'm not sellers. And also a freshman. This guy and I'm a dual degree student. So I split my time between toughs, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts. And so what are you made? Drinking? I'm getting a b F A. And the other part is yet to be decided. Okay, um, and so Well, Andrew, can you explain why you choose this school? So when I was finding colleges, I really wasn't too sure what I want to do. At the time I, um like I didn't really starting computer science class until the end cause you know, you're master, but I had already quite tough. So during the first months in New Year's time, looking at colleges where colleges, universities where they didn't really have you say, Okay, you have to come into this major and had to stay in this major or like they make it very difficult for you between schools of programs. And so I really like that about us because I wasn't sure, but I end up being an engineer or, you know, maybe like someone like physics chemistry. So I'm like the appeal of being he was really feeling to be able to say, OK, I can kind of apply it relatively undecided on the switch. Yeah, And Max, what made you choose toughs? I chose test because it has really strong academics and also has at school, which is unique among most universities. So I guess, how would you each describe the student body yet tough and at the cafe? I can't speak for the smooth. Yeah, I don't know. I I guess I was expecting, like, a little more, a little little less of a party school. It's definitely not as big as some other universities out there, all right, but it's still not uncommon to see time's tough emergent. I'm calling the phone the phone. Been picking up people that have had a little too much to drink but fast last couple hours. Yeah, I mean, it's a really like environment, and I think maybe it's because I haven't gotten around campus as much, but I haven't met them. Jerks. Okay, I like it. By the way, this little side note Thames is actually a sling verb on campus. You're very like, if someone over drinks you say they got temples to yeah. No, it's kind of funny s O next. How about you? For me, terms of all my friends end up being engineers. Yeah, like so I can only speak. There's like teaching people at tests. For me, it was just like engineers. And it's just like, don't be kids has been had smoke. I do anybody? Temps then? But what else? What they actually say A cheesy school Because it was a party school. I also you want there to be, like, a little Because if it is consent, it's school. Nobody does that to be a little bit stirred. Yeah, Yeah. Smoke this great. You get hippie art students, you get sobo art students get art. Seems that dressed like living graffiti. Basically just a mixed bag of just about everything, I think. Oh, and I just want to mention also, even if you're not a dual degree student, anyone can take class is at the small fuss, so that's kind of So next up we've got the art gallery, and that's not the art gallery. That's the freshman dorm, But here you can see. Getting closer. Tough Art Gallery has powers that are inexplicable to me and change seemingly changed with seasons. But the exhibitions are often quite small but really poignant. It's how I would put it. And that's maybe a good summary put. The school is like two. Here we are university art galleries. We're gonna go in. Meet you inside. This is our beautiful art gallery. This is honestly such a meditation. All speaks, and sometimes they host little receptions in here and, uh, donor events in that sort of thing and recently aren't making activities. I can't show you inside the gallery's right now, because, uh, you know, I'm I'm not really allowed to do that, so I'm just gonna go in, and but my friends are doing. What's up? Um So you guys work for toughs? Art galleries? Are you students? We are. What's your name? My name is such a nice day, Have you? And do what? See? And you guys have any interest in art? Yeah. Great. You like some? Yeah, that's awesome. How about you? I was. Well, I'm a classics major history, Mike and I am looking to do some sort of using work I really related to Ancient, that is. And what's your favorite part about toughs? Or maybe the tough art history department since that's what you guys just both do. So, yes, Because all of us, I like you. I'm able study, read a mutual interest. Thanks. Mystery. Yeah, yeah, that's a big field like emerging field right now. Given the politics, they run everything. Yeah, it's just like interesting. It's pretty. It does. Please. This is the hallway that I used to walk home every single day, and you can petition to have your idea. Your exhibition in this Slater Congress gallery here. Here is where a lot of the drama children hang out to work. This's the box office. We just had Al Gore here last week and tickets sold out in like one second. Here's the alumni lounge. Certainly one of the swankiest spaces in our school, but it's blocked for obvious reasons. There's no events going on right now. Yeah. Pretty much thie, Rickman Arts Building summed up. So I am in doing dining hall, which is one of the freshmen. Just actually not just freshman. Everybody can meet you. And I haven't eaten here in like, two years, but I can see there's fresh fruit. Vegetarian options here. You know, the salad bar here? Nothing. When she came for. Earth's corn stiffly favorite. I have to say, when I came to toughs and I try clam chowder. It was definitely honestly one of the reasons why. Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, Thursday. Still think great. There's also, and milk of all kinds. Gluten free options makes dining accessible for This is one of the larger dining halls. Here's where all the sports people hang out the end here. Collecting plates, and that's pretty much it. Food is one of the most important things that you miss when you're leaving your house and toughs makes it really easy to adjust, even if it gets a little repetitive. Sometimes it's always fresh. It's always delicious. Okay, so this is my dinner here. We have some tofu food, some vegetables. I think this is like they call it Chinese rice, but I feel like it's just regular rice. And that is a star fried some nice tea. Here I am Asian. So I prefer these kinds of foods. But here also e way have here. Turkey mashed potatoes. It's pretty all around healthy and good Welcome to Ellis Oval. And soccer. Pathetic came youths only. That's definitely not true, because I always see, I guess they mean like games. But I always see community members out here getting their exercise on. Yes, yes, exercise. It's a really nice track, and I always used to cool down there in the center when I was doing yoga, and it's pretty well lit at night, too. Errand. This has been excellent way to keep Keep in shape here, and maybe I'll head over to the bleachers over there just to give you an idea of what a view is like. I mean, it's very peaceful up here. Tufts is located in Somerville, which is just a little bit north of downtown Boston. And for me, I like the feeling of being close to you close by Tio Big city, but having the kind of peace and quiet of the suburb, and that's definitely what toughs is. Only seventy years, I'll show you. What it's like. You were a fan, tough sporting team. Got old jump over there. It's Winter house. How much is going especially outdoors and honestly like My fort is my fourth year here. Tough. And the fact that there's no snow and it's the middle of February kind of a miracle.